The Reckoning of Molly Barons Darkness Becomes her

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Chapter 8

Buy the time I stood outside of Red’s place, the people were already beginning to pile into the building. I couldn’t help but shake my head knowing that having a simple meeting with Mississippi was going to be almost impossible.

The old sign that said Red’s Place had been updated, and now blinked with red neon lights, but everything else... it all still looked exactly the same as the night I left. My hands went on my hips trying to focus at the task at hand, and forget the fact that Mississippi probably already knew I was there. “Damn it…” I hissed while I got my head straight.

Lennox came and stood next to me. “Do you have a plan?”

“Would it surprise you if I told you no.” I answered.

“Not really, but it isn’t something I wanted to hear none the less.” He sighed.

“I’m going to try to get her to have a meeting with me. I’m not even going to walk into the fight area unless I don’t have any other alternatives. I don’t want a fight, and after everything that’s happened, she shouldn’t want to fight me either... but wanting payback can be a nasty bitch sometimes.”


“She’ll want to fight me, because if she doesn’t…”

“Then she would be thought of as a coward and not the queen bitch of the ring.” He nodded.

“Not only that but, I was the one who took the title away from Silver. So that means, Mississippi has the title on a default.” I stated.

“Do you think you can avoid it?” He finally asked.

My eyes slid to the side, then back to the entrance of the building. “I’m going to do my damnedest to try.” Was all I could say.

With the sounds of cheering echoing to the outside, I dropped all my emotions and let the cold hearted bitch, that I had been for a long time, come back out. “Don’t be up my ass in there, I’m going to need breathing room to work.” I told Lennox walking to the doors. But then stopped realizing I still had another man that needed to be dealt with... “Marcus, Don’t say a fucking word when we get in there, get it?!” I growled pushing the door open.

The smell of blood, hard liquor, and stale smoke hit my nostrils as I took my first steps back in my old world. I took a look around, when I saw Stan. He was the old wizard that keeps the enchantments on the place, and has been tending the bar since, forever.

Stan looked over and saw me, and I gave a quick nod to my guys to follow. We made our way through the crowd of people to the bar, where there was already three shot glasses on the counter waiting for me. “Hey Stan, it’s been a while.” I grinned.

“Seven, I thought the chatter about you being back was false, I now see that I was wrong. So, what brings you back to this neck of the woods?” He asked looking over my shoulder at Lennox and two others with me.

“I was hoping to have a meeting with Mississippi.” I explained.

“A meeting, that’s all?” He asked with a raised brow.

“Yeah, I am looking for some information and was told she was the one to see.” I admitted downing a shot.

“I heard it was a fight with Mississippi you were looking for.” He replied.

“No, that’s the last thing I want. I just want a conversation, nothing more. I’m even willing to wait until after the fights are over... if that’s what Mississippi wants.”

“What Mississippi wants?” He asked more then a little shocked. “Well, I can send a message with your request if you want.” He answered pushing over a pen and paper. “But the chatter has already started about a fight between the two of you, that’s not something a chat can quench.” He hinted.

“Yeah, I had thought of that too. But I’m hoping that she doesn’t want to go there with me...” I answered jotting down a quick message then folding the scrap of paper up and handed it to Stan.

There was a masonry jar at the end of the counter where he unscrewed the lid and dropped the scrap of paper in. In the next moment it caught fire and then disappeared, now all I had to do was wait for a reply.

“So, is Mississippi in a fight right now?” I asked.

“Yeah…” He replied with a frown.

“I’ve heard she’s gotten pretty good.”

“Good is a relative term.” He offered.


“She’s good, but then again that all depends on who she’s fighting.” He said glancing at me while he dried a glass.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping she’s thinking as well...“I answered, then saw a small flame come back into the jar and then turn back into paper.

Stan opened the jar and saw his name on it and read the note. His eyes glanced quickly up at Lennox, then with a shake of his head scribbled something down on the paper, then the process happened again. “I don’t think she wants to swap anything Seven.” He sighed.

“I figured as much.”

“Mississippi has gotten even more ruthless, and the grudge she has against you, it runs bone deep.” He murmured.

“Is that why you all let her kill Roxie?” I growled.

His eyes widened, then he shook his head. “Did you actually think anyone who runs in Silvers cluster would let any enforcer like Roxie set the rules in the city?” Stan offered.

“Yeah, I suppose it was stupid of me to think that all of you wouldn’t let the city go to hell and stick up for someone like Roxie.” I hissed, as another little flame came to the jar. This time Stan opened the lid and then offered it to me. I reached in taking the note...

“If you want something from me, then you better get your ass down to the ring and fight me for it!”

