The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 14

Thomas had Andric and Eddie right where he wanted them. They had no clue that he was working with Irvington. The cluster had been wondering where Andric and Eddie had been over the last month. The couple would pop in and out of the New York office sporadically, and it was his job to make everyone question it. As soon as he pointed out the strange things that Andric was doing to people in the cluster, the rumors would fly through the office like wild fire.

One night he got a call from Irvington telling him that he needed to go with Andric to London and the vampire committee meetings. The moles that where inside the committee needed to have heat taken off of them, and he was the solution. So to have someone who obviously didn’t belong there was like placing a shiny new toy in front of a child.

The one thing Thomas didn’t know of was Molly’s husbands being on the committee as well. As soon as he saw them standing high in the back rows deep in discussion, he high tailed it out of there. He didn’t need anyone questioning him and his motive, especially after Andric and Eddie went missing.

When Andric asked why he was following him to London, all he said was that the cluster wanted him to. But he also hinted that the cluster knew what the Andric and Eddie had been up to something, and that’s when everything fell into place.

Andric was willing to pay, beg, or steal, for his silence to the cluster about Mr. West, to which Thomas had no problem saying yes to. Everything has to be set in place, now it was time to set it in motion.

When they came back from London, Thomas slipped some incriminating receipts of Andric’s into a folder that Samson just happened to find. Then there was the odd note on the floor that Trish noticed while she worked late at night in the offices. That lead her to Andric’s office where she found a recording of Andric, Eddie, and of course... Mr. West.

He even made a fake date book of Eddies, but had all the shit that they were doing in it, with dates and times of meetings that were more then questionable. With two of the main leaders of the New York cluster seeing what Andric and Eddie had been up to...was perfect. All of these things that were thought of as just rumors, where now turning into facts.

After a long day pretending to give a shit, he made his way back to the apartment that he shared still with Georgie and two dragons. He noticed that Georgie hadn’t been home and the dragons seemed worried about it. And when he asked, he only got growls and told it was none of his concern, and really at this point, he could care less.

The place was empty which he was thankful for, and walked into his bedroom. He looked at the bland furnishing and glanced at the dresser, then walked over to the top drawer and pulled out a photo of Molly taken at least thirty five years ago.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, he missed her so damn much... and after he knew Georgie just took off, he knew that the photo Irvington had shown him of Molly was real. He went and laid down on the bed looking up at the photo, when his cell vibrated. He grabbed it from the nightstand seeing who the caller was and smiled. “What’s going on Andric?”

“Were going to need to leave sooner than expected.” Andric whispered.

“Why, I thought you had everything under control there?” He answered.

“Eddie was just in a confrontation with a young Mixer at the cluster. They know Thomas, they know everything!” Andric growled under his breath.

“What, How?” He asked feigning surprise.

“I’m not sure, but their coming after me and Eddie, Thomas. We need to leave tonight!” Andric insisted, as he heard metal crash to the floor.

Thomas looked up at the photo of Molly as he spoke. “Tonight? I don’t know if I can get out tonight without everyone knowing that I’m up to something.”

“You must... our lives are in danger. Listen, I have to make a call. If I can find a way to hold out like we had planned, I will. But, if I can’t get a hold of this person, then it has to be tonight!” Andric growled.

“Okay, okay man, I get it. Do you still want to keep the arrangements that we made? I still think taking the back roads are the safest route to go. If we take the main thoroughfares, I know that Dorin will be able to hunt you down easily.”

“Yes, fine, fine. But did you find a way to get the scent diffuser as we discussed? Or are you thinking that we might to have to hide ourselves some other way?” Andric asked.

“No, I’m good. I made sure I stole enough when you first told me you wanted to take off. I guess, I’ll just be waiting for your call.”

“I’m waiting on Edwina now. But after that, you should hear from me within the hour if we’re going tonight, so be ready.” Andric stated.

“Alright, I’ll make arrangements, just in case…”

“Fine, until then.” Andric said hanging up.

