The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 20

Ryklin paced around the tent as Molly’s wounds were being treated by his physicians. After what felt like an eternity, the head physicians made his way over to him. “Your majesty, the, Queen, is healing like you thought she would after receiving your blood. But I’m afraid her healing is still progressing rather slowly. I can inform you however, that her cuts and busing has healed up completely.”

“And what of the puncture wound in her shoulder, chest, and her hands?” He asked glancing over his shoulder.

“They are healing sire, slowly. It seems the more substantial the wound, the more difficulty she has from healing from it.” The physician explained.

Ryklin turned to look at his angel, then turned back to the man who just spoke, and the others that were in the room. “Know one is to know her vulnerabilities… do I make myself clear.” He commanded. Everyone nodded, but he wasn’t satisfied. “All of you swear it with your dying breath!”

They all said yes, and he felt the promise take root within the tent and nodded. “Thank you all for your help... you may go now.” He ordered making his way to Molly.

The people quickly filed out of the room, and when everyone was gone he sat on the bed next to her. His fingers softly traced over her face seeing it was healed. But then he took her hand in his and saw the truth... the skin was completely gone, and her nails looked to have melted off from their beds. All that could be seen now was the raw, red flesh, and tendons mending through the ointment.

He was so angry at Tipton at that moment, if he saw him... he would likely run his blade in his gut and not have cared. “My beautiful girl, this will never happen again. That is my vow.” He growled. “Uptum…”

The flap to the tent opened and his first knight bowed. “Yes, your majesty?”

“Have the men start to break down camp, we leave tomorrow at first light.” He ordered.

“And what is to be done about your son-in-law?”

Ryklin shook his head. “Yes, Matthew... That werewolf would me more useful to Marcus and Nicolas I would imagine. Get him ready to go through the porthole to London.” He replied, but Uptum didn’t answer, or move. “Is there something else you needed?”

“May I speak frankly, your majesty?”

“I see no reason why not.”

“There was nothing you could have done to stop her. She is a very strong warrior, and dose not seem like the kind of woman who would just sit by and watch others battle when her, unusual abilities, may be what is needed to win.” Uptum stated.

Ryklin turned his head sharply glaring at his first knight and, childhood friend. “I know what you’re implying, and you’d be right. I helped make her, and it is my birthright that is flowing in her veins. But never did I think that she would have the abilities to do what we witnessed here today!”

“Yes, your majesty.” Uptum nodded.

He closed his eyes and shook his head. “I’m sorry, it wasn’t fair of me to take my frustrations out on you. You were right in your observation, and I will own what I did, and I would do it over again just to have her in my life... I know that is selfish of me, but I cannot help myself, I love her. And now look what I’ve brought her into, a world of battles and blood, when all I wanted for her was peace.” He said as he gently place her battered hand on the bed.

“But you and I both know there is something more to it then that. Can you not feel it in the air? Our world has been waiting for her, it knows her and treats her like it is their mistress.” Uptum offered glancing at the small and fragile looking queen on the bed. “This is destiny Ryklin. A binding fate that was always meant to be.”

He ignored Uptum’s words as he stood and thought about was really bothering him...“I should have dealt with Tipton when I imprisoned him. Now many men will not be going home to their families because of it, and the woman I love lays before me battered and beaten because she put herself in harms way to protect me!” He growled, then shook his head. “He played upon my weakness Uptum. He knew I would not believe him to be the evil that he truly is... but that is a mistake that I will never let happen again, I swear it!” He seethed as the vow took hold of him.

“You had us get the serer for you so you could find out about the transformation timeline. It was because of her, isn’t it?” Uptum asked.

He turned away from his knight and went and poured himself a drink before answering. “Yes...”

“And Sebeam told you that she could not answer any of your questions because you were involved in this timeline as well. That the decisions that you were going to make were part of the timelines path its self.” Uptum offered and then walked over to him. “Tell me, what would you’ve done if you knew that the queen of Winter was going to hurt her?”

His eyes glared over at the knight. “I would have gone over and slit that witches throat myself before I would have ever let it happen!” He seethed.

“Yes you would have, but then what was meant to happen today, would not have come to pass at all.”

“And tell me just what has to pass?” He snapped.

“Your majesty, a woman who is not of elven ilk, has protected our king, saved the autumn Kingdome from a take over, and gained the respect of your entire army. A fate, I might add, that is not easily achieved by anyone, let alone by one small, foul mouthed, little female.” Uptum grinned.

