The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 6

The soft morning light streamed through the window waking me from a delicious night of activities. I stretched in the silken sheets with a smile on my face as my hand slid over to where a warm male body should’ve been... but seemed to be missing at the moment.

My eyes opened, only to see an empty space next to me, and then sat up to see an empty room. I looked around and was about ready to get out of bed when the sounds of grumpy, and angry, mumblings caught my attention coming from the other side of the villa. My hands ran over my face before I fell back to the bed. “Damn… it’s going to be a long ass day.” I groaned.

With a long sigh, I threw the covers off me, got out of bed, and got ready to face whatever the coming day. As I walked down the hall Lennox's scent hit me. “So he did come home last night...” I murmured already smelling testosterone running rampant from the balcony area. “Great, and it seems that their having some sort of pissing contest to boot, lovely.”

Low harsh whispers were getting louder as I made way to the entrance, then hid behind the white sheer drapes surprised they didn’t even smell me coming. “I see I’ve caused a bit of a commotion this morning.” I chuckled as four men's head shot up, and then turned in my direction. “Is it safe to say good morning.” I smiled as I walked out to where they all sat.

Lennox's eyes roamed over me and shook his head as he stood up taking a lock of my now shortened hair. “You look like you did all those years ago when we first meet.” He murmured.

“I know.” I whispered.

“So, you’re going back to Hells Underworld.”


“And if you’re challenged to a fight?” He asked.

“I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.” I shrugged, hoping that would be enough.

“Molly, what are you going to do if you’re challenged?” Lennox asked again.

“Yes...” Was all I could say.

Lennox's hands went through his hair and then went behind his neck. “Molly...” He started.

“Look, I’m leaving. So are you staying or coming with me?” I whispered.

“Damn it, yes, I’m going with you.” He growled starring down at me like I was a glimpse of the past that he hoped would never resurface again… Then with a shake of his head, he left.

“Have you feed recently?” I asked to his receding back.

“Yes, this morning.” He answered.

“You remember the rules in these cities, right?” I asked, and received just an irritated grunt as he vanished through the drapes.

When I turned back around Ryklin was standing in front of me and he gently took ahold of my face in his hands, lifting my eyes to meet his. “Why are you going to this place to fight for these answers? Alexander is working on the wolf problems, Nicolas and Marcus are working with the committee, and Lennox can work on finding the MM’s compound... and to get your daughter back.”

“I thought Lennox was trying to find Tipton?” I asked with a raised brow.

Ryklin sighed. “He is...I can’t go back to my kingdom knowing your not safe. And I can not win a war if I think my queens in harm’s way.” He murmured taking me in his arms and kissing the top of my head.

“War, what war?”

“It is nothing for you to worry about…” He started.

“It doesn’t have to do with the queen of winter does it?” I questioned.

“Do not fret, everything will be fine.” He chuckled.

“But you thought that Tipton might’ve tried to get Winter to turn against you…” I stated, but it was my turn to get interrupted.

“Angel, this is my world. So please don’t worry.”

“Fine, you win... it’s your world, but that doesn’t mean I wont worry.” I sighed pulling away from him. “We all have a role to play in this, don’t we.” I stated with a shake of my head. “And my role is not to be cooped up and hidden from the enemy’s. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is, and I think deep down, you know that’s true as well.”

Ryklin’s hands dropped, and his beautiful face frowned. “And if I said that I disagreed with that statement, and that I was willing to endure your wrath to force my will on you... then what would you do?”

“Do you honestly think you could stop me? You know I would find a way to do whatever I need to do to find my baby... regardless of the outcome between us.” I admitted.

He nodded. “Then take Lennox with you, and be safe my queen.”

I nodded then turned and looked at my much to silent vampires. “So, Lennox and I are off to Moscow. I’m hoping you two can get some good information from the committee. When you do, just text me to let me know if there’s any information that could help me find Aggie, or that bastard Mr. West.” I told them, but Marcus just smiled. “Did something happen that I missed?”

“Much I’m afraid. I, along with Nicolas are heading with you to Russia.” He informed me.

