The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 31

Many of the men around started to inch closer to the front of the cottage while me and Mr. West had a stare down. It was then when Tipton took a step in our direction, but stopped when Mr. West came up. His eyes roamed over me and stopped at my middle, then shook his head. “I see that you’ve been busy since the last time we saw each other, Molly.”

“Seems that way doesn’t it. But none the less, I’m here like you asked. So with me keeping my part of the deal, how about you keep yours now and let David go.” I seethed.

He was quite but his forced grin eased and he chuckled. “But you being pregnant wasn’t part of the deal at all. In fact, it’s the furthest thing from what I wanted, and now I’m left in a bit of a quandary…” He admitted.

“Well, the way I see it, David isn’t looking as shiny and new as I wanted to see him in either. So why don’t we both accept the things that cant be changed and get this damn deal over and done with.” I growled.

The smile was starting to slip, as well as Mr. West temper. “You don know how to get under my skin, I’ll give you that. But why don’t you start walking to me, and I’ll let David start to walk away.”

“Fine, I’ll start when David gets to his feet.” I hissed.

“That works for me...” Mr. West grinned snapping his fingers. Doe stepped out from the SUV then walked over pulling David to his feet.

David swayed as his head glanced up, but then shook his head. “I’m not going trading myself for Molly... so you can go fuck yourself Irvington!” He seethed.

Doe punched him in the back of the head sending him to the ground once again, and was about to strike him again when I stepped in... “You’re definitely messing up my pretty package there, and pissing me off royally. So now that we’ve decided that we’re breaking rules, if you don’t stop, I’ll have one of my people get involved in this to make you stop.” I offered raising my hand giving the single for Georgie to step out.

When George walked out the door blowing a big pink bubble with her gum Mr. West chuckled. “You think one little girl will be enough to stop us?” He asked, but Tipton came over not looking too happy.

“Just do the damn trade and be done with it Irvington. If Georgie’s here, then I’m sure Ryuuji’s not too far behind... and we don’t want to be dealing with a damn dragon.” Tipton snapped.

“You broke my rules, I said no one was to accompany you.” He stated seeing the anger in his eyes.

“You didn’t actually think my makers would just leave me here alone, did you?” I chuckled then shook my head. “But I’m willing to still make this trade if you are, what do you say?”

“Molly, no...” David gowned.

Mr. West placed his foot on his head forcing it into the dirt. “Don’t say another word or I’ll just kill you now or I swear to god I will go into that house, find Aggie, and kill her.” Mr. West growled.

David’s shoulders slumped as he got up and started walking towards me. As we passed each other I looked glanced to the side and winked, just to let him know I did have a plan... even though it wasn’t a very good one.

When I finally stood in front of Mr. West, I put my arms together shoving my hand in the sleeve acting like I was keeping them warm. “Now what?”

“Now, we get in the car so we can have a talk.” He smiled

“Yeah, about what?” I asked placing the edge of the knife in my palm.

“Whether I let you keep your babies, or kill them.” He said reaching out to take me.

“I say we kill them.” Tipton growled going back to the SUV.

“There’s no fucking way that’s going to happen!” I seethed, wrapping my hand around the blade covering it in my blood before pulling it from my sleeve and stabbing Mr. West in the chest.

There was a grunt as I plunge in the knife, but I couldn’t tell if he lost all his powers or not. There was a pull of air and Nicolas and Marcus where right in front of me, but before they could get to me, Mr. West snatch me up in his arms.

“Let, her,!” Marcus seethed, but Mr. West chuckled as he wrapped his arm around my neck pulling me to his body.

“Tell me Molly, what did you think was going to happen here? Did you really think a knife would stop me, maybe even kill me my dear?” He growled in my ear.

“That knife was covered in my blood, so now not only is your skin is touching mine, but my blood is running through your body. You are nothing more than a weak human right now... and you’re as good as dead.” I smiled.

In the distance I saw Ryklin come from the cottage as his men poured into the front from a porthole from their world to ours, and waited. Ryuuji had walked out with Ryklin but stopped when he reached Georgie and David and waited for the next move.

Nicolas eyes pooled black as he took a step closer, and sparks leapt from Marcus fingers tips. But Mr. West pulled me back and chuckled as Tipton and Deo came and stood next to us. “Oh, so you didn’t just try to stab me, but get your blood into my system... well aren’t you cleaver. But now I suppose we should see if you achieved what you wanted. Am I powerless, just a helpless mortal like you say I am? Well, why don’t we see if you’re right.” He smirked.

Mr. West held his hand up for everyone to see and at first nothing happened, but then his change come upon him so fast I could hardly see it take place. “Looks like you we’re wrong in your thinking my dear. Didn’t you know when your pregnant your blood doesn’t hold the same substance as it does when your not?” He chuckled.

Marcus went full vampire leaping at us, but as that happened my then my vision went dark and then I was in the void wrapped in Nicolas arms... but somehow, Mr. West was able to grab onto Nicolas while he was jumping.

Nicolas fought to brake free from the claw that had grasped into his shoulder, when Mr. West bit into his neck and then we were back on solid ground. “That bloody git bit me.” He seethed looking at the blood on his hand.

Mr. West dropped to the ground a ways away from us with a his bloody fangs exposed and a grin on his face. He spread his massive wigs out and took a jump back to take his place in front of the army he had brought to come and take me... and kill everyone else.