I glanced back at Lennox, who frowned and shook his head already knowing what the note said...“You were right, she doesn’t want to talk.” I sighed downing the last shot. “Well, it was good seeing you Stan.”

“Are you sure you want to go in there with pets?” Stan asked hesitantly.

“Are you telling me that you think she’s that good?”

“No, but she’s been fighting the whole time you were gone.” He shrugged.

“Don’t worry Stan I haven’t stopped fighting since I left. It’s just been a whole different kind of monster I’ve been dealing with. Hey, why don’t you pour me one more shot for the road.” I winked.

“You know she’s going to be going after Lennox.” He murmured as he poured the Everclear.

“Yeah, I know. But if she does... I’m going to make her wish she hadn’t.” I chuckled holding up the glass in cheers before throwing it back and enjoying the burn.

“Good luck Seven.” Stan said with a grin.

“Thanks, but luck has nothing to do with it.” I smiled slamming the glass to the counter before getting up.

I pulled out a smoke and lit it as I walked to the large red double doors that sat in the very back of the building. The spell that was on them kept all the sounds from the arena out, but that’s when I noticed that it wasn’t just the what was behind the doors that was quiet. Everyone inside the bar was watching silently as well. “Here we go…” I whispered to the men behind me, then pushed the doors open.

The roar of the crowd broke through the barriers as we walked into the darkened area as just like Stan had said, Mississippi was fighting. I watched her as the music blared and the crowed cheered with every hit and Mac had been right, she’d gotten pretty good since I’d been gone… but she still wasn’t in the same realm of me and Silver.

Mac was off in the bleachers scribbling down marks in his little black book when he saw me. “Well baby girl, I take it a meeting wasn’t what Sippy was looking for. I guess I was right about all that girly shit.” He grinned making his way up the steps.

“Yup, you were right on the money.” I shrugged, but eyed his booklet.

He looked down at the book in hand and shrugged. “What? You of all people know, it’s always about the money baby. Besides, I just wanted to be sure all bets were placed before the fireworks started.” He grinned.

“Shit, I can’t believe you’re already stirring shit up with bets, when there hasn’t even been an open challenge yet.” I snapped.

“Hell, this is going to be Mississippi trying to get her revenge on Seven… this is some epic shit going down!” He chuckled patting me on the shoulder. “Well, since you’re here, I’m off to get my seat in the front row... I love all the bitchy banter before the fight starts, that’s the best damn part. Oh, and good luck baby girl, my moneys on you.” Mac winked as he went back down the stairs.

I sighed as whispers started all around us. “You heard Mac Lennox, so you better get yourself ready for anything. Mississippi isn’t just wanting to fight, she’s going to want to put on a show for all the bragging rights.” I whispered, then glanced at Marcus and Nicolas. “Listen to me, don’t say a damn word no matter what’s going on or what’s being said, got it? I don’t want Mississippi noticing that you two are with me, or better yet, what you two are to me.” I growled.

Lennox's eyes slid to the vampires then back to me. “Don’t worry about them, I’ve got it taken care of. You need to worry about yourself now. You have much more power then you used to, and you’re not in the habit of keeping it in check anymore. You’re going to really concentrate to keep the beast at bay.” Lennox offered.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing…” I agreed, then started toward the ring.

The arena really wasn’t anything special, just the back of a warehouse full of rusty beams and metal, in the center of the room was a white covered platform that stood a good foot off the ground. There were never any ropes around it, those had gotten torn off once and was never replaced. The benches stepped upwards but where close together. The more that could crowd in to see the show, was better for business, especially the gambling side of it.

There was no room left on any of the benches as the rush of people streamed in. When I got to ring side, I snubbed out my smoke and waited for the bell to ring to signal the end of the fight. Lennox had Marcus and Nicolas move to a bench so they were not in full view of the ring, and then he came and stood behind me.

Mississippi was beating the shit out of some stupid little rookie who had been looking for the title. On the next hit, the girl hit the floor with a thud. Mississippi snickered as the girl struggled to get back up, but with one more blow, the girl was out. She glanced at the ref, and then his arm went up declaring Mississippi the winner and the bell rang.

The crowd cheered as money was passed around with the winner’s collecting and the losers paying up. Mississippi shot up in the air showing her dominance in victory as two men came to carry the girl out of the ring.

When the crowd was at it’s height, Mississippi walked over to the edge of the platform with a smirk. “Well I’ll be damned, so you decided to fight for what you want, must be good. So what do I owe the honor for mighty Seven to grace me with her presence?”

“I was hoping we could talk.” I stated.

“Talk!? Girl, we fight here.” She roared.

“Yeah, well, I’m not looking for a fight, just some information.” I offered.

