The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 7

Thomas was one of the first vampire’s that became a member of the New York mixer cluster and he had worked hard with Dorin, Andric, Ryuuji, and even that asshole Lennox, to find a way for the mixers to live in peace in their world. Little did he know back then that he would stumble across a woman who would be his down fall.

He could still remember the day when Molly walked into the conference room, she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen in all the long years of his life. How could one little woman hold a man so captive with just a glance of those hypnotic blue eyes... But none of that mattered anymore, she was dead.

Why he chose to stay in the New York cluster and not move on, was still a mystery to him. Maybe it was because when he was paired up with Georgie, deep down, he hoped that having Molly’s best friend would fill that empty space that he now had in his heart. But instead, it just seemed to make it ache even more.

With a sigh, he parked the car and got out and started to walk down 28th street. When he got into the office this morning Jamison had called a meeting about a new batch of missing innocents, so that meant his ass was out in one sector looking for clues... that at least was what he was supposed to be doing, but found that he just didn’t give a shit anymore. All he wanted was to go back to a time when life made sense to him. A time where there were no mixers, and a time when his non beating heart didn’t hurt so much at the loss of the only woman he’d ever loved… Molly.

As Thomas continued to walk, not even bothering to look for the girls, he thought back to that day when Molly just appeared after being gone all those years. He’d actually had come to terms with Molly never coming back, knew it was best after her makers found her. But when she showed back up, all those feelings he had came rushing back, and then Georgie opened her big damn mouth about how he was now hers... he could have physically hurt someone at that moment, but instead took out his irritation on the only woman he wanted.

“Stupid ass…” He uttered about himself.

He wanted to find her and apologize for the way he acted, but Dorin had beat him to the punch. Now he was going to wait until he saw her again and tell her just how much he loved her. But it was the next day when Georgie came home and told him that Molly had taken Lennox as one of her mates and that news, it broke him. His current living situation with Georgie and the two dragons, wasn’t working anymore. Georgie was a great girl, but she definitely wasn’t Molly, and even worse, he wasn’t interested in Georgie at all.

Lennox somehow maneuvered his way into her life and became one of her husbands. How the hell that happened, Thomas still couldn’t figure out because as far as he knew, they hated each other!

Thomas knew that Molly had had a fling with Lennox every now and then, hell she was Molly, and a mixer with a strong sexual appetite... that was to be expected. “Damn it!” He growled going down a side street.

He shook his head not wanting to think about it anymore, because there was nothing he could do about it and he had to get in through his head that she was gone. Just snatched away from him before he could tell her that he loved her, or taste her one more time to help his heart from aching… she was gone!

There had been whispers that the werewolf king, her two vampires, and Lennox went out that night Molly was killed and scouted out every vampire that took part. The killing spree that they went on was still whispered about on the streets. The acts of revenge they dished out to those who had hurt Molly was, epic.

“Those assholes don't love her like I do... I would've made sure she wasn't killed in the first place!” He growled.

He wanted to be her everything, and now what does he have, nothing but an empty bed and a loveless relationship. At least when he slept with Georgie it was like having a piece of Molly even if it wasn’t her. He shook his head internally groaning on just how fucked up that sounded even to himself.

He was now at the point where he didn’t want to sleep with Georgie at all, it hurt too much when he did. So, instead he’d been picking up woman and going through them like water through a sieve. Even recently started sleeping with mortal woman again. But even with him sinking his teeth into sweet living flesh, it wasn’t enough to take the place of his Molly.

When he looked up and saw that he was at the corner of 82 second St., he realized that he’d walked past the location of the last vanishing. His hand went through his hair and swore, ready to turn around and give the area a look, when he saw an old movie theater that had the three stooges playing.

“Damn, I can still remember when that movie first came out.” He chuckled. It was probably the first time he’d smiled in over a year. So, with a shrug, he forgot about the innocent mixers that he was supposed to be finding, and got himself a ticket instead.

Once inside the dark theater, his tension eased enjoying the quiet and anonymity of the location. He climbed the stairs to a secluded seat in the back of the room out of anyone’s sight. Kicking up his feet, he relaxed so he could get lost in his thoughts with no interruptions from the humans, and then his mind drifted to a better time, a happier time for him... the first time he'd made love to Molly.

He had just come into the cluster from patrolling the streets for abandoned innocents, and finding them safety for the night before placement. He walked in to the gym, thinking he was all alone and to take a minute to unwind before heading back up to the cluster... when he walked into the locker room to see Molly and her beautiful naked body under the spray of water.

