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Ysane Sathe
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Once upon a time, oh screw that shit! I’ll rephrase! Once a day, as I step out of my white Audi R8 Spyder, in my black sky-high heels, knee-length bandage skirt, white fitted blouse with ruffles on the front and a black fitted blazer. I was surrounded by colossal glass built skyscrapers that I like seeing every day.

A figure was approaching me as she hurriedly held out my Prada bag. Not a prince but my assistant.

We entered the main lobby of the building. “Miss Montréal, you have a meeting at 10 am with Mr. Pierre, up to lunch. I already requested a meal by 12 pm in your office. By 2 pm, you have another meeting with Mrs. Deborah Kingston to further discuss the upcoming merger with Kingston Inc. At 6 pm, I reserved a table on The Dock with your date.”

She kept on reciting my schedule for today as we quicken our pace towards the elevator, once the elevator doors opened employees hastily scrambled out for me to come in. I heave a sigh as I get in, Dione immediately pressed a button for the elevator to bring us to our destination.

“I believe you forgot to tell me about my schedule before 10 am. ” I notion, as I took out my Channel sunnies which I put slowly inside my bag. ” Oh yes, apologies Miss Montréal. You have requested an interview for an assistant that will take my place. There are four candidates.”

I nodded in response as the elevator opened. I quickened my pace, as we reached my office. Dione bid farewell but before she could take a step back I called her.

“Are you really gonna leave me alone?” She has been with me for almost eight years. She managed and organized my busy life, as well as personal life. She’s like my older sister and friend that I never had.

She beamed a smile at me. ” Thorin, I’m not. If you ever need me, call, text, or skype me.” My usual neutral demeanor changes as I frowned at her. “Oh yeah, like I have for the past eight years. I clearly need your presence.”

I heard her scoffs, and wave a hand like brushing it off. “And besides, what if I call at 12 noon, and it’s like midnight in there.” Not really the words I want to say but she clearly got my point.

“I can assure you Thorin, the candidates for my replacement are exceptionally well at organizing and managing your schedules. If not I had them briefed well on your preferences before they step a foot in this office.” I let out another sigh as I nodded and seated on my swivel chair. Dione placed five folders in my desk and exited my office as I instructed her to let one of the candidates in.

I picked out the top folder and scanned it. I read with the resume with disdain, not really impressed nor disappointed. It’s just like another typical resume out there, not striking enough. But it this interview can make a difference, maybe -- a tan, blonde woman with a hot pink dress that stops at mid-thigh, sweetheart line that reveals her cleavage; the majority of her boobs rather. Dione must have forgotten to tell what is a corporate attire is. Betty Boob personified! In burns my eyes.

" Thank you for your time Miss. You may leave.” I stated before she could sit in the chair opposite mine. Flabbergasted, putting her hands above her chest, breast rather. ” I haven’t started --”

“It was very nice meeting you. ” Forcing myself to smile.

“I’m Tash---”

" Very nice. ” I replied with my stern voice hoping she got the idea. She squared her shoulder and stomped her foot on my precious marble floor. She flipped her hair and walked towards the door, but before she could she turned to face me. “You’re not nice!”

“I’ve been told,” I said nonchalantly as I throw her resume on the floor. “You’re a T.H.O.R.N! Thorn! You hurt people!”

“You forgot the I, clearly you are incapable.” With that, she closed the door with force.

The next applicant came in. She barely managed to state her name with her stuttering. I was not even looking at her directly, pretending I am reading her resume. Trying to have patience, I noticed her fidgeting. Very much annoying.

“Out.” She literally dashes out of my office. Next one, was a guy and literally, he’s just like the previous applicant. I wasn’t really interested and I don’t want to hear his answers to my questions. At least he managed to finish my interview.

I texted Dione as the fourth applicant entered, “Please take a seat. ” I notion without facing the applicant.


The HR give it ago. They’re good to give them a chance.

I did.

You made the first two applicant cry. The third fainted as he closed the door.

Before I could type in a reply the applicant cleared his throat. My perfect eyebrows rose up, did he just--- I looked up to see an amber pair of orbs behind a pair of spectacles. A dangerously handsome man with olive skin in a black suit and gray tie not really Armani Suit but he looked very fine, sitting properly, gleaming directly at me. A freaking Adonis, I kid you not.

I know I’m being stereotypical, I’ve always encountered a man like him, some business mogul, some models or actors. Date, the flavor of the week and sleep some with them even, why am I even awestruck at this man. Wait, he’s not applying for Dione’s position, is he? Maybe a company representative. He was not mentioned in my morning itinerary. “Are you lost?”

His forehead twisted and shakes his head. “Miss Montréal, I am Lucas Sullivan applying for the vacant position. I do want to be in your assistance in business and personal life as Ms. Lopez emphasized.” I gaped at his statement. Hell, he could just apply to be a Calvin Klein model but here his is applying for this job.

“Uh, Miss Montréal? there’s something on the side of your lips.” Unconsciously reached out the side of my lips, not really breaking my glance. A drool, what the. I ducked under my desk and checked for any smear. So not cool and ladylike! To say I am embarrassed is an understatement! I regained my composure and held my business persona as I seat back properly.

“Why are you applying for this job?” I asked nonchalantly, as I reached out his resume. An ivy leaguer, top of the class, interned at a well-known Italian global company, had two assisting jobs from a big company before. Splendid recommendation letters from previous employers. “Firstly, I don’t have a job and I needed one as soon as possible. Second, I do have the necessary skills for an assistant. Third, I would be stupid if I let this opportunity pass. Your company pays a hefty amount, enough to buy a small house.”

I nodded, hiding how impressed I am at his answers. He clearly wanted this job, and he has the guts to answer back straight without stuttering. “Mr. Sullivan, you must have heard about some ill rumors when you step into this lair?”

Mr. Sullivan nodded. “I must admit that the employees here are very much good with words. They call you Miss Thorn.” I nodded, as I fixed my low bun. “Talked behind my back I see?”

He snickered at my retort. Did he just laugh in a formal interview? I couldn’t help but looked at him and listen to his manly chortle. “They talked loud enough for me to hear Miss Montréal.”

“Right.” Closing the folder and looked at his expectant face. How should I say this? “Well, Mr. Sullivan thank you for your time.”

I stood up and held my hand out for a handshake which he takes and smiled at me. I couldn’t ignore the tingling feeling as he took my hand, what was that?

What’s up with him and his beguiling smile?

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