The Affair

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Chapter 9 – Getting To Know You


What was I doing? Inadequate and devoid of any resistance, I had simply just given in. I was tired of fighting it though, tired of pushing away, exhausted and lacking the ability to string myself back together. I wanted to be held by him, loved by him, he was the only thing I had thought of for months - even if my insecurities got in the way, for just a brief moment I will know what it felt like to be important to someone.

We had walked hand in hand to his beachfront villa, I found myself struggling to understand why he had rescued me?… again… was he just someone who rescued damsels in distress? When he found a new damsel would he move along and start this process again? I wouldn’t blame him if he did, I wasn’t exactly the best candidate for a relationship.

“I want you to sleep in my room… with me, but you are more than welcome to your own if you prefer. I get that I’ve just dragged you away from your home, completely unsure of how you feel about this whole thing, about us or about me, but you are my… everything... and I would like you to stay with me - indefinitely.”

My inner ramblings fell completely silent. What? He said what? He... wants... me? I was floored by his confession, I could not get a ‘hello’ from my husband, tearing myself apart daily over how worthless I am and here is my own personal knight, admitting I was his everything.

Rather than verbally replying, not that I could after hearing that, I leaned forward and gently brushed against his lips, pulling back with a smile dancing across my mouth and tears gathering in my eyes.

“Well, at least you didn’t palm your forehead.” My smile grew. “I’ll just put your bag in my room and then we’ll start dinner.” Assessing his every move, every sound, everything he had done since the moment I had met him, it all made my heart flutter. I must have been silent for a while because he just stared at me with an apprehensive face - maybe he was feeling insecure about confessing something so deep and I had not responded?

“Okay,” I finally breathed after bitting my lip. “But I need a bath, I’m covered in paint.”

He exhaled deeply. “Right, you run a bath I’ll order take out and find the wine - we need wine.” I blushed at how absolutely handsome he was, if I could have photographed that moment I would have. His eyes, his skin, the way his full lips pressed together - perfection.

Sitting in the bath surrounded by bubbles, I couldn’t help my thoughts. It was like my heart had opened and I was finally dealing with the past year and a half - and boy had it destroyed me. Caleb clearly had no interest in restoring our relationship, he kept me on his arm because it looked good to the firm partners - a solid investment with a ‘stable functioning marriage’ - such bullshit. I was not delusional enough to think he wasn’t fucking numerous birds on the side. I guess my old job had not been the only thing I was stuck in.

This afternoon, he had unconsciously but purposely embarrassed me, horrendously stripped my soul bare in front of Logan. Yet, Logan was ready to kill him and defend my honour, even after Caleb’s harsh words were hurtled in my direction, he fought hard for me not to believe them, to convince me that I was worth more than a flippant careless sentence armed poisonously at my heart.

I knew I no longer obtained the strength or capacity to deny my feelings for Logan and I knew a divorce would be my only option from here on out, so why not embrace this new situation I’ve found myself in?

Walking back into his bedroom covered in a towel, I noticed him lying on his bed in just boxers - his eyes closed and his hands behind his head. He looked peaceful - elegant. Heading to my bag, I begin to dress in red lacy undergarments and retrieved my handcuffs - handcuffs that Caleb always said were disgusting and slutty, a tool used by whores and sick minded freaks. I had purchased them in a bid to reunite us, only to fail and be scrutinised for my behaviour.

Logan, however, was my fantasy, so why not play out the delectable visions that consumed my lascivious mind?

Sneaking up behind him, I slid the handcuffs through his wooden headboard, *Click* - He was locked in and I pulled back the chain quickly before he realised what I was up too and padlocked the extra chain tightly, allowing no chance for escape. I had pondered over this exact fantasy countless times, aroused by the very thought of it.

“Arabella, what are you up to?” His eyes giving away his pure delight, sensuality and lust.

“Did you order the food?” I inquired curiously.

“Not yet.”

“Good, I’d hate to be interrupted again.”

Sliding his silk tie through my left hand, my eyes soaked in his body handcuffed to his bed, clenching my core in response to the exotic vision before me. Logan’s muscles tighten with anticipation as he pulls - a failed attempt to release himself from his restraints.

“It’s no use,” I giggled as he watches my every move. “You’re mine until I release you.”

