The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 17


I ran out of the arena and through the halls not hearing anything but my own heart beat in my ears. I knew what Silver had said to me about Ryklin, she believed it was the truth. But when I looked up at Agatha and saw the gleam in her eyes... I knew there was something going on.

I hurried into the room and started dressing as fast as I could, and then started searching for my cell. Lennox ran after me and watched me looking all around. “What are you looking for?” He asked.

“My cell... Silver told me that Ryklin was dead. I need to call Marcus to see if he’s heard from him.” I explained, but realized that Lennox remained silent after that comment. I stopped searching and turned around staring at him... “Do you know something I don’t?”

His hand went through his hair and shook his head. “No, but when I called everybody to tell them about your fight, Ryklin wasn’t there.”

“Son of a bitch!” I roared.

“Baby, Alexander said he was going to try to get ahold of him. I’m sure he’s just fine. That was just Silvers way of getting in your head to psych you out.” He said trying to calm my nerves.

“Give you me your cell...” I growled.

He didn’t argue, but instead reached in to his pocket handing his phone to me. I hit Alexanders number waiting for him to pick up, but he didn’t... so I dialed him again. When he didn’t answer, I then called Marcus knowing that man would know something.

“Lennox, where’s Molly?” Marcus asked.

“It’s me... I need to know if you’ve heard back from Ryklin or Alexander?” I asked with my heart still pounding in my chest with his answer.

“Nothing yet, but Alexander is trying to get ahold of Ryklin right now. You seem out of sorts over it, but I’m sure everything is fine…” Marcus assured me.

“Fine? It’s not fine Marcus!” I fumed.

“Why, what’s got you so worked up? We all seen you won your fight tonight. You’ve nothing left to worry about. Nicolas and I are taking care of everything bird, and I’m sure Ryklin is fine.” He answered.

My hand went to my mouth as I looked over to Lennox, when Georgie, Calista, Shelly and Nikki came to the door. “Oh Lord, please, this can’t be happening.” I whispered.

“Molly…” Marcus started to talk once again, but I hung up needing to think.

My mind was going in fifteen different directions thinking of what I should do when Lennox turned me around to look at him. “Molly, you’re injured and bleeding sweetheart, what you need to do right now is rest and drink. After that, I’ll head into The Four Kingdome just to be sure that what Silver said was nothing more then a lie.” He playacted.

“I’m going to the four kingdom Lennox. I need you need to find Tipton for me...” I murmured lost in thought.

“No your not, you’re heading back to Scotland to heal damn it!” He growled taking me by the arms.

I didn’t pull myself free, but just looked over at the girls. “Go get ready, I’ll be out in a minute.” I told them.

Georgie nodded pulling Calista away, and Shelly and Nikki V followed after them. When I glanced back at Lennox and shook my head. “How do I get to Ryklin?”

“No...” He started.

“Look I’m going, and you’re not coming with me so don’t ask.” I growled, then shook my head. “I’m not going back to Scotland, I will find out if what Silver said was the truth or not. So tell me the quickest way to get find him, or I’ll find another way to do it!” I demanded.

“Molly, you going to the four kingdom alone, that could be dangerous for you... they don’t know who you are.” He tried to explain.

“I don’t give a shit. I need to make sure my husband is alive!” I hissed.

He closed his eyes and nodded, then lifted his empty hand, and then with a turn of his wrist, he held a watch like bracelet out to me. “There are what the fay and elves call ”tunnels” all over the word. These tunnels will let us go in and out of these words with ease.” He answered.

“Great, then I’m off...”

“You don’t understand, there are tunnels everywhere and they lead to different places.” He explained.

“So then how do I find the one I need?”

He took the bracelet and put it on my wrist. “This will ping when you’re next to a tunnel. The last time I talked with Ryklin the queen of winter was starting some trouble. Go to a little town of Ferrieres, there’s a triangular shaped pond in the middle of homes at the end of a street, jump into it. I don’t know how far away you’ll be from the kingdom, but there should be guards patrolling. Tell them who you are sweetheart, and hopefully they bring you to him.” He said taking my face in his hands.

“I don’t need anyone to show me where he is, I’ll be able to sniff him out in a heartbeat when I get there.” I smiled, then kissed his frowning lips.

My fingers trailed down his neck feeling his pulse quicken when I pulled back and stared into his midnight eyes. My fangs came down as his arms pulled me close and his neck came closer, when I sank my fans into his flesh.