In the setting the sun the both sides waited on the field ready for the fight to begin. Hundreds of werewolves, nanohumans, elves, vampires, and of course, the male mixers, who look like they too have powers that matches us female mixers, and looked just as blood thirsty.

A strong gust of frigid wind blew over the area, and streaks a thick fog covered the ground as a horse made of black bones and piercing white eyes came out of nowhere. The rider that sat on its was dressed all in black, his face covered by half of a skull that was attached to a helmet, and a matching chest plate to be made of metal and bone.

The warriors arm went up bring out a glowing red sword into the air and the sound ear piercing screams broke the quietness. Fay of all manner ran onto the field, along with ghosts, witches, wizards, and banshee’s all took their stand next to Ryklin’s army.

The warrior looked around, and then when he saw me and Nicolas, and came full speed towards us. He jumped off his horse glancing over at Mr. West, who now looked down right pissed, and pulled off his helmet. “Lennox...?” I asked baffled by what I saw.

He came up taking me in his arms. “Yes baby, it’s me.” He murmured into my hair, he pulled back looking at the three men staring at us from across the field and glanced over at Nicolas. “You’ve got our girl?”

“Of course I do, and I promise you that not one of these bloody sods will touch her!” Nicolas growled.

“Good, then I’ve got some business to take care of...” Lennox said kissing my forehead, and then walking to Ryklin as he pointing his sword at Mr. West right hand man. “Doe, you shall pay for all your crimes from our world to this one, I swear to it!” He roared.

Doe was silent, but Mr. West smiled and then started laughing. “You stupid, fucking, fools. Did you really think I wasn’t expecting something like this? Didn’t you think I wouldn’t have my own plan in place if my rules were broken? Don’t you know the best way to break someone completely is to take everything they love away from them... or maybe I should just kill her right now and save myself the aggravation.” He seethed.

“That’s not going to happen!” Nicolas snarled.

“Is that so. Well if I can’t have her, then no one can!” Mr. West roared, and then leapt at us.

Marcus snarled as he hit Mr. west with everything he had, but with little luck, when he turned to Nicolas. “Get her the bloody hell out of her!”

Nicolas wrapped me in his arms to jump me into safety, but he couldn’t. His eyes went wide as Mr. West fought laughed. “Marcus, this git did something to me... I can’t jump Molly to safety!” He shouted.

A gray fog gathered around Marcus feet as lighting jumped around him, then ran up through him as he attacked Mr. West, striking him over and over again. Mr. West wings protected him from the full force of Marcus, but gave Marcus enough time to call for help. “Georgie, get your arse over here and help protect Molly!” He roared.

Georgie turned throwing one of her scales at an attacker, slicing off his head, as she ran over to me and help Nicolas. Fire came from her mouth setting men on fire as they tried to rush Nicolas, to get through to me.

Lennox rushed over to Marcus fighting to down Mr. West, who by his own rights, had powers that was hard for the creatures to combated. But then Doe came over with a black sword going after Lennox, Mr. West saw an opportunity to knock Marcus clean out of sight.

Mr. West turned and had a smirk on his face before he took flight. I looked up in the air and tried to see where the bastard went, but he was gone. Frantically I looked onto the field seeing if he’d drooped down in the midst of the fighting to come at me from another angle, but I didn’t see him.

What I did see was, Ryklin and Tipton fighting through one another men to get to each other, Shelly, Calista, Trixie, and even Jamie on the field fighting. But then something else caught my eye, a large group of new werewolves that weren’t here before now was fighting their way through the chaos... and Agatha was leading the way.

“Fuck...” I mumbled, trying to find away to get away from the fighting, the people who wanted to get me, and now the one woman who really wanted me dead, and looked to make a bee line to me.

I was about to make a run, or waddle, for it but a stone hand grabbed me by the arm from behind. I started to scream for George, and she ran over jumping and taking ahold of my ankle.... but even with her pulling down on us, we still started to rise. Nicolas jumped up taking ahold of Georgie, but that did stop us either. But then I glanced down to see Ryuuji had gone full dragon, and he grabbed on to Nicolas.

Mr. West growled as he fought to break free, but Ryuuji’s hind claws dung into the earth and with one more yank, we all fell to the ground. “Molly!” Nicolas roared as he caught me, only to drop me when Mr. West grabbed on to his shoulder throwing him backwards, and me tumbling to the ground with a thud.

I groaned as I picked myself up, but then a sharp twinge ripped across my stomach making me double over on the grass. “Molly, Molly, are you okay?” I voice asked, and looked up seeing David battered face.

“I think I’m going into laborer…” I panted taking his hand as he helped me up.

“Well I got find a way to get you out of here.” He growled looking around. “At least the dragon’s are keeping Irvington attention else for the moment.” He said throwing my arm around his shoulder. And he was right, Ryuuji and Georgie were fighting with Mr. West... but so was Marcus, and Mr. West was fending them all off.

“I’m useless, and at this rate, if they’re all worrying about my safety, they’re going to lose.” I hissed as we walked seeing all the fighting going on around us.

“We’ll see about that.” David growled trying to get me back to the house.