Ryklin was about to say something, but then stopped and smiled. “No, I suppose you’re correct.” He chuckled, then sighed. “Thank you my friend. I needed to hear some sound words at the moment.”

“That’s why I’m here majesty.” Uptum nodded.

“Yes it is...” He murmured as he made his way back to Molly. He sat on the bed and kissed her forehead before he spoke again. “You and I have been friends since we were small children playing swords in the fields.”

“We have sire.” Uptum chuckled.

“And you have always been the one person I could trust not only with my life, but with anything that was truly important to me...” He stated.

“I’m honored by your words...” Uptum started.

“I’m glad to hear you say that, because I have something that I want you to do for me.” He said glancing over his shoulder at the knight.

“I’m always here to be of help sire.”

“Good, then from now on you’re not going to be my first knight... you’re going to be, hers.” He said creasing Molly’s face.

“But your majesty...” Uptum started to argue, but then stopped and nodded at the request. “It would be an honor for me to serve my queen as her first knight, sire.” He answered with a bowed head.

“Thank you. Now I can rest a little easer easy knowing she has someone there to protect her, when she is out of my sight.” He grinned, then got up and extending his hand.

Uptum took a hold of his hand and the bite of the commitment took ahold, leaving a leaf like scare in blood red in the palm of the knights hand. “You are now the queens first knight... congratulations.”

“Thank you sire.”

Rully came into the tent showing his red blushing face, before he bowed. “Your majesty, the small blond Mixer has asked for permission to check on the queen.”

He chuckled glancing over at Uptum who rolled his eyes at the sight of the warrior. “Yes, that fine Rully. Send Georgie in right away.” He started but before he could finish, Georgie walked into the tent and went to Molly’s side.

She sighed and shook her head when she picked up Molly’s hand, then glanced back at Rully. “Calista’s looking for you, you know. I wouldn’t run from her if I were you. It seems she thinks you’re going to be one of her new mate.” She giggled, making him blush even deeper before he turned to leave.

“George, she needs her rest. Why don’t you go back to London and I’ll send Molly back when her body has healed…” He said, hoping she would listen.

“You know she’s never going to go for that silly.” She giggled, then sighed. “You know, I used to wonder why she fought so much after everything she had gone through. But now I think I understand...” She murmured.

“What do you understand?” He asked.

“It was like life was preparing her for this, all of it. She’s been fighting a lot lately, in fact she had just won a fight right before she came to check on you... Molly is now queen of the mixers.” She answered looking over her shoulder at him.

“When did that happen?” He asked standing next to the bed looking down at the woman in question.

“She had just finished the fight only twenty minutes before she came and found you.” Georgie sighed.

“What?” He growled.

George lifted Molly’s fingers. “I don’t know if you know this but, when Molly uses a lot of her power, she’s weaker for some time after wards…very, very week. When she found out you were hurt, no one could stop her from checking on you, not even Lennox. But I’m thinking she drained herself completely when she fought that Nanohuman.”

“Well honestly, after what I witnessed today, it doesn’t surprise me.” He confessed.

“It doesn’t surprise any of us either. We’ve always knew she was our leader, she just never wanted it.” Georgie smiled, but then frowned. “When we were first brought to New York, she used to come home bloody and bruised almost every single day. For years I would yell at her to stop the fighting, but then one day Lennox pulled me aside and told me to let her manage all her rage in her own way.... and he was right.”

“Yes, he told us that it was he that showed her these mixer fight clubs.”

Georgie giggled and shook her head laying Molly’s hand back down. “Yes, well it was Lennox that helped her channel all that rage she had inside of her for so many years. But any-who…” She chirp getting up from the bed and headed back outside. “I’ll tell the girls we’ll be leaving as soon as she’s up. I’m sure after she sees that you’re okay, she’ll be wanting to leave right away too.” She winked at him before she left.

“Yes, I’m sure she will as well...” He replied.


As my eyes struggled to open, and my body felt like it had been ran over by a mac truck when I tried to move. I groaned as I tried to sit up, but hands came and stopped me. “Molly, please lay back down and rest angel. Your body is still in the process of healing.” Ryklin whispered in my ear.

I couldn’t help but smile as my eyes opened and saw beautiful green, gold, eyes staring down at me. Ryklin’s skin was no longer chard black or bruised, but I did see a small scare on his cheek. “Well despite how I found you when I got here, you look much better now.” I smiled touching his face.

