The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 29

Doing nothing and sitting on the sidelines was not my style. But after Chan informed me that I was pregnant, that’s when all those lovely symptoms of pregnancy started to kick in. Tender boobs, cravings for strange foods, and of course, a really bad case of morning sickness... which didn’t happen just in the morning, but all damn day!

My stomach already had a baby bump going on and none of my pants were fitting around the middle. But I’m guessing that’s what happens when you’re carrying three babies. Marcus and Nicolas were gone getting this conference ready for me to speak at, Ryklin in the Four Kingdoms trying to find out information about Tipton, and Alexander Ex-Headache, was literally starting a war with him... that left Lennox with the brunt of my frustration.

Lennox laid next to me as we gathered our breath... “I have to tell you how much I love it when you taken your frustrations out on me?” He chuckled.

“Yeah, I bet you do.” I laughed.

“Are you hungry?”

“Do you even have to ask?” I laughed. “You know, I don’t think I could get enough green olive and vanilla ice cream in me to be honest.” I sighed as my mouth water in just mentioning my favorite foods.

“Well you don’t have to worry about me wanting any of your food.” He laughed turning on his said.

“Ha, ha. Well good, because then there’s more for me.” I grinned.

His eyes traveled down to my growing stomach and placed his hand on top of the baby mound. “Have I told you just how beautiful you are lately.”

“More times then I can count.” I whispered as my hand went over his. “Now stop, you’re going to give me a coplex…” I chuckled before his lips met mine.

We were just about ready to start round number, well I’ve forgot on what round this was, when the cell started to ring. Lennox sighed when he reached over and then rolled his eyes when he saw the callers name. “Hows it going Marcus?” He groaned.

I didn’t hear anything, just saw Lennox nod as he watched me. “Yes, yes she did. No, I can get her there. Yes. We’ll leave in the morning. Yes...I’ll get everything ready on my side too, yes, I’ll tell her.” He growled, then hung up.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Marcus has the place all stet up for this big conference he has planned. He’s got plan tickets waiting for us at the airport... we’ll leave at four in the morning.” He sighed.

“Uh alright, but I’d rather just stay home with you...” I winked, but then looked over at him and saw the frown on his face. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

His hands ran over his face before dropping back to the bed. “I need to tell you something before we go.” He murmured.

“Tell me something, like what?” I asked wondering what was going on.

“I’ve been keeping something from you...” He started.

My eyes went wide not expecting that. “Is it bad?”

“No, it isn’t bad, but it wasn’t completely truthful either.” He admitted.

My hand went to my stomach trying to keep last meal down as my mind went wild with what kind of secret he might be keeping. “Do you have a wife and kids you haven’t told me about or something?” I hissed.

“No baby, it’s nothing like that.” He groaned.

I turned to my side looking Lennox over wishing I still had my sense of smell to give me a heads up on how he was feeling at the moment. “Well, you might as well spit it out after what you just said to me then.” I growled.

“I’m not who you think I am...” He hinted.

That had me sit up, and then stared down at him waiting for him to continue, but he didn’t. “Look, I’m nauseous, hungry, and at the moment, more than a little pissed just tell me what the hell is going on Lennox!”

“Okay, okay, calm down. You see, I’m a king...”

I waited to hear more, but he didn’t give me anything more. “I don’t get it. The king of what?” I asked.

“Molly I’m a king.” He sighed. “Like Ryklin is to the Autumn Kingdome, or like Alexander is to the werewolves. But I’m a king of an entre realm.” He explained.

It took me a couple minutes to process what he was saying. “So you’re telling me that you’re a king, like a real king?”

“Yes. Remember when I told you I come from a world called the spectral plain?” He asked, and I nodded. “That’s my home, and my Kingdom is called Taibhse.”

“If you’ve hidden this from me all this time, why tell me now?” I asked.

“Well, first, you’re my wife and the mother of my child, and secondly. I knew it was wrong for me to keep this from you after you claimed me. But why now, was because when we get to this conference, some of my people with be there to represent me and, their new queen.”

My eyes dropped to the bed and my hands went to my belly trying to understand why he thought this had to be kept a secret from me. “Why hide this from me Lennox?” I asked shaking my head over the only conclusion that made scene to me. “Is it because creatures think of a woman like me, a mixer, is nothing more than a abomination? Or was it because you didn’t want your people to see what you fell in love with? ”

He took my wrist and pulled me down to him, where he cupped my face in his hands. “I was never ashamed of you or my love for you, ever!” He growled. “I was afraid if you knew who I really was, you’d never let me in. And then when you finally said yes, I was afraid you’d leave me if you knew the truth.” He confessed.