I heard someone scream out my name, and when we turned around... Mr. West dropped down right on top of us. I looked up in to the most terrifying eyes I’d ever seen, and then his claw went up to strike me, but David pushed me out of the way before he did. I landed near the pond on the property and as I pushed myself up, Mr. West shoved his claw through David’s chest.

David’s body went stiff, then a brownish gray substance started to engulfed him from the wound, that’s when I figured out what was happening… he was being turned to stone. “David!” I screamed out as his head turned to me, but then his eyes went blank as the life vanished from him and into stone.

“You bastard!” I shouted trying to pick myself up from the ground. Mr. West grinned and started to come my way when he was attacked by Nicolas and Marcus... and then, the world seemed to slow around me.

At first I thought I was having some sort of pregnancy thing going on from all the stress and hormones. But then off in the distance I saw a young boy walking towards me at a normal pace while everyone else looked to be standing still. Then when he got closer, he was a middle aged man, and when he was closer, he turned into an old man.

“Merlin, are you doing this?” I murmured under my breath. He gave me a wink and then touched the water. The pond flashed with a bright light under the surface, then shimmered like it was a liquid mirror with each ripple. “What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“This is my gift to you. Only this can destroy the blood from your family tree. So claim your birth right and strike down the evil that your uncle let bleed into this world.” Merlin said pointing to the water.

“What birth right?” I started to ask, but he didn’t answer, instead he vanished. “Damn it,” I hissed trying to see what the hell the old man was talking about. But as I looked out at the water, a pale hand came from the glass like pool holding something.

I forced myself to the waters edge when a woman face emerged. Her eyes were pale blue, her white hair was covered in shimmering plants, and she wore a crown made from a lily flower on top of her head. “ have waited very long for this your majesty. Now I can find my rest after tonight. Go, take this sword and do what you were destined to do.” Her voice chimed.

I held out my hand, only to have a small dull blade placed in the center of it. “What as I supposed to do with this? I can’t kill that asshole with a butter knife.” I exclaimed.

“The blood is the key to your victory. Excalibur only answers to king Author and Author’s descendants, no one else. Awake the blade with blood and tell it your wishes... it will obey.” She replied, slowly drifting back into the water. When she slipped back under the water, there was another flash of light, and then the pond was back to its mucky black water.

I looked down at this little butter knife in my hand wondering what the hell was I supposed to with it. “The blood will awaken it...” I murmured.

When I looked back up, the world that was still in slow motion but then started to speed up like it was on fast forward until it stopped and everything was back to normal. I watched Mr. West with a couple of his men fighting off not only Marcus and Nicolas, but Ryuuji and Georgie as well... and the son of a bitch look to be winning!

My eyes fell back to the knife and then at my bloody palm. “The blood...“I murmured and then it hit me. I took the a hold of the handle with my bloody hand and strange little symbols started to glow within the blade. “Well I’ll be damned.” I smirked.

I saw from the corner of my eye Agatha and her goons were getting uncomfortable close to where I was, and Mr. West had broke free from the fight and was coming my way. “Alright butter knife, I want you to kill that son of a bitch!” I ordered, and then with as much strength I could muster, I threw it.

The little knife flew through the air with a speed, I knew in my state, couldn’t have managed towards my target. When the tip blade hit Mr. West stone skin, it transformed into a full sized sword, and then pierced him right through the heart.

Mr. West change fell off him as he fell to his knees. His eyes looked down at the blade and wrapped his hand around the steel, before he glanced back up at me in complete shock. “Marcus, light the bastard up!” I ordered.

Marcus looked over at me, then took the sword in both hands and rammed so much current into the bastard, his body shook and his eyes glowed white. “Nic, can you jump?” Marcus hollered.

Nicolas growled when at first it didn’t work, but then he grabbed onto Marcus as Mr. West flesh started melting from the heat, and they were gone. It was only a minute later that Nicolas and Marcus were back... with Mr. West nowhere to be seen.

A pain struck me making me bend over and grab a hold of my belly. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” I hissed as the contraction intensified.

A minute later Marcus and Nicolas were right in front of me fresh out of the void and covered with blood, but it was Marcus who was chuckling. “That bugger is dead bird... bloody hell I don’t know how you did it, but you did it! But where did you this sword?” He asked looking at it in his hand.

“Merlin showed up, and then some woman who was in the water handed me a damn butter knife. I didn’t know it was a sword until it struck Mr. West.” I growled.

“Merlin, that bloody git? I should’ve known he’d show up. You are the woman he’s been clamoring about for bloody centuries now.” Marcus grinned.

I tried to force a smile, but grimaced instead. “Yeah, that’s great... I guess I’m her.” I murmured.

“Molly, what’s the matter luv?” Nicolas asked as his arms helped keep me upright. But at the moment, I was in to much pain to answer.

“Molly, Nicolas asked you a question... were you hurt?” Marcus growled.

When the pain started to ease and the tightening started to relax I held my hand up. “No, I’m fine, I’m fine.” I breathed standing back up. “See, just fine.” I assured them, but then... my water broke. “Okay, maybe not so fine.”

“Bloody hell, she’s in labor! Get her to the cottage, and get Chan's bloody arse over here to help our bird, now!” Marcus roared killing any one that came our way.

Nicolas nodded and was about to jump me to the house when I stopped him. “Don’t forget to get Georgie for me.” I panted, and with a quick nod from him, we were gone.


