The Affair

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Chapter 2 – Hello


“No one can have you, you are mine.” A growl is released from inside his chest and my back hits the wall.

“You-you need to stop. Any second now, someone will come in.” Looking around the room wildly, I have no way of escaping.

“Let them come,” he leans forward, arms either side of my head as his tongue licks from the base of my neck, along my throat to the tip of my chin.

“Please Alpha?” my body shivers as I breathe out my beg.

“Please what?” He snarls through extended canines.

Pulling my leg up and around his hip, he slides his hand down my thigh grasping my butt, pushing his bulging, rock hard member into my dripping wet centre. If my underwear and his pants were not there, he would have slid straight in.

“Let me mark you?” His lips making light work of my decreasing resistance.

“Please, Alpha?” I beg again as electrical surges fly along my veins.

“Please Alpha what, Arabella?” Hearing him say my name into my skin as his tongue danced across the crook of my neck.

“Take me,” I whisper.


“Argh!” I let out an all mighty scream in frustration.

These dreams of sexual fantasy come every night, I never see his face but I am always on the verge of being pounded into oblivion when my damn stupid alarm goes off.

Looking to my right, I notice immediately what’s wrong. Huh, alone again.

“Sandra, please see our guests in when they arrive.” Mr Mathews knocks his knuckles on my desk.

“Yes sir,” I nod my head continuing my report typing without looking up.

9 am, like clockwork they start to filter in, most knowing where to head and what to do.

“Excuse me?” I hear a low husky purr, causing a hot wave to run through my entire body.

My eyes slowly look up to meet sex on two legs. His eyes sparkled like gold and his thick black hair framed his tanned face perfectly. Just below his left eye, towards the temple, sat a black beauty spot. My hazel eyes followed down his face to his plump and perfect lips - he was stunning.

“Yes, sir?” I breathed then frowned inwardly at my ridiculous action and cleared my throat.

“My name is Logan McCarlock, I’m here for…” before he could finish his sentence, I recognised his name from the mailing list I sent out two weeks ago.

“Of course, Mr McCarlock, please follow me.” I shuffled out from behind my desk and ushered for him to follow.

I was definitely taken by his tall, broad, 6ft 2 frame. He wore a well-tailored black and grey suit with black business shoes, all seemingly hinting at one very muscular and defined body hidden below the clothing.

“In here sir.” I opened the boardroom door, just as everyone was greeting one another.

“Thank you, Miss…?” He held out his hand.

“Arabella sir, Arabella Lucia,” I shook it, professionally and probably way too fast.

“Arabella.” He smiled gently before entering the room as I wobbly walked back to my desk.

11 am, it was time to refill the drinks cart, I headed to the bathroom quickly to check my appearance.

What the hell am I doing? I think to myself, yet, I am unable to stop.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I reapplied my powder, noticing the bags that had gathered under my eyes.

My dark brown hair was up in a ballerina bun as I slicked back any stray wisps that had fallen loose. My black button up business shirt tucked nicely into my black pencil skirt which ended at the knees. Today, I was thankful I had worn silver six-inch heels as they matched perfectly with my silver jewellery and I re-applied my scarlet red lipstick.

Walking into the boardroom, I felt confident in my appearance, even if no one ever noticed.

Refilling the drinks trolley and collecting the used mugs and rubbish, I hear Mr Mathews. “Sandra,” he holds up his coffee cup without even a glance in my direction before placing it on the corner of the table.

Slightly annoyed, I mouthed ‘Arabella’ with an obvious eye roll and collected the cup replacing it with a steaming hot fresh one.

I leave to collect the fresh biscuits and return to find a flustered Mr Mathews. “Sandra, I thought I told you to coincide these references with the charts?” His black eyes appeared as though he was ready to murder me.

“I did sir.” Walking to the table I flipped the ledgers pages in front of him. “They are all in alphabetical order and the reference number on the right-hand side of the page belongs with the graphs located on the chart wall. 6.1 here, belong to this financial bar chart, 6.1 here.” I walked over and pointed to the correct graph on the wall.