“Molly...” He started, but then he helped me as I struggled to sit up and get a look around me.

The bright morning light, was gone. Now it seamed like the sun was setting, or was it... “Please don’t tell me I’ve been out for days again?! Damn it, I’m so tiered of collapsing!” I groaned slouching forward with my hands covering my face.

“No angel, you’ve only been resting for about five hours now. I would dare say that you were just extremely exhausted.” He frowned.

I looked under the sheet and cracked a grin at him, hoping to make his frown go away. “Well I hope you’re at least the one who undressed me.” I chuckled, but he staid quite. “Ryklin, come on...” I sighed, but instead the argument I was expecting, I received a kiss.

His hand went to the back of my head as his fingers latched unto hair, holding me in place as his tongue slipped into my mouth. When he finally gave me a moment to come up for air I looked into his serous eyes... “What are you doing?”

He gently laid me back on the bed, taking off his shirt, before moving the sheets aside. “I’m going to make love to my queen...” His voice rumbled as my fingers caressed the firm muscles of his chest.

“Then don’t let me stop you.” I grinned as my arms went around his neck and pulled him back down to me, and slipped my tongue into his delouse mouth.

As our kiss became hunger, my thirst became uncontrollable. I broke free from his kiss needing to taste his salty flesh with my tongue, making him shiver. But as my fingers wove through his hair, I pulled his head to the side exposing the sweet spot I was looking for, then sank my fangs in.

He growled as his hand came up cupping a breast with his long slender fingers, sending a rush of moister to my center. As his hands caressed down my body, until he slid his fingers inside me. “Oh god Ryklin...” I groaned reaching down to free him from his pants.

His hand went into my hair pulling my back, and chuckled as my thigh rubbed together as he kissed my exposed throat. “Easy angel, I want to take my time to enjoy ever inch of your body.” He murmured, then playfully bit the crook of my neck making me gasp.

“No more teasing...” I growled making him chuckle.

“I wanted to cherish your body for much longer, but who am I to deny my queen her wish...” He whispered getting in-between my thighs.

His teased my entrance rubbing against me, but not giving me what I wanted. So I wrapped my legs around him, and tried to push him in making him chuckle at my urgency. “Oh, now you’re just being cruel.” I groaned.

He smiled, but then it faltered. “I never seem to have the time I want with you...” His voice rumbled as his body tensed, his mouth found mine once more, leaving me helpless with his masterful kiss... then pushed into me. I gasped as he filled my body, my fingers digging into the lean muscles of his back with each powerful thrust.

My body burned with need as his arms wrapped around me holding me in place as he took me. “I love you angle.” He groaned in my ear, then took my mouth, like he was taking my body.

My heels dug into his ass pushing him to go harder, faster, deeper, and right before I sank my fangs into his sweet smelling flesh... the flap to the tent opened. “Molly, I really need to talk you and Ryklin about something I heard this morning… Oh, Holy Shit!” Matthew cried as he finally looked up at us.

Ryklin turned his head looking over at our intruder, and quickly grabbed a sheet and covering me up. Then Uptum rushed in, quickly looked over the situation. Then with a frown he grabbed Matthew by the back of the neck turning them both around.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing barging into someone’s tent without an announcement?” Ryklin snapped, then started swearing under his breath as he grabbed his pants from the floor.

Matthew’s hands went to his head running over it then to the back of his neck in frustration. “Shit, I’m sorry! I just remembered something important that I needed to tell you guys.”

I took the sheet to cover myself as I sat up. “Don’t worry about it Matthew, it was just an accident.” sighed shaking my head at Ryklin, who looked like he wanted to say something more. “So, what’s going on?”

“I found out something about the vampires, and I think Marcus and Nicolas would be really interested in it.” Matthew answered turning back around, then turning his head when he saw me. “You want me to leave so you can put some clothes on?”

“At this point I don’t even know where my cloths are.” I shrugged. “So you heard something important this morning.” I urged.

“Oh! Yeah, I heard two elves talking about Tipton this morning and how him and Irvington has had five vampires deep inside the committee keeping things unstable.” Matthew told us, but then shook his head. “I guess he also has one in his pocket that no body knows about accept for him, and Deo.”

“Are you telling me there are more vampires in the committee that we need to worry about?” I asked more then a little shocked by this information. “But I thought Charles and his lackey’s were all taken care of?” I murmured, but Matthew shook his head letting me know the truth. “Damn it, I thought that part of this fight was under control!” I snapped making my way off the bed.