Out in the distance Ryklin saw his brother trying desperately slashing his way through the masses to get to the cottage that Molly had been taken. He stuck his sword threw the belly of the traitor elf, and then ran after his brother. “Tipton!”

Tipton stopped and turned, his front covered in blood, and raised his sword with a look of absolute hate on his face. “You. I’m so tired of seeing your face, tired of you always getting everything I want, knowing that I’m the rightful king of the Autumn Kingdom.... you stole that from me!” He roared.

“We both know why I was given the thrown and you were denied it. Your lust for power has always made you dangerous to more than just our kingdom... but our realm. Did you really think our father didn’t know that the attempt on his life was coordinated by you?” Ryklin growled.

“Ha, ha, ha, so the old man knew, good. But even though the first attempt didn’t work, it was still me who got him in the end…” He smirked.

“What do you mean by that?” He seethed as they circled one another.

“Just what is sounds like. Do you really think that old fool just passed away? I’m the one who poisoned him and made it look as if he died from a illness... to bad the council agreed with him in the end on who the new king should be. But it didn’t matter I knew I could find a way to take your life just like I took his. But taking your queens body over, and over again, knowing she was yours... well that was just an added bonus.” Tipton chuckled.

“You son of a bitch!” Ryklin snarled and then they charged at one another.

Their swords clashed with the sound of thunder and sparks flew from each strike. They fought without mercy each coming at the other with only one intention in mind. “Molly was mine!” Tipton roared out in hatred as his sword came down. “The Kingdom would have been mine, and everything would’ve been as it was supposed to be!” He shouted swinging his sword.

Ryklin blocked his attack and then kicked him, making him stumble back. “She was never yours, you stole her from me! You’re to blame for her hunger, for her feeling abandoned and alone, it was you all along!” He roared.

“Was that really me brother… or did the werewolf already fuck that up for you?” Tipton laughed.

“Damn you!” Rykiln roared as he rushed Tipton striking his sword away and punching his brother in the face. They both fought fist and blade until on the last blow he gave, Tipton stumbled loosing his footing, and at that moment, he plunged the sword through Tipton’s chest.

Tipton dropped to his knees as his sword dropped to the blood covered ground and he started to chuckle as his eyes meet his brothers. “You know, I never thought you had the balls to do it.” He said coughing up blood, then with one last breath his eyes closed and he fell to the ground.

Ryklin stood over his brothers body and pulled out his sword. Tipton’s body frosted over and collapsed in on its self, leaving nothing more then a patch of frozen earth. “I hope you finally find peace in the next life brother.” He murmured, and then went to help the others in the fight.

Alexander had watched Ryklin slayed his brother and then run off to help Lennox when he stepped onto the battlefield. The carnage was massive as the fight raged on even as one of the major players had been taken out. One of his generals came up next to him and watched the melee. “Sire, the men want tae know what’s the objective?” He asked.

“Get out there and take down Agatha’s army.... and if ye find the ex-queen, bring her tae me.” He growled.

“Aye, sire.” The general nodded.

As his men ran onto the field transforming into their werewolf forms, they scouted out the traitors of their clan, and the next battle begun. But there was one thing that was bothering him, did Timothy get Molly out of here before all this chaos took place? He looked around and started towards the cottage, just to be sure his mate was safe, when he saw a group of werewolves shielding Agatha as they headed to the precise place he was going... he knew right then were Molly was, and the danger she was in.

His human facade fell as the beast made roared to life and let out a blood curdling howl that rolled over the field letting everyone know the king was there... and he was pissed! He took off running towards Agatha, ripping an elf’s heart from his chest that stood in his way, and vowing to the same to his ex-wife if she gets anywhere near Molly!


Chan and Georgie helped me into a nightgown and to my bed when Aggie and the baby came in with Uptum. “I need all of you together so we can protect you.” He told Chan.

“Yes, yes, that’s fine. Just shut the door behind you unless you want to help.” She told him getting everything ready.

Uptum nodded walked Aggie to a chair, and then did as he was asked and shut the door behind him. As soon as he left a pain struck me, and it was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. It was almost in-human the way it took a hold, and it terrified me. I screamed out as the feeling the need to bare down came upon me. “Oh my god Chan... what the hell is going on here. All my other labors took a lot longer than just a half an hour!” I panted.

“Every labor is different Molly, you know that. Besides, you’re not human any more my dear.” She told me as she helped me lay back on the mattress.

I gasped as another contraction took hold and could feel the sweet roll down my face. “Damn it Chow, I have to push!” I growled.

Chan nodded as she took her place. “Okay Georgie, on the next contraction help her sit up and push.” She instructed.

Another pain was building up when I nodded. “It’s coming...” I said through gritted teeth.

“Alright Molly on the next contrition, I want you to push!” Chan ordered, and as the contraction came the earth quaked and shook. “Push Molly!” Chan shouted at me. “Again!” She ordered. “That’s it, one more time.” She ordered, and I pushed with everything I had.

The sounds of a baby cries echoed throughout the room. “It’s a boy.” Chan smiled then glanced over at Aggie. “Do you think you could take your brother for me?” She asked.

Aggie’s eyes where hazed over from tears, but she nodded, putting Katie down and taking the baby from Chan. The sounds of the front door being kicked in and fighting had me try to sit up when another contrition hit me, and it felt like the world tilted on its axle.

