The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 28

Marcus walked back to the group of men who had gathered away from the women, to discus the necessary topics of keeping them safe. When he stepped in, he saw Ryklin had come back from the four kingdoms, and was in deep discussion with Alexander.

“Well gentleman, to say that the division we're going to be dealing with amongst our kind is an understatement. There has already been a declaration of war made between the fractions of vampires that want the destruction of the mixers, and those of us who don't. But, though there are many arguments we have, we've remained civil knowing another vampire war is good for no one. But I have a feeling that all is about to change." Marcus stated.

Ryklin took a seat next to Nikon and squinted at Marcus. "Why do you think that?" He asked.

"Because this tosser had our girl and then we stole her back from him. I'm fairly certain the gloves are off in trying to get her back now. And that means those who are on these MM's side, are going to come looking for blood now." Marcuse answered.

"Yes, I do believe you're correct on that account. One of my soldiers stashed three murdered maids in a closet to try to get to Molly. That was the reason why I brought her back to Scotland." Ryklin explained.

"Who was the soldier?" Lennox asked.

"A woman named Genzel. Unfortunately we were unable to extract any information if there were more traders within my castle before she perished." Ryklin stated coolly.

"Then that means your world if off limits until we know for sure." Marcus stated, then shook his head. "I'm afraid we have even more to worry about. Molly has just informed me, in so many word, that she’s going to pursue Mr. West and destroy him as soon as she’s better. What I don't understand on how she bloody well plans to do this when she can't even touch the prig."

“There’s even more going on that that I'm afraid mate.” Nicolas offered glancing over at Nikon.

“And what more is there?” Marcus growled, now staring at one of their son-in-laws.

Nikon cleared his throat as he sat forward.“Well, Aggie’s pregnant, and the father is David. She’s been very distraught over not being able to see him in her sight anymore, and Nicolas was worried that with Aggie being so upset...”

“Molly would stop at nothing to find him for her daughter. Just fucking brilliant!” Marcus growled.

Alexander ran his hands over his face before it fell to the table with a thud. “Well Ah donna think we’re going tae have a hard time keeping our girl in place for quite sometime. But we'll have a new problem, one that also has tae do with her safety.”

Lennox chuckled. “Her safety is going to be a problem as long as that asshole is out there roaming around free. But to think we can get her to stay put for us, for moths? That's never going to happen. As soon as she’s healed, she’ll be having our asses take turns babysitting.”

Nicolas looked carefully at Alexander, and then to Ryklin, who both were acting strangely. “You two know something... what is it that you’re not telling us?” He asked, glancing over at Marcus, who then crossed his arms over his chest with a raised brow.

“Do ye remember when Ah asked how ye could tell Molly was fertile?” Alexander asked, and received a nod from Marcus. “When Ah was with her this eve… Ah lost control of the beast when Ah made love tae her...”

“Meaning?” Marcus asked.

“It was just like the night we made her, Ah had tea have her, but tonight it was even more intense... Ah couldn’t have stopped myself even if Ah wanted tae. The instinct was so strong to stay in and, bring forth life.” He told them.

Nicolas brows went up shocked. “So you think the night we made here she was…”

“Ay, fertile... but that had me thinking. Ah believe she conceive that night as well, but dinna have a baby because...”

“You killed her human form, and brought her back in a new body.” Lennox finished.

“Ay.” Alexander agreed.

Marcus sat back with his hand on his chin. “You know mate, that actually make sense.” He murmured as he thought, then glanced back up at the werewolf. “So you’re telling me that you think you impregnated Molly this evening?”

Ryklin sat forward shaking his head. “No, what he’s telling you is, not only do we think Alexander has fathered a child tonight, but I did as well.”

“Bloody hell...“Nicolas murmured as he turned to look at Molly and her daughter, who were sitting quietly on the couch talking. His hand ran through his dark hair and then turned back to look at Marcus. “If it’s true that she’s with child, that means…”

“That means Alexander’s right on her not being able to get away from us, but it also means every bloody tosser who wants get their hands on our bird might be able to if were not careful!” Marcus growled taking out a cigarette.

Matthew smiled, then started chuckling as he glanced over at Niko. “Well I’ll be damned.”

“What do ye think is so damn funny young one?” Alexander asked with a scowl.

