The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 23

Life was getting way to messy, and I seemed to be at the heart of it for some unknown reason. I looked around Georgie’s kitchen, and the state it was in, and sighed. Thomas had gone off the deep end, but at least he’d left and gave Lennox a chance to calm down. It had been a long time since I’d seen him that angry.

I glanced over my shoulder at the man I loved as he stood looking into the front room with his back to all of us not saying a word. Finally I walked over to the pantry and pulled out a broom and started to clean up all the shattered glass that was on the floor when Georgie came over to me. “What do you think that was all about?” She asked helping me.

“Honestly, I have know idea. I mean, Thomas always did try to find a way back into my bed, you know that, but to pull something like this... no, there is definitely something going on with him if he acted that way to Lennox.” I answered.

“To Lennox, what about what he did to you... he must have gone completely insane!” She argued.

Ryuuji came behind Georgie placing his hands on her hips. “When a man loves a woman, it can make him do crazy things. Things he normally wouldn’t do.” The old dragon offered.

“Hey!” George squeaked.

“I’m sorry my pearl, but it is the truth. Men will go to extreme measures to have the woman they crave. Believe me, I know all to well about this insanity.” He admitted.

I walked over to the stool and collapsed back down on it and ran my hands over my face. “But Thomas isn’t in love with me Ryuuji, so please don’t be so damn dramatic.” I sighed as my hands fell.

“No Molly, Ryuuji is right, Thomas is in love with you.” Lennox stated from where he stood, still not looking at me. “I’ve known about this for a long time now. He had accepted that he was no longer one of your favorites, but always had respected that. He also respected the difficult circumstances that we all had when it came to loving you.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, clearly not getting this man thing going on.

Lennox looked over at Ryuuji, who glanced over at Yong before he spoke. “Men are territorial creatures, and when another man comes around a woman that he considers his... tempers can ignite. But when you’re in love with a mixer, there are times you have to understand the choices you’ve made and respect them as well. Sorin and I had some rather, intense, discussions about you, but in the end we still had to work together and remain cordial because of our love for you.” He explained.

“But what does that have to do with Thomas?”

“Because it was the same thing with Thomas, Sorin, and Justice. They all wanted you, but had respect for each other knowing what they signed up for.”

Yong chuckled wiping some ceiling from the counter. “I could not stand to even look at Ryuuji for a long time after Georgie had excepted me. At one point, I thought it might be best just to kill him.” He admitted.

Georgie’s mouth dropped, and the dragon in question just rolled his eyes. “Lennox, why don’t you have a chat with your wife while we clean up and get something for us to eat.” Ryuuji sighed.

Lennox turned and looked at the mess shaking his head, then came to me and helped me off the stool. His hand went around my waist as he started to lead me to the bedroom that Georgie had gave us, when Ryuuji called out. “Lennox...Remember what I warned you about...” He hinted, that had me turning around wondering what the hell he was talking about, but Lennox just sighed and kept me moving.

When we finally were in the bedroom he took me by the arm and pulled me to the wall. His arms hands went to the wall next to my head as he stared wordlessly down at me. “I’m sorry Lennox.” I whispered as my fingers ran through the feathers on the side of his neck.

He sighed and gave me a small smile. “There’s no need for you to be sorry sweetheart. There are something that are inevitable when you’re in love with a mixer.”

“Is there?”

“Yes, like men wanting what is yours.” He stated.

“You act like it’s tough to love me.” I grinned.

“Well, it does come with some challenges.” He chuckled.

“To many?” I asked quietly.

“No Molly. You have been the one thing that had made my world worth living again. It was difficult for a time, but I know who I am as a man, and I knew who you were as a woman. Everyone else, they could all go to hell.” He whispered with his lips tracing mine, but there was that hint of an accent again.

My hands went to the side of his face looking into his dark onyx eyes trying to figure out what he was hiding. “You’ve always been secretive about where you’re from, and I’ve never pushed you about it. But lately you’ve been hinting at something, but then never telling me what’s going on. What am I missing here?”