“You know, this shit feels like a like deja vu, doesnt it?” She snickered, then looked out at the crowd. “Did you hear that... Sevens gone soft.” She shouted, and the boos and hisses started. “So, if you didn’t want a fight, why show your ass here?”

“I’m looking for Sterling, and I was told you know where he is.” I answered crossing my arms.

Her body stiffened, only for a second, but I caught it. “Why in the hell are you looking for Sterling?” She growled.

“That’s none of your concern.” I answered with a raised brow.

“Bitch you aren’t getting shit until I know what you want.” She hissed.

“Look, if you can’t give me Sterling, then tell me where Silver is. She would know more then your sorry ass anyways.” I chuckled, pissing her off.

“Are you claiming that I couldn’t give you Sterling if I wanted to?” She hissed.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying sweetie. Me and Silver, we were the real deal. You, well, you’re nothing more than the sidekick and I need to talk to the real people in charge.” I smirked, feeling like I just hit that sweet spot.

“Fuck you! I have just as much pull as Silver does, and in fact, I do know where Sterling is.” She roared.

“Careful there Mississippi, you know the consequences if you can’t offer up the prize.” I warned, and that’s when I saw the look that I wanted to see… she did know where to find Sterling.

“You want to know where Sterling is? Then get your ass in the ring and let’s see if you can take it from me. If not, then fuck off!” She grinned.

“Fine, I’m willing to play…” I smirked.

“Wait, I’m not done. I’m willing to give you Sterling’s location, what are you willing to throw into the kitty?” She asked with a tilt of her head.

“What is it that you want?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“I want the banshee.”

“You mean to tell me my banshee is only worth a location? Oh, no, I don’t think so.” I laughed.

“That’s fine with me. Then get the fuck out of here…” She stated.

“I’ll tell you what, if you throw in some of that sweet ammunition that hinders abilities; then you’ve got yourself a deal.” I replied.

She stood up on the ring looking pretty damn intimidating, if I do say so myself, and crossed her arms. “You look the same, but there’s something different about you now.” She murmured and then whispers went out through the crowd and accusation of her being, afraid. “Shut the hell up, all of you. I’m the queen bitch here, and I accept her challenge!” She yelled over the commotion.

“Fine, then I accept your challenge.” I said with an internal smile.

She had taken the bait just as I hoped she would. I got into her head better than I thought I could, and even though Lennox is in play, with Mississippi already pissed off beyond belief… this fight was already over. I turned my back and walked over to Lennox and started to strip off my shirt when… “Molly, what the bloody hell are you doing taking your clothes off in public?” Marcus growled coming next to me.

My eyes closed and took a deep breath smelling the change in Mississippi. She went from angry and out of control, to shock, and then down right giddy. I glanced over my shoulder and saw her turn quickly around and take a deep breath in my direction. “That’s it, that’s what’s different, the bitch has gone and got yourself hitched!” She laughed, as her lackeys on the other side of the ring followed suit.

“Yeah, I did.” I shrugged.

“Seven, baby, say it ain't so! You were the craziest fucking woman out there. You fucked your way through men like a pro, that is, at least when your banshee wasn’t around. But now I see you’ve brought two toys that are so very impressive. It would be a shame to keep them out of the game.” She goaded winking over at Nicolas.

“A challenge has already been accepted Mississippi.” I growled watching Lennox push Marcus back to the bench.

“But I’m queen bitch, that means I can add to the kitty if I want to...” She smiled.

“What do you want?” I growled.

“I want your husband, the one with the gray temples. The uptight ones are so much fun to break.” She cackled to the girls in her corner, then stopped. “But I want him for good.”

“What are you stating...”

“That he’d be mine, forever.” She smirked.

Marcus growled starting to get up but I hurried over and pushed him back down and grabbed his face in my hand pulling his chin up so we were eye to eye. “So you want two of my husbands for information and ammo, but why stop there? I’ll throw in this beautiful Englishman, and let me tell you, he doesn’t disappoint in bed. But then why don’t you throw in your new Elvin play toy as well. Then we both have flesh in the game.” I suggested smoothly.

Mississippi's head shot around to the gorgeous elf, then back to me... I had her thinking, and that was good. “This is my ring little girl and I make the rules.” She hissed.

“That might be true, but I am allowed to counter offer.” I grinned.

“No, it’s on my terms.” She snarled.

“Are you saying you’re willing to just hand over your title and everything I’m asking for on a forfeit? You know the rules, if you want to keep the title of queen bitch and everything that goes with it, you have to accept any and all challenges. Could it be that you’re afraid that I might actually win?” I chuckled as the arena rumbled in whispers.

Mississippi took a long time to answer that question, so long in fact, I thought she might’ve changed her mind on the fight. But then... “Deal, I’ll throw in the Elf if you win. But, I also have a… stipulation.”