His eyes stayed glued on the woman who was soon going to be all his, and then frowned for a moment. He would never tell her of what he’d done to have her be his wife. Even though Eddie was dirty as hell, and had sold Molly's kind for money, he knew she’d be disappointed... and that would devastate him.

With the picture in one hand and his cell in the other he dialed Irvington's number and waited for someone to pick up. “This is Thomas... tell Irvington that I have it so the plans for the Monroe’s can take place tonight, if he still wants it to. If not, when Andric calls, tell him to pick up and then it will happen in the next couple weeks. He should be calling any minute.” He told the listener.

There was silence for a moment as the person held there hand over the phone, then someone get back on. “He wants to know if you have a way to be sure that the bodies, and all trace of them, will be completely disposed of.” The man questioned.

“I’ve got it all figured out. I sped up the plan when I saw an opportunity. Everything should workout perfectly, as long as Irvington doesn’t pick up that call.” He warned.

“There’ll be no problem with that. Just get back to us when it’s done.” The man said as a phone started to ring and he hung up.

He dropped the cell on the bed knowing this was it, this would be the turning point. His hand went to his hair pushing it out of his face, knowing he was going to head down the same path as Andric and Eddie...him a trader to his friends. But he wasn’t betraying them for money, he was doing it for love, and he told himself that was something different.

It had been weeks since he had been with a woman, and knowing that he would be making love to Molly soon, made him groan. All he could think about was kissing those ripe breasts, slipping his tongue into her mouth as he slipped deep inside of her wet center, and feeling her tight warmth around him.

His erection grew painful with just the thought of touching her. But instead of just shaking it off, he looked at her bright blue eyes, and unzipped his pants pulling out his swollen cock. He thought about a night where he had her sprawled on the floor and had that sweet pussy in his face.

He moved his hand along the thickness of himself as the memory of what he did to her took over his mind, thinking now of not his hand on himself, but her wet soft pussy wrapped around him.

He stroked himself thinking of her, of how he’d taken her before, and how we would soon be taking her again. He thought of the way her tits bounced as he pounded into her, the moans that would escape her mouth when he pleased her. He bit into his bottom lip, holding back the moan that was about to escape.

His fist jerked harder, and faster, as beads of liquid rolled down to his hand, and the tip was firm and swollen leaking with the need to release to the thought of this woman, his woman. His hips buckled in time with each stroke becoming painful. The fierceness of needing to be in the woman he loves took over his thoughts as his knees came up, and with one more strong jerk, sticky white substance shot forth from him as he groaned from his pleasure of his release.

He stroked himself till there was nothing left of his enjoyment, and then laid there gathering his composure before cleaning himself up. He got up from the bed tucked Molly’s picture away in the drawer and walked to the kitchen to wait for Andric’s call.

He took a beer from the fridge and took a seat at the table with the phone in front of him. A photo of Molly was all he had at the moment, but the sooner he got his task taken care of, the sooner she’ll be back in his bed, and screaming his name. “I only need to get one last thing done to get his life back on track...”

Mr. West sat content in his office after Thomas had called knowing all loose ends were getting tied up nicely. He took his cigar and sat back in his over stuffed chair chuckling in his office at the club in London. That’s when he heard the door open and was surprised. “Well look what the cat dragged in. How are things going Tipton?” He chuckled.

“You have such strange phrases in this world.” Tipton laughed taking a seat in front of the desk.

“So I thought you were in the four kingdoms, causing havoc for your brother and fondling the Queen of winter.” He grinned.

“Yes well, not only the Queen of Winter, but let’s not forget my tireless work on the queen of Spring as well. But, I have her well satisfied and under my thumb to turn against my brother when the time is right. And that reminds me, from what I’ve heard my plans to get Winter to do my bidding, just took place. It seems after this last battle that just transpired, my brother might not be a player in the four kingdoms anymore.” Tipton chuckled.

“So he’s dead?” He questioned with a raised brow.

