The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 16

Aggie sat in her dark cell screaming for what must have been hours, before Nikon was able to go to her. He knelt down taking her head in his hands looking her over. Her voice was so hoarse it was barely audible, her fingers where bloody and destroyed, and the walls were scratched all around her. “Baby, what are you doing to yourself?” He whispered then kissed her lips tenderly.

It was only recently that Irvington made it very clear that he knew about his relationship between him and Aggie. In fact. it was Irvington that suggested Nikon go down and take care of Aggie this evening... which made him shutter at what Irvington had planned for her.

Nikon picked Aggie up from the corner and went over to the door to be sure the hall was clear. When he was sure no one was around, he snuck Aggie from the room, so she could get clean, eat, and get a good night’s rest with him and David. But what had him really concerned was her ending up hurting herself when she was deep within herself.

He took her to the secret apartment that she shared with all of them, quickly closing the door behind them as David took her from his arms and kissed the top of her head. “I didn’t think you were going to make it.” he whispered.

“I had to be sure no one would know she’s gone.” Nikon explained.

As Nikon went to turn on the shower, David took Aggies face gently in his hands pulling her eyes up to his. “My sweet girl.” He said softly kissing her lips tenderly. “What the hell is he doing to you?” He growled wrapping her in his arms once more.

Arms went around his waist hugging him with little strength. “I’ve missed you.” She whispered softly in a hoarse voice.

“I know sweetheart, I’ve missed you to.” He sighed just absorbing her sweet touch.

Nikon came from the bathroom getting undressed, and then David followed suit. They both took Aggies dirty clothes off her body, then David helped her into the shower with Nikon. The warm water rinsing off the blood from her fingers, her toes, her knees, and a gash on her head. Nikon was lathering up her hair for a second wash, when she started to mumble. “She will be within his reach…soon. The beginning will be the end...” She whispered in a lost voice.

“I know sweetheart, I remember.” Nikon soothed.

But she shook her head wanting him to see what she was seeing. “The blood will make her stumble, but will also be the end.”

Nikon looked down at David, who was taking extra care washing her feet, and they both knew the time when all hell broke loose was closer then they realized. They continued to take care of her when her body stiffened and she pushed Nikon aside as her eyes moved side to side watching something only she could see.

“The path is at a stop... two kings shall be born. But will they be of the good, or of the evil... the vampire will be the key. If he chooses his path for love, all will be set to right... if he chooses what is right, all will be lost.” She told them frowning in her hypnotic tone.

Her hand came down and softly lifting David’s face up to hers as he knelt on the ground taking care of her. “This one man must choose to fall to the depths of hell, for all to survive.” She explained as tears started to stream down her face.

Then look of frustration came to her face as she wanted to tell them more, but couldn’t make her mind muddle work as she wished it too. “It’s okay sweetheart, everything will be okay. Were here for you.” David whispered taking her hand from his face and kissing it.

With that one kiss, David saw how she was going to take out her frustrations. Her hand went to his wet hair pushing him to where she wanted him to kiss. Her leg went over his shoulder as she opened herself up and his lips came in kissing her needy sweet nub. Her other hand went around Nikons head making his mouth take hers.

It was some time later, when Aggie had thoroughly had her way with them, they laid naked in bed together as she slept. Her small body draped over both of them and out cold as David caressed her skin. “When do you have to take her back?” He asked.

Nikon moved some hair from her face and sighed. “She has three more hours of good sleep until I need to have her back in the cell.”

Davis growled running his hand threw his hair. “I hate this shit! Let’s find Molly and take Aggie and just fucking go!” He hissed.

“Shh, don’t wake her.” Nikon warned, then shook his head. “We’re in London David, and I have know idea where Molly is right now... Sukin syn!” He swore in Russian just as pissed as David was, but knew he had to wait for the right opportunity to get Aggie out of here. “We missed our opportunity when Molly was hurt. Irvington destroyed all our phones, and we should be thanking God that he didn’t take a look at them, or I’d already be dead. Now he watches every move that any of us make.”