“What the hell was that!?” George growled looking around to see if she was the only one who felt it.

“I don’t know, but don’t worry about it now... the next baby is coming!” Chan ordered.

But Aggie looked over at us, with her new little brother in her arm answered. “The transformation timeline is finding its place, and the prophecy is coming to pass.” Her hypnotic voice explained.

“Just great!” I hissed as the pains grew stronger and the need to push hit me again, but exhaustion was taking over.

“Come on Molly, you can do this!” George urged helping me sit up.

I took a hold of my knees and started to push again, when the door burst. Agatha rushed in and stopped as she looked at me with so much hate and disgusted that I stopped pushing an was about to move out of the way of her wrath. “No Molly, you need to push!” She ordered, then... “Georgie, take care of that bitch!”

Agatha pulled out a knife and charged for me, but before George intercepted her, Alexander charged in and tackled her to the floor where a fight ensued. “Alexander...” I panted watching him tear at his ex.

Chan took a hold of my leg to get my attention. “Just stay focused and look only at me, do you understand? Only at me.” She told me sternly. “George get over here, I need you to make sure she doesn’t lay down, and help her push!”

George nodded and then I gasped as the next contraction took ahold of me. “It’s coming...” I panted and the ground started to shake again.

“Okay on the next contraction, push!” She yelled ready for the next infant to make its way into the world.

I started pushing again, when Aggie gasped. Somehow Agatha had broken free from Alexander and jumped at us, knife in hand ready to kill me, when Alexander grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the floor. “Just stay focused Molly!”

An ear-piercing scream tore through the room along with a massive growl as Alexander sat on top of Agatha, and as soon as the beast fell from him, he snapped her neck. I glanced back at Chan and nodded taking a hold of my legs and pushed, until another cry made its way out into the world. “We have another boy!” Chan exclaimed handing the baby over to Aggie.

George helped me lay down when the world tilted once more with a loud crash and a jolt. “Son of a bitch!” George screamed as she and Chan held on to the bed.

My eyes started to close when Chan yelled at me. “Not yet young lady, you still have one more to go!”

I shook my head feeling. “No, I’m done. Just let me close my eyes for a minute....” I murmured, but then a contraction came, and it was a bitch! “Shit, shit, shit!” I hissed as my belly tightened making tears start to fall.

A big hand helped me sit back up and Alexanders beautiful bi-colored eyes looked down at me with a smile. “Come on hen, let’s finish this.” He whispered kissing my forehead.

With a deep breath I nodded as Georgie took one of my legs and Alexander helped me sit up. “On the next contraction Molly, I want you to push with everything you’ve got!” Chan ordered.

I could hear the fighting in the hall, but nodded as the next contraction hit. I pushed to were I had nothing left, and then the beautiful sound of the last baby cries filled the room.

“Ye did so guid hen, so guid my most precious wife. A love ye so much.” He whispered into my hair.

“I love you too.” I smiled as he helped me lay back down.

The world felt like it dropped and the earth was shaken to the core as my head hit the pillow. When it finally stopped, for a moment everything was still, then Aggie looked out into a void and a small smile played on her lips. “The time line has found its place and what was foreseen has come to pass. The evil has been destroyed and the world can breath easily.”

Georgie sat on the bed next to me and sighed. “It can do whatever the hell it wants... as long as it doesn’t drop me on my ass again.” She moped crossing her arms making me laugh.


Lennox was fighting elves, vampires, and everything else in between, and they were not match for him. He was destroying them in droves as he ghosted through their bodies then slicing them in half. But he was searching for the one man that had helped hurt the woman he loves, and that bastard was going to pay for his treachery.

He roared as his black blade sliced off a werewolves head, and that’s when his eyes fell upon the one man he was looking for. “Deo!” He roared across the field.

Deo dropped the elf body that he had sucked the life out of and his body went to a black shadow and started to flee trying to escape his inevitable death.

Lennox pushed men aside trying to get this slippery bastard that had evaded him and his men for far too long. “Deonation you shall cease at this moment!” He roared, but Deo’s shadow started to fade into the ground when Lennox stopped him with one of his daggers and let out a fierce scream that ripped through the air and made Deo stop and his form reaper withering on the ground.

Deo picked himself up and sat on banded knee. “Mercy your highness, have mercy....” He begged glancing up with bloody eyes and ears.

“You were there the night that bastard stole my wife!” Lennox seethed.

“Please your majesty, I’m but a lowly man who only sought to better myself in the world of humans.” Deo groveled.

“No, you are the malignancy that needs to be cut out so both worlds can mend and heal, and I’m going to be the man who does it.” He snarled at the foul creature in front of him.

He took his sword, and with a twist, it because two blade and placed them to Deo’s neck getting ready to slice it off. “As you know my sword will not take away your life, but your very soul. My you find the punishment for all your evil deeds in hell!” Lennox growled.

Doe closed his eyes as Lennox blade started to cut into his flesh, but at that moment when this last piece of evil was about to meet his maker, the earth felt like it dropped once again.

Lennox stumbled along with everyone around him. When he finally regained his balance, he saw that Deo had escaped. “Damn it!” He roared looking all around him, but the maggot was gone.

