The Affair

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Arabella Lucia, A scarred wife that fantasises about being taken by Werewolves. An emotionally distant husband who is never home. A sexy new boss with a deep infatuation. Will she get her happy end? Book #1 in the Affair Series ~ #1 is The Affair ~ #2 is Dante's Love Affair ~ #3 is Her Affair ( THIS IS NOT A WEREWOLF BOOK, she simply dreams about them. ) "No one can have you, you are mine." A growl is released from inside his chest and my back hits the wall. "You... you need to stop, any second now, someone will come in." Looking around the room wildly, I have no way of escaping. "Let them come," he leans forward, arms either side of my head as his tongue licks from the base of my neck, along my throat, to the tip of my chin. "Please, Alpha?" My body shivers as I breathe out my beg. "Please what?" He snarls through extended canines. Pulling my leg up and around his hip, he slides his hand down my thigh grasping my butt, pushing his bulging rock hard member into my dripping wet centre. If my underwear and his pants were not there, he would have slid straight in. "Let me mark you?" His lips making light work of my decreasing resistance. "Please, Alpha?" I beg again, as electrical surges fly along my veins.

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Chapter 1 – My Life


Another night spent alone, cuddled up to the only thing that ever gives me comfort anymore - my pillows. My husband lay fast asleep with his loud snoring, echoing through the empty halls as I laid there desperate for any kind of connection from him.

Sleeping next to a stranger that you called your ‘husband’ does things to your confidence. It twists your mind, your thoughts radiate self-loathing and frustration and your heart becomes devoid of real feeling because it’s safer to not feel some things than deal with the rejection night after night as you lie alone.

Isolation your new mate as a clear gap left in-between ‘your husband’ and yourself - big enough to play host to a football game - you wrap your arms around yourself desperately wishing your life had turned out differently.

The sudden movement of his body pulls you from your thoughts and with hope rising in your chest, you silently cry out. Just wrap me in your arms. But alas, all you get is cold air while he warms himself with the blanket, he’s just ripped off you.

This is my life, empty, cold, rejected, unwanted and made to feel ugly. This is not, what I signed up for when I fell in love, where did it go wrong? How am I meant to fix it, when the only time we talk is to fight?

Alone, broken and meaningless until…

Hands bound to the bed above my head, ankles tied to each bedpost as my bare legs were spread wide.

“You’re going to do what I say.” His husky voice booms across the silent room causing my core to ache in need.

“Yes Alpha,” I whisper, dripping with desire.

“I’m going to release your hands and I want you to rub your pussy while I watch. Do you understand?” Biting my lower lip, my legs attempting to close but cannot, as heat burns from between them.

“Yes Alpha,” I nod my head slowly, still unable to see anything while my eyes remained covered.

I feel movement on the bed and a wet, hot tongue tip circles my areola, then flicks the end causing my back to arch off the bed and a moan to escape from my lips.

Blood rushes to my fingertips as I feel my wrists released from their restraints.

“You may begin.”

Slowly, I slide my hand down my body and begin to circle my core. Left hand following suit, only heading straight for my pleasure hole in-between my folds. Slipping two fingers inside, I begin to work.

“Does that feel good?” His voice vibrates through my body.

“Yes, Alpha,” my only reply for this past hour.

“How good?” My jaw clenching as I chase my own ecstasy, fingers sliding in and out while circling my clit with my right hand. “Are you close?” His husky tone dropped an octave lower into deep and lustful.

“Yes… Alpha,” my head moving from side to side as the need to fall over this orgasmic edge draws closer.

Bending down over my ear, his scent fills my senses as he whispers, “remove your fingers while I slide in my cock.”

My back arches ready for penetration.


Mother F-----! My damn alarm clock goes off right before release.

I looked to my right, surprise, surprise, the bed is empty. Another week has passed, with still no contact from my husband and left completely unsatisfied.

Flinging back the covers, I jumped out of bed, tossing my soaking wet knickers into the wash basket and headed straight for the shower.

Work was its usual mundane, uneventful self. I got to push papers and get coffee for my boss, all while after three years of working for The Mathews Corporation, he still continued to call me ‘Sandra’ when in actual fact, my name has always been Arabella.

Just like my relationship, I had been invisible and just like always, I sat alone at lunch in the company garden, that no one went too.

“Sandra?” Mr Roger Mathews, a grey-haired 65-year-old, white man, with a round middle and bad breath, came knocking on my desk at the front of his office.

“Yes, Mr Mathews,” I looked up from my typing to greet his steal black gaze.

“I have associates coming in for a meeting tomorrow, please order in a buffet and I need you to continuously refill the coffee, tea and cool drinks.” Jesus, it’s not like I haven’t done it a million times, now I need instruction?

“I will get that ready to go.”

“Thank you, Sandra.” I rolled my eyes, wishing that I was on some tropical island, surrounded by fat juicy cocks all ripe and ready to enter me.

Returning home, I am once again greeted by silence and emptiness I was so accustomed too. This was my routine and I guess I had become so complacent with my situation, I had resigned myself to a life without human contact.

Sitting down to my ‘light n easy’ microwave dinner in front of my book, I began to drift, fantastically away to another world - where I was the Alpha wolf’s mate and Luna to the pack of delicious werewolves. After a few hours of fantasy, I throw my packages in the bin and headed for bed.

After lying awake, thinking about all the stuff needed for tomorrows conference, I hear the front door close. Looking at my alarm clock, I strained to read the numbers - 11 pm. My husband goes to the toilet, removes his clothes - missing the wash basket and comes to bed without bothering to pick them up.

Annoyed and ignored yet again, I lour at his back before closing my eyes and giving in to darkness.

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