Matthews hands went to the back of his head as he kicked back. “Well, Aggie was right about the prophecy is all. She said two king will be born, and it looks like she was right.”

Nikon turned to Matthew shaking his head. “No, Aggie said it had changed, she said something about he wouldn’t be able to resist her, or some shit like that. But there’s not two kings, she said there was three, that there was always going to be three, and she didn’t see that because he kept himself hidden.” He explained.

Ryklin head snapped up and his stomach turned. “Tipton, we all saw the bite mark on her breast! Maybe that bastard got to her before I came in...” He growled.

But Lennox sat there thinking about what Ryuuji had warned him about, not to make love to Molly, and then tonight when Merlin congratulating him... he jumped up from the chair running his hands through his hair as he watched Molly. “I made love to Molly right before she was taken. The third king is mine!”

Ryklin’s glanced over at Alexander who chuckled, but Nicolas looked to be questioning Lennox sanity at the moment. “Mate, I hate to inform you of this but, you’re not a king.”

Lennox eyes fell from Molly back to Nicolas before he collapsed back into his chair. “Well, that’s not necessarily true.” He sighed.

“What?” Marcus growled uncrossing his arms leaning forward now taking a good look at the man in front of him.

Alexander started chuckling. “Have ye ever heard of the Irish Banshee king of the Spectral Plains?”

“The what?” Nicolas asked.

“Care to clue us buggers in?” Marcus growled.

Alexander looked over at Lennox, who just nodded his head to have him explain who he really was. “The Banshee King is known tae be one of the fiercest and very cunning of all the Kings. The spectral world sits next tae our own, and rumors began long ago that the mighty king had grown board in his lands, so he started tae travel among our world.

“But in his travels, he met a woman, a woman with such great beauty and ferocity, that he fell instantly in love with her. But this woman had a tortured soul, and hated anyone who had power. So when she finally decided tae take him as a lover, he wanted tae leave his throne behind so he would never have tae be without her again... and also so she would never find out the truth of who he really was.

“But when he tried to leave, he found that he was bound tae his land, and tae his throne, just like all us immortal king are. So instead, ever full moon, he makes his way back tae his Kingdome tae check on his people, and then he leaves for the mortal world once again, and the woman he loves.” Alexander grinned, but then chuckled as he glanced over at Lennox. “Did Ah get it alright… or was some just an elaborated for making a better story?”

“No, ya got most of it right... the parts that’s important, that is.” Lennox sighed slumping back in the chair. “Ay, me Da watches me world when I’m way. I never meant to stay in the mortal realm. In fact, Ryklin and I in the past have fought many a squall over the rights of who was allowed to walk in the mortal realm. But when Ryuuji asked for help in dealing with this new species that had been created, I agreed. But I didn't know what I had signed up for because the instant I saw Molly... I knew that I had to have her.” He confessed.

“You knew who this bugger was all this time and didn’t tell us about it?” Marcus growled.

“There are somethings that are had to explain Marcus, and his secret was not mine to tell, or Alexanders. Sometimes anonymity can be a blessing, especially if that is what you are looking for.” Ryklin sighed.

“But there’s more.” Lennox confessed.

“Bloody hell, now what?” Marcus snapped.

“Merlin came an saw me tonight...” Lennox started.

“Merlin?” Nicolas questioned.

“Yes, witches and sorcerers have always been a part of the spectral world. But Merlin came to the thrown room tonight and helped me sway my kin to fight for their new queen… and I guess, my heir as well.” He explained, but then groaned. “But I’m not ready to tell her yet about my land, my world, or what I’ve been keeping this secret from her.”

Ryklin sat back crossing his arms and shaking his head. “You knew this day was coming, there was no way around it. Now would be a good time to tell her the truth.”

Nobody said anything, but Matthew broke in trying to lighten the mood. “Well I guess congratulations is in order to all of you then.” He chuckled.

Alexander groaned, and Ryklin just shook his head, but Marcus looked up at Lennox. “You said you believe she conceived the first baby before she was taking. How long do you think that was?”

“I don’t know, maybe an hour after.” Lennox answered as he ran his hands over his face.

Marcus nodded as he started to put the pieces together. “She told us that when they injected her it made her nauseous instantly, but maybe that wasn’t what was making her sick...” He thought.