As I took my fill of his sweet blood, I could feel the damage to my body start to heal. I wouldn’t be whole for a couple of days, but I would defiantly get my strength back soon enough. I didn’t know what was waiting for me in the fourth kingdom, or what I might encounter. His body shuttered as I released him then kissed his neck. “I love you, and don’t worry... I have my girls with me, and you know I’ve faced a lot worse.” I whispered.

He shook his head over what I said, but I knew he wasn’t going to top me. “I love you too, but let me tell you something. After I check on Alexander, and make sure he knows what his ex-wife has been up to, I’m coming to the Autumn kingdom to check on you... don’t say anything Molly, that’s what I’m going to do.” He growled.

I pulled away seeing that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and gave him a little nod. I took a step back, taking one last look at him, before I turned around and ran out the door. When I made it outside the girls were already in the bikes waiting for me.

“So what’s the plan Sam?” Nikki asked throwing her smoke to the ground.

“We heading to a place called Ferrieres. So just follow me, and get ready for an adventure ladies.” I told them jumping on my bike and revving the engine, then taking off like a bat out of hell.

We wove in and out of small towns and back country roads until, just like Lennox had said, was a triangular shaped pond in the middle of homes at the end of a street. I shut off my bike, threw my helmet on the handles, making my way over to the body of water, hearing the watch ping each time it hovered over the water.

Calista tore off her helmet looking into the muddy greenish brown water, then back at me. “Why the bleedin' hell did we stop here?” She asked.

“I think this is where we get into the four kingdoms.” I shrugged nodding over to the water.

“What? Oh please do not tell me we have to get our arses in the fucking water.” She moped.

“Shhh, listen.” I told her as the ping continued. “Lennox called what we’re looking for “tunnels” and that this watch thing would lead me to one... and there it is.” I said pointing to the middle of the green muck.

Shelly sighed looking over the rock wall and sighed. “Well, you did offer an adventure...”

I climbed up on the wall and glanced over my shoulder. “I guess I’ll see you on the other side.” I winked.

Georgie giggled. “Or, you’ll just be standing waist deep in stagnate goop.”

I grinned then looked over my shoulder and smiled before taking a deep breath looking back the water. “Here goes nothing.” I mumbled, then jumped.

When my feet first made contact with the water, I could feel the wetness, but after that I felt only air rush past me. The fall felt like it was almost instant, then I hit the ground with a thud. I looked around trying to get my bearing in this strange world. The land was covered with enormous bright colored trees in oranges, yellows, reds, and browns. The shrubs foliage was sparse and colored in deep greens with sharp gold edges… Just like Ryklin’s eyes.

Dry and brittle leaves were scattered all over the ground, with frosted tips from the chilly night air. Thick roots weaved there way throughout the grounds, weaving themselves up trees and over rocks. This was the Autumn kingdom, and it was beautiful.

The morning sky was a lavender with vibrant white clouds having, believe it or not, silver linings. Three moons in peach tones were getting lighter as the yellow sun started to rise. I could scene Georgie. “Where are we exactly?” She asked.

“We’re in the land of the elves.” I muttered taking deep breaths to see what direction I should take. She was going to ask another question when I stopped her... “Shh, I’m concentrating George.” I growled.

My eyes closed and I let the breeze flow around me as I calmed my body to stillness. It was funny how this world sounded like it had a voice, that the breeze was speaking to me when it gave me what I was looking for... “Found him!” I whispered, then started running through the falling leaves and winding branches.

“Molly, wait!” Georgie shouted at me, but I didn’t stop and could hear them follow behind me. There was a clearing just up ahead after running for what seemed like miles. Once I cleared the shrubbery and trees, I stepped out to a shallow plateau overlooking a massive camp site where the lands were in divided.

The Autumn realm met up against winters, and the contrast between domains was vivid. the ground was light brown with pops of green springing threw the leaves. The dark wooden trees twisted and turned making their way up to the heavens, were the leaves so bright in there shades of yellow it looked to cast its own daylight glow upon the ground.

The line divided them was clear, where autumn ground was in grasses of yellow and dark wooden trees twisted their way up to the heavens, that the leaves bright in there shades of yellow cast its own daylight glow upon the ground. Winter on the other hand was white, with barren branches, Icey blue patches, and a dark gray sky that seemed to continuously snow.

That’s when I saw movement in the camp below, and worriers getting ready for the next battle. Where was Autumns army? Where the hell was Ryklin at? “Shit...” I growled praying that I wasn’t to late to help.