“What? Oh no you’re not! Believe me it would be better if I was going by myself, but I promised Lennox that I would never go back to that world I left behind. So, in saying that, he gets a free pass to come with me. Besides, he’s knows how this world works and worked with me in it for a long time… a very long, long, time. He knows how to play the games that goes on with mixers. You have absolutely no idea what you creatures are thought of or are treated like in my world… and I can tell you right now, you won’t like it.” I explained.

Nicolas frowned, his blue eyes piercing me as the scar under his jaw twitched. “Yes, Lennox has told us some of this world, and he has agreed it would be best if Marcus and myself come along…”

“What?” I hissed glancing over my shoulder to where Lennox had disappeared.

“It’s time you started to realize that we are a part of your world now. Do not think we are the kind of men who will just let you walk into danger luv, because that’s where your dead wrong.” Nicolas said turning and walking away from me without another word.

“Wait a minute here?” I shouted at his back. I was losing complete control of the situation and wasn’t sure how that had happened.

There was a deep chuckle that came from the table, and I shot back around. “Yes, Lennox said it would be a brilliant idea if we went with you two.” Marcus grinned, pushing himself away from the table making his way over to kiss my cheek then smacking my ass before he walked off. “We’re leavening in two minutes, be ready.” I was informed.

“What the hell...Lennox said what?” I growled only to turn and look at Ryklin, who was as silent as the grave, but also looked to have agreed with this stupid ass plan. He sat at the table taking a piece of toast and placing some jam on it before he took a bite covering up the grin that had grown on his gorgeous face.

“Son of a bitch! Forget about me fighting Mississippi. I’m going to end up fighting a shit load of women who are going to want a taste of my men!” I growled, stomping into the villa to get my bag of weapons.

Four and a half hours later we finally landed in Moscow and it was one of the longest damn flights I’d ever had in my life. Nicolas and Marcus were quiet, well, Nicolas was, but not Marcus. He lost it when a flight attended called him my pet. That caused him to go full blown alpha male on her, and lecture her on how vampires were superior to any other creatures out in their world… yeah, it was lovely.

As we all walked out of the terminal, the snow was already starting to fall, and as I looked around for our ride, I saw a big burly man holding up a sign with a big number seven on it written in red... “Well it looks like Sylvie at least got my message for a pick up.” I murmured to the guys as we made our way over.

The big cabbie pulled his hand rolled smoke from his mouth when I walked up to him. “Cemb?” He asked.

“Da. Kreml’ pozhaluysta?” I asked making my way over placing my bag on the ground.

“Da chto.” He nodded going to open the back trunk.

I nodded and walked over putting my bag into the trunk, but made sure to strap my shoulder holster on and my pistol were loaded. After that, I made my way over to my guys and saw that Marcus took the front seat, so I got into the back with Lennox and Nicolas.

“Ty govotish’ po-angliyski?” I asked the cabbie.


“Good, I need to get to Hell’s Underworld.”

“Such an ugly place for such beautiful woman. You sure you want to go such a place?” His hypnotic voice tisked.

“Hmm, that seems to be a bloody good question …pet” Marcus stated coolly.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah whatever. Just get me there.” I sighed crossing my arms. I didn’t say anything to Marcus' smart-ass comment, and Lennox growled knowing that Marcus' arrogant attitude was going to be more than a little troublesome for us when we got into the dark mixer city.

“Don’t fret over Marcus luv, you know he can be a complete wanker at times.” Nicolas whispered in my ear, then kissed my cheek.

Well at least Nicolas seemed to be handling everything pretty well, which was good because I don’t think I could’ve handled Marcus otherwise. If that man is giving me this much shit over him being called pet, I can only imagine what he’ll think when he get’s to our destination.

When the cab pulled up long the sidewalk, I place my red coded wrist band to the pay screen and walked out into the cold to meet my guys. Lennox had got my bag, and I took it from him and swung it over my shoulder, took one last deep breath of fresh air, before walking towards the Kremlin.

Marcus' tall well dress frame walked besides me and growled. “Why the bloody hell are we heading to the Kremlin? I think I would’ve jolly well known if there was some sort of ‘mixer city’ there.” He stated wrapping his arm around my waist very possessively.

