The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 22

Everything was set for Mr. West victory. He sat back in his chair looking out at the New York sky line as the night club was full of customers, making money, and everything was in place for Molly to be his. Now, he just needed to be sure all the leeks he had set up had gone as planed, and that his vampire plants got the ball rolling.

There was a knock at the door, when Deo walked in to the room looking pleased with the information that he was bringing. “I just got the confirmation that our informants in the committee believe that Jamison heard the conversation about the night club in London. You should have Molly in your hands in a day or two, just as Aggie had said.” He grinned taking a set.

“That, my friend, is very promising news. ” He chuckled. “And where is Aggie right now?”

“I have put her in the apartments down stairs, and Nikon his taking care of her as we speak.”

Mr. West sat back in his chair nodding. “Good, that’s good. I want her ready to go as soon as I have Molly. We are going rushing through so many damn portals, I’m going to need Aggie ready to. She will be pivotal in the next part of my plan.”

“Why is that sire? Wouldn’t it just be easier with her and Nikon out of the way?”

“No, because with Aggie I have a bargaining chip with Molly, and with Aggie I have a bargaining chip with Nikon, and etc... With Aggie still alive and promised to be kept so, Molly will come willingly to my bed knowing I hold her daughters life in my hands.” He chuckled. “Did you tell Tipton of the timing of her arrival?”

“Yes, he’s on his way now. He said he had to get his men back in line after ”what your other half” had managed to do in the four kingdoms. And he also wanted me to inform you that he has, in his words, finessed someone who worked for his brother to finish the job of getting rid of the king. So everything is now back on track.” Deo explained.

“Excellent, I knew he’d come up with something to get the job done. That man is as sinister as they come.” He smirked picking up his cell. “Now I need to be sure that our vampire has done his job that I asked him to do... and get himself ready to get the next one done.”

Deo grinned at the statement, when his cell went off in his pocket, and he looked down at the name and then back to Mr. West with a smile. “Yes… So you saw her come out of the porthole? When...that’s excellent news. Yes, how many? Alright, no, don’t follow them… she’s a skilled tracker and could smell you from god only knows how far away. Also, send a photo so we have proof it’s the right woman.

“Yes, you can bring back all the staff to the club in London. Just make sure our guest are gone first… no, there’s way you and your companions are capable of getting rid of them.” He sat back laughing at what the man said on the other side. “Yes, I’m quite aware they’re just woman… don’t let that fool you, you imbecile.” Deo snapped hanging up.

“What’s the word?” He asked.

“Molly has just made her appearance in New York, but she isn’t alone. Tipton was correct when he said others could get through before the porthole collapsed. Two elves, a small blond mixer, and her Banshee managed to get through with her as well.”

Mr. West gave an indifferent shrug along with an evil chuckle. “Their of no consequence to me and my newly placed rat already has his orders to get rid of the banshee. But now that I’ve got Molly’s here, getting her to come to me will be like taking candy from a baby.”

“Then what are we to do with the others?”

“I’ll leave that up to you and your imagination if need be.” He grinned.

“Thank you sire for your confidence. I’ll be sure to be creative with my disposal of them.” Deo smirked.

“I’m sure you will...” He chuckled.

Thomas had been sitting at the abounded house for a little over a week now, keeping Andric and Eddie on ice, until he got the call from Irvington. It was strange that he found himself not really caring about what he had done to his two friends... and chuckled to himself as he looked over at there still bodies on the floor.

If Andric had found himself in the same position he had been, he was sure Andric would have killed his ass without a send thought to have Eddie. So in hind sight, they both deserved what they had coming.

Now as he sat back on the old, dank sofa, drinking a beer, all his thoughts focused on Molly, and how he was so close to finally get what he wanted. No longer would he only have a picture of the woman he loved to remember her by, he’d have the woman herself... and he could already taste the sweetness of her body on his tongue.

As he thought back, he finally figured out that she always preferred the stronger men to the more affable ones. Justice, Sorin, Lennox, had all fallen under the category of alfa male, and those where her favorite lovers. While he’d always been the beta, and never had a problem with Molly being the one in control in their relationship. But now, Molly was going to see him in a new light. He was going to be the kind of man that was, strong, dominate, and powerful. There was going to be no more of him being anyone’s bitch... that was now all going to change.

He took another swig of beer, when his cell started to ring. He saw the number that he had been waiting for and grinned. “Yeah...”

