The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 13

Lennox had been looking for Molly for over a week now, and still couldn’t find any trace of her. He had tried to call her, but she didn’t pick up... which was her way of saying, leave her the hell alone. After that he called Ryuuji and told him what he already suspected... Georgie was gone as well.

But then his friend explained that Molly was on a journey that she and Georgie we’re supposed to be on together, and there was no way to change the path they now walked upon. Then he went on muttering about a split in the timeline, and a decision that has made... but the road was still uncertain. Damn it, he hated it when the dragon talked in riddles.

It had been a long day and it felt like a total waist. So as he stood outside a pub in the outskirts London, he pulled out his cell and asked the one person he knew could help him not lose his mind. “Ryuuji, I need something more to go on. They’ve been gone for almost two months now, and I need to know where to find her!”

“Believe me, if I knew the answers to your questions, I would tell you Lennox. I don’t have the gift of sight… things just come to me when they need a nudge in the right direction. Like you going to Molly’s apartment when she came home, or telling you to go after her when she went to London.” He explained.

“This is useless! I scoured everywhere in New York for Molly, there was nothing there. Now I’m in London, and I can tell you there definitely not there either.” He growled, then took a deep breath. “Look, just give me a clue on where to go.” He sighed.

Ryuuji was silent, then murmured under his breath before he answered. “I might have something, but it’s not much.” He admitted.

“I’ll take whatever I can get at this point.”

“A path has been set, and I see now it is a certainty. Where did you say you’re at?” Ryuuji asked.

He looked around him finding the signs. “I’m in downtown London, on Mount St.”

“I see, yes, well, I can tell you for sure, that you’re in the wrong area. You need to head to, France, yes that’s what I see, France. When you get there, ask about five beautiful women, and don’t bother asking our kind, ask the humans.” Ryuuji directed.

Lennox' eyes roamed around the everyday bustle of the humans on the streets, and smiled. “That was more helpful then you could possibly know. I’ll have Georgie call you when I find them.” He chuckled about to hang up.

“Wait, I have to tell you something, and it’s very important.” Ryuuji growled.

“What?” He answered starting to think of the quickest route out of London to Paris.

“Don’t make love to her.”

“I beg your pardon?” He asked stopping dead in his tracks.

“You heard me, do not make love to Molly when you see her again. If you do, it makes everything a blur and unsettled, so I know I’m supposed to stop you.” Ryuuji explained, calmly.

His hand ran through his hair. “What dose me making love to my wife have to do with anything? Shit, what would you do if you found Georgie after being gone, and I said the same thing to you?” He growled, frustrated in more ways than one.

“If you had knowledge of this, and this could possibly cause problems… I’d heed your warning.”


“Good luck.” Ryuuji chuckled, then hung up.

Lennox made his way to his car and knew the first place he was going to look in France. He was the one nominated to find their wife and to bring her back home but he had a feeling it was going to be more like him keeping her safe on whatever venture she was already on.


I came to France thinking that the information that Sterling gave me might have been false, but there was some truth to it as well. While the girls scoured over the French country side, I have been in Pairs, leaving no stone un-turned to find Silver.

I’ve been to every mixer city that there is of course for the ones in England, Scotland, and... France. Come to find out, there was a very big population of mixers in an underground city that was under the La Seine River, near the pont Alexander III in Paris. So while looking in Paris to see if Silver was hiding among the mortals... I also scoured the mixer city of Sang Neuf, or better known as, Young Blood.

George was in Versailles looking for, hell, we don’t even know what we’re looking for anymore. Just a fucking trace of where Silver might be at, or crossing our fingers that the information that we persuaded from a demon to give us was truthful.

Standing outside a florist in Paris, I lit my cigarette when my cell vibrated in my back pocket. Shit, it was from Shelly, and it’s not going to be good if she’s calling me and not texting.


“No fucking luck here!” She growled not even to bother with niceties.

“No signs what so ever?”

“No. And if we didn’t already dispense of that damn demon, I would kill him right now!”

“Well shit, there’s nothing here in Paris either, and I mean absolutely nothing! I thought there might have been a clue at the bar that Eloise owned, but I was wrong.” I growled.