“Molly, you are still hurt. You should wait a little longer before...” Ryklin started to argue.

“I need my clothing Ryklin, now.” I growled starting to pace. “I can’t believe this, another road block! I swear these vampire are like cockroaches. Once you think you’ve got them all, more seem to come out from under the woodwork!”

He looked over his should to the two men that were still in the room... “You may go now.” He ordered, and once again Uptum took Matthew by the neck dragging him from the tent. “Molly, did you hear what I said?” He asked me.

My mind was racing with to many thoughts, not even really paying attention to what he was saying. “I need you to get Georgie and the girls in here... and, I need my cloths.” I murmured, then glanced up when he didn’t say anything. “I’m sorry, but we both have work that needs to be done.” I whispered.

He nodded picking up his shirt from the bed, place it back on, when he went to the entrance of the tent. “Uptum, your Queen wants her companions.” He ordered, then shut the flap coming to me taking me in his arms holding me tightly. “I’m going to go with the men back to the kingdom, and then I’ll go to London as well. At least that’s what I am assuming that you’re planning to do.” He said as his chin rested on the top of my head holding me in place.

“I’m not sure where we’re going yet. But, I know that Nikki will want to check in with Samson, and then we’ll have to see what our next move will be.” I murmured.

“But if I know you... you are thinking of something already, are you not?” He sighed.

“Yeah, I guess I am. I think it’s time for Mixers to make our own alliances with some of other fractions that might be willing to join us. I mean, that’s what we’re going to have to do if we what to survive this purge that many are hoping for.”

“We would never let anything, or anyone ever harm you.” He assured me.

“I’m not worried about me Ryklin, but all the others out there. The coven of nine seemed willing to accept me in Consal, but will Elvira be willing to join me and this motley little crew of abominations? And if so, would she be willing to see if any others would be willing to join along with us...”

“And what are your thoughts on the information that Matthew brought us?” He asked.

“Well, I think Marcus and Nicolas should have it, don’t you? I mean, if they know someone is in the committee trying to cause problems, they can now look for patterns… especially when we give them a number of just how many are in there.” I shrugged in his tight embrace.

“I agree. I was already planning to send Matthew to London to meet up with them...”

“That should be fun. A Werewolf MM in a swarm of uppity vampires.” I chuckled.

“Yes, but at least he wont have a scent of a werewolf since he’s a male mixer.” He answered as his hand caressed my back. “So, I suppose you’re going to be leaving soon?”

“Yes... as soon as I get dressed.” I admitted.

His hand stopped and I herd him sigh. “So, I see that your mind is already made up.” He murmured before kissing the top of my head, and going to a small amber trunk over in the corner. “Think about what you want to wear.” He said.

“What?” I laughed.

“Just think of what clothing you would want to wear.” He said again, so with a shrug I closed my eyes, thought about my work cloths, and opened my eyes. When he reached into the trunk, he came out with cloths for me.

“How did you do that?” I laughed taking the cloths from him and seeing the pants and shirt I was just thinking of.

“It’s just a little elven magic. It's called a wardrobe truck. You think of the apparel you want to wear and it appears. Most children have a trunk like this, I thought it might come in handy for you.” He chuckled.

“Are you calling me a child?” I grinned.

“No, never. But I have modified this trunk to let you have more than just articles of clothing." He smiled.

“Is it only for things I own, or also for things I might need?” I asked.

“For you my angel, it’s for anything your heart desires.” He growled, taking me in his arms and kissing me again when the girls walked in. Georgie cleared her throat, making the kiss stop, then he smiled reluctantly let me go. “I’ll let you talk to your friends while you dress. But you will come find me before you leave.” He said in a Kingly manner kissing my forehead.

I watched Ryklin leave and sighed, when Georgie came and stood next to me. “So what’s going on?”

Nikki plopped herself on the bed smacking her gum. “Yeah, what’s our next move, I’m bloody board.”

Shelly looked at Nikki, rolled her eyes, and then went back to looking out the entrance of the tent when Calista came barging in. She pushed Shelly out of the way, out of breath and looking a little disheveled. “Good to see someone’s getting laid around here.” I sighed.

“Shove off.” Calista growled stomping to the bed to sit next to Nikki, and making all of us laugh.