He closed his eyes as he placed his head on my shoulder. “I want to tell you everything, like I’ve said before, but I don’t think it’s the best time right now. I’ll tell you after we find Aggie, alright?”

“No Lennox, tell me now.” I growled.

He nodded his head and sighed “Maybe I can tell you just a bit.” He relented, and I could see him trying to find the right words to explain. “Did you know that banshee’s come from another world?”

“Another world, come on? There is no such thing.” I laughed.

“But there is, and there are many other worlds, some might call them dimensions. Where I am from, there lives some of the fiercest creatures ever devised. This is were things like the fay, Kelpie, Leanan sidhe, and even a form of vampire called the Dearg-Due come from..., and of course, the banshee. The only way to enter my world is through a old cemetery in Ireland.”

“So, you’re Irish?” I asked.

“Yes, in a way I suppose. Our history goes way back with the Irish people. All the ancient folk tales from the Gaelic people about monsters and demons… they were not just stories Molly, they were all true. Even the Gaelic language comes from my word, and sometimes when I come back, my native tongue slips out every once and a while.”

“Then why change it? ” I asked not quite understanding.

“Because I just want to be, anonymous…” He sighed.

“I don’t understand. Who do you want to be anonymous too?”

His long fingers went under my shirt caressing my skin making me shiver. “There many answers to that question... but none of that matters right now. The only thing that matters to me is, you are mine, and I need you.” He growled taking off my shirt, before kissing my lips.

My arms wrapped around his neck as he pressed my body to his. His tongue slipped into my mouth taking control of my thoughts, and my body. “You’re distracting me.” I moaned as he started to trail kisses down my neck.

“Possibly...” His murmured as his fingers undid my pants. His head kissed between my breast and continued kissing downward as he pushed them to the floor.

His lips kissed below my bellybutton and didn’t stop until he kissed my very needy spot right through my silk panties. “Lennox, now you’re teasing...” I moaned.

He growled picking up from my spot and sparling me out on the bed making me smile as his eyes roamed over my body. “Why are you just standing there, come make love to me?” I smiled, taking my toe and running it down his chest until I reached his pants, but he didn’t move. “Don’t you want me to show you just how much I missed you.” I teased, but he didn’t smile. So, I thought I would give him some motivation... “Are you going to come satisfy me, or am I going to have to do that myself.” I purred taking off my bra and running my hands over my breast.

He swore as his hands ran over his face, then he stripped off his shirt, came up kissing my stomach, sliding off my panties, while he slid my backside off the bed. My thighs fell open as he kneeled in front of my needy wet center and groaned right before he kissed my inner thigh, and his long fingers spread me open for him to devour.

With the first swipe of his tongue my back arched off the bed tangling my fingers into the sheets. He sucked my nub into his mouth making my body squirm under his masterful skills. His tongue stroked me again, and again, until my body couldn’t take anymore. “There, right there, don’t stop...” I panted as my body exploded in waves of pleasure. But as soon as my orgasm finished, he got up and backed away.

His hands knotted together behind his neck as he stayed glued to his spot. When I sat up on my elbows and saw the tortured look on his face, I couldn’t help but chuckle. “What is going on with you?”

“I shouldn’t...” He groaned with his erection looking like it was about to burst from his pants. I pulled myself up and knelt on the edge of the bed beckoning him over to me with my finger. At first he didn’t come, but when our eyes met, he made his way over.

I smiled at his hands staying in place as he fought with himself not to touch me. “If you’re trying to punish me, I can think of a much better way to do it?” I purred undoing his pants, as my hands made their way under the fabric, cupping his delicious ass. “Don’t you want to posses me Lennox? Claim me...” I teased running my lips over the soft skin of his neck, and then my fangs pierced him, making him shiver.

I took his very hard erection in my hand and gave it a good stroke making his head fall back. “Damn it baby, you can make a man crazy...” He moaned.

Kissing the mark I just left, my lips went to his ear. “You know how I like it rough when your in one of your torched moods. Maybe you can smack my ass, just to show me whos boss.” I chuckled licking his earlobe.