“What about Sang Neuf?” Shelly asked.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, but she was never there either. Honestly Shell, I don’t know where to go from here.” I sighed.

“Is there any other mixer cities in France you can think of?” She asked.

“As far as I know, no. But this wasn’t a place I came to... ever. So I’m out in the cold about some of the more secretive ones.” I shrugged.

“Great...” She growled.

“Might as well head to Paris. I’m just waiting for everyone to check in with their finds. If they come up with something I’ll let you know.” I told her taking a deep drag of my smoke and kicking a rock near my foot. “Oh, and you better call Samson so he can put a red X on the map on where you searched.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that, but I think he should just put a red X through France at this point! But, I’ll go grab Cal and we’ll be on our way.” She sighed before hanging up.

I dialed George's number hoping she had better news than Shelly had in Montreuil. “Yes.” She answered more annoyed then ever.

“I’m taking it you came up with nothing as well.” I sighed.

“Yup, nothing, and then I made the mistake of saying Silvers name, and now everyone’s avoiding me like the plague!” She griped.

“Well, at least they know who she is, that could be promising. I think we can all confirm that everything Sterling said was complete shit... I told Shelly and Calista to meet back here in Paris. It’s safe to say you and Nikki should just come back to.”

“Alright, but I have to get Nikki. She think’s she’s found a lead in Longueau. But, she’s been gone for a while now...” She said, but it was more like she just remembered.


“It’s been a long time since she’s checked in.” She admitted.

“Well shit, that could be bad. Have you texted her?”

“No, but I just thought about it. Yong had called, and then you did, and before that I’d been off searching. I’ll call you back when I get in touch with her. But if I cant...”

“Yeah, then we’re all heading to Longueau. I’ll text Shelly and Calista what’s going on, and then stay put until I hear from you.” I answered.

“Okay, give me twenty...” She said and then hung up.

“Damn it.” I growled dropping my cigarette to the ground and leaned up against the wall. My mind was going a mile of a minute as I watched the humans living their lives walk past me, and let the flowers and mortal’s scents permeate my thoughts and try to calm me.

I’m no closer to getting my daughter, or getting the son of bitch Mr. West, and now we might have to go get Nikki V. “This day was just getting better and better...” I grumbled. But as these thoughts raced through my mind, a hand appeared in front of my face holding a singular lavender stalk.

“You’re slipping if I could sneak up on you so easily.” Lennox whispered in my ear.

“Damn it, How did you find me?” I sighed, loving the feeling of him being close, but this wasn’t a good time to get sidetracked either.

“I talked to Ryuuji.” He murmured kissing the side of my neck.

“Should have known that damn dragon would know how to find us...”

“He told me to ask the humans about five beautiful women, so I did. Then I followed the lead with the woman with the hypnotic beauty and glowing blue eyes.” He chuckled.

“Great, but as much as I love you, this is not the time for you to sweet talk me. Shelly and Calista are coming back here to meet me after their search for Silver came up empty. And George hasn’t heard back from Nikki in sometime. I’m thinking from our chat a couple minutes ago... we might have a situation on our hands.” I explained.

“Then I guess it was a good thing that I’m here.”

“If I asked you to help Ryklin go find Tipton, would you?” I asked, but loving his scent of liquorish and patchouli.

“I can’t do that sweetheart. I was chosen to find you and bring you back to Scotland. But, I knew there was no way in hell that you were going. So, you’re stuck with me.” He replied.

“Marcus...” I sighed.

“Truthfully, it wasn't just him, but Marcus was the most obnoxious about everything.” He chuckled, then turned me around in his arms and hugged me close. “I’ve missed you.” He murmured.

“Well if you’ve missed me that badly, maybe you should kiss me to show it.” I answered with a sly grin.

“How long do I have until the girls get here?” He growled.

“What can you do in ten minutes.” I chuckled.

“Quite a bit...” His voice rumbled, then his cell went off in his back pocket. He groaned then reached to get it, and I watched his facial expression when he saw the caller name. “Yeah… Yeah I found her. No, I’m with her right now.” He answered, then was quiet. Whoever was on the other line was talking in such a way that I couldn’t hear what was being said.