“Of course you do. What is it?” I asked already knowing it was going to be something devious.

“I say we have a repeat of your last fight here at Red’s. The prize will have to come to the ring stripped naked and the winner will have her way with him for everyone to see while he screams out her name.” She chuckled cruelly behind me.

Marcus' eyes grew a little wider at that statement. His mouth was starting to open to argue, when my fingers dug in a little more to stop him. “Fine. But I also have one last request.”

“Yeah, what?” She asked, and I could hear the smile in her voice.

“However I decide to play with the prize, that’s up to me.” I answered. A low growl escaped from Marcus and I gave his head a quick shake to stop it.

“Done!” She called out laughing.

“Then I’ll accept your challenge.” I stated letting go of Marcus.

The crowd cheered as she stepped into the middle of the ring already waving her hands in victory while I stripped off my shirt and boots. I gave my things to Lennox; who was beyond furious at me. “And this was your plan? To have Mississippi throw in her lover, for what reason?” He growled.

“I thought it might make her not want to fight me, okay! It didn’t work, but I will not break my promise to you, ever.” I exclaimed. “Just make sure Marcus doesn’t say another fucking word.” I hissed under my breath.

Lennox gave me a nod and then I walked to the platform to be patted down by one of the refs. “She's clean!” The ref shouted out letting me pass.

When I jumped up onto the platform the whole arena went quiet. Mississippi stood on the opposite side of the rink. Her tall lean frame was wound pretty tight, and I couldn’t help but chuckle at all the hype she needed just for a fight. I rolled my eyes, and that must have pissed her off even more as she took her place glaring at me with absolute contempt.

“You should’ve stayed gone if you knew what was best for you. Now, I’m going to get revenge for Silver, take Lennox right in front of you, and walk out of Red’s with your husband as my own personal bitch!” She snickered taking her stance.

“We’ll see who’s taking whose man when the fight is over, won’t we. But what I want to know is... what did you do with Roxie?” I asked calmly taking my place.

“Oh what, the interrogator thinks she can just come back and still have the pull she once did in Hells Underworld? I don’t think so. Haven’t you heard, this is my fucking city now and I can do whatever the hell I want in it. And that means I can even get rid of some little piss ant enforcer if I want to as well.” She chuckled.

“You know, I think it’s time to take you down a notch.” I growled crouching down with one hand in front of me.

“Oh yeah, and how are you going to do that?” She hissed as her knees bent and her arms came out to the mat.

“Easy... I’m going to kick your ass, and then I’m going to take your favorite play toy away from you just like I did to Silver all those years ago.” I smirked.

“Yeah you can try, bitch…” She growled.

“Challenge accepted.”

I closed my eyes tuning out Mississippi, the sounds of the crowd, even my own thoughts of Marcus and Nicolas seeing what I really was, and concentrated on finding my center. This was a fight I couldn’t afford to lose, there was just too much at stake for me. I knew I could win easily against Mississippi, but that really wasn’t the problem. Keeping my powers in check, now that could lead to a real complication.

The Referee came onto the floor before the bell rang. “Remember ladies there’s no transforming of any kind, if you do, you forfeit the fight. There are no weapons of any sort to be used and that means, no spitting, or throwing of objects at your opponent. You are only allowed your strength and your wits. Now, let’s begin!”

Every possibility of the fight ran through my mind along with the moves that Mississippi would make and I would counter them. I tucked the beast deep within myself trying to keep her blood lust at bay, already knowing she was excited about fighting an old enemy. But then the bell rang and my eyes opened, the world slowed as my course of action became clear and my win, eminent.

Nicolas stood in the dim lighting watching Molly ready herself against a woman who was twice her size. He was amazed at the stillness of the entire area as the crowd listened to Molly and this Mississippi banter back and forth. Whatever was supposed to happen after this fight, he now understood that was why Molly didn’t want them to come with her.

As soon as the bell rang, loud acid rock blared out from the speakers that hung above their head, lights flickered and flashed around as the crowd roared. Molly’s eyes opened already prepared for Mississippi's first attack and the crowd was in an uproar, some waving their tickets, while others shook their fists.

Both woman went at one another with fist and feet, blocking and striking, then Mississippi dove at Molly, but she sidestepped the oncoming assault to grab Mississippi by the arm and flipped her to the mat with a loud thud.

Marcus was seething as he watched his little bird in this den of iniquity. “What the bloody hell is all this commotion going on, I can barely hear myself think? What do they think this is, TNA wrestling or something?” He hissed over to Nicolas, who shrugged.

When Mississippi was on her back she got a strike in Molly's stomach and then tried to go for her face, but Molly reacted like she was already prepared for the strike and jumped back. Molly chuckled as Mississippi got back to her feet, shaking her head trying to regain some balance, then growled at Molly’s snicker.