“Well, I have an idea. It's crazy, but I think we should get ahold of Elvira and see if she, and any other friends she might have, want to come together and become a united front to deal with.” I explained.

“Then what?” Nikki shrugged.

“Well, if we can get a pack with the coven of nine and the werewolves found out about it... they might think twice before coming at a mixers.” I offered.

Shelly nodded coming back into the tent. “You know, wolves hate the witches so much, it might even have them leave the innocents alone in fear of retaliation.”

“But what about the vampires, and those damn MM’s?” Georgie asked crossing her arms.

“That’s why I’m hoping there will be more that will want to going us. Its one step at a time ladies, that's all we got, one step at a time.” I shrugged.

“Well, it just so happens that I have a friend in the coven. I’ll have her pass the word on to Elvira to see if she wants a meet and greet.” Nikki winked.

I sat on a chair after pulling a pair of boots out of the trunk and was tying them up. “Have your friend tell Elvira wherever she wants to meet us, we’re good.” I said pulling on my jacket and passing around some gear and clothing to the others. “Alright ladies, we’ve got ourselves a bit more of a plan then we had before. After we meet and see if we have a new allies or not in this little war of ours... then we’ll know what to do next.”

“Damn, it sounds good to me.” George giggled slipping on her new jacket.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.” I laughed.

I walked out of the tent and saw Ryklin, who was deep in conversation with Uptum, Calista’s new toy Rully. I started to make my way over wondering why they all looked so serous. When he saw me, he put his hand up to the men, and turned and made his way to me. “I see you’ve already put the trunk to work. I must say you five do look formidable in that apparel.” He chuckled.

“I’ve got to admit, I love that trunk.” I smiled as he took my hand and took me over to the men. When I stood in front of Uptum, I extended my hand to him. “Thank you for your help.”

He looked like he wanted to say something, but stop and nodded. “You are welcome, your majesty.” He answered taking my hand.

“Will you give us a moment.” Ryklin stated, then with a bow the men moved away and I smiled. “Man, you can be really bossy.”

He shook his head pulling me in his arms. “I’ll see you soon...”

I chuckled smiling back up at him. “Yeah, I’ll see you soon, and... I love you.” I whispered, then got up on my tip toes and kissed his lips. “Just don’t make me come back here having to put anyone else in their place… Okay?” I teased.

But he didn’t laugh, instead he quickly pulled me into his arms lifting me up off the ground kissing me with a hunger that made my body on fire and my toes tingle. When he was done, he gently place my back on the ground and took my face in his hands. “I love you too Molly. Just come back to me in one piece.” He growled then kissed my lips softly once more, and took a step back.

“You know I will." I laughed, but then looked around the wide open space. "I need to get back to the tunnel that leads us back to ferrierers... our Motorcycles are still there.” I started to explained.

His arms went behind his back and nodded. “Don’t worry, Uptum will show you the way to get back.” Then he looked over at Rully who was looking at Calista. “And I’m sure Rully wouldn’t mind showing you as well.”

“I didn’t know you had such a romantic side. I’ve have to remember that for next time.” I winked.

“Only for you my angel.” He offered, then turned and walked away


When the girls were just getting ready to leave, Ryklin pulled Uptum aside. “You are to fulfill your duties to your queen from here on out. Her body is still healing, and Tipton is still out there looking for her. But use your whit’s when it comes to tracking her, Molly’s sense of smell is remarkable. If she catches your sent and wants to lose you, you wont be able to find her again." He warned.

Uptum looked over at the small, fierce, creature knowing this was going to be quit a task to undertake. “Then I think two eyes will be better one, your majesty?”

He looked over at Molly, who then squinted in his direction. “Yes, I do believe you’re right. One can watch from the front, while the other watches from the rear.”

Uptum watched her stare at the King, and knew she was indeed a very cleaver woman. “This will also let me figure out how many men I’ll need for her guard from here on out.”

“Do you have someone in mind?” He asked as his hand went to his chin in thought.

Uptum gave a quick nod to his left, where some men stood braking down the camp. “Mitchum is the one who gave her highness his sword. He is a strong warrior, and has already shown his devotion, and acceptance, of our new little Queen.”

Molly started to make her way back to them, clearly wondering what he was up to when he nodded. “I agree, I’ll send him your way as soon as you head to the portal.” He replied. “I’m counting on you Uptum to keep the woman I love safe.”

“I will do so with my life, sire.” Uptum stated, then turned to do what he had vowed.

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