The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 5

Mr. West walked out of his jet’s hatch straightening his tie before walking down the steps into the hot night air after his long trip from London to New York. When he reached the bottom, the limousine was waiting for him as the driver opened the door at his advance. When he ducked into the car, his right hand man, Deo, was sitting on the opposite side of the seat waiting for him.

“Updates.” Mr. West ordered pouring himself a drink.

“New York has moved successfully without a hitch in our revenue.” Deo grinned opening his file.

“That’s what I wanted to hear, and the updates on the rat infestation?” He asked sitting back into the tanned leather seat taking a glass from the bar and pouring some wild turkey.

“Nothing in the form of names or location but, we did find a pigeon that held a message. I read the note than put it back in place so I could watch for the trader, but so far he's been very slick catch. But I did manage to read the last exchange, and they were asking for details of the complex. So, I think our enemies are trying to infiltrate the compounds.”

“Really…” He grinned sipping his drink.

“I thought the same thing. I would’ve never thought to look on the roof in the first place, but sending messages with pigeons, that was something I would’ve never thought of. I went back to the Queens compound after everything was settled in the new compound, and happened to find another pigeon just wandering around the roof. This one to, had a metal case on its leg.” Deo grinned.

“And was it carrying a message as well?”

“Yes…” Deo replied pulling the small note out from the file. "Send coordinates."

“So, whoever was trying to bring us down missed their opportunity, that’s good. Do we still have the bird?”

“Yes, I have it being well cared for so it can be used when needed.” Deo nodded.

“Good, but we were lucky that we didn’t run into problems. That damn rat is much more shrewder then I gave him credit for. We were lucky that we moved operations before he could give out anything… did he give out anything that I should be concerned about?” He seethed in his seat.

“No, I read the two communications, and from that I could tell I was only one note behind. They had not given out anything of prudence yet. My plan was to catch the person, or persons, red handed and then question them, severely. I was hoping to even find out where they were hiding your bride.” Deo stated.

“I don’t want this bastard messing up all my plans. I have everything set in motion and this needs to be dealt with immediately.” He scowled.

“I understand sir.” Deo said with a nod.

“And don’t worry about my bride. I have Andric, in the cluster here in New York. If they thought they could hide Molly from me, they were wrong. I have my people everywhere…and that reminds me. Andric will be coming to the office to give me an update on his finds.”

“Yes, he said he would be in late this evening and that he did have some information that would please you.”

“See, Molly is as good as in my hands. But now we need to take care of another problem. Since Charles will no longer be the eyes and ears in the committee, you’ve said that the others had no issues with my plans.” Mr. West stated deep in thought.

“Yes, we have four within the committee who are still loyal, even after knowing that Charles had been, terminated, from his position with you.” Deo stated.

“Good, that’s really good. But what about the new mole for inside the cluster? It's essential that I have someone who can game both side of the Vampire committee and the cluster in New York. Do you have any worthy potential candidates?” He asked with a raised brow.

“I did find a rather good one, much better than Andric and Eddie put together.” He offered handing over the folder to Mr. west.

He flipped through the information that Deo had gathered. Looked into his vampire’s life from the photos that Deo had taken, and then the photos that were giving to him by Andric and a smirk formed on his lips. “He’s infatuated by her…” He chuckled.

“From what I was told by Andric, it’s more an obsession.”

“That’s even better. There’s no easier way to get a desperate man to betray his friends and allies then by dangling a carrot in front of his face.” Mr. West laughed.

“I agree sir but…” Deo started.

“But, what.” He asked coolly.

“Having three informants in the cluster, that could put your plans in jeopardy. What if Eddie finds her loyalties waning when it comes to the women? She could destroy everything you’ve worked for before you could set another plan in action.” Deo hinted.

“I’d already knew what was going to have to be done to Andric and Eddie long before this Deo. People who can be turned easily on the ones they care for, they hold no place in my world. They were never going to work for me on a permanent basis. My plan was to have Charles take care of them after Molly was securely in my grasp, but I now I have a better idea…” He smirked.

“What is that?”

“We’ll we have our new recruit take care of that problem for us.” He grinned.

“And if he won’t?” Deo questioned.

“He will, believe me he will, and especially after I meet with him. Knowing how to get what I want out of people just so happens to be one of my many skills. All I have to do is tell him about the prize I'm willing to offer up, sprinkle a extra dose of bull shit, and he won't be able to say no. That’s when I'll have him prove his loyalties for the prize that he'll want so badly. Believe me, with what I’m planning to offer, he won’t be able to say no to me. And when he is no longer useful… I’ll cut the cord with him as well.” He chuckled cruelly.

“That’s one way to be ahead of the game.” Deo chuckled along with his boss.

“Indeed. Now how is our boy Tipton doing?”

“He’s seduced the winter queen to his side, and she is now willing to help him take the thrown from his brother. Also, he’s been working on the Queen of Spring as well. He's sent word that he thinks that she will be following in Winters place very soon."

"Perfect..." He smiled.

"I also just heard from Sterling. He said to tell you that there was another shipment of innocents ready to go, and has spoken to the Queen of the wolves. She is still pulling her weight and gathering more, and more, of the werewolves to her side to take over the clans.”

“Ah, I love it when a plan comes together. There’s going to be nothing from us ruling all of the underworld, and then… the world. Just think, Mixers, Nanohumans, elves and, werewolves. And every other creature that remains, we will destroy.” He growled.