“So what was?” Lennox asked.

“The shot turned her on the verge of being mortal, maybe it also heightened her hormones. Think about it, if she was with child when they injected her, then Ryklin had her, and she conceived another child, adding even more pregnancy hormone in to her body. And when Alexander had her, and she conceived yet again… I’m thinking every time she conceived, it pushed her body to stay more and more, human.” Marcus stated.

“Okay, even if that’s true what does that mean to us?” Nicolas asked sitting forward.

“I’m thinking gentleman, that our bird isn’t going to get any of her powers back until she gives birth. Well, not until the babies are at least seven months old.” He confessed.

Nicolas sat back and frowned. “If that’s true, she’s going to need to be protected, and I would as far to suggest, hidden as well. But that not going to be an easy task when there’s a war on with the mixers.”

“You’re right, she’ll want to be in the thick of the fight and that could spell disaster not only for her, and our children.”Ryklin stated.

Lennox crossed his arms. “She is the Queen of all of the fractions of this world, and others like mine and Ryklins. There will be people will be looking for her leadership.”

“Woman shall rule our world...” Nikon murmured under his breath.

“What was that?” Marcus asked.

“Aggie said woman shall rule your world, I guess with Molly being queen of everything is the starting of that. Aggie said she’d bring hell to those how’ve hurt her family.” Nikon explained.

“Well she’s sure brought hell to her enemies.” Ryklin chuckled.

Lennox groaned as his head fell back. “But we have another problem here... we’re going to find away to tell our wife that we’ve managed impregnate again, and with a war going on. What are we going to tell here, that she needs to stay put and what, knit?”

“But what about Aggie?” Matthew broke in. “I mean, she’s going to need protection too because she’s Molly’s daughter!” He argued.

Nikon nodded as he looked around the table. “He’s right. Irvington would love to get his hands back on her. Not only for her sight, but because Molly would do anything to keep her out of his hands.”

All the men looked at one another but already knew the answer to help calm their worries. “Yes gentleman, of course Aggie will protected, there’s no need to fret over that.” Nicolas assured them.

Marcus backway from the table getting up and putting out his smoke. “For now I say we just keep an eye on Molly to see if her change comes back to her or not. But if my theory is correct... then we’ll have someone, other than us blokes, tell her she’s in the family way once again.” He said as he walked back into the massive living area.

"That works for me." Lennox sighed.

Alexander stood motioning for Nikon and Matthew to follow him. “Ah will have rooms prepared for our daughter and sons-in law. But right now both woman need the rest, and we need tae prepare ourselves for our wee wife’s temper.” he growled, having the others groan in agreement.


The night air felt good on my over heated skin. All my bruises were gone, my gashes healed, I even had some nails to chew on, but it had been weeks since I had any of my change come back to me. Now as I stood outside chewing on my thumb nail... I wondered if I was damaged beyond repair.

Marcus had suggested that we give Chan a call to check me out, and as much as I thought was a good idea... I was nervous as hell on what she was going to say. I mean, how the hell was I going to get shit done, when I couldn’t get any of my shit to work?!

I was just about to pace off some more frustration, when a very agitated wolf come barreling my way. “Molly, why the hell would ye walk away from the protection of the castle!” He growled.

“What the hell are you talking about? I'm just taking a walk outside Alexander!” I growled myself as my arms flung up into the air.

Lennox came up behind him and took me in his arms kissing the top of my head. “He didn't mean anything by it. But there are still people out there looking for you baby, and you can’t defend yourself, that’s all.” He explained. “Come on, Chan is here to see you.”

“Yeah, okay...” I murmured feeling my insides feel like goo from my nerves.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. I promise” Lennox whispered in my ear as he pulled me back into the castle.

"Why do I have a feeling that you're wrong." I sighed.

It was a half an hour later, and a very thorough check up by Chan, when I sat back up and saw her write something down on her tablet. “Okay Molly, go ahead and get dressed I’ll meet you back down stairs.” She smiled.

“What? Just tell me now Chan.” I griped.

“Nope, not a chance. I Promised Nicolas that I would tell all of you... down stairs. Now get dressed and I’ll meat you down there.” She winked going to the door.

“Fine...” I huffed.