There was a change in the air, he could feel it, as well as everyone on the field. All their enemies dropped their weapons to the ground, and then fell to their knees. “What the hell...” He murmured, wondering just what was going on. He saw Ryklin rush over to Nicolas and then they were gone... “The babies!” He remembered, and then turned to his first lieutenant. “Gather the prisoners, and wait for my instructions!” He ordered before he turned and ran to the cottage.


After I was cleaned up, the bed was cleaned and made for me, I was finally induced to my little boys. The first baby was placed in my arms, I knew Ryklin’s by his little ears. The next baby was placed in my other arm with a head full of jet black hair and little feathers at his neck, making me smile. But the last baby, George brought to Alexander and placed him in his massive arms. “Here you go big guy.” She giggled.

“My son.” He said in awe.

“Yes, your son.” I smiled.

His eyes meet mine and a smile that I had never seen on Alexanders face appeared. “Thank you hen, thank ye so much.” He whispered fiercely as he kissed my lips.

“Well, what do you think we should call him?” I asked looking at the little bundle in his arms.

“What do ye think of Conall. It means strong wolf.” He offered.

“I think that’s a perfect name for him.” I smiled.

“My wee son Conall.” He mumbled softly to the baby.

Nicolas, Marcus and Ryklin all appeared in the room, and then Lennox ran through bedroom door. All eyes fell on me, and the babies in my arms. “I’m glad you all made it.” I chuckled.

Ryklin moved away from Nicolas and Marcus and, slowly made his way to me. “I have never seen anything as beautiful as you, in my long life.”

“I think you might be a bit bias.” I grinned.

“No, I’m not.” He stated.

“Do you want to hold your son?”

“May I?” He asked coming over and taking the baby in his arms. “I cannot believe that this is real.” He confessed glancing up at Alexander.

“Well believe me, it is... and I would know.” I offered making George giggle under her breath. “Do you want to name him?” I asked.

“Whatever name you want angel is fine with me.” He smiled.

“I liked the name Reece.” I admitted.

“Than Prince Reece it is my love.” He nodded kissing the baby’s forehead and then leaning down and kissing me. “I love you so very much and, thank you.”

“I love you too.” I whispered.

I looked down at the last baby in my arms, then back up at the man that I had loved for a very long time and smiled at the thought of the long years we’d been together. Lennox slowly walked to me startling the baby when he sat on the bed. I placed the bundle in his arms, and tears started to come down his face. “Say hello to your son Ruari.” I whispered.

“Ruari is it? It sounds very Irish.” He chuckled, but then nodded. “It’s perfect, absolutely perfect.” He murmured down at the baby, then glanced up at me. “Do you know how much I love you?” He asked.

“You know I do.” I smiled, and then he kissed my lips.

Marcus and Nicolas came to see the babies, giving me a kiss, and shaking hands with the others, when the smell of smoke came wafting through the door.

Merlin came waltzing in with a very sharp suit and tie, his long white beard, and a pipe in his mouth. He came over to me and with a wave of his hand a chair appeared as he took his seat. “Hello my darling girl. I’ve waited so very long to get to this point.” He chuckled.

“Really, well you’ve got some explaining to do.” I started. “Just how did you know about that woman in the water, and how did you know about the sword and what it was able to do?” I asked.

He sat back crossing his arms with the faintest of grins on his face. “Because I have been planning this day from before you were born. It took many tries to keep everything on the right path, and was made more difficult with Marcus trying to unravel my work at every turn.” He said, then leaned in and whispered. “I even had to disguise myself once or twice when he wanted answers about the timeline.” He chuckled.

Marcus eyes went wide and then he pointed an irritated finger at the old man. “You irritable old bugger. You were that blasted know it all child in London!” He accused.

“Yes, yes, and I also was creating havoc for you in China... but let’s not go there now Marcus, or you’ll consume all the air in the room like you always do.” He sighed. “Besides, I’m here to answer all of Molly’s questions, not yours.” He winked.

“I’ve had a lot of questions over the years, but there has always been one that I wanted to know.... why me? Why was it me this happened to?” I asked.

“Do you know that I have foreseen you from the time Author was just a boy?” He asked and I shook my head. “But that’s not quite the answer you were hoping for, is it.” He said taking my hand and his bright blue eye looked into mine. “You see don’t you… you see who you, are and the reason why your blood did what it did when you were transformed. It was the same reason why others wanted to seek out your children thinking they were going to be just like you.”

“Because I have something to do with king Author?” I shrugged.

“Yes, that’s precisely why! That’s why you could awake Excalibur.” He explained.

Nicolas took a step forward with the sword in hand. “Are you telling me that this sword is Excalibur?”

“But of course it is. Molly is has the same magical blood that her great, great, great... oh bother, her great grandfather king Author had.”

“How is that even possible old man? King Author never had any children.” Marcus accused.

“Well, there were rumors of Author and Guinevere having a son, and I let that fall into lore. But it was true, they did have a child, and when our world died I brought that son here, to your world.” Merlin smiled.

“That still doesn’t explain why Mr. West and me couldn’t touch without loosing our change, or why that butter knife could kill a man that seemed no one else could.” I argued.

Merlin nodded his head as he puffed on his pipe before he answered. “Author had magic in his blood, just not the ability to use it. So when these blokes came along transferring there strengths into your blood… you had the recipe for a Queen.”

