The Affair

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Chapter 6 - Almost


The night had gone off without any major catastrophes and now, once again, we stood face to face in front of her door.

“Thank you, for a wonderful evening.” Arabella turns around and slides her key into the lock.

“I meant what I said,” I whispered as hands clutched her waist.

“Please, I asked you to stop.” It was almost a beg but she leaned into his chest - she was fighting our connection.

“Your mouth says one thing but your body says another.” My lips graze lightly across the crook of her neck, goosebumps erupting involuntarily below my heated flesh.

“No...” A pathetic attempt at denial falls flat.

“I meant what I said Arabella, it can be our little secret.” I could feel her becoming weaker, unable to turn me down, I didn’t want to be a secret but at this stage, I would do anything to have her.

“I-I I’m sorry, Mr McCarlock.” She had turned me down - she had disappeared through the small ajar door and closed it behind her as my heart sunk.

… Arabella, you break my heart, Logan x…

I texted her before leaving in frustration and headed for my empty, loveless home.

Walking into my beachfront villa, I grabbed the scotch bottle on my way up to my room. Why does she deny something that feels so right? Because of him? A man that will never love her? If a man truly loves a woman, he would spend every last minute attempting to be with her - make her happy. He would move heaven and earth for her alone, so why does she stay?

Vexation boils over as I slip out of my tux… I will not give up.

The following days at work were excruciating, Arabella made every attempt to be professional and keep out of my way, ensuring there was no unnecessary contact. I certainly was not enjoying this rejection. I wanted her, more than she realised and I could tell she felt the same, I had to get her alone.

Striding up to her desk, I catch her staring into space.

“Arabella, are you okay?” She slightly jumped as I knocked her from her thoughts.

“Y-y yes sir,” she mumbled through wide eyes.

“I have an important meeting tonight, will you be able to attend with me? I need you to email and type up anything I hand you.”

“Umm… tonight?” Her chest rises and falls rapidly and her hand palms her forehead - a clear signal she was looking for an excuse.

“Yes, I just got the phone call. It would work faster if we were a team.”

She sigh’s dejected, “sure Logan.”

“Good, we’ll take my car straight from here,” I leave before she can process or refuse my request.

I had gotten her on false pretences but I will use it to my full advantage. Pulling up to my beach house, her hands fiddled nervously in her lap as she raked her lip harshly through her teeth.

“Logan, this is not a meeting is it?” I exhaled heavily before exiting - it was now or never. Walking to the passenger’s side and opening hers only to met with sad eyes.

“No, it’s not Arabella, I just wanted to have dinner with you but you have been resisting me.”

“You know the reason, Logan.”

“Yes, I do. However, you are clearly not being appreciated, so it’s time to show you exactly what you can have.”

I leaned forward placing my forefinger and thumb on her chin, tilting her face up towards mine. I gently closed the distance between us, lightly brushing our lips together. I held my lips still against hers as I wait for her response, after only a short moment, I felt her lips push back against mine.

My hands moved to cup either side of her face as our lips began to move as one. Feeling the plump, red soft skin, pressed against mine as our tongues darted through our parted lips to greet one another. The taste of her was addicting, so sweet and minty, why anyone would abandon these lips? I would never understand but I was determined to never let them go.

Pulling back slightly to allow our deprived lungs the air they needed, my thumbs caressing her cheekbones.

“I can’t resist you anymore Logan,” she whimpered, almost in fear of her admission.

“Then don’t. I will never hurt you, Arabella,” I whispered back for only her ears to hear, grabbing her by the hand, I guided her inside.

Touching her had quickly become my new favourite thing and the moment we were passed the front door, all inhibitions were thrown to the wind. She found my body pressed against hers, grinding hard as tiny moans escaped from her swollen lips, her reaction was music to my ears.

Releasing her skirt, I let it fall to the floor, cupping her core while my thumb traced gently across her slit, through her lacy red thong. I will worship her the way she deserves.


What the bloody hell was I doing? His touch was what I craved for, the way he noticed me, attentive to the smallest of my actions, the continuous compliments help me gain my self-esteem back and I was addicted to everything he gave me.