I guess I need to be a little more specific on what the rules were in this world. “No Marcus, the Kremlin is just the Kremlin. Hell’s Underworld is where it sounds like.”

“And that being…” He questioned.

“It’s under the Kremlin.” I explained wiggling my way free from his strong grip.

But Marcus chuckled and pulled me back to him. “You used that red band for the cab, and I couldn’t help but notice that many eyes gazed at it in awe. What precisely is it bird?”

“It’s the way we pay for things. The color tells others of your standing in the community. But for me, it helps me maneuver more efficiently through the streets of these cities without hassle, or interference.” I explained pulling free once again.

“So, are you... wealthy bird?” Marcus asked confused.

“This isn’t the time or place to have this conversation!” I hissed.

“Then just tell me what your standing is?” He pushed.

“I’m in the category of... don’t fuck with me if you want to live. That what red means Marcus. Now, just shut up, know your place and follow me!” I growled

“What the bloody hell is my place?” He growled back.

I glanced around our surroundings as we stood at the entrance to Hell’s Underworld. No one seemed to be listening to what a mere vampire was saying, but the women and their pets can be vicious when it came to remembering information that could be used against a potential opponent. I took Marcus by the arm pulling him aside from other Mixers who were going in so we could have a private conversation.

“I don’t have time to answer all your questions right now but I will explain a couple things to you before we go into the city so you know your place…” I started.

“My place is that I'm your maker bird.” He growled.

“Damn it Marcus! Look I’m the boss down here, get it? All of you, you’re all my pets, that’s it. It doesn’t matter what you are in the underworld, those rules are thrown out the damn door down here.” I informed him.

“And what does that mean...” He asked squinting at me.

I shook my head, not wanting to get into it any further. “It means I’m responsible for all my pets and their actions in this city. So whatever crap you pull, I get to deal out whatever punishment that the law states...remember that.” I hissed.

“I am nobody’s pet bird, not even yours.” He informed me with the superior master vampire look on his face as he stood over me.

“Well Marcus, in my world, that is precisely what you are. Do you remember when we you took me to that bar with the vampire drinking from the mixers?”

“I do...” He answered with a lifted brow.

“Well sweetheart, looks like mixers have some secrets from the vampires as well. I guess you’re going to get a true feeling on how we Mixers feel when we’re with your kind.”

“Molly!” he growled as I walked away.

There was swears, and harsh whispers behind me as I went over to a set of ten doors on the side of a long brick wall. Normally there were guards in navy blue uniforms watching the entrance, making sure humans wouldn’t stumble in to a world where they could get hurt. But that seemed to no longer be the case. I only saw one guard who let mortals stumble in thinking it was some sort of tourist attraction... and my stomach turned. “Son of a bitch.” I grumbled flashing my band to the guard.

I pushed the door open stepping back into a world that I left nine years ago. As I stood there at the top of the stairs looking down the long deep concrete steps that lead to the world of debauchery and violence, all I could think was, I’m home.

A smile broke out across my face as I took my first step, and then it felt like I was running down the stairs. When I hit the last step, the soot covered cobble stone street looked just the same as I remembered it. My head tilted upwards to see the curved tar covered ceiling that always made you feel like you wandered around in perpetual night.

I stepped out onto the walkway seeing the old beat up metal cans lit aglow with fire as mixers stood over them warming their hands and talking along with their pets. The further down we walked we finally hit the part where the roads turned into actual streets. Tall street lamps ran sporadically along the tattered sidewalks. Some of the glass of the lamps were clear, but many were tinted red with tiny bubbles and waves running throughout the panels, giving the world an eerie red glow.

The building started to come into view, and just like everything else in Hells Underworld, they too were built with old leftover parts that were salvaged from the world above, and brought down below a hundred years ago.

Whenever I used to work here, it always felt dirty to me, but not dirty from the darkness of the soot on the cobble stones and building. No, this was a place I could come and let my tendencies run rampant without any repercussion. It allowed me and my soul to be, dirty and the thrill was coming back to me with a rush of adrenaline. “Home…” I chuckled.

