The Affair

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Chapter 3 - Him


“Open your legs, Arabella.” He orders while sliding his hand along my inner thigh.

Lying on my back on the kitchen table, his mouth grazing across my earlobe as his fingers slip inside me, while his thumb circles my clit.

“You’re so wet,” he whispers into my ear as I bite my lip. “How do you want it? Hard and fast or slow and sensual?” His lips capture mine before I can answer.

“I want you to make me scream Alpha,” I finally voice.

Sliding me around and pulling me close, his tongue dips straight into my centre. Long lavish strokes causing my eyes to roll back and my body to raise off the bench.

His hands make their way to my nipples, twisting between the thumb and forefingers, making me moan as pleasure courses through my body.

“Arabella, I want you to cum for me.” He grunts from between my legs while flicking my pink buds with his fingertips.

“I want to cum for you, Alpha,” I breathe unable to open my eyes.

The knot in my lower abdomen growing, I’m so close to release, my fingers grasp his hair as my hips gyrate and grind against his face.


“Nnnnnooooo!” My groan of disappointment could probably be heard by the neighbours. Frustrated by another unsatisfying dream, I look to my right and see a perfectly made side, wow, I don’t think he even came home last night. I pick my mobile and dial my husband’s number - perfect voicemail.

As I get ready for work, I trace my curves in the mirror. My body was not perfect, I had hips, a booty and voluptuous breasts with a tiny waist. No matter how many times I was told my curves would stop traffic, they were never enough for my husband Caleb. He always said I could lose some weight, join another gym or ‘work harder’.

Slipping into a crème pencil skirt and a white button up blouse, I matched it with turquoise earrings, necklace and 6-inch heels, placing my hair in a high ballerina bun.

Grabbing my turquoise cardigan and handbag, I headed towards my new workplace, LMPT Limited.

“Welcome to LMPT Limited, how can I help you?” A blonde, plump woman with a bright smile greets me.

“Good morning, my name is Arabella Lucia, I’m here…” Before I can finish I hear a familiar voice call out.

“Arabella!” Logan stands there in a beautiful dark grey and white suit.

“Good morning sir,” I smile.

“Miss Lucia, are we going to have a problem with you calling me Logan?”

“Sorry sir, it may take me a while,” I shrug.

“Follow me, Arabella,” he motions for me as we walked with another man.

We enter the elevator and he presses level 50 as silence fills the air.

“Arabella, this is Pierre Taylor, my business partner. Pierre this is Arabella Lucia, my new P.A,” he gestures between us.

“So, you’re the new one he stole from Roger?” Pierre kisses the back of my hand and I pull away quickly.

“Stolen? More like voluntary abduction.” I say with a smile on my face as the two men roar with laughter.

“Well, anytime you feel like visiting, my doors always open,” Pierre winks in my direction.

“Mr Taylor, I’m afraid I have to decline your offer,” I say to the elevator doors.

I hear Logan clear his throat.

“That’s a shame, Miss Lucia, I can assure you it would be well worth the visit.”

I clench my jaw tightly, in essence, Pierre Taylor was a very attractive man. 5ft 7, muscular build with brunette hair and a strong jaw with cheek dimples. However, his cocky attitude and blatant flirtatious behaviour was something I was never interested in.

“Enough Pear,” Logan warns as the doors open.

The 50th floor was made up of two offices and two front desks, all white with a division down the middle that led straight to a boardroom at the back. On the left side, the wall behind the front desk bore the letters LM and on the right PT, both in bold silver writing.

“This is your new desk and in your top drawer is a list of your duties, codes, keys and your badge to get in and out of the building. Please familiarise yourself with everything, if you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask,” Logan turns toward his office.

“Mr McCarlock… Sorry, Logan sir, how do you have your coffee?” He smiles at my correction.

“Espresso with one, every morning at 8.30am.” I smile and head to my desk.

I was going to be happy here, it was a fresh start with a good company and a sexy... I mean... great boss.

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