“Yeah, but...”

“Don’t be fooled in thinking were in the clear. Irvington knows that he has spies in the compound, and that’s why he’s so watchful.” Nikon warned.

“But why not just leave? I mean we could both coordinate a way to leave this place and then go searching for Marcus, Nicolas, and Molly. I know if we can make it to the outside the compound, then we can get clear of Irvington and his cronies.” David growled.

“Yes, we can. But what about Aggie, do you think she would be able to make it?” Nikon offered.

“Then when Matthew comes back…” David started.

“That another thing. I haven’t seen Matt in a while, and who the hell knows what’s happening to him or where Irvington has his ass... and you know we can’t leave without him. We all have to be together if we want to keep Aggie half way sane.”

“I know your right, but can’t stand having her down in that damn cell anymore. She’s hurting herself, and we’re useless...” David sighed.

Aggie bolted up from in between the two of them, but now fully awake. She stared at the wall in front of her with the look as if she was watching something horrific play out in front of her eyes. Then with a gasp, tears started to fall down her cheeks and turned to David and dropped to his chest wrapping herself around him in a gripping hug.

“Well that can’t be fucking good, now can it?” He whispered as Aggie’s body shook with tears.

“No, it’s not.” Nikon growled, now having one more thing to worry about.

Thomas drove down some old back roads through New Jersey to meet his old friend Andric. He had gone to an old junk yard and found an old truck, filed the vin number off, and made sure it wouldn’t lead back to him.

It was on his drive out to take care of Andric and Eddie, Irvington had called to let him know that he was to stay in the cluster in New York, even after Molly was in their hands. This way they would know what is going on with her makers, and a great way to get rid of them. Now under a moonless night, his thoughts was getting the better of him.

If he was honest with himself, he’s had his fair share of regrets in his life... even before he became a vampire. But in all that time he had never turned his back on the people who he trusted or considered a friend. But now he was on his way to do just that, but did he really have to?

Could he let Andric and Eddie get away, and then tell the cluster what they were up to? Does he have to kill them, could he just let them go and tell them that he knows everything and to never show their faces again? But even as he thought these things there was one thing Thomas was sure of... secrets always come back around and bit you in the ass.

He was going through one of the little towns when his cell rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw Irvington’s name. “Yeah...”

“Is everything on track?” Irvington asked.

“Yes, I’m heading to meet Andric and Eddie now.” He replied.

“Excellent, but before you disperse of all the evidence, I need you to be sure that there is no hidden files that Andric had been keeping that will lead to our where about. I need every facility, club, and other enterprises I have going on, to remain a secret. That is, until I have everything I need to take over the underworld.” Irvington chuckled.

“Yeah, I can make sure I get everything out of him, or her, to be sure we’re in the clear.” He nodded.

“That’s what I wanted to hear. Oh, and one more thing?”


“I have someone on the vampire committee that I need you to text...”

“Okay?” He answered, getting a little pissed off over this whole conversation.

“After I send you the number, text if there is any sign of the old man has shown up. He’ll know who I means, then text back the answer.” Irvington told him.

“Why cant you just do it. I mean, I’m going to be busy enough as it is?” He growled.

“Because, there can be no links between us, and I mean none. He is deep into the heart of where I need him to be to take down all the vampires. Now is not the time to get sloppy.” Irvington snarled.

“Fine, send me the number and I’ll do what you wanted.” He sighed.

“Good, but remember, I need you to stay in where you’re at until I notify you.”

“Okay, but what do you want me to do until then?” He questioned.

“I don’t care what you do until then... just do what you’re told.” Irvington growled, then hung up.

Thomas throw his cell to the seat swearing under his breath. He pulled over on the side of the road and threw the truck in park... then hit the dashboard with his hand a couple times cracking it. “Damn it, damn it, damn it!” He roared, rethinking his involvement with this asshole.