A hand took me by the arm and pulled me into the shadow of a building. Lennox's onyx gaze bore down at me with more than a little concern in them. “You need to remember how easily you can get pulled in by this world. I can already see the excitement on your face.” He warned.

I looked away from him knowing that what he said was true, and glanced at Marcus and Nicolas who were watching me carefully. “Yeah, I know. That was one of the reasons that I wanted you to come with me. But why in the hell did you tell the vampires they could tag along?” I hissed.

He shook his head and sighed. “Believe me there was nothing I could do about it.”

“Fine, then let’s just hope Marcus can drop the ‘Mr. all-powerful’ vampire act… and pray he can keep his fucking mouth shut.” I snapped.

Lennox ran his hand threw his shaggy raven hair looking at the two vampires that came with us, and nodded in agreement. With a shake of my head I flung my bag over my shoulder, and then watched Marcus study everything he saw. Who knew what the hell that man could possibly be thinking... knowing my luck, he was seeing if there was a way he could conquer the damn place!

“Alright gentleman, we have to make our way to the brothel so we can see an old friend, and check you in.” I sighed heading down the street.

“She did just say brothel… correct?” I heard Nicolas whisper as they followed.

Lennox chuckled and then I heard him sigh. “Yes, but it’s not exactly what you’re thinking of though. The man who works there is in charge of keeping track of every mixer that comes into the city, and their pets. You don’t want to not have your name down in the book.” he growled.

“What happens if it’s not in this book?” Nicolas questioned.

“When they find you, they make an example of you.”

“Have you witnessed such a thing?” Nicolas asked.

“Yes, Molly was most, thorough, in her examples.” Lennox offered.

“Bloody hell…” Nicolas murmured.

“So their selling women up at this brothel I suppose?” Marcus asked, seemingly interested for once. It figured sex would peak his interest, and get him to shut the hell up.

“Well that’s not exactly what there selling.” Lennox started.

I stopped and glanced over at him and shook my head. “Lennox, he’ll find out about everything soon enough.” I warned, then whistled for a taxi. An old battered rickshaw pulled up next to us being driven by a moped and a very eager nanohuman to get a customer this evening.

“Where to ma'am?” asked the small man.

“The brothel.” I told him as Nicolas helped me up into the carriage.

“Yes mama. Band color?” He then asked. I showed him the wrist band and a big smile broke out across his face. “Oh yes ma'am. I’ll get you there right away ma'am.”

I pulled off the bag and started ruffling through it, scouring for the damn smokes I shoved in there before I left. After a second I found them and lit one up to take a good, deep, drag to help calm my fears... when I heard a growl next to me. Marcus reached over yanking the smoke from my mouth, tossing it to the ground. “I thought I told you not to smoke anymore bird.”

The driver glanced back at Marcus from the mirror, and then shook his head. He was probably wondering why this disobedience vampire wasn’t being scolding by his mistress. But with Marcus, I couldn’t even fake a punishment just to keep up appearances. I needed to pick and choose my battles with that man very carefully, just like a parent does with a stubborn child.

As we traveled down the streets, I saw a lot of chaos happening, and there seemed to be no enforcers around to help keep the peace. It looked like the civility that we worked so hard to keep in the city was all but gone. “I have a bad feeling about this.” I murmured under my breath.

The taxi finally pulled up to an old run down two story building I knew all too well. The brothel still looked the same as it always had. The walls had enormous cracks running up the plaster, exposing the brick that lay underneath, and the white paint took on a pink glow from the red tinged lights. The windows were stained glass, but the once bright blue door was now painted a red so deep, it looked like it could have been painted with blood.

“Come on guys, let’s get this over with.” I said pushing my pack behind my back as me, Lennox, and two clueless vampires entered the house of sin.

When the doors opened the smell of smoke, sweat, and sex hit me. I started to push my way through the men and women socializing in the front room area, then we made our way to the back rooms... men walked around talking to the mixers, some wearing very little, most wearing nothing at all as the women looked over each prospect for a night’s worth of entertainment, or a quick fuck before the fights started back up again.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the infamous number Seven. Tell me girl what’s it been, eight years.” A deep rumble came from a corner of the dim room.