His hands broke themselves free from his neck taking me by the back of the head devouring my mouth, while the other slid his finger deep inside me making me gasp. I pushed down his pants letting his erection sprang free from its bindings.

His tongue tasted every inch of my mouth before he let me go, and then pushed me back onto the bed grabbing me by the back of the thighs pulling me to him where his tip teased my very needy entrance. My hands were sprawled out upon the sheets, when he looked down at me with indecision in his eyes... “I love you.” I whispered and then with growl, he thrusted roughly into me.

He held my hips off the bed as he penetrated with this burning need to have me, that my body was once again to go over the edge in orgasmic bliss. My hands went to my breast, having his eyes follow my movement, and when I pinched my nipples, his growl filled the room. He went faster, harder, deeper, with each thrust, that I could feel his body throbbing inside me.

The way he looked at me was so erotic, and the way he wanted to posses me so powerful, with one more thrust deep into my core, my body broke free from its binding and exploded with ecstasy. “Oh yes, yes...” I whimpered as I grabbed onto the sheets.

In the mist of my ecstasy, I thought I had seen the door open, but it was so wasn’t I wasn’t sure. I took a deep breath but only could smell Lennox and our love making in the air... until I sensed, a void.

My eyes focused in the dark room, even as my body was still reeling through its last bits of pleasure, when I saw there was an intruder, Thomas. Some how he had found a way to mask his scent making me almost blind to his presents, almost. My hand took ahold of the sheet pulling my gun slowly out from under the pillow when he pulled something out from his shirt. The scent of whatever he had in his hand was so rancid, it was making me sick.

Lennox body finally slowed enjoying the last bit of his release, when it stopped and shuttered. He opened his eyes looking down at me with a smile on his face, until he saw my gun being pointed at his head. “Molly…?”

“Don’t fucking move...” I hissed, right as Thomas was in back of him. I aimed the gun right over his shoulder, and shot Thomas right between the eyes making his body drop to the floor with a thud.

Lennox slid out of me, and I jumped off the bed grabbing some kind of syringe from Thomas hand. When I caught the scent of it, I knew it had mixer blood in it, but what else was mixed with intis little concoction… I couldn’t say. “There’s some kind of mixer blood in this thing.” I murmured.

“What was that supposed to do if he injected me with mixer blood?” He questioned.

“If it was just blood, nothing what so ever. But what if there is something more to it then that, who knows?” I shrugged.

The bedroom door burst open as two massive elves made their way into the room. They looked over at Lennox, and then to me crouching next to a body. “What has happened?” Uptum growled.

“This asshole came in here trying to inject Lennox with something.” I answered standing up with the object in question. Both knight eye widened and then quickly turned around. Lennox swore under his breath, tearing the sheet from the bed and cover me up, while grabbing his pants.

Georgie ran into the room with her dragons behind her looking all around. “What the hell is going on?” She shouted at me with her high pitched voice, then saw Thomas lying in a pool of blood. “Molly, did you shot Thomas?” She asked me now confused.

I walked over to my clothing that Lennox had placed on the bed for me, and dressed while he held the sheet up. “Ah, yeah. He barged into our bedroom... and tried to kill Lennox.” I stated zipping up my pants.

“What?!” She gasped.

“Uptum, Mitchum, go to his room and see if you can find anything that can tell us what the hell he was up to.”

George squatted down patting him down and checking his pockets. “No cell, or anything worth while in his pockets.” She sighed.

“Well, he sure in hell came in here with a mission. Whatever is in that syringe, it’s been heavily tampered with. The sent I’m getting from the thing is off, so to speak.”

She looked up at Ryuuji giving him the syringe, but instead he was shaking his head at Lennox. “I see you didn’t head my warning about making love to her… not one of your best decisions you’ve made.” He growled while Lennox ran his fingers through his hair shaking his head.

“Who gives a shit if Lennox and had sex Ryuuji, I think why I had to put a built in Thomas brain is the bigger problem here!” I snapped.

