The Affair

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Chapter 11 – The Discovery


“Girlfriend? But Mr Taylor doesn’t do relationships?” I state while Logan and I drove to the restaurant. I was brimming with excitement, clearly, she had to be miraculous to capture his attention and pull the ‘King of one night stands’ off the market.

“You know, he hates that you still call him that,” Logan smirks.

“I know, but he is my other boss technically, plus I know how much it irritates him so, I enjoy the annoyance it causes him,” Logan laughs at my cheekiness.

“You are my sexy, naughty, minx. You know he was married once, she died and since then, I guess he just prefers not to get attached, well until now.”

“No, really? Oh my god, I would never have guessed it, he seems so... well ingrained with the single lifestyle.”

“Yep, has a daughter too.”

Hmm, I pondered over Logan’s disclosure. I guess you never really do know someone, despite the amount of time you spend with them.

Seated at the table awaiting our arrival was Pierre and a mystery blonde woman. I squealed with excitement, grabbing Logan’s shirt, pulling him quickly at the possibility of making a new friend. As much as I enjoyed the company of Logan, Pierre and their friends, I often would end up sitting alone with a book in hand due to either, no other female company or trashy dates the others picked up for the night and would discard before morning.

“About time,” Pierre clapped his hands together. He was dressed in a casual white button-down shirt with his sleeves rolled to his elbows and beige dress pants… he looked handsome, though I would never tell him, his head was already the size of the clock tower with an ego to match.

Pierre was like that older, more frustrating older brother type. The kind that you adored but would drive you absolutely bonkers.

“Loags, Arabella, this is…”

“Gwen?” Logan gasped.

“Oh my god, Loagini?” What the fuck did she just call him? Her hungry eyes feasted upon Logan as though she was a starved woman, desperate for just a taste.

“Ahhhh, you two know each other?” Pierre enquired while I stayed silent, watching her blush at my man.

“You could say that,” she raised her eyebrow seductively.

“It was a long time ago.” Logan lifted my hand towards his lips and kissed, all his attention on me.

A flash of what looked like anger ran across her face, “just memorable,” she winked in his direction.

I had decided I had enough of this and leaned forward, capturing his lips ever so soft and gentle but filled to the brim with heated appreciation - he was a divine specimen that she would never have.

“Yeah, I don’t remember anything.” Logan’s arm went up, over my shoulders as we stared deeply into each other’s eyes. God he was beautiful, I did feel sorry for Pierre though, sadly he wasn’t expecting this outcome, neither was I but still, he obviously would have felt something to have taken her from shag to relationship status.

“Ella?” Oh shit, my body stiffened instantly, eyes switching rapidly between Logan’s. I knew that tension, recognised that voice, what would be the best way at proceeding with this? “What are you doing here? Who are these people?”

I swallowed hard, he was in town and still hadn’t realised I haven’t been home? Looking up at Caleb, I was shocked by just how unattractive he was. I now felt nothing towards him. He had lost all of his appeal whilst trying to break my spirit and I really enjoyed that I lacked the usual need for his attention. He didn’t appreciate me, he didn’t care for me or about me - no, he had kept me weakened. Mustering every ounce of courage Logan had filled me with for the past seven months with his vulnerability and caress, his inspiring strength and heart.

“Logan this is Caleb, my husband...” gesturing my hand back and forth, “Caleb, this is Logan, my boyfriend.” His eyes turned feral as if he would attack at any moment.

“You’re what?” The vein on the side of his head popped out to join the party. Seriously though, could he really be this angry? He didn’t even want me.

“Please don’t make a scene Caleb, this is a nice restaurant,” I turned my attention back to Logan.

“You fucken slut,” he spat venomously at me while grabbing my arm and pulling me hard off the chair.

“Get your hands off her.” By now, Logan and Caleb were face to face, pushing against each other as I sat, leg grazed on the floor.

Brushing myself off, I slide up in between them. “I haven’t been living at our house for two months Caleb, where have you been? Where have you been almost every night for the past eighteen months? Where were you the nights I cried myself to sleep hoping you would just hold my hand? Where were you when I needed support? Someone to talk too… where were you?” I could feel my own anger rising from inside me.

“Why would I want to be near you, you fat cheating whore,” I feel Logan tense behind me as two hands grasp Caleb’s shoulders.

“Now’s not the time mate.” Some guy I’d never seen before with brown eyes and short spiky brown hair pulls him back.

“That’s my cheating wife,” he points toward me.

“Don’t think I’m so naïve to believe you haven’t been ploughing your tiny pin dick in every hole you come across Caleb, I’m the one that washes the evidence from your clothes remember? I’m the one that pays ‘our’ bills from ‘our’ bank account and watches the transactions. You are no victim and I know for damn sure it wasn’t me you were taking out.”

His fingers curl around my neck but before he can get a strong hold both Logan and Pierre have reefed me away and thrown him to the ground while I stood there stunned - he had never put his hands on me.

“Don’t you ever touch my woman,” Logan threatens.

“She’s my property, she’s my wife,” Caleb gets up off the floor.

“Not for much longer, then I will place my ring on her finger.” Wait, what did he just say? “She’ll take my last name, while she rides my fat cock into blissful oblivion,” Caleb’s face scrunches angrily, then points a finger at me.

“Our house, seven tonight bitch or you know what I’ll do,” my face instantly drops.

“Please Caleb, you swore you’d never do that again.”

“You have only yourself to blame for this Ella, bet they don’t know your secret, do they?”

“Just shoot the bitch,” the blonde laughs.

“Yeah, don’t ever call me again Gwen, we are through.” Pierre pushes Logan away from the establishment and grabs my arm.

“Ella, I mean it, seven, not a minute later,” Caleb warned.

“Fuck you, Pierre,” Gwen yells after us.

Back at the house, Logan was shouting, ranting and raving about how we should have let him kill Caleb, while I sat on the veranda weeping silently into the wind. My husband’s threat had brought it all back, every feeling that I had wrestled with so much was at the forefront and now, I had to face it and tell Logan the truth.

The shame of what I had buried in the back of my mind was reemerging, threatening to destroy me all over again.

“Brought you some food Bells, I’m sorry, I really only like Chinese.” I laughed through the falling tears, “hey, hey, don’t cry Bells… fuck, Loags your girl’s out here crying,” I grasped his hand.

“Thank you, Mr Taylor,” he cringes, “I’m sorry your new girlfriend didn’t work out,” I offered sincerely.

“What’s wrong?” Logan asks, “hang on, I’ll grab something to eat too and then we’ll talk.”

“Arabella, it’s okay,” Pierre winks down at me whilst getting up, “I really just want what you two have, I guess, I was a little too quick off the mark and a whole lot of wrong, she wasn’t worth it anyway.” Wow, that is the first time I’d ever heard Pierre say something truthful. “But I’m not leaving, I wanna hear this secret too, you owe me.”

“How do I owe you?” I gasped incredulously.

“I saved your life.” He jests with a ‘what the?’ face on.

“You pushed him.”

“It’s the same thing.”

“It clearly isn’t.”

“Are you going to be stubborn and not tell us?”


“Bells, come now. Clearly, something massive has happened to cause such a breakdown in your marriage. Tell uncle Pierre.”

It was finally time, I knew this day would eventually come. As Logan sat down with us, I began to nervously shift. I just prayed I would be forgiven for my monstrous and deplorable act. “Okay, I will tell you both.”

As they got comfortable beside me, we watched the sun setting on the horizon, taking deep breaths and picking absentmindedly at my food, it was finally time to reveal my atrocious history.

“I, am a murderer.”

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