I took in everything that I could of the enemy, took a deep breath to gage what the feel was like in the camp, and then gasped when I realized it was... excited.

The sun was coming over the horizon making the clouds turn a bright orange and deep purple, and I was lost in my thoughts, when something sharp went pocked me in the back. “Where did you come from woman?” Asked a man.

I glanced over my shoulder to see an elf with gold, yellow hair, and burning orange eyes looking at me in question. I glanced back over camps of winter and shook my head. “Where’s Ryklin, has he been hurt?” I asked, making his eyes widen and then squinting at me like I was the enemy. “Listen, I need to see the king, now!” I growled.

He didn’t say anything, just studied me, then looked to have made a decision. “You, little woman, are coming with me. We’ll see what the general has to say about the likes of you.” He answered, pushing me in the direction of the camp, and Ryklin.

When we stepped into the camps where the men were looking very somber as they got their battle gear on. I saw a massive tent and the scent of Ryklin hit me and I turned and started to run over to him, when thin but strong hand snatched me by the arm. “You’re not going anywhere until we see who you really are princess.” He growled.

He pull out some golden string, and I pulled out of his grip remembering that’s what Tipton had used to keep me captive. He looked amazed that I could get away from him so easily, then came at me once again. He took a step, and a deep growl broke from my chest, as the beast broke through feeling threatened. “Play time is over buddy. You will take me to Ryklin now, or I’m going to be your worst nightmare!” I warned.

A group of the men stopped looking me over at me, and I took an offensive stance waiting for his next move. Georgie and the girls ran into camp behind me, and the group of men took out there swords. I glance back at George seeing the question in her eyes if they should attack, but I put my hand up to hold still. These weren’t just Ryklin’s people, they were also mine, they just didn’t know it yet.

My hands puddled black as my anxiety over Ryklin’s health heightened from the scent that hit me coming form the tent. “If I have to maim all you to get to my husband, I will without a second thought.” I seethed getting ready to force my way into the tent, when a flap opened, and a very large elf made his way to us.

My head rose as I glanced up at this tall man with oak colored hair and orange eyes like a great horned owl. He glanced over at me, then to the elf that had found me. “Rully, who is this?” His asked staring at my hands.

“This wee thing just popped out of the forest out of nowhere. Then, she asked for the king… by name no less. So, I thought it best to bring her to camp to see what she was all about sir.” He expressed.

His brow rose as he looked me over. “I see.” Was all he said as he made his way closer. I dropped my defensive stance, letting the inky pools recede only gather at my fingertips. “Then I should ask who you are and how you got here little mortal?” He asked rather calmly... more calmly then I was feeling at the moment.

“I’m no mortal. My name is Molly, and Ryklin… I mean your King, he’s my husband.” I answered. He didn’t say anything and instead just stood there, not saying a damn word. Then I pulled in my anger, and my anxiety, taking a deep breath and was going to try reason with his man. “Look, all I want to know is if he’s okay, after that I’ll leave. But I was told tonight that Tipton had killed him. Is that true?”

He looked me over one last time then... “Rully keep the ladies out here until I see if this woman knows the king.” He told the guard. Then glanced over at me before walking to the tent. “Come with me.” He ordered as Nikki swear, and Calista, she intruded herself to Rully.

The large elf held the flap of the tent open and I walked in to see lots of people scurrying around, but I didn’t see Ryklin anywhere. That’s when it hit me, he was in the middle of all those people. I pushed my way through all the tall elves and then I saw him.

Ryklin was laying in the bed with a bandages going around his gut and chest, his skin was blackened on the left side of his body with a hug gash along his left arm. “No...” I whispered making my way to him.

I dropped to this side of his bed taking his hand in mine. “What did he do to you?” I asked horrified by the sight of his injuries. My fingers touched his blackened cheek as I held back tears. “Ryklin, please talk to me...” I whispered, but he didn’t move.

I looked over my shoulder and saw the elf that brought me in with a deep frown on his face. “Did Tipton do this?” I asked, but he didn’t answer. Instead he watched me with a look as if he was wondering if I was worthy of such information. So to help the damn elf along, my world went red. “I just asked you a fucking question elf. You’d be wise to answer me!” I seethed.

A hand took mine squeezing it, making me turn quickly to see golden green eyes staring back up at me. “Angel, your langue is appalling. I’m sure he would have answered you, eventually.” He chuckled, softly, painfully.