Uptum, and Mitchum rushed back into the room with a bag in there hands. “We found this under his bed.” Mitchum said handing me the bag.

When he handed me the bag, a chill ran down my spine. “This thing reeks of Andric and Eddie.” I mumbled glancing up at Georgie who frowned. And when I unzipped it, she gasped. “I don’t know what he was up to, but with the things he has in this bag... it’s big.” I confessed pulling out one of the very unique and rare blue guns.

“Were do you think Andric and Eddie are?” Lennox asked.

“I don’t know, yet. But do you have any idea what this means for us?” I grinned.

“No...” Ryuuji answered, but George started laughing.

“Oh, I know what this means. It means this bastard was working with Mr. West, and if Thomas doesn’t know where to find that asshole... then he can tell us where Andric is so we can get the information from him!” She giggled clapping her hands together.

“Precisely!” I winked.

“So what are you thinking to do now?” George asked standing over Thomas.

“I think we should interrogating him. It’s the fastest way to achieve our goals. Don’t you think?” I shrugged.

“Yes, but it’s going to take forever for him to heal up. I mean it’s at least a twenty four hour process with that wound, maybe even longer.” She mumbled sticking her finger in the whole.

“Ladies, I think we need to talk before you both go...” Ryuuji started, but Georgie placed her finger over his mouth.

“Ideas?” She asked.

“Well, we could make that jungle juice thing that Rosa used to make. You know, the one that medicine man from Mexico gave her to get the healing process kicked up a notch.” I smiled.

“Oh damn, I forgot all about that. I’ll go look and see if I have everything to make it!” She giggled.

“Hey hold on, do we still have the shipping container dockside?” I asked.

“But of course we do... oh, that’s perfect Molly! That’s just the place to get good old Tom here to spill his guts! I’ll go get the stuff ready.” She laughed running out of the room.

“Georgie, what a minute!” Ryuuji growled following after her.

“Good, get it ready and I’ll take him to the car!” I yelled.

“Wait Molly, I’ll drive you to the dock.” Lennox said grabbing his shirt from the floor.

“Thanks, but I got this.” I said slipping on my boots.

“Molly, please listen to me...”

“How long have I done this kind of work Lennox? I know you’re worried but, don’t be. Getting men to talk is what I do best.” I winked picking up Thomas up and throwing him over my shoulder going to the hallway.

Uptum and Mitchum were following behind me when I stopped and sighed. “That means you two aren’t coming either. Ryklin might have his rules, but I have my own as well.” I told them and then looked down into the apartment. “George hurry your ass up!”

Lennox pushed through the elves and growled down at me. “You’ve already been attacked once already sweetheart, I wont let that happen again. There comes a time when you should just accept a man’s help!” He fumed.

“This has nothing to do with you being a man or not. Look, I love you, and it isn’t as if I’m just running off somewhere, you know where I’m at. If you thought there was going to be any trouble, you could easily get to the docks, okay?” I smiled. “Besides, at this moment, do you really think you could stop me? You know if I wanted to, I could wipe all of you out with a snap of my fingers.” I stated raising my brow.

“Damn it Molly, you know I can’t let you just go off...” He started to argue, again.

“Look, call Marcus and Nicolas and let them know I should have a lead to Mr. West soon. And, I’ll see if I can get names out of Thomas on who the spies are in the vampire committee.” I winked turning around and swiping the keys from the table. “Shake a tail feather George!”

George came running from the kitchen with a duffle bag full of supplies, and both dragons swearing behind her. “We’re in luck, I had everything. After we inject him with the jungle juice, his ass should be up within ten minutes.” She giggled.

“Do the dragons have control of the video so we can get out of the building?” I asked.

She looked back at them, and Yong sighed giving her a nod. “Yup, all clear.”

“Well then... hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.” I chucked, making her laugh as she shut the door behind us to get our asses to work.


Another day of confusion in the committee was making Marcus beyond irritable. They had a couple ideas who the plants might be, but no solid leads. And if he and Nicolas were going to take out a vampire in such high rankings... he better have a solid lead.