It was exciting to feel the warmth of a man, the lust that my soul yearned for, how beautiful he made me feel inside and out. We made our way slowly and passionately up the stairs, lapping at one another, tongues, hands, lips caressing and worshipping every line, curve and ripple - insatiably driven, seeking out sexual euphoria.

His fingers released my hair from my bun and he moans at the sight of it falling. He pushed me hard against the wall just outside, what I presumed was, his bedroom door as my fingers fumbled to unbutton his shirt. His lips grazed gently against the curve of my neck.

Moving us swiftly in through the entrance, his hands gliding over my body as he pulled at my shirt, lifting it above my head and throwing it onto the floor. The backs of my legs hitting his king sized bed and I fell back.

“I’ve wanted you... since the first moment... I saw you...” his words like velvet through blazing kisses, moistening my centre, I watched him hungrily as he undressed. I knew he was cut but damn, I never dreamed it would look this delicious.

His tight broad shoulders and large pec’s - my burning lascivious gaze travelled down his body, across his perfect chest and down his six-pack - my eyes glazing over in lust at the site of his V, perfectly sculptured on his lower abdomen. When his pants dropped to the floor, I’m greeted with a long and wide, perfectly shaped penis that had me groaning at the mere sight of it. My fantasies could not compare to reality and my core clenched in dripping need.

He was far larger than Caleb and I was desperate to taste him. He leant forward to claim my lips, extracting more moans from the back of my throat as he climbed on top of me, thrusting his cock against my pulsing mound.

“Fuck you, Logan!” A woman’s shriek came from the doorway and we both turned, gawking at her watching us. “You bastard, get out you whore.”

“Vanessa?” He exclaimed in a rather high pitched, annoyed tone.

“Vanessa?” I repeated in confusion, before being slapped with realisation and pushed him off.

“Vanessa, get out,” he yelled while I grabbed my shirt off the floor.

“You fat slut,” the leggy blonde with dark blue storming eyes narrowed in on me, blocking my exit.

“Move.” My heart was in my throat as my shame rose. He knew this woman, this woman knew him and the fact that she was standing in his house meant that he knew her intimately. I needed to get out, run... but she was standing in my way.

“You think you can fuck my man and get away with it?” She launched at me, only to be grabbed by my gold eyed fantasy, now standing with pants on as Vanessa thrashed wildly like an animal being caged.

I cringed not wanting to hear any more. Grabbing my shoes, I took my opportunity, collecting my skirt and handbag, “wait, Arabella, fuck wait.”

I heard him calling but I slammed the door behind me, I couldn’t wait, I shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Whipping out my phone and calling a taxi as I ran out to the road and down the street.

Safe inside my house, I leaned against the back of the door allowing the tears to spring from my eyes. I was stupid, the phone calls came every day from these desperate women and I had fallen into his trap too. Lost in a haze of lust and the need to be touched, I had done the unforgivable and cheated on my husband.

He was a player, a true fuck boy and his girlfriend had found us, I was a dreadful person, a cheater, a liar and I had hurt another woman by being caught with her man - I was a whore.

Anger rose within me and I ran toward the bedroom, grabbing my wedding photos from the walls. There was no coming back from this, I had held on for so long in the hopes my husband would finally see me - return the love we once had, love we once shared but instead, I had shattered any chance of restoring my once loving relationship - I was not worthy of air.

The tears dripped from my face as I placed the photo frames in the wardrobe. Leaving the room, I collected them from all over the house, anything with us together, smiling or intimate was thrown into the wardrobe in my fit of emotion - all of it was lies, an illusion, those memories of happier times no longer existed and there was no need for further torture and torment - this was no marriage - this was hell and it was my fault.

I grabbed a shirt from Caleb’s drawer and went into the bathroom to run a shower and try to scrub off the sin and adultery I had just committed. A crime against my relationship, loveless and empty or not, I had made a vow and I had shattered that vow into a million pieces.

Leaving the bathroom in Caleb’s shirt, I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep. No dreams found my broken disgusting soul that night.

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