“Is your task completed?” Irvington asked.

“Just was waiting for you to call to give me the heads up.” He chuckled looking over at the corpse like bodies on the floor.

“Well it’s time to finish the job my friend, we have other work that needs to be done. I’ve just gotten word that Molly has just made her way back to New York, and that means I need you to wrap it up. After start to head back to your apartment to take care of the damn banshee, and then bring Molly back to me at the night club.” Irvington ordered.

“Yeah, I’m on it. I’ll finish off Andric and Eddie, and then set the house ablaze. Any trace of what was going on here should be taken care of. I’m making it look like a homeless woman lived her and started the fire on accident... totally natural looking, and no questions asked.” He chuckled.

“Excellent. After you take care of the banshee, I have some other jobs for you to start on.” He stated.

“Like what?”

“I want you to go and kill Molly’s mates. But not only them, I also want the men who’ve had her in your cluster taken care of as well.” Irvington growled.

“Look, if you want me killing of every man that Molly’s been with... it’s going to be a fucking blood bath.” He warned.

“Good, than let the blood start to fall. I want you to hunt them down and kill them all, stating with her makers.”

Thomas sat forward, then got up from the sofa and went to the big mossy green metal box on the floor, and opened it up. “I want proof she’s in New York...” He ordered.

“Who do you think you’re talking to...” Irvington snarled.

“I think you’re talking to the man who you want to clean up all loose ends. So first, proof.” He stated.

He heard swearing, but then his cell pinged and he opened it, and there she was, Molly. He saw her, with Georgie, two men he’d never seen before, and of course the Lennox. But she looked beautiful and he knew right then what he was willing to do... “What do you want me to do with the others?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter to me if you kill them, or Deo does it, I just want it done.”

“Fine, I’ll do it. I’ll do it all, but I want something first.”

“What are you hoping for now, other than for me not to kill you at this point.” Irvington growled.

“I want Molly...” He answered.

“I already told you that she was yours...” Irvington stated.

“No, I want to have a full night with her, alone, before I set out to do everything you’re asking of me.”

Irvington was deathly quite, but then started to chuckle. “I think you’ve finally grown a pair. Fine, you get a night alone with her.”


“But on the condition that you cannot have her again until all of her makers are taken care of... and I mean all of them.” Irvington offered.

“Deal.” He smiled looking into the chest full of some very bad shit that Andric had been collecting, and dealing in.

“Good, then go get our girl and have the night of your life. After that, you can get your ass to work.” Irvington ordered, then hung up.

Thomas shoved his cell in his back pocket looking at all the syringes, bullets, and other little goodies that were made to kill creatures. “Damn Andric, you really did sell your soul to the devil, didn’t you?” He laughed pulling two of the syringes from the trunk. “I guess this is where we say good bye my old friends. I wish I could say it’s been a slice, but I’d be lying to you.” He grinned pushing the needle into Andric’s neck.

When the liquid was gone, he walked over to Eddie and saw a tear ran down the side of her face into her hair. “Don’t worry darling, you’ll be with him soon enough... in hell.” He winked, then shoved the needled in her neck too.

He took the two empty viles and put them away, leaving no trace of any creature being there, and then walked into the kitchen. The young woman that Eddie had brought for a fresh vein hung naked, with bite marks all over her body, gagged, wrist bound, and her arms over her head dangling from the ceiling.

As soon as she saw him, she whimpered using her tippy toes to trying back away from him, making him chuckle. This human had kept him feed, and satisfied, while he’d been waiting for the call to put his plane into action. “I’m afraid it’s time for me to leave.” He smiled taking her chin in his hand. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m not going to have you tonight, but I’m afraid this is were we say good bye.” He smirked.

Then he took her by the back of her head and smothered her nose and mouth while she struggled to break free. “Come on now, let’s not be that way... I don’t want anything broken on you.” He grinned, and with one last jerk she was gone.

He cut her free and started place old clothing on her, making sure everything was perfect down to the last detail. When he had everything in place, he took an old beat up generator and placed it next to the curtain, put an small can gas can next to it, and the staged his mortal in a spot to make it look like she was living there.... and lit a smoke.

With all the flammable shit he had put in that place, and all the dust bunnies in every corner, the house was fully engulfed with in twenty minutes. After that he pulled the truck out of the garage, covered his tracks and got his ass on the road. When he was sure everything was good, he text Irvington an all clear on the first job.