With Molly being away much to long again, Nicolas was starting to look sickly, so they thought it best to leave London and head back to Marcus castle. Ryklin had showed up with their son-in-law Matthew, and they had just sat down at the table to sort through some information when Marcus cell rang. “Lindsay.” He snapped.

“Sounds like your day is going just as fucking great as mine is.” Lennox growled.

Marcus turned on the speaker so Nicolas, and Ryklin could hear what was going on. “Did you find the club that Jamison told us about?” He asked.

“Yeah, I found the club... right when Molly and the girls found the damn club.” Lennox sighed.

“So, Molly in now with you in London?” Nicolas asked.

“No, we’re not in London any more...”

“But then, did you find Aggie?” Matthew asked.

“No, when we broke in to the building, it was empty. I'm sorry Matthew.” Lennox answered.

Matthews’s hands went to his hair, and a look of panic broke out on his face. “There no longer in London?” He whispered his eyes roaming around thinking of where the hell they could be.

“She found a make shift cell where Aggie was being held, and to make a very long ass story short… we're in New York now.”

“What?” Marcus fumed.

“Look, this search for Aggie is starting to wear on Molly, she’s not thinking straight. She knew something was off in the room, but she couldn’t stop herself.” Lennox explained.

“Stop herself from what precisely?” Nicolas asked as his hands went over his face.

Marcus growled at the thought of Molly being so far away from them once again. “And how in the bloody hell did you manage to go from London all the bloody way to New York in a mere couple of hours?”

“That's what I'm trying to tell you. She fell through a damn wall that was covered in Aggie's scent!” Lennox growled.

"What?!" Marcus snapped.

“Tipton!” Ryklin snarled getting up from his seat. “Only Tipton could manipulate a tunnel so completely. Tell me, did it collapse in on its self when she came through?” He asked.

“Yes, and Uptum was thinking the same thing as well. Molly thinks that Aggie’s somewhere in New York. I think they sent her to New York to get her out of London. Any thoughts on that?” Lennox asked.

All heads turned to Matthew who had his head in his hands racking his brain on what Irvington might be up to. “The last time I saw Aggie, she was at the club that they went to... but it was empty. I know that Irvington seemed really happy when he sent me over to the four kingdoms, and let me tell you something... that guy doesn’t do happy.” Matthew stated.

“That’s not what we’re asking you. Do you think that bastard is in New York?” Marcuse snapped.

“I’m not sure. It’s possible he would be if he has a plan set in motion.” Matthew said looking at the floor.

“Just bloody brilliant!” Marcuse growled.

Matthew put his hand up to have everybody stop. “Where did you guys come out when you went through the portal?”

“Time square.” Lennox answered.

“Not the compound in Queens?” Matthew asked.

“No, I didn’t even know you had a compound in Queens.”

Matthew ran his hands through his hair. “Look I don’t know what’s going on, but I can tell you that Irvington would never set a trap unless he knew it would lead him to Molly.”

Ryklin went over to the phone as thoughts of something sinister that Tipton was up to. “Lennox I want you to grab Molly, and get the hell out of New York, now!” He yelled.

“I can’t right now. Thomas came in trying to kill me tonight, and Molly and Georgie went to go interrogate him.” Lennox explained angrily.

“And you didn’t follow her?” Marcus growled.

“Have you ever tried to follow that woman when she’s hell bent on having her way? Look I know where she is, I can get to her with no problems.” Lennox swore.

Ryklin sat forward shaking his head over everything. “Listen to me, if you were placed in New York, then Tipton wanted her in New York. And if that tunnel collapsed when you went through, he didn't want her back in London.

"Think, she was meant to be taken away from her husbands, and the one husband that was with her, he was supposed to be assassinated tonight. They’re waiting for is the right opportunity to snatch her up!” He seethed.

Lennox was quite for a minute before he answered again... “I’m on my way to go check on her. I call you when I get there.” He told them as they heard the car starting and Uptum and Mitchum’s voices before he hung up.