A tall ebony skinned man came up to me with his hands on his hips. His suit was navy blue, his shirt was navy blue, but his tie was blood red. His bald head had some glare coming off it from the dim lighting, but I could see his tribal tattoo from the American wolf clan on the side of his head. It was Mac Brown, the ruler of the brothel, and the keeper of the books.

“It’s been nine years you damn wolf.” I smiled at the massive teddy bear in front of me. He pulled me into his big arms for a hug, then pushed me back looking me over, then grinned over at Lennox.

“Lennox, how the hell you been man?” Mac chuckled.

“I’ve been good, real good.” He answered as his eyes drifted to mine with a smile.

“Man, I should have known you’d show up with my girl after last time she was in town raisin hell and causin’ trouble.” Mac laughed extending his hand.

“You know how I am when it comes to Seven…” Lennox grinned taking the hand.

“Oh brother, do I ever. You never let her out of your sight.” Mac laughed. Then looked in back of Lennox, and saw Marcus and Nicolas, then looked back to me. “So baby girl, I’m taking it you’re not here for a nights worth of entertainment with some of the fays I’ve brought in? I’m telling you the women love them.” He winked.

The men behind me must have done something, because Mac’s hands went up and he started laughing. “Don’t go gettin’ all pissy fella’s. I was just offering baby girl something a little different for the night.” Mac grinned.

“Damn it Mac, don’t start shit right now. Honestly, I was hoping you were still here because I have some business to discuss with you after I check me and my guys in. But first, tell me where to find Roxie.” I asked.

Mac ran his big hand over his bald head. “Damn baby girl, things have changed around here. I don’t check in anyone anymore. They just come on in.” He shrugged.

“What? And what dose Roxie have to say about all this?” I asked looking around the room.

“Roxy, Roxy’s gone baby girl. Mississippi has control of the entire city now. It’s her roost to rule.” Mac sighed.

“Mississippi… what the hell is she doing running everything?” I growled.

“Well…that’s a long story.” He stated with a shake of his head.

I glanced over my shoulder at Lennox who swore under his breath. If there was one thing I just found out, Mississippi running the fights was bad enough, but her running the whole damn city was a very bad sign.

A young mixer came up to my group of men checking them out, but seemed fascinated by my Banshee. “Well hello old one. Your just what I’m looking for before the fights.” She purred. Lennox took her hands from his rear, frowning at me, while Nicolas chuckled, and Marcus looked down right appalled, and yet interested all at the same time.

I shook my head as Lennox dealt with the young mixer, and then sighed. “Hey, are we still on the up and up or what Mac?” I asked.

“Of course we are baby girl, you know you can always come to Mac for anything.”

“Good. Is there a place we can go have a chat?” I nodded.

Macs head went to the side as he turned and started walking through the crowd. I looked back to my guys, who now where shooing away the women and tried to keep my laugh in check as I watched Marcus' annoyed face. “I’m going to talk to Mac for a minute, I’ll be right back. Try to behave yourselves while I’m gone.” I laughed making my way to the office with Mac as Nicolas pushed away another woman.

Once inside Macs office he shut the door behind me and pulled out the seat in front of his desk before he took his chair behind a big black lacquered desk . “So, what you got going on that needed to be kept secret?” He asked.

“I swear you’ve gotten even worse with how damn clean you are. I swear your office even sparkles.” I laughed looking around me, working on how to begin the conversation.

“Well, we work in a dirty world baby girl. Feels good to have something clean around me when it’s time to relax.” He grinned, then this thick muscular arms went to his desk and he sat forward. “Now, what’s really going on?”

“First, I wanted to know how the hell Mississippi got the fights?” I asked, reaching over and taking a cigarette from a crystal holder from his desk.

His hand went over his head as he sat back in the chair. “Easy, Sterling still owns it." He offered.

"Okay, but that doesn't explain about where Roxie is?" I stated.

"Well, when you first left Roxie was running things really smoothly, you’d been proud of her. But it was about two years after, she just up and disappeared. I swear it was just like one day she’s here, the next day, it was like she never even existed.” He explained.