“I did have some news about Nikon as well.” Deo started, handing him another file.

“Has he been easier to handle with Aggie in prison?”

“Yes, and you were right. He goes down their multiple times a day. He has kept his nose clean and to the grind stone so Aggie doesn’t suffer any punishments. I have made sure that he is still unaware that he’s being watched. So, if he is your rat, we’ll find out.”

“Perfect. Now let’s head back to the office so I can set the bait for Andric, and make preparations for a meeting with my new mole.” Mr. West said sitting back into his seat swirling his drink in hand. “And one last thing... I’m going to have you head to London to be sure Tipton has all those wormholes up and ready to go. Once the ball is in motion, there will be no stopping it.”

“I will head out this evening sir to make sure everything is done.” Deo agreed with a nod of his head.

“Excellent…then let the games begin.” Mr. West grinned relishing in his cleverness.

Nikon walked steadily down the hall way that led to the prison area of the New York compound. He adjusted the pack on his back as he nodded at acquaintances as he passed trying to look at ease. He had underestimated just how thoroughly he was being surveiled, and Irvington had his spy’s out in full force to watch him.

He still was trying to figure out how Deo had found out about the damn birds… and now he just got word that Tipton had just finished another wormhole tunnel from the new compound to the new night club. But what he found strange was, Irvington had left him in charge of the day to day task. So it was safe to say, for the moment, that Irvington had no evidence that he was the one sending the messages.

David had been placed in charge of the new underground night club in New York, and that was working well to their advantage. Irvington thought of him as his new favorite poster boy for loyalty, and that has made it a little bit easier to get some information out to Molly, but not enough.

He, Matthew, or David hadn't been able to communicate to anyone from outside the compound for a long time now. They had to keep up their appearances and that meant doing their jobs and collecting all the information they could, and then wait for the right opportunity to send it off...

Nikon stopped once he was past the main thoroughfare, and stood still listening for the beep from his watch. He had his people rig the cameras to start a loop to show an empty passageway as he made his way to the basement.

He hastened down steps and ducked around a corner as the set of guards headed off. That gave him an hour until the next set of guards started their shift… that was something he had made sure of since he makes the scheduling.

When the coast was clear, he pushed in the code to open the gate and then made his way down the overly bright corridor to Aggie’s cell. He could hear soft whimpers from inside and his anger rose as his head went to the thick metal door. He was wondering just how long he was going to have to keep his wife in this shit hole and not do a damn thing about it.

With a deep breath, he inserted the card to unlock the door, and quickly walked in. He looked around the dark and dank cell and when he didn't see Aggie, panic started to set in. He went over to the bed, and when she wasn't there, he looked under it. He thought maybe he had been just imagining hearing her whimpers, when he heard them again.

He turned around and had his eyes fall to where the sounds where coming from, and there, on the floor in a dark corner of the room, was Aggie. She was hunched over making herself small, her fingers bloody as she tried to dig through the cement flooring. Her head hung so close to the ground that her hair laid at her feet, completely overtaken in one of her visions.

“Aggie, it’s me sweetheart, Nikon.” He whispered pushing the hair that hung in her face away, only to see lost vacant eyes. He picked her up from the cold floor and placed her of the thin mattress. He took the back pack off and brought out a bottle of water, some supplies to clean her up, and something for her to eat. “Come on sweetheart, let’s at least get you cleaned up.”

As he cleaned her hands and then bandage them, Aggie’s whispers turned in to soft incoherent mumbles. “When all the lines become one, the time will come. The lines, the lines, one woman, two worlds she will rule, not one, but two. Yes, she will rule two…”

This was the same mantra she been screaming out for the last eight months. Irvington had heard this and has kept her down in this damn cell trying to get her to explain what she meant by her outburst. But every time Irvington was close to her, her visions started to disappear. That had made Irvington the angriest he'd ever seen... and Aggie’s cocky grin didn’t help either.

“I know baby, I know. I heard you.” He murmured keeping his emotions in check while he took care of her.

One of the many things Irvington was a master of was breaking people. What he dealt Augustine as punishment for not giving out the information that he wanted, was solitude and darkness. She was in the dark and trapped by herself with the terrifying nightmares that she can’t wake up from, and without help from anyone.

After a minute, there was silence, and he internally thanked God for her having a moment of peace. He was startled out of his thoughts when a hand started caressing his face. When he looked up, he saw clear blue eyes, the clearest he’d seen them in a very long time. “Baby…”

“The blood Nikon, she will think the blood will be the answer, and it will be. But the key to victory will not be by her hand, but by her blood...” She explained softly, giving her head a small shake like trying to keep her thoughts in order.

“Whose blood sweetheart? Tell me, whose blood are you talking about?” He looked at her confused.

“The blood will make her stumble, but in the end the blood will prevail…” she whispered, and then the veil of lucidity washed away as she drifted back into the ocean of dreams. He watched her eyes glaze over and the lost look that he knew too well came back to her face.

When she was done, Nikon took the washcloth and soap and washed her up, then brushed her hair, and changed her clothes before he started to feed her. “I promise I’ll find a way to get you out of here sweetheart. I promise you, on my life, I will find a way, and then we will all be a family.” He said kissing her lips softly.

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