Ryklin collapsed back into the chair. “We need to find her daughter if we want to keep her safe and within our reach.” He told his brothers.

Nicolas sat back in his chair shaking his head. “Why don’t we give her a call? Then we can be sure our bird is alright before Lennox get’s to wherever the bloody hell she is. I think it would set all our minds at ease.”

Marcus snubbed out his cigarette before going over and picking up his cell. “Why the bloody hell not?” He answered starting to call her. It rang and rang and then went to voice mail, so Marcus hit her number again, and again, and again, each time going to voice mail.

Marcus took a breath trying to calm his nerves, and hit send once more. This time the started to ring, but was picked up and started yelling before she could even speak. “What the bloody hell do you think you’re doing not picking up your bloody phone when I’m calling... bloody hell woman!”

At first they heard nothing, and panic set back in when they heard a muffled scream, and Nicolas jumped up from the sofa thinking the worst. But then, a squeaky voice answered. “What do you want Marcus.” Georgie growled.

“Bugger to hell Georgie, give the damn phone to Molly!” Marcus growled back.

That’s when they heard a cry ring out penetrating through the phone, that’s when they hear Molly swearing at someone. “That not going to happen Mr. Bigmouth. Molly’s a little, busy at the moment.” She giggled.

A man was screaming out Molly’s name telling her that he loved her, and to please stop, only to have her laugh. Matthew looked up at everyone... “Was someone begging Molly to stop hurting them?” He questioned.

Ryklin made his way to the bar, Nicolas ran his fingers through his messy hair, but Marcus frowned and answered for everyone. “Yes.”

Nicolas sat back down knowing Marcus would only make mater s worse...“Georgie, its Nicolas. We have some information for Molly about Mr. West and why she might be in New York.” He explained, calmly.

At first she didn’t say anything, then sighed as they heard the sound someone being struck multiple times. “Hold on, let Molly finish up. She get’s mad when she gets... interrupted.” She giggled, then. “Molly, your husbands on the phone. He says he’s got information about Mr. West.” She shouted, then her hand coved the cell. “No, you know how Mr. Bigmouth is... he’s only going to want to talk to you... okay here she comes.”

They heard Molly’s footsteps, and then her picking up the phone...“George, don’t do that with the gun, you’ll have his ass pass out on us again... and we’re out of juice.” She shouted as she put the phone to her ear. “No, heat up the rod… don’t worry about that. If he doesn’t talk, I’ll make him a fucking unick! Yeah?” She growled.

Nicolas took the cell from Marcus and put it on speaker. “Molly, luv, we think we’ve come up with an explanation of why the portal sent you to New York.”

“Really, what did you find out?”

Ryklin’s hand ran over his chin before he sat forward. “Listen angel, if the tunnel collapsed when you were on the other side, then Tipton wanted you in New York, and you know that’s not a good thing. You need to leave right now. I don’t care if you come her to London, or you go to Alexander in Scotland... just leave New York.” He told her.

“No, I’m not going anywhere without Aggie. I know she’s here somewhere in the city, and I’ve got my own little bitch to lead me straight to her now.” She snarled.

“Molly, think angel. We both know how Tipton’s mind works.” Ryklin insisted.

“Molly, its Matthew. If Irvington didn’t bring you back to the Queens compound, there’s something he’s got planned, I’m telling you!” He warned.

She was quite, and Nicolas was hopeful that they had her thinking about leaving. “Have you heard from Nikon, or David to confirm this?” She asked.

“No, I still can’t find them.” Matthew admitted.

“Then she could still be here...” She started but the line buzzed with another incoming call. “George, I’m getting a call from Trixie.... hold on a minute, I need to take this.” She said, and before anyone could get a word in edge wise, she clicked over.

Matthew looked around at all the men and shook his head. “I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. She’s really fucking scary!” He murmured

“Yes, she can be that.” Nicolas chuckled.