“Holy shit...” I growled.

“It was a couple weeks after that when all hell broke loose when some uppity vampire came bringing some rules and new laws that were to be enforced." He started, but that made me chuckle.

"Oh I bet that didn't go over well with all the ladies now, did it?" I grinned.

"Hell no it didn't, and having a city of pissed off 2% mixer women, well it wasn't a pretty sight. Next thing I knew there was a woman vampire running things, but she smelled just like a mixer so the girls took to her."

"What's the name of these vampires?"

"Well the guy, his name was Charles. And the woman..."

"Don't tell me, Edwina." I groaned.

"Yeah, how'd you know that?" He asked.

"Damn it, because she was one of my closest friends... man, this shits been in play longer then I thought. All this was happening while I was at the cluster in New York? She was stealing the innocents even as we found out about them being stolen... she's some damn good actress." I murmured, then glanced back up at Mac. "Mississippi?"

"She came about ten years ago. Did I think that all this shit was strange, yeah, but what the hell was I going to do? The girls were fine with it, and that’s the way it’s been since.” He shrugged.

“And you, what did you think had happened?” I hissed.

“I knew something hinky had been done to Roxie, but what am I going to do about it? I'm kicked out of my clan, I have no friends other then you girls because of my crimes." He stated.

"And the other enforcers?"

"Most were bought off, look Seven, I know you’re pissed at me for not telling you about Roxie but, I had no way of getting ahold of you. And with Roxie gone, I didn’t even know where to start. Besides, I knew after the night you won the fight with silver… you weren’t ever coming back no matter what the hell was going on down here.” He informed me.

“Fine, I’m not going to argue you about something that happened all those years ago. But now, I need you to tell me where Mississippi is.”

“Easy, she’s at Red’s Place.” Mac shrugged.

“Okay, is that where she does her business now?” I asked taking a deep drag trying to control my anger.

“The only business Sippy does is fight. She might have control over the city but she wants all the respect and lovers she can get under her belt. But Red's now it's the toughest damn fight there is.”

“So, I take it that she still wants to be the fighter she could never be.” I assumed.

“I wouldn’t quite say that… Mississippi has turned Red’s into an all night fight show. Rookies brawl it out all day and into the evening and then they come to my place to eat, drink, and fuck. But when it’s ten O’clock, that’s is when other girls get to challenge the queen bitch to a match, and for the title."

“What about the rules?” I gasped.

“Well, there is no punishment for a kill. Now it’s considered a notch in your belt and a tribute to a mixers fighting skills. But the girls who challenge Sippy, they know what they could lose when they fight her. But then again that’s how she keeps her power over the masses.” He told me leaning back into his chair crossing his arms.

“So that means Mississippi is now the queen bitch of the ring. Lovely. And what about Silver, she still coming around here? I asked.

“No, she hasn’t been seen or heard from since that night you won the fight and took her title. Why do you ask?”

“Because I was hoping to find Sterling, but hanging around a mixer city doesn't quite seem to suit him. So now I'm here hoping to get information from Mississippi, to get to Sterling” I admitted.

“You’re thinking Mississippi is going through Silver to do her dealings with Sterling, and that’s why you’re looking for her?” Mac questioned.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“Oh shit, you’re going to have the whole city jamming into Red’s to see this fight!” He laughed sitting forward and hitting his desk with his massive fist.

“Look Mac, I was hoping it wouldn’t come to that. I just want to swap information for something she might want.” I frowned putting the smoke back in my mouth.

“Yeah, she’s going to want your ass handed to her on a platter.” He laughed again.

“Shut the hell up. Listen do you think I can reason with her without it coming to a fight? I promised Lennox I wouldn’t fight in the ring anymore.” I sighed.

“I don’t see that happening baby girl. Sippy owns anybody and everybody who steps into Red’s. And I hate to admit it, she’s gotten really good since you left. Nothing like your fightin' … but pretty damn good if you know what I’m saying. I can tell you right now if you walk into Red’s with Lennox at your side, she’s going to want to take him right in front of you. Call it pay back for what you did to her best friend, and all that girly shit.” He winked.

