The Affair

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Chapter 10 – Perfection


Our heads snap right with eyes wide in shock, to see Pierre standing there staring with an amused sneer across his handsomely smug face.

“Get the fuck out Pierre!” Logan yells as I cover my chest against his, at some stage, Logan’s penis had slid out from in me and I felt very exposed.

“I was worried about you, you left the office hours ago in such a hurry,” he laughed leaning against the door frame, “but I see you’re well taken care of… hey Arabella.”

I buried my face in between his pec’s and gingerly wave my fingers. “Hey,” I mumbled, I swear you could see the redness of my embracement littered across my body that now lay plastered against Logan. God, I’m so embarrassed right now.

“Pierre, get the fuck out of my room!” Logan’s deep voice boomed out, vibrating his chest and sending shivers down my spine.

“Right, well I’ll order us some food then, while you two clean-up.” He waved his index finger around before leaving. I was horrified, what a time for that prick to walk in, why did he not possess the decency to leave rather than drag out my pure horror and embarrassment?

Lying still on his chest, I hear him begin to laugh, quietly at first then louder and louder. Extremely cross, I looked up at him from his chest with a scowl on my face.

“Why are you laughing?”

“What a time for him to walk in,” he replies.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry Logan,” I shrink off the bed and grab the key and my oversize shirt and moved to unlock his hands.

“Why are you sorry?” He leans up on his elbows with a look of confusion.

“Are you kidding me? I saw you lying there and then I got that stupid idea and now he’s seen us and you were screaming cause he saw us, oh my god, I’m so sorry for embarrassing you.” I sit cross-legged on the floor with my head in my hands.

Logan moves towards me, his legs circling around my body.

“Stop Arabella, don’t shrink away from this. I am not at all embarrassed by us and I told him to get out cause he’s a giant pervert.” He grabbed my face in his gentle, strong hands, “if this is how you make love then let them watch, everyone, I don’t care, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen and in no way, shape or form, will you be ashamed by this. Do you know how long I have been fantasising about having sex with you for? Well, that just blew every fantasy out of the water, you are my girl, only my girl and I will never let you go, not now, not ever.” Logan’s lips crash against mine in feverish need, once again, I had not been expecting his admission but I definitely was not opposed to it.

“I ordered us Chinese, extra for you two since you will probably be hungry after that workout,” we hear Pierre yell out from the bottom of the stairs.

“Fuck off Pear!” Logan yells back as I chuckle.

“No, this is something I want to hear all about,” his laughter was more like a sinister movie characters snicker.

“C’mon,” Logan pulls me up, “let’s go introduce you as my girl,” he says, grabbing his boxers.

“You go, I’ll be down in a minute, I need to clean up.” I palmed my forehead while he kisses my temple, still feeling a sliver of embarrassment.

“Okay,” he smiles, “but I can’t guarantee he will be alive by the time you come down,” I smiled at his reply.


“What are you fucken doing here?” I growled, sitting there shirtless at the breakfast bar next to Pierre while he sips the coffee he had made himself.

“Props to you man, what a challenge for you, eh? Obtained the unobtainable,” he grasps my shoulder wiggling his brows.

“Why are you still here? Don’t talk about her like she’s a prize, you know how I feel.”

“Uh, Chinese… being a great best friend… uh, checking to see if this will affect our company? Also, from what I remember she is still very much married… uh, unobtainable… hello?”

“Jesus Christ Pear, we just slept together. Could we not have this talk any other time? And for your information, they haven’t slept together for a year and a half,” I rub the back of my neck, tampering down my irritation.

“Probably, but where’s the fun in that? Jesus, no wonder I saw handcuffs, a year and a half, that’s rough.” He smirks while wiggling his eyebrows again, “plus I’m hungry and I’ve waited long enough, putting my worry for you above my stomach.”

“She’s mine Pear, don’t fuck it up for me, I almost lost her and I won’t lose her again… I’m serious about her.” Jesus, one fantastic shag and now I’m emotional.

“I know you are mate,” he says as she enters the kitchen.

I couldn’t help but smile at her. This woman had been the object of my obsession for months and I had finally caught her. She stood there with the reddest cheeks as her eyes flittered between us. Motioning her toward me, she walked slowly and unsure. She had put on some denim shorts and what looked like a sports bra under her oversized shirt, secretly, I was beyond happy as it showed her body was to be seen by no one else but me.

“Pierre Taylor, meet my girl, Arabella,” I said pulling her in between my legs.

“Tis a pleasure Miss, do you think his P.A will mind you cutting in on her territory?” Pierre retorts.

“I think we could share, when’s the food getting here?” Was all she could get out as she twisted around and buried her face in my shoulder causing Pear and I to chuckle at her embarrassment.

“Any…” the doorbell rings, “I guess now.” He gets up to answer it.