His mind wandered as he drove. How long was he going to have to wait to see Molly, would she be already at Georgie’s place? And when would be the best time to get of Lennox, and could he do it without Molly finding out it was him? “Shit.” He growled trying to come up with a plan.

The last time Molly saw him, he treated her like an ass. The last thing he wanted was for her to see him that way again, so he needed to play this cool. But in all of his planning, there was one thing he knew for sure. After tonight, his world right would be set right again, and by tomorrow night, he’d be deep inside the woman he loved again.

After dumping the truck off at a scrap yard, he took the trunk out of the back, placed it in his new ride, and headed pack to the apartment. When he got in to the elevator he tried like hell to gather his composure. “She’s probably not even there right now. Georgie’s probably has her off with her doing some stupid girly shit or something. But at least that will give me time to come up with a good plan. So, Don’t get lose focus of your goal.” He growled to himself smoothing out his pants making sure he looked at ease. When the elevator doors opened, he shook off any doubt, and walked to the apartment.

As soon as the door was open, he heard voices coming from within the apartment. All he heard at first was the two dragons, and he thought he was right with Molly not being her yet. But then, he heard her voice. “I’m telling you their in New York Ryuuji . Damn it, I’m not heading back to England right now when I’m so close!” She hissed.

“Molly, do you not see that they could have gone to England? Wouldn’t that make more scene? They are trying to keep you away from your daughter, so they placed you in New York.” Yong argued, but then shook his head. “I feel your loss is making you unwise.”

“Look, I’m not leaving this fucking city until I’m one hundred percent sure that Augustine isn’t here!” She snapped.

“Molly, there just trying to help.” Georgie sighed.

He hurried to the kitchen, rounder the corner, to see Yong, Ryuuji, and Georgie, all standing around the island. That’s when he saw the unique hair that only Molly had, and stopped cold. Her hands were behind her head as she sat on one of the stools, her feet kicked up on an empty vacant stool next to her.

They all looked up when he made his way in, and then Molly turned around. Her smile was breathtaking, making his body burn just to touch her... “Hey Thomas, long time no see.” She winked.

He didn’t say anything, just shook his head wanting to be sure this wasn’t some figment of his imagination. As he walked closer to Molly, Georgie said something to him, but he could only see Molly. That was the only thing that was keeping him sane in this fucked up world, and his world was smiling at him right now.

“Thomas, what’s wrong?” She chuckled.

“I thought you were dead.” He mumbled.

“Nope, I was alive and kicking. I just had to make people think that for a little while. But now, I’m back form the dead.” She laughed.

He stood next to her looking into those bright blue eyes that made men go mad, and couldn’t hold back any longer. He took her head in his hands, and kissed her. The taste of her mouth, the sent of her skin, was making him want more... he wanted her body but it was more. He wanted the one thing she always forsake him, her blood.

Molly’s hands tried to push him away, then finally did. He stumbled back as she shook her head at him. “What the hell is going on with you?” She asked, but he wasn’t going to give her some watered down feeling of how he left, he wanted to show her what kind of man he’d become... and that it was the kind of man she craved.

He pulled her off the stool, picked her up, and pinned her to the wall showing her just what he wanted. When he pushed his tongue into her mouth, his leg then pushed her thighs apart, so she could feel what he wanted from her.

Georgie was screeching at him to stop, and was making her way over to try... but no one was going to make him step aside, not now. And he was going to make sure Molly knew where she was going to be going next, and it was to his bed so he could worship ever inch of her body.

Her hands went to his chest to push him away, but he wasn’t going anywhere... until something took him by the shoulder and threw his across the room. He thought one of the damn dragons had stepped in, but when he picked himself up from the tile floor, he saw Lennox standing protectively in front of Molly. “What the hell do you think you’re doing to my wife?!” Lennox roared.

“Your wife? She was mine before she was ever yours. I was the one who satisfied her before you were even a thought in her fucking head!” He growled as his fangs came down and his eyes pooled black. “I was one of her lovers, not you. I’m the one who made love to her when she needed sex to quench her thirst. It was me, who was there for her when she needed something more on those nights with other guys, not you!” He seethed looking at Lennox neck. “How you manage to get her mating mark... I don’t get it, I just don’t fucking get it!”