He reached over to the glove compartment and pulled out the small bottle of bright yellow pills that Irvington had sent over. They were some kind of poison that could effect most creatures, and that meant even vampires. “Damn these MM’s are devious pricks.” He murmured.

His head fell back, and then ran his hands over his face really rethinking this situation seriously right now. All he knew was that Andric and Eddie were waiting for him to supposedly to get them out of the country and into hiding... and at the moment, he was considering it.

With a deep breath he got himself under control and put the truck in drive and started to drive. He made his way to Kemah mecca lake Rd. and still had a while to go before he got to an old abandoned house that he found to stage the execution... and the place he told Andric to meet him.

He’d been on the road for hours when he pulled in to the over grown driveway and got out and parked in the rickety detached garage. He put the pills out of the glove box once again and shoved them into his jacket. These things were strong enough to putt a vampire into a long ass coma like state... now he just had to decided if he really wanted to go through with it.

He got out of the truck and pulled the garage door shut and covering his tracks. The house was dilapidated with large overgrown trees that hid any light from the back from the road. He walked up to the back door and gave it a tap and then stepped in. Andric fangs were down and ready to attach as he kept Eddie behind him. But Thomas gave him a smile and a nod. “Damn, it’s just me. I told you nobody knew about this place.” He winked.

Andric stiff posture dropped and he grinned offering his hand. “Don’t do that to me man, I just about took your damn head off.”

“Well that would have been inconvenient, and messy.” He chuckled shaking the offered hand.

“You’re later then we expected. We thought something might have happened to you.” Eddie smiled walking over to Andric.

“No, nothing like that. I just kind of zig-zagged in and out of every little town from New York to here just to be sure I wasn’t followed.” He shrugged going over to an old chair and taking a seat. “But if you guys brought some drinks, then I’m all good.” He grinned.

Eddie laughed. “Of course we did. I’ll go get a couple of beers. Along with some shots of blood.” She said patting Andric on the arm before she left.

Andric watched her go and sighed coming over and taking a seat next to him. “Woman, why do we need them so badly.” He chuckled sitting back with his hands over his face.

“Where the hell did she get the blood?” He asked taking a chair and pulling it next to him.

“Eddie coxed a homeless woman to join us.” Andric grinned.

“I thought I said no one was to know where we’re at. Now you all bring a mortal here?” He growled.

“The people I was involved with came up with some fascinating things. Even the vampires have made leaps and bounds in chemical warfare. I have an liquid that one you inject it into the target, they no longer have DNA.”

“That doesn’t mean anything. Humans can use teeth and hair for that shit.” He countered.

“Yes, but not if that is destroyed as well.” Andric offered with a chuckle.

“How does something like that work?”

“Nano technology. I’m telling you, we are living in an age of wonder...” Andric gloated.

“More like horror.” He murmured.

“Yes, that as well." Andric winked.

Thomas glanced over at his friend and decided he was going to ask him the question that had been eating at him since he found out that Andric was a trader to the cluster. “Why did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Come on, don’t give me that shit. What made you turn on everyone in the cluster? What the hell happened to you and Eddie man?” He asked, thinking he didn’t want to go through with the plan for one crazy ass MM.

Andric looked over his shoulder, then fell forward and shook his head. “I was promised something, something that Edwina wanted very badly.” He admitted.

“So all this was over Eddie?”

“Well, yes, in a way.”

“What were you promised?” He asked.

Andric chuckled and shook his head. “Someone promised me...”

“Don’t sugar coat it now... who promised you something Andric.” He growled.

“Alright, the truth. I was approached by a man named Deo, and that led to meeting Mr. West of the MM’s. He said if I could help him keep track on Molly and keep him updated on her skills and what her makers were up to... he could help Eddie and I to have a child.” Andric admitted.