As I made my way downstairs where I saw five somber faces look up at me... holy shit, from the look on their faces, it was bad.

Marcus patted the sofa so I went over at sat between him and Nicolas. Chan stood in front of us with her tablet in hand and that damn smile on her face. “So, I’ve look you over, and I’ve got to say you look great.” She winked, again, and then looked back at her tablet. “But…”

My shoulder tensed as I snatched up Nicolas hand and squeezed it. “But what Chan?”

“Well, the blood test showed that you are pregnant…congratulations!” She laughed.

I blinked at her a couple times letting the news process through my mind. “Pregnant? You're wrong, I can’t be pregnant!” I informed her.

“But you are, and I’d say about seven weeks now.” She stated glancing at her tablet.

"How the hell could I be seven weeks pregnant, I was gone..." I started, but then thought what I've been doing since I'd been rescued jumping up from the couch. “This wont work for me Chan, I still have work to do!” I yelled.

“I understand that my dear, but what’s done is done.” She shrugged.

“But my change didn’t just up and vanish from me last time. It started slowly before it started causing me problems.” I reminded her.

“Yes, but Marcus told me some of what happened to you and the injections you were given, and I have to agree with his medical observations.” She explained.

My head whipped down to Marcus, who for once looked like he just got his hand caught in the cookie jar. “You knew that I was pregnant?” I growled, but Chan cleared her throat.

“Molly, Marcus thought with as many babies that you’re caring, that could have kicked up your hormones making your body cling to the human side of yourself. And from the looks of it, I would say he was right." She surmised.

My finger pointed at Marcus ready to rip into him, when something Chan said made me stop and turned back to her. “I’m sorry, but did you just say, babies?”

Chans eyes went wide like she wasn’t expecting me to be shocked over the news. “Oh my, I’m taking it you still don’t know about mixers, and the hole baby thing? I thought they would have told you by now, but I suppose that will be left up to me as well.” She said with a forced a smiled as she glared over at the guys. “You see mixers usually have more than one baby. I mean, you can have just one, but most of the time the men can’t help themselves when you’ve already conceived... think of it as an instinct, or marking their territory.” She explained.

“What the hell are you talking about Chan?” I asked running my hands over the back of my neck.

She frowned and shook her head putting her tablet back into her bag. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll leave the rest up to Marcus, he knows all about it. Nicolas, I’m ready to go.” She sighed, and without another word, Nicolas got up from where he was and vanished with Chan... the coward.

I glared over at Marcus. “Care to tell me in on what the hell is going on here?” I hissed.

“Well bird, it’s going to be hard for you to hear, but I suppose now is the time for you to learn the truth of your last pregnancy.” He sighed.

“What about it?” I asked completely confused.

“You weren't just pregnant with one baby, you were pregnant with two... Nicolas, and Lennox babies to be completely truthful. That’s how mixer pregnancies work, the more makers, the more babies the woman can have.” He answered gently.

“I was... what?” I murmured shaking my head.

“Yes bird, there was two babies, I am sorry that we kept that from you. But Chan thought it best to keep the truth from you at the time because of your depression.” He explained.

Nicolas reappeared and stood next to the wall watching me. “Why didn’t any of you tell me this?" I asked, but then turned back to the main culprit. "I had the right to know what the hell is going on with my body Marcus, I had the right to know everything!” I snapped.

“You went in the right frame of mind Molly. You were already distraught over losing one child, all the while searching for another. I was hoping that there would come a time when we could sit down and I could tell you everything bird." He admitted.

There wasn’t much I could say, what was done was done, so instead I asked the next question that needed to be asked. “Seven weeks ago was about the time I was rescued. So do any of you have any idea who the father is... because I haven’t been living as a nun all this time you know?” I growled.

Marcus shook his head and sighed. “No, you’re still not quite understanding what I’m trying to say. You see what we are thinking, and Chan just confirmed is, you are going to have three babies by three of your husbands.”

“Three...” I asked, to receive a nod, and then dropped to a seat. “Holy shit, this is real, isn’t it?” I murmured rubbing my hands over my face before I looked back up at the five of them. “So do you all have any clue who the fathers are?”

Lennox stepped forward then knelt down in front of me. “The first one was mine. Remember the night Thomas came in?” He asked.