“Okay... and so?” I pushed.

“Just as Aggie is part of your line, she wasn't you, as Irvington soon figured out. You see, it takes that certain twist of fate, or maybe you’d call it an arrangement of DNA, that gives you what you are. You, your fate, it grabbed onto the lineage of the kings, and that included Author’s very special blood.”

“So you’re saying that Mr. West and I are related.” I nodded.

“No, no, no, my dear, you’re not related at all. You were born with Author’s blood in you. Irvington, he was injected with the same lineage, but by a different donor.” He murmured.

“A donor, who?”

“Author’s brother.”


“Author brother.... You see Author was destined to be king, Excalibur declared as much when he pulled it from the stone when he was just a lad. But Mordred was jealous. He couldn’t stand that Author was king, so he started to dabble in the black arts with the help of a woman who I was once close with. It was Mordred that broke our world.” Merlin said, but then stopped and frowned.

“How did Mr. West get this blood then. Does Mordred have a child that was brought here?”

“No, Mordred’s blood was brought into this world by the woman who helped him with the magic. She took some of his blood and carried it to this world to be sure Authors heir would die.”

“Then that means Eloise had this blood... but how did she git it?” I questioned.

“A very powerful vampire, the one that changed Marcus and Nicolas in fact. And when he was destroyed, his loyal servant gave the blood to a warped and demented woman who was willing to destroy not only Philip, but all of his friends as well...” He hinted with a side glance to the men.

“Bloody bugger to hell. Do you mean to tell me Lenore gave the blood to Hamby?” Marcus seethed.

“Gave is a relative word. I would say, Robert Hamby knew where Lenore kept his secrets, and waited for the most opportune time to make you suffer for your crime against him and the woman he loved.” Merlin sighed with a shake of his head.

“Bloody hell.” Marcus murmured turning away.

"I don't understand?" I admitted glancing around.

"It's a story for another time luv." Nicolas sighed

“But that was why Excalibur was able to piece the heart of your enemy, even with his full change on.” Merlin stated.

“The blood will take him down...” Aggie murmured aloud.

“Precisely. The blood protected both Molly and Irvington against each other, taking away their magic to use against one another. But the sword had chosen long ago who was king, or in this case queen, was going to be. So when Molly commanded for Irvington’s death... it obeyed.” Merlin nodded.

“Then we weren’t made for each other like Mr. West thought... We were more likely destined for one of us to destroy the other.” I surmised.

“Yes, I would say that was true.” His agreed, and then his eyes wandered over my face and a sad smile formed. “You look just like her you know. After a Millennium I’ve never seen anyone who resembled her so strongly. No wonder you have men falling all over you, she did as well.” Merlin chuckled.

“Who does she look like Merlin?” Nicolas asked.

“Why Guinevere of course.” He answered with affection then got up from his chair and patted my hand. “As with your grandfather before you, I am at your service. And just like him, I’m hoping we become the best of friends, and your children think of me as their grandfather as well.” He smiled before he turned to Marcus and Nicolas. “And gentleman, your work is not quite done yet. I see a divided among your ilk. May I suggest you find all the blokes who are gathering up for another fight and help them see the error of their ways." He winked. "Happy hunting...” He waved, and then vanished.

“I absolutely hate it when he does that!” Marcus growled.

“I have even worse news for you mate. It seems as if he wants to be a grandfather to the children, so it looks like he’s going to be around for a long time to come.” Nicolas chuckled.

“Just bloody great. Where never going to be rid of that old bugger.” He growled.

“Well I kind of like him, and like having him around.” I smiled.

“Of course you do bird, because out of every person in the world for you to grow fond of, he’s the one man who can get under my skin like no other.” Marcus sighed.

“Then I’m sure she’ll be sure to have him over more, just to annoy you” Lennox laughed, along with everyone else.

I sighed as I looked around at this family I had now and smiled. I had my Aggie back, and she was out from under the man who took her from a normal life. Then I looked at the five men who loved me, and the love I felt for them was unconditional as well.

This new life of mine has been full of up’s and down’s, but now has come full circle. I finally found my peace with it, and was happy where I was, and honestly, I couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

~The End~

Or is it...

Doe made his way through a portal that Irvington had left hidden, for just such an emergency, to get back quickly to New York and find a place to hide. He still couldn’t believe that he’d escaped his Kings wrath. That was something not many could boast about... it was like fate had stepped in to save him at just the right moment.

He stayed hidden in the shadows of the buildings until he found the entrance to the abounded building the Irvington owned. He slipped through a crack in a window in his shadow form and made his ways up the stairs.

In all honesty, he was done with this mortal world, he just wasn’t to go back home to Taibhse. But the king knew his face, and knew what he helped Irvington do... his life was never to know peace again.

As he made his way up the staircase, the sounds of a baby crying caught his attention. He looked around trying to figure out where it was coming from and then listened carefully. He methodically went to each floor until he reach the one where the sounds rang out. When he found his way to the room where there was just whimpers now, he saw a body laying in the middle of the floor.

When glanced around to be sure he was alone, and then made his way over. What he found was Sheng, Irvington’s little reptilian play toy, lying in a puddle of blood with a child squirming and crying from between her legs. Deo knelt down tasting the sweet taste of death in the air as he looked into her lifeless eyes, but the babe cried with healthy lungs.