“You seem to have thought this out,” he states with a slight smirk on his face.

“Oh, I have been thinking about this from the very first day I met you, Mr McCarlock.” I moved to straddle him, my legs either side of his well-built and muscular chest, intoxicating desire slithering through my entire being.

Pulling his silk blue tie taut, I lean forward to cover his eyes. After checking the knot, my kiss gently brushed against his soft full lips, lingering for just a moment before my tongue glides across his lower lip and he moans at my touch.

“You’re driving me, crazy woman,” he responds.

Twisting my body, I slide my hand down his abdomen, teasing at the hem of his boxers before slipping my hand in and stroking along his long shaft - he moaned deeply. I ran my thumb along the slit of his knob, collecting the droplet of pre-cum, shifting back around and lifting my thumb to my mouth to lick.

“You taste so good,” I groaned.

“God Arabella,” his breath quickens.

Releasing my breasts from their red lacy confines, my hips slide backwards to rest on his crotch. I lean forward, running my tight hard nipples over his bare, smooth chest. Moving forward to the side of his neck, I licked, reaching up to his earlobe, I sucked it into my warm wet mouth.

“Jesus, you’re gonna make me cum before the fun really begins.” His breath hitched as he bites his lip.

Grinding my pussy against his cock through our undergarments, I moaned in utter ecstasy.

“Oh!” I cried, grabbing and twisting my erect nipples in pleasure.

“Shit,” Logan hisses, “I want to see you, take off my blindfold.” He almost begs.

I leaned forward, pressing my soft plump lips against his, “no.”

“Arabella please, I want to feel you, see your sexy body.”

“Not yet, Mr CEO, patience.” I slid off his body and carefully pulled down his boxers to reveal one thick, long and deliciously hard cock. “You’re so big Mr McCarlock,” I flattened my tongue, dragging it from the base of his shaft to the tip while he mewls breathlessly to the sky.

“Arabella!” he growls.

Cupping his balls in my hand, I massaged gently while my tongue circled and teased the head of his erect member before swallowing him whole, taking him to the very back of my throat.

Hearing him breathlessly curse toward the roof was far sexier in real life than it ever was in one of my erotic fantasies. Wasting no more time, I slide down my panties and climb on top of him, ever so gently, sliding him into my hole, inch by glorious inch, both revelling in the feeling.

“Please, goddamn it.”

“Oh Logan,” I moaned, grinding into him.

“Please, just pull it off.” Logan was begging to see, it felt so good to know someone wanted to see me naked, so I leaned forward pulling his tie down with a smirk on my face.

His beautiful gold eyes glazed over in knee-weakening desire, “you can watch.” I say as a faint smile danced across his lips. God, I felt sexy - empowered for the first time in years.

“Logan,” I whispered, lost in ecstasy.

His grunting and groans licked at my ears wickedly, spurring me on more and my right hand glided over my breast, pinching my nipple on the way before coming to a stop at my clit and toying with the raised nub, working feverishly as I rose and fell, coating his cock in my slickness.

Circling my hips to drive him that little bit deeper inside me, I hear the words of avid appreciation. “Fuck, you are sexy Arabella.”

He was stimulating my mind, which was new and exciting and I was revelling in this newfound confidence. Grinding my hips back and forth on top as I tweaked at my nipple, toying with my clit as pleasure rippled and oozed from top and bottom of my neglected body.

“You’re so beautiful,” he repeats through his own moans of sexiness. “Cum on me,” he breathes thickly, “I want to touch you so bad, rub your clit and make you cry out.” I picked up the pace as a knot forms in the pit of my stomach.

“I don’t think I can hold on Arabella, you feel too good,” my hand dropping to his chest as I ground deep, my pelvic bone attempting to carve into his as my middle finger manipulated that glorious ball of nerves.

“Don’t hold on Logan, cum with me.” My eyes shut tight and my head hung low as we both chased release, my inner walls clamping down around his shaft, I could feel it so, so close.

“Arabbbeeellllaaaa,” he growled as we both exploded with our orgasm. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy ripped through me, my mind lost to climatic oblivion. Our bodies shuddered against one another as we floated back to earth.

I captured his mouth with mine, gliding my tongue along his.

A choke cough pierced our haze. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry!”

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