A grin tipped the corner of Molly’s lips as Mississippi came at her, was terrifying. She blocked the punches, then countered back, and when Mississippi was close enough, she grabbed her in a headlock and viciously punched her in the kidneys. The crowd went wild as the fighting intensified. Mississippi kept coming, using every advantage of her height to get the upper hand on Molly, but was failing completely. She blocked every oncoming assault with ease.

Nicolas could hear Mac calling out bets to women still wanting in on the betting. The fight was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. These were savages, and they fought savagely and without mercy, but Molly, she looked like she was enjoying it. But when a hit caught Molly in the stomach by surprise, he could visibly see the anger take a hold. That’s when he couldn’t help but think of the rules of this fight. “Lennox, what happens if she loses control and changes? Is Marcus going to have to go up and be shagged?” He asked over the chaos.

“No, I’ll have to be the one who goes up to get shagged, Marcus will be Mississippi's from now on.” He growled.

Marcus heard what Lennox mumbled as well and squinted at his bird as he watched her fight this Amazonian woman. The fight was fast and this Mississippi came at her with an onslaught of fist and kicks. But then some wanker threw something at his bird. “Molly!” He roared, causing her to look in his direction.

When she glanced over his way, Mississippi took that opportunity to strike, plowing his bird in the face so hard she flew off the platform into the crowd. Nicolas and Lennox's heads turned and they glared in Marcus' direction. “Bloody hell, don’t give me that look.” He growled.

Lennox clenched his fist wanting to start his own fight with a stupid, arrogant, vampire. “You bastard, the last thing we need is to have our girl loose it because of you. Because if she does, then we lose too!” He seethed giving Marcus a good push.

Boos and hisses sounded as Molly picked herself up, wiping blood from her face, and then spitting a mouth full of blood to the floor. She pulled herself back onto the platform and grinned. She seductively licked the blood from her arm having all the men groan as it echoed throughout the arena.

Molly chuckled and took her stance, then gestured for Mississippi to try and do that again. But this time when Mississippi came at Molly, she seemed more confidence. The actions were nothing more then blurs as they fought. But the strikes that Molly gave where so vicious, the sound of Mississippi’s bones cracking could be heard from the impact.

Mississippi turned and cringed with pain as she tried to attack again, her hand coming in for a strike, but once again Molly blocked it, her left elbow breaking Mississippi’s fist. Molly maneuvered herself to take her arm pushing Mississippi down, then punching her neck with her free hand. The strike was so hard her neck looked to be crooked as she stumbled backwards.

Mississippi fell to the floor as Molly grinned, and Nicolas could see the thrill that Molly got inflicting such pain on her opponent. Her whole demeanor had changed into something very dark and ominous.

Mississippi stood glaring at Molly with absolute hatred, as her body popped and cracked, healing itself from Molly breaking her neck. When it was about healed, she rushed Molly again.

She screamed out it rage going for Molly’s throat this time, but Molly snatched her before she made a mark, twisting her to the side ramming her knee into her rib cage twice, snapping more bones as Mississippi fell backwards holding on to her ribs.

The crowd went crazy as Mississippi swayed, but Molly didn’t attack, instead she was patient. She took her time with every move that was made, she didn’t need to overpower her opponent, when Mississippi made a move, Molly easily controlled the outcome of it. Now she stood still on the side of the platform as Mississippi’s body healed.

Molly stood in the corner and shook her head. “Call it now, there’s no fucking way you can handle anything more I’m going to give you!” She growled, but there was a change in her cadence.

Lennox growled seeing her fighting to hold herself together. “We’re almost done baby, just keep ahold of it a little bit longer.” He growled.

Molly’s chuckle was menacing as Mississippi attacked her again. But Molly turned, and she placed a punch with such impact in the middle of Mississippi’s chest, that the sheer force had her flying back off the platform and crashing into the benches, and people sitting in them.

The crowd was eerily quiet as Mississippi tried to get out from the people she fell upon, then all eyes turned to Molly. Her grin was wild as it curved up the side of her face as she jumped down from the platform with all the ease of a predator that she was. “Do you really want more Mississippi? Do you want me to unleash on you what I did to Silver all those years ago?” She seethed.

“Fuck you, I’m not done with you yet!” Mississippi hissed stumbling to pull herself free from the benches.

Molly chuckled, then ran over to where Mississippi was struggling to get up, and jumped into the bleachers to unleashed her full wrath.

She was like a wild beast as she attacked, and Mississippi was all but powerless to stop the oncoming assaults. With one last punch, Molly stood up, breathing deeply, her fist and the front of her, colored in blood. She grabbed a hold of Mississippi's hair and pulled her free from the benches, and dragged her back down to the ring, then threw her on it...