“That’s the night we made another baby together, and we also think that’s the reason why you’ve stayed mortal all this time.”

“So if we go from there then next would be...”

“The next one would be mine angel.” Ryklin smiled.

“And then mine hen.” Alexander grinned coming next to me.

I nodded but could feel my eyes well with water. “How am I going to make that bastard Mr. West pay for hurting my baby now?” I whispered.

Nicolas came and scooped me up and placed me on his lap as he sat on the couch. “It’s all going to be brilliant luv, I promise. And don’t worry about that that sod that took you and Aggie, we’re going to get that tosser and make him pay for everything he’s done.” He said taking my face in my hands.

“But I still have so much to do...”

“In your state, there’s not much you can do.” He stated, and I knew he was right.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I might not be able to do anything physically, but my girls can. Let me talk to Georgie, and then I can tell her what’s going on and I can help them get the party rolling again.” I argued.

Lennox knelt down in front of me and shook his head taking my hands. “I know you want to be in the thick of it, but in the state you’re in... you just can’t.”

Marcus nodded as he poured himself a drink. “I think it’s best that no one knows you’re with child...”

“But why? Georgie is like a sister to me. She’d never say anything that would put me or the babies in harms way!” I argued.

“Yes, I know that’s true. But I think it's best, especially when we put you into hiding.” Marcus explained.

“Hiding, but I don’t need to hide.” I informed them.

“But you do bird, and you know you do.” Marcus insisted, and as I looked around, there were four other men who agreed with him.

“And where in the hell am I going to go?” I asked.

“Leave that to us angel.” Ryklin smiled.

“I still think this is ridiculous. I can handle myself in any situation.” I sighed.

Nicolas wrapped his arms around me and hugged me closely. “We’re going to need to hide you and Aggie to keep the both of you safe. I know that you’ve done everything on your own for a long time, but please, let us protect you.” Nicolas whispered into my hair.

"And how are you going to do that, really?" I asked.

Marcus took a sip of his whisky and chuckled. "We're going to have everyone believe that Molly is back to normal, especially that sod Mr. West. Once we've secured her position in our world, we'll place her into hiding and get to work on finding the bastard and destroying everything he's created." Marcus smirked.

“And how do ye purpose we do such a thing?” Alexander asked crossing his arms.

“First we have to cement the title of queen to her.” Marcus stated.

“And what does that do to help her?” Lennox asked.

“Once all of us with power in this world, and others, stand up with the queen of the mixers, we all are taking a visible stand on who we recognize as our wife and our queen. This way when she vanishes, we can make up any story we want, like about us just seeing her, or about her off fighting or something... and no one would know the better of it." Marcus chuckled.

"It's like a bait and switch." Lennox nodded.


“And where do you palm to do this public display?” Ryklin asked.

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll have it all figure out.” Marcus grinned making four men groan and shake their heads.

“This is just great... I'm already completely useless. I can't tell you how much I'm hating this." I sighed.

Marcus came over taking me off Nicolas lap and kissed me. When he finished his hand went to my stomach as he looked into my eyes. “I don’t even like the idea that you’re going to be out in public in your condition, it makes you very susceptible. But I’ll make you a promise. You speak at this conference I set up, and I’ll figure out a way for you to talk to Georgie… with the stipulation that you don’t tell her where you’re at, or your condition. Agreed?”

I wanted to argue, but couldn't. “Yes, fine, I agree. I’ll do what you’re asking."

He held onto me tightly, but to took me by surprise when he whispered the rest in my ear. “You are the Queen, and you are the one the alliances were forged with, so you are the one they are going to want to hear from. In doing this, it will make it much easier for them to listen to us when the time is right.” His explained as his finger tipped my chin up, and then kissed me passionately.

When he pulled back, his dark eyes bore into mine as he whispered the words that made my heart melt. “I love you so much bird, one could argue that I love you so much it makes me mad. So let me be what I once was, a knight who's only reason for living is to protect his queen.”

My eyes closed and took a deep breath, before I nodded. I had always been in control of what was going on in my life, or at least was the one making all the decisions for it. People didn't tell me what to do, I told them what to do, or beat the shit out of them until they did it. But now I was letting go of the reins and giving complete control to someone else. Yes, it just so happened to be the men I love... but damn, this wasn't going to be easy for me.

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