Marcus brows pulled together as he glanced up at Nicolas. “Hold on now. Did she just say Trixie? Why would someone from the New York cluster be calling her now?” He mumbled, then looked at Ryklin.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ryklin asked.

“Yes...” Marcus snapped.

But when Molly came back on the line, she was in a frantic state, and they heard George screaming at her in the background. “Trixie just received a message from my pigeon at the cluster. It had a meeting place... maybe the boys got Aggie out...”

“Molly, it could be a trap....” Matthew started to argue.

“No, nobody knew about the pigeons but you three. I’m on my way to meet up with them right now. I call you as soon as I have information!” She huffed.

“Molly, stop and just listen...” Marcuse growled, but she hung up. “Bloody, fucking, bugger, to hell!” Marcus roared getting up and throwing his chair across the room. The air around them became charged as his anger and frustration seeped from him.

Nicolas on the other hand, tried to remain calm under the circumstances, and called Lennox imminently. “Our girl seems to run off, again!”

“What happened?” Lennox asked.

“She got a call from Trixie about her bleedin’ pigeon showing up at the cluster. Have any idea what the bloody hell that means mate?” Nicolas asked confounded.

“Shit, I do know what that means, and with the state she’s in about Aggie, this could be trouble.” Lennox warned. “Did she go by herself?”

“I can’t say for sure, but we could hear Georgie was screaming at her before she hung up.” Nicolas replied.

“Look, I’m at the dock now. I’ll find George and see what the hell is happening then call you back.” Lennox growled said getting out of the car.

Uptum and Mitchum followed Lennox through the shipyard until he got to the container Ryuuji told him about. But when he opened the doors, all the found was Thomas tied to a chair and beat to hell, and one very pissed off Georgie.

“What happened?” Lennox asked.

Her arms went up into the air. “How the hell should I know! One minute she talking to Mr. Bigmouth, and the next minute she’s running out the door telling me the boys finally made contact with her. Then she hightail it out of her... in the middle of her interrogation!” She squeaked.

“Where did they say to meet?” He asked.

“Central park, by the obelisk... right now.” She answered.

“Damn it!” He glowed and then walked over to the beaten and bloodied, Thomas. “Do you know what the fuck is going on?” He asked, but Thomas didn’t answer. He could see the holes in his legs where Molly ate away his nervous system, making it impossible for him to move. “Answer me!” He roared picking up the chair with Thomas strapped to it.

“Yes...” Thomas finally answered.

“If you know, then fucking tell me. She could be in danger Thomas!” Lennox snarled, but Thomas just started laughing. “What so funny?”

A smile broke out on Thomas swollen face. “Because even if I die here, right now, I get the last laugh.”

“What do you mean by that?” He seethed.

“Meaning, if I can’t have her, neither will you. Irvington will be sure of that!” Thomas sneered hatefully.

Lennox human façade slipped off fulling reviling the horror that laid beneath. “You little bastard, you’re working with the enemy to hurt Molly!” He accused in his screeching voice.

“Hurt her, I was going to love her! She was going to be my wife, bare my child, and then you come and start fucking what has been promised to me! But now, Molly will be gone, and then you’ll see what it feels like to have someone else fuck the woman you love!” Thomas roared.

Lennox lost it after that. He took Thomas head in his hands, snapping his neck in one fluid movement. "I know you can still hear me vampire. So now let me show you what hell truly is!" He seethed calling out death.

Thomas energy floated around his body with a soft scream, when Lennox opened up his hand and a black whole appeared in the middle of his palm. His eyes hollowed out into black abysses as he absorbed Thomas energy sending him into the lands of Trua, forever.

He turned back around and pointed at Uptum. “Get Georgie home to the dragons, I’ll go get Molly.” He ordered starting to run to the car, but Mitchum stopped him

“We will not leave our Queen!" Mitchum growled. "Georgie has her own car, and she is safe when our queen isn't. We will go with you." He stated.

"Fine..." Lennox nodded as he hurried to the car, praying that it really was one of his son-in-laws that sent the massage, because if it wasn't... there was going to be a whole new problem to deal with.

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