“Great, that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. You know Lennox won’t let me walk into Red’s without him, and I’ve got two vampires with me who don’t have a clue about what’s going on, or the long feud between me and Mississippi.” I hissed snubbing my smoke out in the palm of my hand.

“Girl, you’re still as bad ass as ever, but how are your skills?” Mac chuckled watching me.


“Then don’t bring your men.” He suggested.

“That’s not something they’ll agree to. You know Lennox.” I said slumping into the chair.

“Then I’ll give you a good piece of advice. Mississippi got herself a new Elf, and let me tell you, she’s really into him, the woman won’t let him out of her sight. Even beat the hell out of some young mixer a couple weeks back over it. If she goes straight for a challenge and Lennox… have her throw in her new toy into the kitty. That might have her rethink a fight if his ass is in play. Especially if it’s you she could lose to.”

“I'm having a deja vu moment here." I smiled thinking back to the night Sylvie gave me the same kind of information. "But, that's a very promising tidbit of info Mac, thanks.” I told him standing up giving him a smile.

“So, are you going over to see Sippy like, tonight?” He asked with his own smile on.

“I’m going over there, like five minutes ago.” I answered making my way to the door.

“Hot damn, it’s going to get good tonight!” He laughed following behind me.

Marcus stood to the side while Nicolas rejected another woman coming up and asking for a shagging. His arms were crossed as he watched the naked men parade around the women like a bunch of bloody peacocks making idiots of themselves for some female attention. “Can I ask what the bloody hell is going on here?” He whispered on a growl.

“Well I would say we are in a brothel that sells men for women’s entertainment. It wasn’t really too difficult to come to that conclusion Marcus.” Nicolas grinned.

“Who would have jolly well thought that the outcome of my brilliant idea of a clean source of blood for vampires and a fertile womb, would lead to men being absolute prigs.” Marcus growled.

“You did make a mess of things, didn’t you?” Lennox confirmed.

“No, there were some unforeseen consequences to making the girls. But if I had not, many vampires would be living a fate worse than death. You can ask Nicolas about that.” He advised Lennox then glanced over to Nicolas who remained silent over that statement. “Besides, if I hadn’t decided to go forth with my plans, we wouldn’t have Molly now, would we?”

“In that respect your correct, and I can’t thank you enough for that woman. But your version of consequences is quite warped as they are twisted Marcus…” Lennox grumbled shaking his head and that had Nicolas chuckle at the truth of it.

A tiny little brunette made her way to Marcus, grabbing a handful of his ass, before telling him that he was her choice for tonight’s naughty session. Lennox laughed at his outraged face. Once Marcus ridded himself of the mixer, his face was indigent as he shook his head. “I can not believe that my bird would come here, to a place like this, for a shagging with these pathetic sheep.” He growled.

Lennox stood very still trying to control his temper. “Don’t go there Marcus, Molly was very different back then. She was a dark and tormented soul who was angry at everything and everybody. I worked a long time to earn her trust. But in her quest to find a way to deal with her pain and anger that she had, she became something fierce and terrifying at the same time.

“For many years she struggled with her demons, and all I could do was watch her fall apart, all while still helping mixers find a way to thrive. This is where she would come to let loose and unleash her anger.” He explained.

Nicolas looked at all the women that were sitting around talking to the men, and the words that Molly told him the night in the field came rushing back, all she wanted was to be loved. “All their looking for is someone to love them…”

“I suppose, these women don’t have their makers and that is something that I have found that mixers need, they need a support system. I’m sure the women here, their makers aren’t scouring the world for them like you all did for Molly. They're making it the best way they can, and trying to find their own mates.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but these men chose to be pets. But I need you to remember this, if you push Molly to the point that she thinks you’ll hinder her search for her daughter… she’ll have no problem leaving you behind.” Lennox warned.

“That will never happen again banshee. I won’t allow it.” Marcus growled.

“Yes, it won’t, that is if you can keep your damn mouth shut.” Lennox growled back.

“I suggest you both control yourselves… Molly’s coming.” Nicolas informed them.

