The Wild One Vol. 3 Rocker Girl Series

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Lynn Randle is as wild as they come. There is no rule that she's not willing to break, or boundary that she's not willing to cross. But underneath this tough, smart ass, exterior there's a dark secret The last three years has been a rough and wild ride for Lynn, but life was finally getting back on track for her and her friends. That is until one night she see's that the Hollywood starlet, and her own personal walking nightmare, Crystal Gross, has finally found the Rockstar of her dreams to marry. In a fit of rage Lynn comes up with a wild and devious plan to help crystal see that the Rockstar life isn't always sex and roses... but when she flies back home to set her plan in motion, she wined up going to see the only man she'd ever loved, and the main culprit of her black, mangled heart, Nickels Ramon. Nickels hands were always full. First there was dealing with Jimmy, the lead singer of Death Ever After, to make sure he stayed clean. Then there was dealing with the band and touring, and finally there was their record company and all the headaches that came along with it. But even with everything that went on his crazy life, there was only one thing that he loved and that was, Lynn. He had been punishment for two long years by this game they played, it was time for her to see she was his, and no one else's.

Romance / Drama
Jennifer L Byars
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Three years after leaving Hollywood California…

Lynn stood out on the balcony of her apartment with a cigarette hanging from her lips and to much shit going through her mind for her to be sane. It had been over a week since anyone had heard from Addison, She didn’t show up for work, and hadn’t returned anyone’s calls... not even her Tia’s.

She knew it was something big going on, and her first thoughts were of Jimmy finding Ad and Win, but then thought better of it. If Jimmy had come to Nashville Nickels would’ve had his ass on the first flight to come and get that ass. The last thing Nic needed was Jimmy messed up again.

No one had been at Ad’s house and Lynn would know because she’d drove by all the time... even at tree a.m. after work. But when she got the call a little over an hour ago about what was really going on...Lynn was at a loss for words. Addison just found out that Win had been diagnosed leukemia.

Addison broke down telling her what the doctors had told her, and it wasn’t good. It took everything Lynn had not to break down and cry right then, but she had to be strong for her Ad.

She took another long drag of smoke choking back tears she wouldn’t let fall. Her hand went to her forehead as she leaned on the rail. How many more heartbreaks do they have to go through in this damn life?

Margie was abandoned on the side of the damn road when she was just a little girl. Mindy was beat by a drunk father and a mother that did nothing to stop it. Addison and Tia, their father shot their mother in front of an eight year old Tia before he shot himself. Then there was her, and all of her innocence that was stolen from her by two cousins.

With those thoughts going through her head she thought about her cousins touching her, hurting her, laughing at her when she cried and screamed. Her aunt finding out about the rapes, and finally making her way to Mary’s halfway house. She was sick and tired of bad people getting all the luck, while good people like Winston and Addison get the short end of the fucking stick.

Only Ad knew the truth about her past. Not even Nickels, the only man she’d let into her scared mangled heart, knew the whole damn disgusting truth of what was done to her as a child. All the secrets she had kept bottled up for all those years had made her the way she was now. That and Nickels betrayal... that was her breaking point.

The bond she and Ad had was more like sisters than just best friends. She still remembered the night Ad gave birth to little J.W. and how Ad and Win asked her to be his Godmother. It had been a long time since she’d been that happy, and even longer since she loved anyone so deeply.

She snubbed out the cigarette sick of the sad thoughts that she couldn’t shake, and walked into the front. She went to the fridge getting a beer then reached into the freezer to get a frozen dinner.

She popped the food in the microwave, opened her beer, and then walked into the bathroom to take a nice long hot shower to relax. When she came back into the kitchen she grabbed another beer, took her dinner out and sat at the table next to her mail

She ripped the plastic off letting the meal cool down thinking she'd call Margie after she ate to let her know what was going on with Ad.

With a sigh she started going through all the bills throwing them aside and then picked up a magazine that must have mistakenly was sent to her from the last tenant. With a shrug she took a fork full of food and was about to take a bit, when she flipped over the magazine and saw the cover... there on the front was Crystal Gross smiling in a white jeweled gown with her new husband, Mickey Tamms.

“Well son of a bitch. Seems like the bitch finally got her wish and married a rock star.” She chuckled, but then took her beer and chugged it down in a couple gulps.

"You fucking bitch!" She screamed jumping up from her seat and throwing the bottle across the room. Her hands went through her long blond hair wanting to pull it all out by the roots.

“Why, why do those two son of a bitches get a happily ever after?! Crystal is nothing but a home wrecking whore and now she gets the marriage of her dreams? And Mickey and everything that he put Addison through, he get's to be happy where's the fucking fairness in that!?" She hissed as she started to pace.

She was so sick of these kinds of people getting to be happy when they are the ones who destroy everything in their wake. Then she picked up the magazine from the table and glared with absolute hatred at the beautiful blond on the cover, and chucked the booklet across the room. It hit the wall and ripped as it fell to the floor landing next to the shattered beer bottle. "Damn it!"

But in her midst of rage, she got an idea. A wonderfully wicked, awful idea, that would finally give that bitch Crystal Gross a taste of her own medicine. “Oh that’s good Lynn, damn good. You know, I can be so evil sometimes that I almost scare myself.” She chuckled with an wicked grin.

She waltzed and picked up the tattered magazine looking down at her prey. “Bitch, when I get through with you, you wont know what the hell hit it yah." She smiled, then made her way back to the table and dinner.

There were calls to be made, and details to work out. First thing she would do is call Margie and give her a run down about Ad. Then let Marg know that she might be out of town for a while. She had a marriage to go bust up...

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