“You don’t know anything, anything at all vampire...and I’ve been in Molly’s life from the very beginning.” Lennox stated with the coolness of ice as he crossed his arms.

“From the beginning? It had it had always been me, Sorin, and Justice in the beginning, you were never in the fucking picture. You never talked to Molly, you never showed any interest in her, in fact, you always acted if you couldn’t stand her. Sorin said that you only accepted the offer to be one of her husband because you were worried about the power she might contain!” He roared.

Lennox looked back at Molly, who frowned and shook her head. “Thomas, I was never in love with you. That’s why I broke things off. You needed to meet someone who was going to love you, and need you, as much as you wanted to be loved and needed. I was never going to be that woman... I’m sorry, I thought you knew that. But in all honesty, I fell in love with Lennox the first day I saw him in the conference room.” She confessed.

“No, you hated him Molly. I saw how the two of you fought with each other, how you’d come seek comfort from me, not him.” He growled.

“I sought you because I wouldn’t let myself have the man I wanted.”

“No, I don’t believe it!”

“Think Thomas... when did Molly really ever have you? Was I in the cluster at those times that her thirst was overpowering? When she was gone for months at a time, was I also gone when she was? The answer would be yes, because I was with her. Molly has, and always will be, mine!” Lennox growled.

His mind went over all the times he had made love to her. All the times with Sorin and... “No, you couldn’t have been with her back then with Justice…” he said baffled.

“There wasn’t just Sorin and Justice, there were a lot more then that, and if you don’t know that, then you don’t know anything at all! Tell me something, do you even know this woman you claim to love?!” Lennox seethed.

“I know her better then you think I do Lennox.” He snarled.

“You know nothing, like you’ve always known nothing. You’ve always wanted to be more than what you were Thomas... never happy in your place in life. But you are nothing but a wee guppy in a ocean of monsters.” Lennox told him in an Irish brogue.

“Yeah, is that what you think of me. Well guess what asshole, I’m taking her back from you, now!” He snarled, and then attacked. In an blink of an eye, he was in front of Lennox and ready to tear out his throat. But as his claws reached for their mark, Lennox ghosted, and his hand went through his target, and into the wall instead.

“Knock this shit off Thomas!” Molly growled making her way to them. But before she did anything, Ryuuji hurried over, snatching her off her feet, and held onto her so she couldn’t get free.

Thomas growled as he shook the wall off him, then jumped at Lennox again, but this time managed to grab him by the neck and flinging him onto the floor. He reached down going to rip the bastards heart out of his chest, when Lennox kicked him in the gut sending him threw the ceiling.

He was freeing himself from the beams when Lennox jumped up and yanked him backwards and threw him back to the floor and jumped on top of him. Hit after hit, Thomas tried to get punch in edge wise, but all he could do was block off the oncoming attacks that Lennox striking him with.

“Lennox, that’s enough, Lennox...” Molly shouted over the noise. But instead of stopping, Lennox dropped the form of a man showing what the true form of a male banshee was, and it was terrifying. His jaw elongated, his teeth sharpened, and his face paled even more as his eyes turned into black holes with a thin yellow line running down the middle. It was right then Thomas knew that Lennox wasn't a normal banshee... he was something more.

He fought to got out from under Lennox grasp, when a wail unlike anything he’d ever heard, pierced his ears, and made him clench his jaw to stop from screaming out in pain. Glass shattered all around them, and when it finally stopped, he felt warm liquid coming from his hears and eyes.

Thomas groaned trying to move, but Lennox picked him up by the throat had slammed him against the wall with his feet dangled above the floor. “Listen very carefully to me, because I’m not going to repeat myself again. Molly made her choice a long time ago who she chose to love, and it wasn’t you. She is my bride, not yours.

“The only reason I will not take your life from you today is, because I do not think you’re in the fright frame of mind at the moment. But with that be said, if you ever touch her again, I will make sure you know what true pain feels like, and in ways you couldn’t even fathom. This is your only warning, I don’t give second chances!” Lennox seethed and then released his neck drop him to the floor.

Thomas picked himself up, dusted of his pants and looked over at the dragons, Georgie, and then Molly, but she was watching the damn banshee again and not even noticing him at all. “The hell with this shit!” He seethed turning to walk away.

But Georgie tried to take his arm to talk with him. “Thomas, please don’t... we’re all friends.” She started to sooth, but he shook off her grasp.

“Just leave me the hell alone, all of you!” He roared going to his room and slamming the door shut behind him.