“Look at me?” Her bright hazel eyes sparkle as they meet mine. “You are my girl and I want the world to know, even if we start with that dick,” I nod towards Pierre, then I wrapped my hand around her wedding rings and slid them off her finger. Thankfully, she never once makes a move to stop me.

Call me possessive or controlling, whatever you like but I was a man in love and I would not allow some prick of a husband to get in my way. She was everything I could want and more, so I would not indulge in the nuisance of her marriage, instead, I had decided that I would simply pretend it didn’t exist.

Lying in bed with her had become my go-to relaxation method and it was addicting. We had decided to take the week off work and explore each other, with the enthusiastic approval of a certain, ‘best friend’ who I could not figure out why, after all these years, I was still friends with him?

“You know, we have to go back to reality right?” She stated, entwining our fingers.

“I know, but I still want you here, in our home.”

“Your home, Logan.”

“Ours Arabella, you are my girl, you are never going back to that house unless you are collecting important stuff,” she smiles burying her face into my chest.

We had spent days lounging around, at the beach basking in each other’s happiness glow and I was dreading the thought of going back to work. Her laugh had become a frequent visitor this week and her smile was a permanent fixture on her face which made her eyes light up, it was stunning, she was stunning.

“At least I still get to see you,” I smiled down at her, “that is if you still want to work for me?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Good, then I’ll cook while you put on some music,” I glanced at her fingers and noticed her wedding rings were still missing, the only evidence that anything was there before were tan lines left in the vacant spot.

Walking toward the front reception, I feel Arabella drop my hand and when I go to collect it again, she bats it away. Giving her a reproached look she averts her eyes and waves at Hilda before we head into the elevator.

“What was that about?” I approached less than understanding.

“Look, this is work. I’m fiercely private at the best of times and splashing my business around for office gossip is not my idea of fun. Women would die to have you on their arms, I understand that and it doesn’t mean my feelings have changed, I would just like to continue work as drama free as possible… Please?”

She paused before please, I knew she had rehearsed her little speech in her head on the car ride, hence why she was so quiet. The whole situation did not fit well but I understood her position and really, she was saving me from a lot of unnecessary office issues. I had never crossed the lines at work before, so I was unfamiliar and definitely unprepared for the effect our relationship would cause.

However, I was still prepared to shout it from the rooftops and she wasn’t and that alone had me doubting. I attempted to put those thoughts to the side for the moment and focus, I had been more than willing to drop everything I’d spent my life working towards and chase after Arabella and it was time for me to be that ruthless, business-focused man, again.

“Fine,” I nod in agreement, “but you will be punished when we get home.” I reach over and squeeze her curvy ass as the elevator doors open and I exit without so much as a look back, straight into my office.

Closing the door behind me, my love stick was harder than It had been in days… mainly because, Arabella had been there to instantly relieve my rising tension with, on and in, now she had denied me and it was sexy as hell.

Stroking the front of my black suit pants, I found myself daydreaming of last night’s romp when Pear entered causing everything to flop, including my member and my good memory.

“Welcome back my friend, how was your… ahhh… vacation?” He seats himself in the chair in front of my desk.

“Good, now what do I need to catch up on?”


For two glorious, amazing shag-tastic months, I had not stepped foot in my old house, judging by the fact that not once had my phone rung or messaged, I guess Caleb had not either. I didn’t really care, my rings had made their way to the bottom of my handbag, I was on the hunt for a divorce lawyer and things with Logan inside and outside of the bedroom were incredible.

Logan had set me up my own little reading nook with a perfect view of the beach and a very comfortable day bed. He even set up a shelving unit for all my werewolf erotica and was pleasantly surprised when he found out all the daydreams, I used to have at work were about him, as a Were Alpha… god, I’m such a nerd.

I prayed that this would work out, I was terrified but with Logan’s continued admiration of all things me, I became addicted to every inch of him, so fast, it consumed my soul. One day we would have to face the future but not today, today we get to live in this love-filled honeymoon atmosphere.

“Hey, baby, what ya doing? Reading?” He sat down next to me in my reading nook.

“No, just thinking,” I replied my eyes glued to the waves as they rolled in and out effortlessly.

“What you thinking about?” He moved my legs on top of his knees.

“I think, I’ve found a divorce lawyer, I’ll meet with her Monday… oh, that reminds me, I have to ask my boss for an extended lunch.” I smiled watching his expressions out the corner of my eye.

“I think he’d be okay with that… are you sure this is what you want?”

“Yes,” I say without hesitation. To be realistic there actually was nothing to think about, we emotionally separated years ago and I was completely head over heels for another man, the man that sat beside me with a small smile on his handsome face because I had finally decided it was time to move on.

“Good, well it’s now time to get dressed. We are having brunch with Pear and his new girlfriend.”

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