I dropped down next to him on the bed and a sob escaped me. I couldn’t help it, the sight of him alive was overwhelming. I thought I lost him, just like I had lost Philip. His hand caressed my face as the tears fell onto the blanket, and then he slowly pulling me down to him, holding me to his uninjured side of his chest. “It’s alright angel. I’ll be fine in no time, you’ll see.” He whispered kissing my forehead.

The tall elf stepped forward with a small bow. “Pardon me your majesty, but may I ask who this woman is?” He questioned.

Ryklin chuckled weakly. “This Uptum is Molly, and she is your Queen.” He answered, now stroking my hair.

“A mortal?” He asked puzzled.

Ryklin tried to chuckle again, but stopped from the pain. “She’s not mortal, she’s a mixer. But she is your Queen none the less, and she will be treated as such… do I make myself clear ?” He ordered, and I could hear the threat it his voice.

All I could think about was how to protect him. What if Tipton came back after him, could I fend him off in the condition I’m in? But then I remembered something, Ryklin was mine... “I think I can help you heel faster.” I whispered pulling back from his embrace.

My fingers went over the scorched skin and looked over all the topical injuries. “I’d say it’s time to get you better, my love.” I smiled.

“Angel, how are you…”

“Don’t worry, just let me work.” I winked.

One finger puddled black as I touched the bandages going around his middle and chest. The cut on his upper chest was deep, but not life threating, but the one to his gut, that one looked like someone was trying to gut him. “I need something to clean of his wounds before I heal them.” I said to the silent watchers behind me.

When they didn’t move, again, I started to lose my patience, but this time Ryklin stepped in. “Do as she your queen wishes.” He growled.

A woman came over with a bowel and some foul smelling concoction and cleaned off the bloody wound. My fangs came down and the woman yelped as I bit into the side of my wrist. “Molly what are you doing?” He asked, and I could hear the pain in his voice from just trying to talk.

When the blood was flowing freely, I placed it over his wound to the stomach and let the blood permeate through the opening. “Your mine Ryklin, and that means my blood should help you. Well, at least get this gash through your gut to heal.” I whispered.

He bit his lip from the pain as his flesh sizzled as it mended its self back together. “I’m sorry, I know this hurts, but what I give you next I want you to take without question.” I said looking into his eyes.

Ryklin nodded, but Uptum came closer, “And what are you to give him?” The big elf asked.

“My blood.” I answered as my fangs shot down and I bit into my already sliced open wrist taking a mouth full of blood. I leaned over pressing my lips against his and he opened his mouth.

When I was satisfied that he had enough I licked my wounds to heal them, and shook my head. “I was told tonight that you were dead from Alexander’s ex. She said Tipton killed you... did Tipton do this, because right now all I see is an army from winter getting ready to fight!?”

“Winter has always had issues with the autumn realm for many years now. But seeing that Tipton and his men were the ones who did most of the fighting... I would have to agree that Tipton had some influence in the attack.” He stated.

“To kill you? Your own brother wants you dead?!” I fumed.

“Tipton has always been unhappy in his lot in life, and has always wanted to be king... just like he wanted, my queen.” He confessed.

“Damn it. Then it’s a good thing I came here then...” I growled.

“Wait. How did you see Agatha?” He questioned.

“I had a fight, nothing for you to worry about so stay still.”

Uptum cleared his throat and me and Ryklin looked over at him. “I would dare say that what Prince Tipton didn’t complete his task yesterday, and the queen of winter is gathering her army to be sure to finish today.”

“To kill Ryklin?” I asked.

“Yes...” Uptum stated.

I looked at the medical people still standing around us, watching everything we do like a damn soap opera. “All of you need to leave… now!” I seethed trying to control my temper.

They backed up but didn’t exit. “Please do as your Queen bids.” Ryklin sighed. “Uptum I think it’s best for you to stay. I think your Queen may have more questions that will need answering.”

The elves all hastily made their way out of the tent, and soon as the last one left I got up off the bed and started pacing the confined area. “So, this queen thinks she can easily make her way to you because you’ve been injured? She’s planning on attacking you?” I growled.

“Yes. ” Uptum nodded.

“Shit...” I whispered thinking how I was going to play this, then turned to leave.

“Molly, were are you going?” He questioned.

“I will not let this witch think she can harm what’s mine. I’m going to have a woman to woman talk with your neighbor.” I hissed over my shoulder, but then stopped and walked back to his bed. “I need you to give me control of your army... and do you have a sword I can use?”

“You can’t think I’m going to let my queen go into battle for me?” He growled.