Thomas kicked the dresser before his hands went over his face and through his hair as he sank onto the bed. He was done, he’d let everyone think he was packing up to leaving this shithole, but he was going to get his job done. If that meant taking out Georgie and the dragons, he could give a shit less. “And I have a trunk full of things to use to get rid of all them easily.” He chuckled. “Thanks a lot Andric. I guess being a dick does have its benefits.”

He bent over unzipping his bag and pulled out a syringe looking at the red contents that housed the very things that he needed. “Here’s to my new life, with my new wife.” He grinned getting up to get his plan in motion.

Molly was going to be his, and he was going to enjoy taking her over and over again, whether she liked it or not, that was up to her.


Nikon groaned as Aggie startled his hips grinding herself on his cock. She moaned taking his hands placing them on her growing rounded breast that were now tender to his touch. When he pinched her nipples her head fell back making her quicken her pace. “I missed you baby.” He growled.

Her hands went over his as her pants became heavier, slamming down on him with that hot friction that had his toes curl. She squeezed his hands and started whimpering letting him know, she had found her sweet spot. Her body tensed as she gasped and warm center started to squeeze him, he couldn’t hold back anymore. “That’s it baby, that’s it, oh damn it, I love you Aggie.” He groaned as he came deep inside her.

When she finally stopped, she smile down at him, then leaned forward kissing his lips. He took his hands pushing her hair out of her face and looking into her beautiful blue eyes. “You know I love you, don’t you?” He questioned.

She bit her lip and hen nodded. “Good, because it’s true. I love you more than my own life sweetheart, forever.” He declared, and received another kiss for it.

He pulled out of her and pulled her little body next to his. They laid in bed quietly. Aggie tired from the love making, and the baby she cared. Him, with to many damn thoughts in his head to give him a moment of piece. But at least she was clean, feed, and satisfied, and now, actually sleeping without any visions. Her mind seemed to be more lucent lately, and he wondered if it might be because of the baby?

But for whatever reason, Irvington had give her a half way decent room. He was even allowing Nikon to visit her everyday, and even let him stay the night with her in the room. If someone like Irvington could be this generous, the shit was about to hit the fan... and quick!

Now, he had to come up with a way to get Aggie out of this damn place, without Irvington or that little shit Deo finding out about it. He could hide her growing belly for a while but not forever. He could just tell Irvington the baby was his and that could buy him some time. But what about after the child was born... then what?

No, even if all he could do was find a way to get Aggie out safely, then he was going to take it, no matter what. He was sure he could get a note to David if he had to leave in a hurry, but Matthew was a whole different problem. Maybe David would be able to find away...?

He laid there caressing Aggies arm that was draped across his chest. when she started to moan like she was in pain... “Damn it, I thought these things had stopped for now.” He murmured under his breath.

Her body started to twist like she was being tormented by an unseen enemy when she pushed herself out of his arms and stared at the wall like she was watching a horror film.

“Sweetheart, what’s happening?” He whispered sitting up behind her, but she said nothing.

Her eyes closed as she swayed back and forth. “Its changed, something has changed. I didn’t see it before… all I could see was the outcome.” She hissed pulling at her hair.

“Don’t do that baby.” He whispered keeping her hands down from hurting herself.

“No, I didn't miss it, I changed the path, it was my decision. It was me that lead the vampire to the path of death, but that also lead another to give into his needs. No matter what I did, this was going to happen, I couldn't stop it!” She shouted.

Nikon pulled her into his arms laying her back down, knowing the stress won’t be good for her or the baby. “It’s okay, it’s all going to be okay, I promise you. But right now, you need to relax. It's not good for you or the baby.” He tried to sooth.

When she turned her head, her eyes looked right through him as soft hypnotic voice spoke. “The chance for evil to win is still present, but the foundation of the timeline is strong. There was never to be two kings, there is to be three kings… it is because his love for her cannot be contained that the timeline will have unrest, even if good prevails.”

“What does that mean baby?” He whispered getting her to calm down.

“She will be in his hands soon... war for all will come, all will have to choose their sides, and in the end all will have to fight.” She whispered, but then she gasped and clung to his side as he felt tears on his chest. "David...”

“What about David Aggie?” He asked her gently.

“David’s path has become muddled once more. I can’t, I can't see if he survives this now.” She whispered, and then broke down and cried.

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