Molly followed behind the big werewolf and then started to push through men who were offering themselves up to her for the night. Her eyes squinted as women surrounded all of them and even one woman took ahold of Nicolas's face and pulled him down and started to kiss him.

Nicolas politely broke free but saw Molly roll her eyes over the situation. She pushed the woman aside and then took him by the back of the neck and kissed him, graphically. When she was done she turned around to the group that now looked ready for a fight. “These men are MINE. So, if anybody wants to continue their night of having fun, better piss off!” She hissed.

A little blond swayed her way to the front of the crowd, it looked as if she had already been in a couple fights. The side of her mouth tipped up and the others gave her some room, which said they thought highly of her. “Even if these are your pets, you know that doesn’t matter. They’re in the brothel and that means their up for grabs. Just who and the hell do you think you are to come in here and stop me from getting my moneys worth of fun?” She snickered, looking quite impressed with herself.

Molly’s eyes slowly started to turn red as she took a step closer. “You smell they're mine little girl, and if pets are in the Brothel with their mistress… they’re to be left alone. Those are the rules, and those rules are to be followed. Now, you have exactly one second to back the fuck off, or you’ll be heading home in a body bag.” She snarled.

Lennox put his hand on Molly’s shoulder and she stopped and stared back at his intrusion. “Seven, isn’t there more important things to worry about at the moment. Do you think it’s best to start a fight at the brothel, when your destinations in Red’s Place?” He asked, making sure the other mixers heard her name.

Whispers of the name of Seven went through the group and then traveled beyond it. But the little blond who was so superior only a moment ago, now took a step back as the color drained from her face.

“Seven, the Seven...” The mixer whispered, but Molly didn’t answer, instead she stood there with her hands clenched trying to keep herself under control. Then the blondes head bowed down in submission. “I’m sorry for my arrogance. You’re right, I know the rules, and I will obey them.”

Molly nodded, then she glared back over her shoulder at the men who were the cause of this commotion. “I’ve got the information I need… let’s go.” She growled, looking the girl over, and then with a shake of her head, she turned to leave.

“Hey Seven, Seven…are you heading to Red’s right now?” Mac's voice boomed throughout the room. But Molly didn’t bother to answer, instead she just walked through the path that opened and widened with each step she took.

The grin on Mac’s face started to grow into a big smile, as his hand went into the air full of cash waving above his head. “Hot Damn Ladies, hurry and finish up with your activities. Seven’s back and she’s heading to Red’s place to go see Mississippi! I’d say we got ourselves one hell of a fight tonight!” He roared.

Lennox groaned at Mac’s statement and the excitement that erupted from it. Chatter started to spread like wildfire while people ran through the house pounding on the doors for the girls to finish up whatever they were doing. Men came rushing out of the room pulling on pants, slipping on shirts and shoes following after the ladies.

“If having a private conversation with Mississippi is what you were hoping for, all I can say is, it looks like it's hell and gone. When she sees all the commotion that you’re bringing to Red’s, she’s going to pick a fight.” Lennox groaned helping Molly into the rickshaw.

“Honestly, I always knew that she was going to pick a fight with me. But Mac was right about one thing.” She sighed.

“And what is that luv?” Nicolas asked.

“With Lennox with me, she’s going to want revenge.” She replied.

“Revenge, revenge for what bird?” Marcus squinted in her direction.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” She advised him.

“Molly…” Marcus growled.

“This is what I was talking about when I said you need to keep your damn mouth shut.” Lennox warned with a glare, then discreetly wrapped his hand around Molly’s waist. “I think she knows it would be very unwise to challenge you baby.”

“I don’t know, Mac said that she’s gotten really good at the fights, even claiming to be queen bitch of the ring. When she sees me… we both know what's going to happen next. I just need you to be ready because when she sees you, you know she's going to want to sweeten up the kitty. Let’s just hope I can put on a show like I used to.” She murmured rubbing her hands over her face.

“What kind of fucking show are you planning to put on Molly?!?” Lennox growled.

Her eyes widened when she looked up at him, then frowned. “Damn it Lennox, not the kind of show your thinking of!” She seethed.

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