“I can see your feeling much better now, but you’re not well enough to go into battle Ryklin. If this queen wants a war, then I’ll give her a war. Now my King, your army.” I ordered.

Ryklin shook his head, and then frowned “Uptum, I there by give command of the army to my wife and your Queen. You will obey all her orders until further notice. You will protect your queen with your life, and make sure no harm befalls her. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes your majesty.” Uptum bowed.

“Uptum a word of advice.”

“Your majesty?”

“You will help the men understand my orders, and please don’t undermined her. I’m not out there to protect you if she gets to upset.” He frowned.

Uptum’s eyes swung over to me and I just shook my head at my husband before making my way outside. The angst was rolling off this elf next to me was thick as he followed me to the edge of the cliff. We watched winters army getting in position for their first move. “Tell that Rully to release my friends.” I ordered.

He nodded and then the girls were next to me watching the scene play out down below. “Ladies looks like where going to pick a fight this morning.” I grinned.

“Great, who do we get to knock off?” Calista chuckled.

I smiled at her enthusiasm. “Well, I guess most of that army down there.”

Shelly was squinting at the lines that were being formed in the snow behind the autumn line. “Molly, they sure don’t look like elves to me… do they to you?”

“What...” Squinting down below.

But Georgie was the one who answered. “I can’t believe this, that army is mostly nanohumans! What are they doing here in the four Kingdoms?” She squeaked.

I didn’t need to ask how nanohumans got here. I already knew Sterling was working with Mr. West, who was working with Alexanders damn ex, who was working with Tipton. Now Tipton had somehow talked the queen of winter to do his dirty work and kill off the rightful king of autumn...“Tell me Uptum, how was the King so severely injured. From what I understand he is more than able to handle himself in the midst of a fierce battle? One would even say that his battle skills are like none others.”

“Yes… your majesty.” He finally answered.

“So?” I pushed.

“There is a nanohuman among the warriors that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He fought with electricity all around him, he was like a lighting rod. It wasn’t until I was to late did I notice some kind of battery he carried on his back.” He explained.

“Did you ever think about slicing the damn thing off his body?” I growled.

“Of course I did! But once he seemed to be … charged he could have the electrical current flow to his sword, or out to long wire like whip that he would slice my men in half. If they made their way to him he put up his hand pushing them across the field with his electricity.” He growled.

“And the king?”

Again the silence was there but then he answered. “This Nanohuman was slicing through the men at a rate that was as disturbing as it was terrifying. When I went to help the men that had circled around this electrician to destroy him, he caught me in the leg tripping me up before killing the others.

“The King rushed into the thick of the battle getting his first injury to his chest, but still made to me in time to take what was meant to be my killing blow.” He finished.

“I see.” I whispered.

Georgie placed her hand on my shoulder. “What are you thinking?”

“I think I need to get a better look at winters army before I go and have a talk with its queen.” I murmured seeing a massive bolder that was next to us as I climbed up the rock trying to get a better vantage point.

This world smelled so different from my own that I was having a hard time telling things apart. So, I knelt down, my hands flat along the rocks surface, and I took a deep breath of this strange new world.

Right away my mind found the fires, the men, the scent of the trees, and the animals around the area. Then something sharp hit my nose, something bitter and cold, making me sneeze. The winter Queen had a scent of sharp like a wasp, good to know. Next the scent lead me to the scent of this Nanohuman’s and the one they called electrician. The electrical current that his body held left a metallic taste in my mouth.

I found out everything I needed to know, and was just about to get down and talk to George, when a particular scent hit me. I almost chuckled out loud at the thought of me finding this particular person here in this world. “Stress, it’s got to be the damn stress!” I murmured.

But just to be sure, I relaxed my body letting everything slip from my mind and took a fresh cleansing breath. When my mind focused once again and the fresh smells entered, I muller them over, and that particular scent was still there. I jumped down form the rock next to Georgie who was waiting for me. “I found something.” I told her.

I walked past the girls and walked to the edge of the mountain looking out among the warriors to see if I could find the son of a bitch who was here fighting against my mate... I knelt down, and dug my fingers into the earth needing I needed to see if the roots and vines in this world would listen to my commands like they did in mine.

As soon as my flesh touched the ground, the ground twisted and buckled as I called forth the vines. They gathered around my hands feeling my touch, much like a puppy learning its master sent for the first time. Then something sharp pricked my palm. “Ouch.”

“What happened?” Shelly asked.

