The Affair

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Chapter 21 – 7 Years On

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“Mum, Mum?” Dante’s voice rang out across the room.

“I’m in here sweetie,” I replied, poking my head out of the bathroom.

“Dad wants to know if you’re almost ready?” Our son had become quite the messenger for his Dad today, anyone would have thought that he had become nervous.

“Yes handsome, tell your Dad that I’m just finishing up with Viola’s dress and then we will meet him at the end of the aisle.”

Dante runs off, his footsteps slapping against the tiles as he ran away.

“Mumma, do I look like a princess?” Viola’s beautiful golden eyes looked up at me as she twirled in her bridesmaid dress, it was white and frilly that flowed out from the waist. My gaze fell upon our daughter with so much adoration and love.

“The most beautiful princess in the world baby,” I cooed. Dante had inherited my hazel eyes but his father’s features while Viola, had inherited Logan’s golden orbs and my features. Our kids were a perfect mix of both of us. “Now, how does Mumma look?” She smiled up at me.

“Pretty,” she squealed.

“Are you two ready yet? There is a room full of people waiting for you and Logan to finally tie the knot,” Amber sashayed in looking gorgeous. Her strawberry blonde shoulder length curls bounced along merrily and complimented her bright blue eyes and baby blue knee length dress. She was currently four months pregnant with Pierre’s second child and her first. I knew they were going to make fantastic parents. Looking back, especially today, on how things had turned out, I was thankful for all the bad that we had endured through.

We are standing there, nerves prickling through my entire body as Dante and Viola make their way down the red carpet. Tears welled in my eyes as I watched them from behind the sheer curtain. Turning page by Sleeping at Last, played as Viola dropped white rose petals from her little brown wicker basket, both meandering confidently towards their father.

Next was Amber, she smiled and kissed my cheek before putting white heel in front of white heel, making her way down the aisle, through the room full of people. We had invited only those who mattered most and the intimacy of it was perfect for the both of us. I turned to give myself a last minute once over.

My sparkling silver heels were my favourite choice of the day, after all, I will always be a shoe addict. I ran my palms across my plain white long-sleeved mermaid, lace dress, turning, I admired the open back and thought I looked quite lovely.

Gone were the days I used to destroy myself with horrid thoughts and damaging body image judgement, Logan had made sure I knew just how desirable I was, inside and out, and the confidence I received from his build-up allowed both of us to flourish in a respectful, healthy and loving relationship.

My hair cascaded in curls down the left side of my face, with a sparkling silver clip holding up the right side as I began my slow walk towards the man I was completely and utterly, undeniably and irrevocably in love with.

There he stood, my deliciously handsome man, 6ft 2 with thick black hair and tanned skin. The moment he turned, my breath caught in my throat, he wore a white tuxedo that allowed his golden orbs to sparkle as Pierre and Dante stood proudly next to him. I watched as a tear slid from his eyes and the biggest smile I’d ever seen, graced his face. He was breathtaking, a god carved from heaven just for me, to touch, to love and to complete in every way possible.

My hazel’s wept like a broken tap, thank god for waterproof make-up, I thought. I prayed that I didn’t trip up as I walked towards him, shaking like a leaf. Surely, I wasn’t this lucky, surely someone would jump out at any second and yell ‘kidding’ but as I looked out at Caleb and his Wife Iliana, I knew this indeed was no joke. He was mine, all mine and I was all his. My vision blurred as he stood there patiently waiting.

“Welcome everyone, please be seated. We are gathered here on this wonderful day, to join Logan McCarlock and Arabella Key in holy matrimony, after many happy years together and being blessed with two incredible children, they have finally decided to make it official…”

Logan whispered just loud enough for me to hear, “you look beautiful,” and reached his thumb up to wipe away the happy tears that streamed from my eyes.

“S-s so d-do you,” I managed to splutter out.

The ceremony was beautiful, simple and sweet and full of love, so much love. Dante danced with his sister Viola at the reception as Caleb and Iliana’s daughter, Carbelita, joined them. She was not too much younger than Dante and I was thoroughly impressed by Caleb and Logan’s friendship. It was unexpected but welcomed. I guess you can be friends with your ex, it definitely helped that no matter what, Caleb and I would always share our twins and that bond would always be there. Iliana and I too were becoming quite close, to which I thoroughly enjoyed and it seemed that after all these years, our hearts had finally healed.