“Why would you think that?”

He sighed and shook his head. “You had issues with men when you first came to the cluster, especially men who you thought had power over you. At first I hid myself because it made my stay in the mortal world easier, but it also helped you start to trust me…

“I’m very old Molly, older then even Alexander, and I’ve fought, and loved many in this long life of mine. But I never needed or wanted anyone, or anything, ever... until I meet you.

“I was tired of fighting, tired of ruling, I wanted to just be a man who fell in a love with a woman so completely that the thought of going back home was without her was, unbearable. But none of that matters now, what’s done is done. What I really want to know is... can you forgive me?” He asked.

I couldn’t say I completely understood his reason, but he was spot on how I used to be, and he never once acted like he was embarrassed of me. In fact, he was the first one who helped me fight my thirst and anger. If there’s one thing I learned in my life, old and new, is you have to forgive if you want not only to move on, but to be happy as well. “I guess if you could forgive me for how I was to you, and lord knows all the secrets I kept... I suppose I can for give you too.” I smiled.

“Thank you baby. I love you so much.” He mumbled pulling my head down for a kiss.

“If you think you’re getting off with just a kiss, that’s where you’re wrong.” I grinned.

He flipped me over and started to chuckle. “Then let me show you just how sorry I am...” He answered as he kissed my neck, and then traveled down my body until he kissed my sweet spot making me gasp.

The next morning, I was in Amsterdam and getting ready to take my place next to each of my mates, and my own place among my people. I paced the back area of the stage feeling sick, and at that point I wasn’t sure if it was the pregnancy... or the nerves. It’s one thing to be one of many, you can make a difference, but you can also just be yourself. But to be the leader... I knew nothing was going to be the same for me from now on.

I stood chewing on my thumb nail going over my speech in my mind when I heard the door open, and turned around to see a much needed face... “George.”

“I swear I was going to have to kill Marcus if he tried to keep me from seeing you for one more second. “She growled as she shut the door behind her and ran over to give me a hug. “The only reason he’s still alive is because I know you’ve grown so attached to him.” She giggled.

“Yeah, I suppose I have.” I laughed hugging her back.

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“I figured as much.” I chuckled.

“Smart ass... But really, are you okay?”

“Of course I’m okay. I mean, Mr. West did do some damage, but I’m doing good now.” I Shrugged.

She sighed shaking her head. “No, I mean are you okay being back with Marcus and all of them?”

“What? Have you lost your mind or something Georgie? Why would you ask me that?” I laughed.

“Well, he’s been a real pain in the ass the last couple weeks. No one can see you, talk to you, but that ass wouldn’t even let me talk to you, or even tell me where you’re at... it’s creepy Molly. Like their keeping you captive or something.” She argued.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, then sighed knowing I was going to give her something... or she probably would end up killing Marcus when he puts me into hiding. “Look, I’m fine, really. Let’s just say I’m staying away from you and the girls to keep you safe.” I explained.

“What does that mean?” She growled.

“You know if there was a problem I would’ve gotten away from them, or got a message to you. But that’s not what’s going on, so please... trust me, I’m five and I’ll be out kicking ass with you in no time at all.” I grinned.

Georgie looked me over, and I could tell many things were running threw her brain, but after a minute, she shook her nodded. “Alright, I’ll leave it alone... for now.” She told me, but I could tell she didn’t like it. “I’ll go and wait for the queen make her speech.”

“Ugh, don’t start with me.” I groaned.

She started laughing as she went to the stairs. “Oh hey, don’t swear when you’re on the stage... you know that shit isn't very queenly.” She winked before she left.

“Damn it...” I sighed sitting on some boxes with my face into my hands. “What if I go out there and all hell breaks loose. Marcus and his damn plans.”

“Not to worry my dear, I see everything going well for you... and your speech will be well received.” Said a rusty old voice.

My head jumped up to see Merlin, who had all of a sudden, appeared sitting next to me. “How the hell did you get here?” I asked.

“You know, that’s what Marcus said the very first time we meet.” His smile was wide and he chuckled. “But, the reason I’m here today, is for you of course.”


