The Affair

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Chapter 8 - Claimed


Pulling up to her house, I’m greeted with the same sight. The windows and doors all closed as if no one were home. But this time, it was life and death, the stakes were too high to lose.

Going around the side of her two-storied home, I found a gate into the backyard. Noticing the gate had a lock on it, I inwardly cursed and began to climb the wooden pails. Landing with a thud over the other side, I was happy to discover the back door unlocked.

Sliding open the flywire door, I was careful not to make noise. I looked at my surroundings and was surprised to see how empty and unwelcoming the home felt - almost as if no one lived there. No pictures hung from the walls, the lounge room lay bare apart from a white sofa, two white lazy boys and a T.V which hung from the wall.

I strained my ears listening for any sound when I heard music playing from upstairs and followed the noise. I was delighted to be greeted with a humming Arabella. She swayed her sexy curves to the rhythm and even though she wore overalls, a white T-shirt and was covered in paint, she looked super sexy. I made a mental note to remind her in the future to keep her hair in that bouncing ponytail.

“You look beautiful,” I remarked, sharply sucking in a breath.

Arabella dropped to paint roller and spun around so fast with horror and shock plastered across her face.

“What are you doing here?” I rushed toward her as she backed into the freshly painted wall.

“You think this is how we end?” My desire and frustration were leaking out of me in waves - I wanted her where she belonged - in my arms.

“Logan, you shouldn’t be here,” she pleaded as my hand cupped her face while my other hand lent on the freshly painted wall. I was exuding sexual dominance, I couldn’t help it - I missed her.

“You have been avoiding me and I need to explain the truth,” I stated as my thumb traced the edges of her seductive lips.

“Y-y you have a…” her bright hazel eyes sparkled as they welled.

“I have a what, Arabella?”

“A… gi… a girlfriend,” she whispered.

“No, I have not, I was hoping that position was to be occupied by you.” I leaned in closer, pressing her back flush into the wet paint.

“But Vanessa?” The scowl and tone of jealousy was a welcomed surprise.

“No, Vanessa is a crazy stalker, you are the only one I’ll ever want and Vanessa and I, were never in a relationship.” Her arms flew up around my neck as her lips crashed into mine, hurried and hard like she had missed them just as much as mine missed hers.

I deepened our kiss, invading her mouth with my tongue, grazing softly and sensually as my pelvis ground into her lower abdomen and she moaned with every slight movement. She was starving, greedy and willing - if I had of known this reaction was going to happen, I would have broken in days ago.

Unclicking her light blue denim overalls and sliding them all the way down her sexy legs, I was pleasantly greeted with a well-manicured and delightfully pleasing pussy. She had purposely not worn underwear and as I looked up with a smile, I noticed her hard nipples poking through her white shirt, they were a dead giveaway that she wanted this just as much.

I leaned forward, sliding my tongue across her puffy pink slit, moaning at the taste of her fleshy folds while my fingers fumbled around her right leg attempting to release it from the denim restraints. Again, my tongue lapped at her soft skin, sinking deeper this time and parting the juicy lower lips of her core while she breathlessly moaned towards the roof, covering her hair in light green wet paint.

Deeper I dove, circling her clit with the tip of my tongue, tasting her sweet nectar.

“Ooohhhh Logan,” she mewled.

“Ella?” A male’s voice rang out, her eyes went wide as I stood up, staring directly at her frozen in place.

“What do you want me to do?” I whispered to her, hoping she would say ‘stay, we’ll face this together’, but she just stood there, staring at me with hazel doe-eyes the size of saucers.

“Make sure you work hard at the gym, I have an important business meeting and you will not be coming looking the way you do.” Her eyes closed tightly as his words slowly filter through my ears, did he really just say that to her? I go to move, I wanted to kill him, how dare he say that to her, to my Arabella.


The front door had slammed shut and that asshole had gotten away.

“Don’t, just leave it,” she shook her head at me with a wash of shame ingrained on her face.

“Arabella, look at me.” I pulled her eyes to mine with determination, he would not hurt her anymore, he was scum and I was ready to wipe said scum off the face of the earth.

“You are beautiful,” I began but she rolled her eyes and moaned.


“Arabella, he doesn’t deserve you, look at the way he just spoke to you, he doesn’t see what I see.”

“Logan, you don’t know him, he wasn’t always this way and it’s my fault.”

“How the fuck is it your fault?” My temper was beginning to flair at the words that came from her mouth like putrid, self-destructing vomit.

“If I had of been better, looked better or if I just stopped eating, not hurt him in the first place, if I wasn’t me - he would be happy.”

My mind was reeling, this colossal jackass had emotionally beaten my beautiful Arabella into nothing, he had stripped her of her smile, her life and any shred of self-esteem without a second thought.

“You still don’t get it, do you? To me, you are perfect, in every way, inside and out.” Holding strong and lost in her hazel eyes, I prayed she had heard me, heard my words and soaked up their truth. “Pack a bag!” I ordered, knocking her into gear as she struggled to put her overalls back on.


“You’re not staying here.”

“What?” Her line of questioning infuriated me.

“Arabella, you are my everything, you are the reason I breathe in the morning, you are not staying in this emotionally abusive hell hole any longer, grab only what you need, you are coming with me.”

Looking up at me with flushed cheeks, glassy eyes and a quivering chin, she just slowly nods - there was no fight left in her, I will change that. She was breathtaking, every inch of her and yet, she was living in torture. I knew things were somewhat, ‘bad’ in their relationship but nothing would have prepared me for this.

She was far better than that ass deserved and now I have to protect her, love her and bring back her smile. She had no belief in herself left, she had been broken, ripped apart from the inside, all because she was married to a man that clearly did not deserve her and he had extinguished her light. If she was to stay here she would surely die - not physically but emotionally. Looking back on the situation now, it seemed she wasn’t scared about being discovered with me and no bottom half on, she seemed terrified of his words, embarrassed by the sound as it left his mouth.

He would pay for what he has done to her, this was my promise.

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