He looked down at me and nodded, than nodded again wrapping his hand to my back holding me in place. “No, I can’t do that. No, I have to tell her… yes I know what it means! I’ll be with her, and I wont let anything happen. You can’t do that, just stay where you are and I’ll deal with it.” He growled to whom I assumed was Marcus with the tone he used.

He hung and was way to quiet. “So, what did Marcus want?” I sighed, my hand sliding to grab his delicious ass, but he didn’t smile. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“That wasn’t Marcus, it was Alexander, and let’s just say, I know where you can find Silver.” He growled.

“And how did he come by that information?” I asked looking into his worried black midnight eyes.

“Agatha showed up in his office at parliament with a message for you, from Silver.”

“What was this message?” I asked, but his hold remained tight around me.

“She wants to meet you in a mixer city called Consal. You are to meet her at the dome... at midnight tomorrow.” He said looking down at me.

“I’ve never heard of this city before. Now I’m supposed to meet her at it?” I laughed shaking my head.

“It’s a city near Longueau. It’s called the shimmering city by night because it’s lined in gold and little lights light the city when the sun sets.” He offered.

“Longueau, well now I know that we have an issue. That’s where near Nikki was...” I sighed, then glanced up at him. “How do you know about this city?”

“Because night time is when my people thrive. It is a city that is held in high regard among the fay.” He said, then stopped.

“Fay, what the hell are you talking about...” I started, but he sighed and shook his head.

“I’ll tell you, but not now.”

“Why not now?”

“Because now is not the time. First we find Augustine and then I’ll tell you.” He sighed.

I looked him over wondering what he was hiding from me, but he was right... my daughter was my first priority. “Fine, so what else did silver want me to know?” I asked, but he was silent, again. “Is it that bad?”

“Yes, she wants a fight to the death.” He then told me.

I nodded. Why does everyone want there to be so much death. Wouldn’t she be happier if it was just banishment? Death can never be taken back, and the scar on the soul is eternal.

“So she wants death…” I looked out on the road, knowing the girls would be here soon.

“But there’s more.” He said, and not to happily.

“Lovely, and what more does she have to say?” I sighed.

“Every hour you’re a no show, she kills two innocents.”

“She didn’t?!” I hissed.

“She did, that’s how bad she wants your head Molly, and she wants the true title of queen. She’s going to do everything within her power to make sure you show up. This isn’t going to be just some fight, this will be the real deal between the two of you... and there will be no mercy.

I pulled away from him and looked out into the street chewing my thumb nail. He came to me turning me around, pulling me out of sight of the passerby’s, and pushing me against the wall. “She must feel pretty damn confident in her abilities for her to challenge you. And I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't already sent the word out among the mixers communities of what's she's done." He warned.

"Well, she'd be a fool not to. I mean, she wants to be recognized as a queen, and that means that she thinks I have to go. But..."

"What, what are you concerned about?" He asked.

“I’m not the same woman I was the night I won the fight against Silver, and I’m sure she’s not either. What abilities does she have now with her maturing, and are they more powerful then mine… I couldn’t say. But, I guess I’ll find out tonight if I can beat her or not.” I told him with my thumb nail in my mouth.

"Don't say that... if you say that to me, I don't care how many innocents she kills. I won't let her kill you." He growled.

"Everything will be fine Lennox. I promise." I smiled.

"You're treating me as if I'm a child that needs protecting. And that's the last thing I am."

“I know you're not, and that's not what I'm trying to do. But you know that I have to go. There is so much more at stake here then just my life. If I beat Silver, then anyone who is kidnapping the girls and selling them off, will think twice about it." I admitted.

"Are you sure about this?” He quietly asked me.

“No, but it is what I'm going to have to face. We both knew Silver was going to want blood sooner or later... I guess it's later." I shrugged.

"Okay, but I'm coming with you." He commanded.

"That's fine by me." I sighed as he took me in his arms hugging me close to him. "I should have put an end to her years ago, but I didn’t, and now look at the mess that we have. Did she say anything else about the rules of this fight?”

“No, only that death would be the outcome.” He whispered in my ear.

I reached up running my hand through his feathers making their way to his hair. “This is a whole new ball game isn’t it?” I said, to which I felt him nod. “I don’t know how this will play out, but I’m glad you’re here with me.”