“Vampires can’t have children, and Eddie is a vampire.” He stated.

“Yes, I know that but he said he was working on a way...” Andric started but then stopped. “These male mixers are more resourceful then you can imagine... I tell you I couldn’t believe it at first. But the things they’ve come up with are amazing.” Andric explained.

“So you say...” He murmured, already knowing about all that, but... “A child, that’s what you betrayed all of us for, and to that fuckwit Mr. West?” He growled again.

That’s when Andric frowned and sat back. “Did I ever tell you that I knew one of Molly’s makers?”

“What, who?”

“Marcus. I had known of Marcus for a very long time. When he had first started the making of the mixers, my bride was the first thing I thought of, and I knew he could find her for me. It was he that gave me the chance to turn Edwina into a mixer. He told me about the children and the clean blood, but also of the others that would share her with me. That was something I didn’t want, I wanted Edwina to only be, mine.”

“And that means what?”

“It means that we could never have a child. It was something I didn’t care about at the time. Marcus had found my bride, and we were finally going to be together... I never thought about Eddie wanting a child.” He admitted with a shake of her head. “Edwina has a beautiful heart, but also a very black one as well. She started having what I called black moods, and that’s when she told me what was going on, and I tried to find a way to give her what she wanted... for a woman, wanting a child is a very powerful thing.”

“Is it? Powerful enough to put everyone else in danger?” He snapped.

“Have you ever loved a woman so deeply that you don’t know where you stop and she begins? That if she hurts, you hurt as well and you would do anything in your power to take away that pain?” Andric asked.

Thomas sat there quietly for a moment deciding how he was going to answer that question... “No.” He lied.

“Well let me tell you something. When you love a woman like I just described to you, you’d move heaven and earth to give her what she wants.” Andric confessed.

“So you sold us out..." He nodded.

“Yes, I guess I did. But it was done for the love of my bride Thomas. Not for money or the power, but for love." Andric sighed.

“Okay then, let me give you a scenario. Someone comes up to you and offers you something you’ve been dreaming of, and lets say, it was before you found Eddie but they knew where she was, and could get her for you. But in order to have the woman you love back in your life, you'd have to do something horrible, and I mean something really horrific to get her. What do you do then?” He asked.

With out a second thought Andric grinned and sat forward. "I would do whatever needed to be done, whatever it may be." He stated then fingered for Thomas to come closer. “Let me give you a bit of advice... don't let anything stand in your way once you've found your bride. She will be the one and only thing that will make this long dark life of ours worth living once again."

Thomas sat back absorbing what Andric just said and something hit him. If the tables were reversed, and if he had been working with Irvington first, and Andric was asked to kill him to get the woman he loves... Andric wouldn't have any second thoughts over it, it would just be done in a heartbeat. "Good advice, and something I should remember if that time ever comes." He nodded.

They both looked up as Eddie came in with shots and beer. "What are you boys playing at." She laughed letting Thomas take his drinks.

Andric chuckled pulling her into his lap. "Nothing my love. Only how us men are powerless when it comes to a woman's charms." He mumbled against the side of her neck.

"Yes, you men are completely powerless... we just let you think you're in control." She laughed, then kissed his lips.

"You know, I think I need a woman like yours Andric. Any ideas where to find one." He smiled taking the shot of blood and beer from Edie’s hand.

“My woman id one of a kind my friend. But your woman is out there just waiting for you." Andric winked as he took Eddie by the waist pulling her to his lap and then kissed the side of her neck. “Even now after everything, I wouldn’t do anything different.” He admitted gazing into Eddie’s eyes.

“Yes, yes she is... just waiting for me” He whispered taking the shot and putting all doubt behind him. He looked up at his two friend and placed on his best smile. “Show me where you’re keeping this blood supply Eddie. I think I’m in the mood for drinking tonight.” He chuckled putting his hand in his pocket and the pills, and knowing just how he was going to slip them the drugs... “Hey, do you have any more beers left?”