The audience was silent, and that’s when Marcus realized that the music had been switched off so every word could be heard. He glanced over at Nicolas who's eyes were wide and his mouth tight. He knew that Molly had a darkness to her, but this was a side of his bird that he’d never witnessed before. But it did explain why she was so damn confident to be on her own.

Molly jumped up into the ring looking nearly inhuman, and Nicolas could see the worry on Lennox's face. Molly walked over for what he could only term as ‘the killing blow’. Mississippi laid on the mat, unable to move, as Molly stood over her seething. “Call it!” She roared, but Mississippi gave the slightest shake of her head.

Molly reached down and punched her in the face causing Mississippi’s head to bounce off the mat before falling back down. “What the fuck are you doing. Do you want me to kill you, is that it?” She seethed, but Mississippi was quiet. “Call it, because the next hit will end you!” Molly hissed.

The two glared at each, Molly's legs over the beaten and battered Queen bitch of the ring, but Lennox could see she was visibly starting to lose her cool with Mississippi. “Damn it!” She growled and then jumped up making a fist above her head, and when her feet hit the platform, that fist hit the floor going right threw it, right next to Mississippi head.

“Call it! Whether your dead or alive, I’m going to have him either way.” She shouted in a voice that sent a shiver down Marcus' spine.

“I’m out!” Sippy bellowed, in a bloody, raspy, gargling voice.

Mississippi tried to wiggle her damaged body out from Molly’s legs but couldn’t. Only when the ref came over and lifted Molly’s arm as the victor, did she let Mississippi go.

The crowd went wild and Marcus glanced over at Nicolas, who seemed to have the same feelings about wanting to get Molly the hell out of here. Lennox had been right, yet again, when it came to their bird and this world... the look on Molly’s face at the moment, as she was covered in blood, was sheer excitement. She could lose herself here.

“As soon as she’s off the platform, we take her and get the hell out of this piss hole, even if we have to drag her out.” Marcus informed Nicolas.

But Lennox chuckled, and it wasn’t a pleasant one. “We’re not through yet I’m afraid. There’s the prize aspect of the fights that needs to be fulfilled.” he growled.

Marcus looked at all the male wankers whispering about his bird. Sevens power, Seven’s beauty, who could get her attention to be her lover for the night... “Why are these sods talking about our girl like she was going to pick them up for the night….” Marcus hissed, seeing red when he heard the two vampires in front of them.

“Are you daft? We just left a bloody brothel for entertaining mixers, why else do you think?” Nicolas growled listing to the idiots in front of them as well.

Marcus looked at Molly on the platform, and he fully understood the sheer magnitude of terror that his little bird was capable of. She could annihilate her opponent without any change on her, or any power to draw from… right then Marcus was trying to tally the immenseness of what she truly was. “That was Molly just fighting, nothing more?” He asked Lennox for clarification.

“That’s wasn’t even really a competitor, more of a play toy.” Lennox answered as his hands ran behind his neck.

“Then what about Paris? That was her at full force, correct?” Marcus asked.

Lennox looked at Molly on the platform trying to calm herself, and looking like she was having difficulty doing so. “Maybe at that time, but I don’t think that’s true anymore. I suspect she’s much, much, worse since the maturing. If you want me to be honest, I think she only lets out enough of herself that she can pull it back in.” He admitted.

“Really, you think she’s that powerful now?” Nicolas asked clearly shocked.

Lennox glanced over at the two vampires, then back to Molly. “Just think of the power she had the night she found out about her daughter...” He explained.

Marcus started to leave to get Molly when Lennox took him by the arm. “Where the hell are you going?”

“To get our bird and get the hell out of this shite hole.” Marcus growled pulling free.

“Didn’t you hear me, this isn’t over yet. What’s coming up next, I can’t prepare you for. Just know this will be one of the toughest things you’ll ever watch, no matter how she pulls this off.” Lennox growled.

“There’s something worse that what we just witnessed?” Nicolas growled sharing Marcus' sentiment about getting their girl and leaving, consequences be damned. “Bloody hell mate, someone just tried to destroy our wife!”

“Yes, but what happens next, that can destroy your heart, and I can tell you from experience… that takes much longer to heal. Let’s just hope she has a plan, or you’re going to witness a show I can’t even put into words.” Lennox groaned as the crowd went wild as the next source of entertainment was about to begin.

Marcus watched as an elf was brought to the middle of the platform, then stripped of his clothing. “What the bloody fuck is happening, and why is that gitt near our wife?!” He demanded as Molly walked over to him.

“It’s time to collect on all prizes.” Lennox informed him.