“Yes, I promised Lennox that I would be here since I helped barter an arrangement with between him and his parliament. You are now seen as the queen of the Taibhse Kingdome.” He told me.

“You helped Lennox, why?”

“Well, that’s a very long story, and there’s not enough time to explain it all to you right now. But I promise you, I will tell you about it one day.” He smiled.

“So that’s why you’re here then.” I sighed.

“Some of it, I also have other reasons. Like telling you about you and your Mr. West lose your powers when you touch...” He said, then looked away.

“Are you friends with that bastard?” I growled.

“Me? Heavens no! But he dose have a connection to you, one that my enemies took from the land to corrupt this timeline...” He started, but then stopped like he was parsing his words. “I’m not willing to tell you everything, I can’t because of the possibilities of changing the outcome but, the blood that runs in your veins also runs in his.”

“So we’re related?” I asked, a little shocked.

“No, the blood that flows in you were born with... Irvington was given. It is why Augustine mates were drawn to her, because that blood flow in them as well, and your blood flows with in her.” He explained.

“But, then her mates should make her normal like Mr. West dose.” I stated.

“Hmm, but there’s is a reason for that as well, but one I’m not willing to get into at this moment.”

“Because it could change my fate?” I questioned.

“This has little to do with fate, and much to do with planning.” He offered.

“You know, you don’t much much sense.” I chuckled.

“Most people who travel in time usually don’t.” He grinned as he glanced at me.

“So the big question is, what do I do with this information you’ve giving me?” I asked.

“It will come to you, when it needs to. But your blood will also call out to whom it needs to, to destroy the evil that my enemy has brought to this world.”

I sat up seeing the deep frown on Merlin’s face. “Don’t worry, I will destroy Mr. West and any others that are working with him. You can be assured of that.” I promised.

Merlin chuckled and reached over taking my hand in his. “I know you will my dear... it’s in your blood to do so.” He grinned. “Now Nicolas will be coming back here to get you for your inauguration as their queen.”

My eyes fell back to the floor as I took a deep breath and sighed. “I know this is going to sound ungrateful but, I really don’t want all of this. I liked having my little apartment next to my favorite Chinese restaurant in New York, when I could go where I wanted to go, to fight who I wanted to fight, to be... just one of the girls.” I murmured.

“Yes, I can understand that my dear, but you were never just one of the girls, it was never to be your path. Your friends have always thought of you as their leader, even when you refused to take the title of one.” He grinned.

“Yeah, I guess...”

“I’ll tell you what, I’m going to give you some advice that I once gave a young boy who was in a passion like yours in many ways. A boy who I thought of as my own son.” He said taking my hand.


“Think of those happy times you just talked about in your life with great joy and reverence. When you govern remember where you came from, the troubles you went through, and all the evil that you were witness to, and them apply them to do what’s right. These are the things will help keep you grounded and focused in time of great peril.” He nodded with a grin.

“Those are very wise words, and one I will put to practice... thank you.” I smiled.

“Of course my dear, that’s why I’m here. Now, go claim your birthright and be the leader I’ve always known you were going to be.” He chuckled, and like smoke in the wind, he vanished.

“What the hell...” I jumping up from where I sat.

Footsteps were coming my way as I looked around for the old man, but soon I saw Nicolas come towards me. “Are you ready luv?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I smiled, taking one last look around me before shrugging my shoulders and fixing my clothing.

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be brilliant.” He chuckled before kissing me, and then took my by the waist to escort me out. “Let’s go...”

I walked through the double doors and saw a enormous circled room with hundreds of seats filled with creatures of every kind. Thin windows around the top of the area was the only natural light that came in, the rest was set with some sort of strange banker like lamps. The dim glee glow it cast made every one within eyesight look exactly how I felt... sick.

Nicolas walked me to a podium, where Marcus, Ryklin, Alexander, and Lennox, waited for me with the flags of their lands stood behind them and more than a handful of men and woman in dressed decorative garb, and then there was Merlin, who was standing next to a beautiful woman dressed all in white.

Merlin had a smile under his white mustache as he came over with a thin band in his hand and placed it on my head. “You’re one tricky man... I’ll remember that for next time.” I whispered with a raised brow.

“Best that you do.” He winked, before taking a stepping back. Then with a deep breath, I threw my shoulders back, turned to the microphone at the thin podium, and was ready to take my new place in this world.


Some moths later...