She looked as if she had been fighting with cuts and bruises all over her pale skin. But as her blood rinsed down the drain, the smell of it was so intoxicating, that it nearly drove him mad. When she turned and saw him standing there watching her, she didn’t say anything, but she didn’t have to... she wanted him, and he was aching to have her. He could still remember the feel of her as he slipped inside, it was the closest thing to heaven he thought he would ever get.

Then there was the time when he took Molly for a picnic in central park and her laying on the blanket looking up at him under the shade of the trees. A thin little tank top and a pair of shorts was the only thing covering her body to him while she laughed pointing up at the could giving them strange names.

He laid down next to her telling her funny jokes as his hand smoothed over her stomach finding the hem of her shirt and let his fingers find the soft flesh on that hot summer day. Her bright blue eyes were so beautiful, and when they turned and looked at him with that smile on her face… he was lost.

But the one night that Dorin and Justice were gone and he had Molly all to himself, is the time that stays in his head the most. The two of them sat naked on the sofa while she ate a bowl of ice cream, watching some old black and white movie.

After he'd been turned into a vampire he didn’t particularly like the taste of food any more, but that didn't mean he didn't love to watch her eat. So when she took a big bite and held it on her tongue, daring him to suck it off. But just when she was about to close her mouth, he took her in his arms swallowing that fowl concoction to get to the rich and creamy mouth of the woman he loved.

He took her body so completely that night, he wondered if she could feel the desire that burned so damn deep in him for her. He groaned and shook his head at the torture he kept putting himself through, and he wondered if the ache in his heart would ever go away, or if this was just his new reality. He felt like the love he had for her was really going to kill him.

As he sat in his seat, now watching the movie, a tall serpentine woman came up and sat next to him. Her long black hair was piled on her head and her dark eyes skimmed over at him with a grin. He glanced to the side wondering why she’d make her way to the very back of an almost empty theater to sit next to him. But he knew one thing for sure, whatever she was selling he wasn’t buying.

“Excuse me, are you Thomas Witham?” She asked with an Asian thick accent.

“Yeah?” He answered, not in the mood to deal with any woman right now. Especially when the one that was stuck in his head didn’t leave any room for anything else, even a moments worth of peace.

“Ah, that’s good. I was told to give you this card.” She smiled pulling out a black card.

“What the hell is this?” He questioned at first thinking the card was blank until he turned it over only to see a phone number in small white print.

“Call this number, he can help you.” She winked.

“What the hell are you talking about?” He growled under his breath.

“You’ll see. Just say you’re calling about women trouble, handsome. Then all will be made clear to you.”

“Women trouble? You’re out of your fucking…”

But she turned in her seat placing a finger on his lips. “Call the number, you will be very happy that you did.” She giggled, then got up and left just as quickly as she came.

He watched her leave, then looked back down at the card turning it over to look at the back again, but there was nothing there. It was just a plain card with a phone number on it. No name or instruction, just a number. With a shrug and a shake of his head he slipped the card into his pocket, and without another thought and continued to halfheartedly to watch the movie.

After the movie, Thomas went out looking for the girls for a while hoping to find some kind of clue to who was stealing them off the streets. But when he came up empty handed, he made his home instead of the cluster. “I’m home…” He called out seeing if he was alone or not.

When no one answered, he was relieved. The last person he wanted to see right now was Georgie, because in his sick twisted mind he'd want to sink into her while he closed his eyes and thought it was Molly. Damn it, his mind was way too fucked up for his own good.

He walked in throwing his keys on the kitchen table and then headed to the fridge to grab a beer. He popped it open taking a long gulp, then went over to empty his pockets on the table to make his way to the shower when that card glared back out at him. He took a drink of his beer remembering the woman, and what she’d said, so he took out his cell. “What if this is some sort of trap...” He thought, but after a minute shrugged and dialed the number. “What the hell do I have to lose.” He sighed.

The line rang a couple times and was just about to hang up, pissed off at himself for calling in the first place, when a female voice answered. “Ni Hao.”

“Yeah, I was told to call about woman trouble.” He grumbled and then heard what was some muffling.

“Thomas, I’m glad you decided to make the call.” Said a man.

“Yeah, and who the hell is this?” He asked getting irritated.

“This is Mr. West. But my friends call me Irvington.” He chuckled.

“You fucking bastard, when I find you I’m going to kill you. You’re the reason Molly is dead!” He roared, then heard three words that changed his life.

“Molly isn’t dead…" Mr. West said.


"You heard me. Molly is still alive Thomas.” Mr. West answered.