For too long we had all held ourselves down in some form of punishment and torture and to be finally free and clear from such hurtful ailments allowed us to truly connect as a rather large, extended family. Human beings, in general, were funny creatures, hurt, suffering and pain were easier to deal with rather then forgiveness and letting go and they preferred the torment because it allowed blame. Blame and excuses for the reason why life was shit or you couldn’t move forward.

We too were apart of that endless cycle until I was rescued. Logan saved me in more ways than one, he restored the bits that were broken and allowed me to grow and nourish those bits of me that were pure and good. If you were to ask him, he would say I saved him but I knew the truth and he was definitely my Knight.

I decided to keep the apartment above my Read ‘n’ Feed café. To me, it meant so much more than just an apartment, it meant rebirth, the beginning of my wonderful life, now as Logan’s wife. What had started off as an affair, grew to be something remarkable and as a result, provided us with two beautiful children and a plethora of wonderful happy memories.

Amber continued to work as my manager and my guilty pleasure of werewolf erotica flourished into the production of my own novels. Granted, Logan made sure to test out thoroughly, the smut scenes before they made the final book releases, which provoked no complaints from me and a whole lot of sneaking around hiding our rather vigorous activities from our intuitive offspring.

“What are you thinking about Mrs McCarlock?” His full lips caressed my skin at the nape of my neck causing my head to flop forward, opening up to him

“You Mr McCarlock, always and only you,” I giggled, my core burning by his very dominant presence.

“I can’t wait to get you home, to consummate our marriage,” he whispered unashamedly against my skin.

“Home?... oh sir, I think I’ve been very bad,” I moaned breathlessly.

“Are you wet for me, Arabella?” He grunted pushing his rather large erection into my bum.

“Always and only for you,” I teased pushing my ass back into his raging hard member.

“I’ve always loved the way your body responds to my touch,” he grabs my hand, pulling me away from the reception.

“The kid’s babe,” I pointed out.

“Are going with my parents, we won’t be long, I just need to bury my cock in you right now. You look incredible and you are finally all mine, my wife, my forever.” He pulls us into a small closet and pushes me roughly against the wall.

“Oh sir, I’m not sure my boss will like this?” I groan at his tongue trailing across the curve of my neck.

“Well then keep quiet and maybe he won’t hear Miss McCarlock,” a shudder of pleasure roams along my body, even though I hadn’t worked as his PA for years, the thought of it still excited us.

There was no time for foreplay, I hear the zipper of his pants as my leg comes up and hooks over his arm. Our lips stay locked together blissfully as my white lacy knickers are moved to the side.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy right now,” he whispers against my plump red lips while sliding in his enormously large, delectable cock. “No noises my sexy PA or I will have to punish you.”

His bedroom talk always had me dripping in need. “Fuck me hard, Mr McCarlock,” I groaned as he growled at my order.

His slow torturous thrusts had my cream overflowing, perilously excited to be pumped beyond repair, my heel digging into his backside as I pushed him further into me. “No noises Arabella,” he warned.

“No noises,” I confirmed, knowing full well, I will fail.

His thrusts quickened and his breathing struggled against the pelvic onslaught. I was having trouble containing my silence, which was normal, Logan’s pleasure stick was a dick that worked wonders on my greedy pussy.

“Yes… oh god, yes,” I cried out as his free hand covers my mouth.

“Shh, my sexy PA, they will discover us.” My eyes were rolling back as I attempted to control my groans.

“Fuck sir, I’m going to cum,” I screamed out as he thrust harder and harder into me. My walls tighten around his thick shaft as I exploded my climatic release all over him, “FFfffuuuuccckkkkk,” I moaned out causing Logan to grunt harder.

“Ssssshhhhiiiitttt,” he released into me as his own orgasm ripped through his body.

“I love you,” I whispered into his chest.

“I love you, my beautiful wife,” he mewled towards the roof of the small closet.

The End.

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