Matthew watched the truck, full of mixers they had just captured, drive off down the darkened back roads of West Virginia. He had been sent by Irvington to help some psycho dethroned werewolf queen, who had some sort of vendetta against the misers, and been working all over the states ever since.

But what Irvington or the psycho ex queen didn't know was, he and a couple other guys who he was paired with, had been finding ways to release the woman in makeshift clusters. At least that was the plan until any of them stumbled across any clusters. But with everything that was going on, and the underworld seeming to want to destroy all mixers... they've been pretty hard to find.

When some of the guys that weren't part of his team, started to walk away, He got himself ready to go and rescue the girls, and make sure his guys were in place. He took out the scent hiding spray, coved his body in the shit, then transformed into his werewolf form, before he took off down the road after the truck.

The back roads of this state were pitch black and covered by thick green forest and since it was a moonless night, that should help cover him. He ran after the truck through the brush and trees to stay hidden and waited for the right opportunity to catch a rid.

The semi slowed down when it entered the town of Roanoke. When it slowed down he grabbed the back end and pulled himself up hearing the crying and whimpering inside, and waited until they drove out of the small town. When they were far enough out of town, he jump up, his claws digging into the metal as he puled himself up to the roof.

He made his way to the driver with the neon blue gun in hand ready to take control of the truck. Then with a quick shake off of his change, he kicked in the passenger side window, shooting the little dart like built in the drivers leg... then kicked his ass out the door.

Matthew hurried over taking the wheel and getting the truck under control, and then texted his one of the guys who was closest to him. His cell was still in his hand when it started to ring. When looked who was calling, he swore before answering. "Yeah?"

“Where are you at?” Irvington asked.

He froze for a minute wondering if by some fucking luck he had been followed. “I’m just wrapping up another round up for that crazy woman you’ve got me working for.” He growled.

“Well this will be you’re last one...” Irvington chuckled.

“Why, did something happen?”

“You could say that. But I have a bigger job that I need someone I trust working at."

"What's that?"

"It's time that I dispose of that damn vampire committee. My insiders are time to make my move, but I want someone who will make sure everything is wrapped up nice and tight." Irvington stated.

“Oh, okay.” He grinned, knowing right when Irvington gave him the number... he was going to finally be able to get a hold of Marcus and Nicolas.

“Perfect. This way Tipton can be sure that the king of Autumn is truly dead, and you can work on making sure the vampires we will be rid of.” Irvington exsplaned.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what? What's going on with the king of Autumn?” He asked.

“It’s nothing much yet, just a plan that Tipton had been working on looks to finally happen. And, if I’ve heard correctly Tipton should be king within days.” Irvington chuckled.

He was quite taking in all the information, and then forced a chuckle. “Damn man, everything is going good but...”

“But what?”

“Well, wouldn’t my talents be better suited in the elven realm instead of dealing with some the group of vampires? I mean, I think your guys with the vampires obviously don't know what you have going on in other places. Don't you think you should get the autumn kingdom nailed down before going after the vampires? One slip up everything could go to shit... that’s all I’m saying.” He offered, hoping Irvington would bite.

“That is very observative Matthew, and you could be right." He murmured, then was quite for a minute. "I’ll have Doe send you the closest tunnel to the elven realm where the camp is at. But this is what I want you to do. If Tipton’s electrician doesn’t finish the job of killing the king of Autumn, then I expect you to do it.” Irvington commanded.

“Don't worry, I'll take care of everything."He answered before hanging up. He grinned knowing for the first time in a very long time, he's found the first real opportunity to get Aggie out of Irvington's hands.

He pulled over along the side of the road texting one of the guys to come and pick up the girls and drive them to the nearest safe house. Because as of now, he had to get his ass to the Autumn kingdom and see if he can get to Ryklin before any of Irvington, or Tipton’s, plans come to pass.

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