“Yeah right, and why the fuck should I believe an evil bastard like you?” He hissed, thinking of ways he could find this bastard with his cell.

“You should watch that mouth of yours, or I could rethink of giving you the opportunity to have what you want most of all.” Mr. West tisked.

“And what the hell could you possibly give me that I’d want other then your head?” He laughed.

“Why, Molly of course.” Mr. West chuckled.

Thomas remand quiet for a minute letting what he just heard register in his brain. “And how are you going to give me Molly, and how do I know that what your saying isn’t all bull shit?” He growled.

“I'm sending you a photo... look at the date."

His cell pinged and he opened the text to see Molly in a sheer cover standing out on a balcony. Then he saw the time stamp... "How do I know you didn't fix the time?" He questioned.

"At this moment, you don’t have any reason to trust me but I’d like to discuss the possibility of a partnership between us. So, what do you say... interested?" Mr. West offered.

“When do you want to meet?”

“Noon on Thursday, at the Chrysler building. I’ll be at the luncheon.” Mr. West told him.

“Sure, what the hell. I’ll be there.” He mumbled.

“That’s my boy. I look forward to meeting you and working out the particulars of our new partnership.” Mr. West chuckled, then the line went dead.

Thomas set the phone on the table picking his beer back up drinking the rest down, trying to wrap his head around the conversation he just had. Molly was still alive? Was she captured, hurt, did this bastard Mr. West have her hidden somewhere where no one can find her? He looked back at the photo and he knew one thing for sure... he was going to do everything in his power to make sure she was his once again.

The front door opened and voices broke through his thought as they made their way to the kitchen. Thomas quickly snatched the card from the table and stuffed it back into his pocket. Georgie came and smiled at him as the dragons talked amongst themselves. “Hey Thomas. I haven’t seen you in a couple days now.” She giggled coming over kissing his cheek.

The dragons grumbled over any show of affection she gave him... and that’s when he got an idea. Regardless of what Mr. West wanted to discuss with him on Thursday, if he was offered Molly as a prize, he was all in. “Yeah sorry, I needed to get out and clear my mind. But I also just wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to move out.” He her.

"I don't think that’s the best thing to do right now. I know things have gotten strained between us but, we need to stay together Thomas.” She offered taking his hand.

“I think we all know it’s time for me to go, and you and I know it’s for the best. It might take me a couple days to find something new, but I should be out by then.” He smiled giving Georgie a hug, and then walked out of the room.

As Thomas walked away his mind was full of one thing, Molly. She could be his again, and with that she could take away all this pain and misery he’s been feeling for so long now, and in the end, that’s all he cared about anyways.

Mr. West sat in his Bentley with a fresh glass of scotch waiting for Sheng to come back from the old movie house on 82 St. with the news he wanted. Patients was never a virtue for him, but over time if there’s one thing he’s learned was, patience was usually good strategy to have when working on many different fronts.

The goal today was to peak the love-sick Thomas Witham interest, and the best way to do that was strategically. Hopefully his secretary did precisely what she was told to do. If she had, then he knew he would get the outcome he was looking for.

He took a sip of his drink as a text came in from Deo, when he saw Sheng walking towards the car. The driver got out opening the door as she got in, and took her place next to him. “He was right where you said he would be.” She smiled.

“And I’m taking it that it went well.” He asked.

“Yes, very well just like you said it would. That man is wound up to tight for his own good. I think you are right about him being love sick.” She grinned.

“Excellent, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. And you remembered to say everything I told you?” He asked throwing back his drink.

“Yes, I did everything you told me too say.” She nodded enthusiastically.

“Then my play is in motion and I think we’ll hear from my new pawn very soon.” He chuckled.

“Do you think so?” She asked taking his arm and cuddling up to him.

“Yes I do. Men don’t think straight and end up making unwise decision when a woman is involved.” He grinned knowing the truth all to well. He wasn’t surprised when Sheng didn’t have anything to say over that comment. “I suppose you think I fall under the same category my dear, and perhaps you’re right. But I know what’s at stake, and I have what is mine. That woman was made for nobody else but me.” He growled.

“Well, maybe I can take your mind off that mixer of yours for awhile.” She purred kissing his cheek as her hand slip down the luxurious fabric of his shirt and started unbuttoning his pants.

He took her head in his hand pulling her head back as his eyes traveled over her face. “Always longing to please me Sheng, that is one think I like about you. You know, I don’t mind you trying to get me to stop thinking about her. In fact, I insist that you do.” His voice rumbled pushing her head down to his now engorging cock.

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