He reached down and took the child out of the pool of blood and held him in his arm. “Irvington did leave his seed somewhere now, dinna he.” He chuckled tearing off the top from Sheng and wrapping the baby boy in it. “I think I’ll keep ya with me wee man. What do ya say?” He smiled noticing the magenta eyes the baby had, but other than that he looked completely human.

“I’ll need to call ya something now. How about Keiran… yes I think that’ll fit nicely. It means little dark one, and if ya’r anything like ya Da, ya and I will have much fun together.” He chuckled taking the baby with him into the night.


4 Years later….

The sounds of Molly screams could be heard throughout the castle as all the men stood in the hallway watching their children playing on the floor. A babies cry rung from behind the door. “One more to go...” Lennox murmured to the others as they started their pacing again.

Another scream was heard, making Reece run to Ryklin, but then another baby could be heard making all the men smile. But as soon as they went to the door, they could hear Molly panting like she was pushing once again. “I thought Chan said two babies?” Nicolas asked.

“Aye, that was what she said.” Alexander confirmed.

“Whatever we thought, I guess we thought wrong then.” Lennox shrugged.

They all started pacing around again, but this last baby was taking its time coming. Nicolas glanced over at Marcus, who unlike the others, was standing unusually still against the wall. “What are you up to mate?” He asked.

Marcus didn’t say anything making the others turn to look at him. Ryklin was about to say something when a loud wail was heard and an hour later Chan opened the door with a smile on her face. “Well gentlemen, we have three beautiful babies in here waiting for you.” She laughed.

“Ye did say three.” Alexander asked.

“Oh yes, three babies, once again.” Chan winked.

Marcus pulled himself from the wall and step towards Chan. “But you said there was just two babies this time.”

“Well, one hid from me.” She laughed patting his shoulder. “Come on now, Molly’s had two daughters, and a son.” She told them happily.

The men made their way into the room as, Conall, Reece, and Ruari ran past them and into the bedroom to their mother. all ran to their mother. Conall was the first to the bed, wrapping himself around Molly’s legs, while Reece and Ruari clung to her waist and neck. “Hello my babies.” She said lovingly.

Alexander came and sat on the bed next his son. Ryklin came took Reece from around Molly's neck and then took a seat in the chair next to the bed. But laughed when Ruari stuck stuck out his little tongue to his brother.

Nicolas walked up to her and he already knew witch little girl was his. He sat down with molly and smiled as she handed him his daughter. Her hand went to the red curls of her hair. “Well, what do you think?" She asked.

"There are no words I could say to explain just how perfect she is." He smiled.

"I really like the name Rose." She admitted twisting a finger around a little curl.

Nicolas smiled kissing the babies forehead. “Yes, Rose fits her perfectly.” He nodded, leaning in to kiss her lips. “I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.”

Lennox came and picked up the other little girl laughing. “A daughter, and she is absolutely beautiful baby!” He said kissing her, and laughing at the sheer luck of him having another baby with this gorgeous woman so soon.

“I knew you’d be happy. I guess when you were talking about having a little girl, and you weren’t all talk and no action.” She chuckled. “What do you think about the name Annabel? She looks like one to me.”

“I love it. Hello my little Annabel…” He murmured as he walked away rocking the baby in his arms.

Molly looked around for Marcus and found him standing over by the door still, and she smiled. “Marcus, do you want to come over to meet your son?" She asked.

Nicolas chuckled and shook his head. "You bugger, did you already know?"

"No, I didn't." Marcus said as he walked slowly over to her. Molly held the squirming bundle in her arms. When he made it over to the side of the bed he looked down at his wife and child, and was speechless.

“Sabastian, this is your father. He can be a bit, grumpy at times, but I think he's happy to meet you.” She whispered into the baby’s ear,then her eyes met his. “You want to hold him?” she asked.

Marcus arms came out gently to take the bundled from her, and then he smiled. "I never thought this could happen for me..." He murmured looking back up at Molly holding back tears.

“Marcus…” She whispered as he came and sat on the bed next to her. He kissed her lips and then kissed the top of the baby's head when Annabel started to cry.

Lennox came and gave the baby to Molly moving the pillows behind her out of the way so she could use him for support as she nursed. Nicolas came and sat next on the other side of her with little Rose in his arms. Alexander sat on the bed playing with Conall little feet, while Ruari put his little finger in his sister’s hand as she suckled.

Reece jumped off Ryklin pushing past Alexander to wrap himself around on Molly’s other leg and Marcus chuckle. “Do you remember Nicolas all those years ago when you accused me of wanting something when I first design these woman. You said I wanted something more then to help you, Alexander, and Ryklin, and you were right, I did. This right here was all that I ever wanted. A wife who loved me, a child of my own… my own family." He confessed, then glanced to his beautiful woman. "You made my dream come true bird, thank you.” He said kissing her lips.

Molly touched the side of his face and smiled. "I love you too Marcus."

Marcus smiled and looked around at all the children and the baby in his arms, and a wicked grin appeared on his face. "Don't forget your promise to me that I can keep you barefoot and pregnant from now on... and that's what I indented to do." He growled.

Molly chuckled and shook her head at him, but Nicolas, Ryklin, Alexander, and Lennox all groaned at the look he had on his face.

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