Nicolas looked over at Lennox, and then it truly hit him what was going on. “Is she going to… no, Molly wouldn’t do that?!” Nicolas seethed.

“You’re bloody right she isn’t!” Marcus growled starting to go and retrieve her.

Lennox grabbed a hold of his shoulder. “No, there are rules in Mixer cities, rules that don’t get broken… ever. There’s a good reason that no one ever disputes the rules. Remember what I said about just how deadly this place can be, even to men like us.” He warned

“Are you telling me that we have to just stand here and watch our bird shag another man?” Marcus fumed.

“Yes, that’s precisely what I’m saying were going to do.” Lennox nodded, and wondered what she was going to do not to break her promise to him.

I had gotten so pissed off at the end of the match that it was took every ounce of my control to get a hold of the beast. My finger dug into my knees even now still trying to get a grip on myself. “Breath damn it, breath.” I murmured under my breath and the started to count like Georgie had taught me all those years ago. 1, 2, 3, take a deep breath. 4, 5, 6, take a deep breath and breathe. 7, 8, 9, 10. ..

After the second round of counting, I finally managed to calm myself down. But the beast was still there and she wanted to celebrate with a stunning elf that was waiting to be stripped down right in front of her.

The ref went over to the corner where Mississippi sat as her body mended. “The fight is over, and payment is now due. Before information and prizes are to be exchanged, Seven has rights to your pet, along with stipulations that were applied.” He told her.

“No, I will not give her a damn thing!” She hissed.

The ref's demeanor changed as his body started to mutate just enough to see the demon underneath the human façade. “You either honor your debt, or you forfeit your life.” He warned as blade was pulled from his side

Mississippi bit her lip, her eyes darting to the one thing that she didn’t want to give up, the elf, but then… “Fine, I’m honoring it! Bring me the bag.” She growled to a woman off to the side of the ring.

The bag was dropped in my corner and the elf was brought in the ring and stripped of all clothing. Mississippi's elf was quite beautiful, with hair that was golden blond that hung down his back, his eyes were sky blue and hypnotic. I could see why she was so protective of a pet like this and in the past, I would’ve been very anxious to take him away from her… but not now.

“Damn it!” I hissed under my breath.

He looked very unhappy with the circumstances he now found himself in, and did not seem to care that Mississippi had to be restrained as I walked over to him. “You’re dead, Seven, I swear to god I’m going to kill you! Do you hear me?!” She swore venomously.

My eyes slid over to her as I let my fingers trace along her pets ass with a sly grin, but then, I yanked my hand back quickly. I wanted to break Mississippi so completely, that I let my not so better half slip out.

The night I broke Silver, she wasn’t the only casualty. I also broke the only man that I had ever loved. I promised him that it would never happen again... “I guess I better just get this shit done.” I sighed shaking my head going to the elf in question.

My back was turned to the crowd as I looked up at him, and he frowned down at me. I closed my eyes taking a deep breath and releasing the pheromones that all mixers have to entice the creatures who made us.

His eyes closed as the pheromones took hold, but I wanted to make this quick, not an all night event, so… my hand went behind his neck and pulled his lips to mine to make sure he got a good dose of what I was giving off.

His body loosened, and he was getting aroused, when his arms wrapped around me and tried to deepen the kiss, but I stopped it and then pulled away. He was taking in deep breaths trying to take in more of me, when my hand traced his abdomen as I walked around him. His head fell back as a groan escaped him and his erection thickened. “Get on your knees sweetheart.” I whispered.

He did as he was told and my hand pushed his head to the side exposing his long luscious neck to me. My fingers skimmed the vein making his body shiver as I leaned in and whispered in his ear. “I’m going to make you feel so good that you’re going to long for the feeling of my fangs to pierce your skin. But before I bring you to the point of ecstasy, I want you to scream out my name so that way everyone can hear just how I pleased you. Do you understand?” I asked, and he gave a slight nod. “Right before you cum, I want you to scream out Seven. Now what name are you going to say?”

“Seven.” He moaned.

“Very good.” I answered.

His heart beat picked up, his body shivered, and I knew he was prime for what I was going to do. My tongue came out licking the side of his sweet skin. “After tonight the only thing you’ll crave is me, and when you’re in the midst of an orgasm, it will be my name that will fall from your lips…” I breathed into his ear caressing his chest.

My eyes glanced over at Mississippi and I smiled. I might not be willing to break her with a performance like I did Silver, but I will make sure it has a long lasting effect on her...

Before I did what I had to do, I glanced up to see Lennox, whose hands were in his hair watching me. While Nicolas stood very still, with his face blank watching what I had just done, his lips tight and strained but nothing else... and then there was Marcus.