He waves me off and continues his flustered discussion.

1 pm, the lunches arrive and I walk in just as Logan is in the middle of his presentation. Our eyes meet for a brief moment and he gives me a slight smile sending flutters of excitement whirling around inside my stomach.

3 pm, I refill the drinks cart once again and leave while they argue back and forth about numbers.

“Mr Mathew’s office Arabella speaking… oh, I’m terribly sorry Mr Lau but he is in a very important meeting and cannot be disturbed today… yes, sir, the moment he is finished, I will get him to call you… thank you, sir, have a good…” that jerk didn’t even wait for me to finish my sentence.

“Why does he call you Sandra?” My body lit up, instantly alert and attentive.

“Mr McCarlock, you scared me,” I smile at him.

“Is your name Sandra?” He rubs the back of his neck while staring at me curiously through his gold eyes.

“No sir,” I shake my head looking down, “he just never bothered to learn my name.”

“Huh,” was all Logan said before leaving my desk.

5.30 pm, it was time to leave. I packed up my things and cleared my desk before heading into the boardroom.

“Mr Mathews, it’s 5.30, just checking if you need anything before I head home, sir?”

“Sandra, if I wanted something, I would have asked.” My mouth drops open as his temper boils to the surface. My face flushes deep red as tears gather in my eyes. I was used to him being rude and demanding but never in front of anyone and never so cruelly to embarrass me so.

“Miss Lucia,” Mr Logan ‘sex on two legs’ McCarlock speaks, “how long have you worked here?”

Startled by his sudden line of questioning, I answer nervously, “th-three y-years sir,” I stammered.

“Three years Roger, and yet you think her name is Sandra?” His eyes tighten.

“It is Sandra,” he accuses.

“Beg your pardon sir but its Arabella,” I averted my eyes to my shoes.

“Since when?” He grits his teeth.

“Since the day I was born.” My gaze meeting his fiercely, shocked by his discourteous behaviour. This idiot can’t be serious, can he?

“Roger, it’s clear to see that your mind is slipping in your old age, you have palmed off this meeting for your secretary to organise, your figures are hearsay and fabricated and you obviously undervalue your employee’s. My time today has been wasted and quite frankly, I refuse to invest any money in failures.” My eyes widen and all I can think is run, run now!

“Miss Arabella, clear your desk, you no longer work for The Mathews Corporation but for me, as my new P.A.” I choke on my saliva.

“S-s sir?” I look at him in disbelief.

“You heard me, come, we leave now,” he gestures for me to move.

“Sandra, if you leave, I will refuse your pay.” He smiles menacingly.

“She doesn’t need your money, I will more than provide generous compensation for becoming such a valued asset to our team,” he grabs my elbow releasing me from my frozen position and walks me to my desk.

“A storm out only has effect if you do it with style,” he winks at me as we head toward the elevators.

There I stood, laughing like a crazy person, for the first time in years, I felt alive, like I was dangerous and unstoppable like I was breathing for the first time, while he stood there watching me.

“I can’t believe that just happened?” hunched over with one hand on my forehead, the other on my heart.

“You don’t rebel very often do you?” His comment pulls me back to reality.

“No, is it that obvious?” I ask shyly.

“Yes, you’re acting like we just robbed a bank.” His car pulls up to the front of the building and his driver gets out and opens his door.

“Sorry Mr McCarlock, my life consists of being invisible, microwave dinners and books, that’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I thought his head was going to explode,” still giggling, I look down at my shoes.

“Well Miss Lucia, meet me at this address tomorrow morning at 8 am, now that you’re on an adrenalin high try not to do something really wild and crazy, you have work in the morning.” He hands me his business card with all of the details.

“Oh and Miss Lucia, don’t forget your bank details for accounting and it’s Logan,”

“Thank you, Mr... Logan,” He smiles as he enters his car.

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