The scent of Shelly and Calista hit me and I pulled out of his arms and I made my way to the street corner. “I was thinking, if Alexander's ex got in to parliament, she has more than one person working on the inside.” I thought, turning back to look at him. “Alexander is going to have to be extremely careful. He’s not giving her enough credit, and I have a feeling she's more conniving than he's giving her credit for.”

Lennox crossed his feet and arms watching me. “I think you’re probably right. Men don’t give woman enough credit to pull something big like this off… do they?” He pondered.

“No, they're normally very mistaken... and that's usually what gets them stabbed in the back when their not looking." I smirked. "But I'll make sure that I come at them head on, not to confuse them to badly." I chuckled to have Lennox frown.

The once calm committee room was up in arms once more. Someone started a rumor of the Mixers going to gather with the MM’s to destroy all manner of races, so they could rule the world. So, once again, Marcus fought with many lead vampires about the ignorance of that train of thought. But when those flood gates had opened, all chaos came with it.

Marcus made his way over to Nicolas as the committee agreed to all have a break from the fighting. But as he glanced around he found something was strange. “There’s something wrong here.” Marcus growled.

Jamison waltzed over, looking nonchalantly among the hundreds of vampires that were angrily hissing under their breath. “I’ve got to say gentleman. I think we have someone trying to keep our house divided.” He told them.

“Yes, Marcus and I we’re just discussing that mate. Any clues who that might be yet?” Nickolas asked.

Jamison shrugged. “I couldn’t say for sure. Just seems strange how we get an agreement within the house only to have it swept away within hours by some mysterious rumor or allegation. It's as if one of these blokes has a certain gift you might say.” He replied, sitting on the table in front of them. Then his eyes slid to the side making sure no one was within ear shot, then his easiness fell as he spoke. “Jamie is with child again. With the way things are going, I’m fearful what the outcome is going to be."

Nicolas frowned but still kept the appearance of indifference. “Don’t worry mate, we’ll figure this all out so don't you freight. Congratulations by the way.” he grinned.

But Marcus was watching their brethren like a hawk. Then he saw Andric over in the corner talking with a vampire he’d seen before, but couldn't place where. Andric looked to be having a discussion with the man, but then when he really looked over the situation, it seemed to be much more then that. “Nicolas. Whose that bloke arguing with Andric?” He asked.

Nicolas glanced over at Andric and shook his head. “If memory serves, that's Thomas. He was one of the members in Molly’s cluster back in New York." He answered.

"That's right. I placed him with Georgie and the dragons..." Then he glanced at Jamison confused. “What the bleeding hell is he doing here, and since when has he been part of the committee?” Marcus growled.

Jamison sat back down, kicking up his feet on the desk, his hands going in back of his head. “As far as I know he’s never been part of the committee... I’ve never approved him. So I guess the question is, how in the hell did they get into this meeting for only committee members?”

Marcus sat back down next to Jamison watching the scene unfold. “He just might be the Oswald were looking for.” He commented when the gavel went down calling for order. "Nick, get someone to follow Andric and Thomas. If memory serves, he’s the one who was overly angered with his loss of Molly.”

“Not to sound rude, but what the hell does that have to do with anything?” Jamison chuckled, as some of the vampires came back in and made their way back to their seats.

But then it was Marcus' turn to chuckle. “You lost your bloody mind when you thought Jamie had taken another lover. Just imagine if you wanted her, but her makers came back taking her away. Would you have just let her go without a fight?”

Jamison had a snarl on his lips. "I'd kill anyone who tried to take her from me."

"Precisely." Marcus grinned.

"I say, wasn't he one of the wankers that was supposed to be part of Molly's makeshift husbands?” Nicolas asked. “If some bloody buggers came and stole our bird out from under us, I might be thinking of a way to get her back into my bed too.”

The three of them looked back only to see Andric now sitting talking to a new vampire and Marcus chuckled. “We know we have a mole, and I think we just found them..." He smirked. "Now Gentlemen, lets get these bloody tossers to see reason. Because if another one threatens to destroy my bird... they don't know the wrath I'm going to infect on them." He chuckled cruely.

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