Marcus lied in bed with a completely exhausted, seven and a half month pregnant Molly, who at the moment, was trying to find a comfortable spot next to him with her belly. The last couple weeks it had become increasingly difficult for her to get any rest whatsoever, and he had become concerned about her well being.

He had Nicolas go get Chan, and insisted that Molly have a check up. But when Chan finally showed up, she started laughing at him, and told him not to worry... this was what happens to a woman she was with child.

Molly groaned as she turned over, throwing her arm over his chest and draping her leg over his. He chuckled as he looked down at her caressed her soft cheek. It was still hard for him to believe just how much he loved this woman, and though he would never admit to it... he loved just how soft, and emotional she was.

He felt little feet kicking his side and smiled. But then Molly moaned trying to get re adjusted herself after one hell of a kick and tried to push herself up. Her hands went to her belly as she flinched under another good kick, and she just sat there looking completely worn out. “You need something bird?” He asked.

“Water...” She said groggily as she rubbed her belly.

He nodded reaching over giving her the glass that was kept on the night stand. She took a sip, then laid back down and turned on her side shoving a pillow between her legs, when the bedroom door opened and Nicolas walked in. “Five more vampires have left our side Marcus to rule against the mixers. Bugger, what the bloody hell is going on!” He hissed under his breath.

“That is an excellent question mate, one that I’ve been pondering for over a week now.” Marcus mumbled.

“I had thought we had rid ourselves of any of those buggers months ago, only to have them still might be in our midst?” Nicolas sighed sitting on the bed next to Molly. “How is she doing by the way?”

“She’s restless, and will remain so until the babies are born I’m afraid.” Marcus stated getting up from the bed.

“Since Molly’s speech in Amsterdam, it seems as if the world is falling down around us. And now I’ve just been informed that our war has now found it’s way to the mortal word... Alexander has found twenty more humans that had been bitten to force a change.”

“Well that is to be expected…”

“Yes, but there more then just men in this last finding, there were also woman and children.” Nicolas growled.

“Bloody hell, that she-devil must be getting desperate for new recruits. But I got a call a couple of hours ago from Shelly. She said that many MM’s have come to the cluster in New York and London looking to switch sides.” Marcus mumbled as his hand went to his chin in thought.

“Brilliant... so the vampires are leaving and the MM’s are finding the light. Hallelujah! But how the hell will that help us?” Nicolas growled.

“I think the MM’s are more powerful than our brethren gives them credit for. We’ll have to help them find the error of their ways on that assumption. But for now, you stay with Molly. I don’t want her being left alone.” Marcus grinned.

Nicolas kicked off his shoes and laid next to Molly who then cuddled up next to him. “Any word from Ryklin or Lennox?” He whispered pushing Moll’s hair out of her face.

“The last time I talked to Ryklin he was following a lead on his on his brother. And Lennox, nothing yet. But something was bothering him when he left... I just don’t know what.” Marcus admitted then turned around heading for the door.

“Where are you off to?”

“I have plans to set in motion.” Marcus chuckled.

“Bloody sod...” Nicolas sighed shaking his head, then got comfortable and closed his eyes.

The sound of his cell vibrated woke him up some time later that night. Molly finally had fallen into a sound sleep as she spread his legs apart putting a small pillow across his groan area and using his leg as a body pillow. He reached for the annoying little beast while trying not to wake his wife. “Baskerville.” He said putting his hand to his eyes.

“Nicolas, were the hell is Marcus? I’ve been trying to get ahold of him for over an hour now.” Jamison growled.

“I’m not sure at the moment mate. Why, what’s happened?” He asked.

He could hear Jamison walking away from the others... “Marcus called a couple hours ago on his thoughts about someone who is personally working with Mr. West still within or walls, and Hamby has just come to me with a solid lead. I was thinking we should invite this particular vampire to a, privet meeting, and then we can persuade him to be forthcoming about information we’re looking for.”

“Alright, I’ll find him and have him call you mate.” He whispered trying not to wake Molly.

“Brilliant, and tell him to hurry his arse up!” Jamison growled once more before hanging up.

His hand ran over his face wondering how he was going to move, then a small snore came from Molly, and he chuckled hitting Marcus number. “Why the bloody hell are you calling me? I’m down stairs with Lennox.” Marcus questioned.

“Our bird has me pinned in place at the moment, and I don’t want to wake her... just call Jamison mate.” He sighed.

“Yes, she did have herself in quite the position on you.” Marcus chuckled, and could hear Lennox laugh as well.