His eyes glared at me, almost daring me to continue as my fangs shot down. I saw him get out of his seat, but Nicolas shot up and reached out to restrain him. We stared at each other for a long moment, when he shook his head in warning... and then I sunk my fangs deep into the elf’s neck.

The pleasure secretion that mixers have from their bite, rushed into his body. Sucking the blood was not as important as the pulling sensation on his neck and the secretion pumping its way through his body from my fangs as fast as I could get it, that would help replicate the feeling of sex.

At first he fought me, so I wrapped my arms around him drenching him in my sent and the feel of my body while I pumped more of the secretion with each pull of his skin. After that his moans started to become heavy and his cock started to twitch getting ready for his release. His hand went up into my hair as his hips moved in the rhythm with each pull of blood I took from his neck. When his body stiffened, I took a deep breath pumping more secretion into him until he finally started to cum. “Yes, yes! Seven!” He growled aloud as his seed spilled forth on the platform.

When I released his neck he fell forward, and I stood up looking out into the crowd. Nothing like that had ever been seen, and I once again just showed my world what I was capable of... I was the one who was able to drink the blood of our creator, and now they all knew my secret.

Then the crowd erupted in cheers, and claps, loud whistles could be heard echoing throughout the warehouse. I went to Mississippi and she had a slip of paper in her hand and a duffel bag full of what I asked for. “I want you out of this city, now. And don't even think of telling Sterling I'm on my way... because I'll find you if you do." I warned.

She didn’t say anything and she didn’t have to. We both knew I was as good as my word, and I wasn’t to be tested. Her head hung down as she nodded to my statement, then turned and left the ring. A young Mixer stood in front of the rink with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. I jumped off the platform, plucked it from her mouth, and put it into mine before I went to go get my husbands.

My head looked down as I went up to meet Lennox, but I took a glance at the paper Mississippi gave me. It had just two words and a number on it, 274 ‘Cowgate Edinburgh’. "Son of a bitch, he’s in Scotland!" I growled shaking my head. This only meant one thing. My man’s ex-wife probably has a lot more going on right now then I first suspected.

Flipping the duffel strap over my shoulder and taking the last drag of the smoke before throwing it to the ground, I stopped by the benches to pick up my guys. When I saw Lennox boots next to me I made my way out of the building, only to be stopped by Mac.

“Baby girl your still the scariest fucking woman I know!” He smiled giving me a hug.

I pulled back from him and shook my head. “The ring is yours now Mac. Mississippi is gone, and I'm going to make sure I have some people here to get this city back on track.”

“So, no more fighting for you then?" He asked.

“No, I think those days are over for me now. I got what I came for, and it just doesn’t hold the same thrill that it once did." I shrugged.

His brow went up in surprise at that statement. “Baby girl, I wish you could have seen the look of pure excitement on your face when you were braking Mississippi's bones.” He chuckled.

“Yes well, you know I always like the sound of cracking bones.” I winked.

“See you around Baby girl.” He laughed shaking his head, then stuck out his hand to Lennox. “Keep her safe man. You know how she gets when she thinks there's an injustice going down."

Lennox smiled taking Mac's hand. “You know me…” Then the both said in unison. “I never let Seven out of my sight.” They both chuckling.

We walked out of Red's place and I took one last look around. I was ready to leave, to go home to this new life I had and had grown really rather fond of. Yes I love the fights, but I have much bigger fights to fight now. A driver pulled up next to us hoping for a fair. “Were to ma'am?”

“The entrance. And I’ll give you and extra fifty credits if you can get me there fast." I sighed.

Lennox helped me up into my seat and when the carriage took off he touched the enormous bruise on my face from when I got hit. “That doesn't look good."

"Is it still there?” I asked him.

“Yes, it didn't go away after you drank." He told me softly.

My fingers came up feeling the swelling on my face. “I’m not healing with the blood of others anymore. I should have had some sort of healing with the elf’s blood. I'm going to be screwed if something happens and you guys aren't around." I sighed.

A pair of very expensive shoes moved from the corner of my preferable vision. “Molly...” Marcus started, but I put my hand up to stop him.

“Look I just want to go home. Then we can talk about what happened tonight, Okay?” I asked looking out at the road going by and not at their faces.

Lennox took my hand, but all I got from Marcus was a loud angry grunt of agreement, making my eyes close, knowing that this turn of events was far from over between me and him in his books.

I had the little strip of paper in my fingers thinking about what was written on it. I looked over at Lennox and then Nicolas, thinking of my next move, when Nicolas was going to take a look at what Mississippi wrote down.

“What did she say?” He asked, but as soon as his fingers came close to see it, I turned it into ash.

“Molly.” Nicolas frowned.

My head turned away from him, not wanting to think about my next move, or the fights with more then one male that I was going to have when I got home... “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you later about it.” I lied.

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