“I think they just bit me.” I told them.

“Bleedin hell, is that good or bad?” Calista asked, and all I could do is shrug.

“What is she doing?” Rully questioned Uptum, as he watched the ground come to life.

I ignored everyone around me as I waited to see if this world would obey me. The next thing I knew thick cords of vines twisted up my arms, giving me permission to use them as I saw fit. Then with a grin, my hands sank deep into the ground doing what I needed to do.

It was strange, my body felt like it was part of the living trees around me, and my sight from the vines helped me maneuver them deep from under the earth finding my target. They moved quickly as the army made it first steps out of the winter domain and onto the field on autumns. George spoke to me with urgency. “Molly…”

“I’m almost there.” I whispered.

Rully turned to Uptum. “We don’t even know who she really is sir. She could be a spy for Prince Tipton.” He spoke… and very loudly his objections.

Uptum stood in back of me watching the army, but I could smell the irritation coming of him. “She is your Queen Rully. And your King has given her control of this army, which means you as well.”

I lost my grip for a moment on the veins, but got ahold of it quickly and started to move again. But Rully kept going... “Are we even sure she’s worthy to be trusted?” Rully kept going and was about to aske another question.

I growled as my annoyance with his annoying voice was making me lose focuses. “Cal, shut him the fuck up. I’m trying to concentrate here!”

Calista nodded, walking over grabbing him by his arm. His mouth turned into a goopy mess as soon as she clutched on to him, then disappeared completely from his face. She chuckled as he looked down in at her horror as he tried to open a mouth that was no longer there. “Sorry handsome, but my Queen gave me an order.” She winked.

In the back corner of the regiment in front of us, I could see men moving out of the way as I the vines wrapped around the feet of the man I was after. The vines twisted around him making a circular bubble, containing them within their walls. Loud yells were coming from that corner now, and I could see others were making their way over quickly to see what was happing, when I pulled him into the earth.

“Got him!” I growled, pulling my captive underground making his way back to me. I gave the earth a hard twist as the vines picked up tremendous speed, then burst from the ground with a loud boom next to us.

Dirt flew through the air, and when it settled everyone could see a cocoon of vines. There was yelling and swearing coming from my make shift prison, and then I gave the vines a command to release my victim.

They went back into the ground as fast as they came up, having Matthew plummet to the ground with a thud. I went over to him, and taking him by the back of the shirt, lifting him to his feet. “What the hell are you doing here?” I seethed but he didn’t say anything, just stared at me like he’d seen a ghost. “Did you attack Ryklin Matthew? Because if you did, so help me God you don’t want to know what I’m going to do to you…”

He came over and took me by the shoulders looking down at me, then embraced me. “I thought you were dead! I was told that someone heard you’d fallen off the grid, so I thought he got you. How the hell did you get here?” He asked me like he was happy to see me.

I pushed my way out of his embrace and looked up at him perplexed. “Matthew, what are you doing over in the Winter Queens army? Did you know they tried to kill Ryklin yesterday?” I asked hoping, no, praying there was a good explanation for what the hell he was doing.

He finally looked and noticed all the people around him staring at him in question. He ran his hand threw his dark hair, as his green eyes looked down at me. “I talked Irvington to not attacking the vampire committee and to send me to the four kingdom so I could get over and help Ryklin.” He told me.

He swore a couple times then his hands dropped, seeing the possible mess he could be in. “Look Irvington and Tipton are in full swing with their plans now. He had me working for this wolf that was scooping up innocents, as you call them. But I had created a way to get most of them free without anyone finding out about it. But I can tell you Irvington was very happy with the information that was leaked out about Ryklin being badly hurt. I haven’t seen Aggie, David, or Nikon in months." Matthew confessed.

My head whipped over to Uptum. “We have a leak?” I asked Matthew, but was glaring at the head warrior who was my husband’s guard.

“How else do you think Irvington got ahold of such information?” He questioned.

I looked back at him. “I don’t know, maybe saw what happened to him?” I told him.

“No, Irvington was told the information had said that he was badly hurt, and his survival was in question.” He told me, positive of his information.

My hands went to my hips thinking of all the battle front that were coming at us from every direction. “Well shit! I guess when it rains it pours!” I told them rubbing the hands to the back of my neck now. “I guess there’s only one thing left to do now.”

“And what would that be your majesty?” Uptum asked.

“I need to go take care of this army, and let this queen witness the sheer terror of what my kind will bring to her front door if she continues to play this game.” I growled.

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