“Unfortunately, not yet. But, the electrician that Sterling lent us was more useful then I could’ve ever imagined. My brother is quite deadly, but there was severe damage done to him. I’ll finish everything thing up tomorrow afternoon when all of his people can witness his fall.” Tipton grinned.

“You’ve heard that Sterling is dead, right?” He asked.

“Yes, I have. So I suppose that I am now the owner of one Nanohuman assassin, and he will come in most handy.” Tipton laughed, but then shook his head. “I told him not to put anything past Molly, and you should know that as well. Those women that you’ve been buying will only lead into problems for you. Mark my words on that.”

“Yes, I’m seeing that, now.” His hands went together under his chin. “If Molly found us, the advantage would be hers, and with that woman I need to have the advantage. I think you and I would both agree that she could produce massive carnage before we could get her under control.”

Tipton kicked up his feet now on the desk. “I think we’d be lucky to even get a hold of the situation at all honestly. Deo was just telling me some of her abilities that he’s heard about, and if she’s using her techniques to look for, I agree that we need to have this go our way the first time, because if it doesn’t, I don’t think well get another chance.”

Mr. West got up with a grunt to what Tipton just said. As he made his way to the bar he poured himself and Tipton a fresh drink. “So are you heading back to your world tonight?” He asked.

“No, I thought I would stay here in your realm away from the final battle scene. I think I’ll let the Queen of Winter have the kill over my brother without my interference. I don’t want my hands to get dirty when I take control of the four kingdoms.” Tipton laughed taking the glass from him.

Mr. West looked out the window, that looked like a mirror on the other side of the wall, watching his club function perfectly. “You know that she wolf that sold those innocents to us is one crazy little bitch. How in the hell did you know how to find that one?”

“Easy, that’s Molly’s husband’s ex-wife. Very easy for you to manipulate if you play your cards right. But be careful with that one though, she has viscous teeth my friend.”

Mr. West chuckled and walked back to the desk. “Yes, I’m finding this out as well. I’ve been thinking she might be a lose end that needs to be taken care of.”

“That is something I couldn’t agree more with. Do you already have a plan to take care of it?” Tipton grinned.

“As a matter of fact, I do. My new lap dog is taking care of the vampires as we speak. I’m sure if I asked him to take care of the woman who wants Molly dead, there would be no problems.” He chuckled taking a sip of his bourbon. “By the way, I just heard that Silver has challenged Molly to a fight for the title.”

“Title for what?” Tipton questioned.

“The title of Queen. My sources also tell me that Silver has called all of the most powerful female leaders in this world to bare witness to this event.” He grinned.

“Why only the women?”

“It seems even the women have their so called pissing matches. Also, if you’ve been paying attention, you would’ve noticed the plays the women are making. If were not careful the balance of power could be tipped in their favor.”

“Well that explains the she'll rule two world remark...” Tipton growled.

“Yes, it explains quite a bit. But I think just having a party for the ladies to see our girl in action will benefit us more then you know.” He chuckled.

“And having men there will hinder this outcome?”

“No, think of it as a men’s club… just reversed. I think it’s more of the women giving us a taste of our own medicine when it comes to who they think is beneath who.” He laughed at Tipton’s outraged face. “Ah ha, see that’s what they want to see from us.”

“And why do you think having these will help us? Hell, why on earth would any man show up to a mixer fight when they find mixers beneath them?”

“Because Tipton, whoever wins this battle will show them who this world is to be run by.”

“And you’re fearful for Molly?”

Mr. West sat back chuckling at Tipton’s questioning glare as he took another sip of his drink. “Me worry about Molly fighting with this woman is the least of my concerns.”

“Then what is it?”

“Nothing like you're thinking. I just heard that Silver wants to use full change in this little fight, and let’s just say when these creatures see the full magnitude of Molly's power… she’s going to cause a fear deep within the hearts of those woman, and it will spread. I couldn't have asked for a better way to throw such fear into the world.” He looked at the ceiling then grinned back at Tipton. “Once we have her in our grasp, the world will bow at our feet with fear of what she could do to them.” He chuckled once again.

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