“Piss off...” He grinned as Marcus chuckled at him before hanging up.

It wasn't ten minutes later Marcus and Lennox came into the bedroom. Nicolas was already excepting them... "What did Jameson say?"

"That Hamby has set a big meeting so we can get this sod without anyone knowing what were about."

"Did Hamby say who it was?" Nicolas asked.

Marcus frowned and his eye pooled black before he turned around and walked to the window. "Yes, he said it's Spencer." He growled.

"What?" Nicolas snapped, making Molly groan and squirmed. She moved herself into a comfortable position, and when her breathing was steady, he squinted at Marcus. "That cant be right mate... not Spencer." He argued.

"Who's this Spencer?" Lennox asked.

"Spencer was a knight who fought with Nicolas and I, he was an ally, and he was a good friend." Marcus confessed. "He also was turned into a vampire the same night that Nic and I were... all had the same master."

"And this is the man who is betraying you to Mr. West." Lennox questions.

"According to Hamby, he is." Marcus sated.

"Do you trust this Hamby then?"

Nicolas sighed. "That is a complicated relationship. You see, Hamby was our masters right hand man. But in the end, Hamby was on our side and had remind there since then."

"Yes, he has and has never given us any reason to doubt him." Marcus murmured as he thought.

"Then maybe we should bring Matthew with us. Maybe he'd seen Spencer around before. That at least would be a splendid way to have a confirmation of who the guilty party truly is." Nicolas suggested.

"That's brilliant, we'll do that just to be sure Hamby is correct. It might be the bloke giving him this information we might have to deal with. But first things first. We need to tell Uptum our plans, and that we might be gone for a while. We're expected in London tomorrow by eight."

Lennox rubbed Molly’s calf looking her over and hook his head. “I’m afraid the news I gotten about my escaped prisoner, was worse than I expected. Not only had he escaped. but I'm not sure how long he has been gone and working with the bastard who wants Molly. I need to go home and hunt down and clean my own house before Molly gives birth." He admitted.

"And Alexanders has Agatha corned in a battle as we speak... but he might be willing to let Timothy come and help Uptum protect our bird, and our daughter, while were all away." Marcus suggested gazing at their sleeping wife. "We have just about eight weeks until the first members of our family will be born, that should give us ample motivation to get this quickly wrapped up.

"Then we've got a lot of work to do gentlemen so we can be here for her." Lennox sighed.

The next evening, after they meet up with Hamby, Marcus made arrangements to have a chat with Spencer... out from under the watchful eyes of the rest of the committee. When Nicolas came up to him. "I need you to follow me, now." He growled.

"What's the matter?" Marcus snapped, not likening that his well thought out plan not being hindered.

"Just do it." Nicolas hissed, when Robert Hamby came up to them.

"So, when do we get Spencer?" Hamby asked.

"Don't worry chap, I'm on it." Marcus chuckled.

"But if we don't pick him up now, he might find out where Molly's fighting and try to kidnap her again." Hamby warned.

"Not to worry, she isn't fighting... we've hidden her. She safe from any of those bastards." Marcus chuckled

"Brilliant then, I'll be waiting for the signal when you're ready." Hamby grinned slapping Marcus on the back.

Nicolas swore under his breath as he started to walk towards the doors that lead to the hallways. "Why the hell would you say anything about our girl to him!" He fumed.

"It's Hamby, he's helping us..." Marcus answer, but as soon then saw walked through the doors he saw Matthew with a deep frown on his face, and Jamison about ready to kill someone... "What the bloody hell is going on here?" he growled.

"I have seen one of these guys before..." Matthew started.

"Bloody hell, so now we know for sure that it's Spencer because you've see him before!" Marcus snapped.

"No mate, it isn't Spencer." Nicolas.

"Then who the bloody hell is it?" Marcus growled.

"It's Hamby! It's been Hamby this hole bloody time Marcus!" Jamison seethed.

Marcus turned and watched Hamby talking among their piers and his eyes narrowed. "Bugger to hell, how in the hell did I miss it."

"We all missed it, but than again, Hamby has always been good at hiding. But now we have another problem... you just told him Molly is in hiding." Nicolas growled.

"Then let's go get the bloody sod and remined him just how we deal with traders..." Marcus chuckled, as he put on a smile and a plan formed in his mind to go tell Hamby it was time to go get Spencer.

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