Miss Montreal

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Chapter 12: Mr. Kiss & Run

Lucas could only shake his head and plot different ways to slowly kill his younger brother. Much to his dismay, he won’t get hit the sack anytime soon as he carries his drunken boss to her apartment in bridal style.

“You-You’re so so warm,” Thorin muttered for the nth time, as she pressed herself closer to Lucas

He punched in the code to enter and was given access. He kicked the door open, without turning on the lights, he directly trudged towards Thorin’s bedroom. He knew where would her bedroom is located, but he never had access to it. Often, he would just stay in the living room or kitchen as Thorin approach him with her dress option of the day.

He twists the doorknob open and as he sees the silhouette of the bed he immediately lay down Thorin. He looks for the light switch off her bedside lamp and turned it on. He then found another light switch, that was on the side of her bed headboard, and turn it on for the whole room to be illuminated.

He fixed his glasses as he adjusted his eyes to the lighting. He assessed Thorin’s purple bedroom, her floor to ceiling windows was covered with white curtains, her walls have a nice purple touch of purple, other than that her bedroom furnishings and furniture are white.

Lucas notices her desk located in the corner by the window, it was the only area that was cluttered with piles and piles of binders and paperwork.

As his amber orbs finally landed on Thorin’s sleeping state, she tossed and stirred causing her dress to hike up. One more move from her, she would flash what’s underneath her dress.

Dios Mio.

He would be a hypocrite if he would deny the fact that he did not want to see or know what’s under those. For his and Thorin’s salvation, he hastily grabs her white duvet and covered her upper body decently.

Grabbing first her calf to elevated her foot, her soft and fragile skin tingles his against fingers. He then proceeded to unhook the straps of her stilettos. Lucas places her pink satin stilettos on her carpeted floor.

His heart drummed loudly against his chest, causing him to stop as he exhales air and try to refocus as he tries to control his desires. Keeping his hands in check, and away from the drunk vixen, he checked on her once again. He places his hand on his back pocket as he felt a squared foil, he fished it out and scrutinize it. Condom. Levi. He immediately put it back as he clenched his jaw.

Going home and sleeping on his bed would be the greatest idea of this wee hour. Before he does something they might both regret in the morning. Not that he was thinking of doing it, he might. Knowing that they have both alcohols in their vessels.

Go home. Sleep. He ought to do so, however Thorin jerks up as she sat on her bed, eyes still closed.

“Ms. Montréal?” Lucas stepped in and glance down at her, “Do you need anything?” She shakes her head and met his gaze.

“Sleeping would be best,” Lucas propped as he gently tries to hold her and attempt to lay her down. Still maintaining hooded gaze, Lucas lay her down. He was about to straighten his spine when he was held down by Thorin. His left hand landed beside her face, supporting his weight. She clenched his collars, his breath hitched and fans her face. He held her hands that caught his collar and assess her face.

“Eye... Eye make up remover and makeup remover,” Thorin croaked. She released him from her clasp. Lucas puffs out air, as he unbuttoned the first two of his shirt. He was sweating profusely, trudging towards her bathroom, switch on the lights and start looking for the makeup remover on the baskets.

There were too many tiny bottles, that are similar to each other, “CC Cream. BB Cream. Primer.” He read each bottle until he finally found what he was looking for. With cotton pads and makeup remover in hand, he walks back to her bedroom.

“Here,” he sits on her bedside and places the things his boss’s requested. He gazes down at her, “Can you do it by yourself then?”

“I’ll try,” she grunted, waving her hands up the air. Lucas picks up the liquid container and opens it, he moistens the cotton pads with it.

“How should I do this?” He raised the cotton pads, Thorin looks up through her lashes as she tries to take the cotton pads from his hand but failed. Her forehead creased as she attempted one more try; Lucas was just holding up the cotton pads. He can’t stop his snickers as he watches Thorin tries her best. “Give me instructions Ms. Montréal, I’ll do it.”

She flickers her eyes open and probes at him, clearing her throat; she gave him instructions. She closes her eyes as he gently wipes her eye makeup out, her whole face and other edges where there might be makeup residue. He thoroughly cleaned and freed Thorin from her make-up. Lucas forgot how lethal her beauty is when it is liberated from face enhancers.


“Hmm..” He said as he piles up the used cotton pads on her bedside table. “Do you hate me?” The question made Lucas halt, he glance back at Thorin with creases on his forehead.

“No. Ms. Montréal,” his voice was modulated. Yes, perhaps, once, he admitted it to himself. However, that was in the past, it was petty if he would bring the hate into the present. “Hate is a strong word, Ms. Montréal,”

She got up, her left arm propped against her bed, body facing him, “Well then, do you like me?”

Lucas mentally checking himself if he’s drunk, tipsy or a little bit of both. He knew he was sober the moment he held Thorin, but he felt like he was intoxicated at this moment. He wished he was. He searched and think for the neutral and right words to say.

“There are more things to like and hate, Ms. Montréal,” he tried to be vague about his answer. For what? His sanity. He wanted to protect himself. Call him selfish but he knew sooner or later if he falls under her magic he would fall hard, and the impact would damage his being. He was sure of it. But the thought of being able to take care of her, hug and kiss her whenever he wants, wipe her tears when she cries is too tempting. He would be the biggest idiot to pass that out.

“It’s just yes or no, Lucas.” Thorin fired gravelly as she lay back down on her bed. If only he can answer that question with that simple answer. But it was more than a yes or no for him. It has always been. “We will talk once you’re sober, Ms. Montréal.”

“We’re not even in working, Lucas. Drop that stupid surname of mine!” Her brittle voice sent an alarm in Lucas’ ears, she turned her back on him.

“Ms. M-- Thorin?” He gently nudges Thorin. She didn’t move, he thought sleep has finally overtaken her when she pulled him by his collar. Thorin pulled away from his eyeglasses, her vodka breath fanning and hitting his nostrils. “Kissing back means yes.”

The moment he tasted her sinful lips, he was addicted. Intoxicated. He knew of this for sure. The once sobered man became drunk from her emerald orbs. Taunting him. Eye lace with anticipation. Lucas finally dared to remove his disguise.



Pounding her skull as she flutters her eyes open to find her ringing alarm clock that is currently hammering loudly against her ears. Her guttural groans echoed throughout her bedroom on a Saturday afternoon. The floor to ceiling window curtains was cut open thus, the afternoon light shines brightly against her walls.

Touching her satiny bedsheets, until she felt the hard smooth bedside table and reached the absurd ringing clock. She hit it off and slowly shake her head as she sat up on her bed.

Assessing her bedroom, her bed, her dress? “Huh? This wasn’t it.” She pulled the hem of the gray large tee shirt she had. As she shut her eyes tightly, trying o recall the things that happen last night’s events. Her throbbing head didn’t ebb away, she felt dizzier by the seconds as she remembers.

Fluttering her eyes open, gasping, “Lucas.”

Disregarding her dizziness, she inspects the possibility of Lucas’s presence within her bedroom. Slowly she looks back, at the other side of her bed. Empty. A jacket. She picked up the jacket and smelled it. Masculine musk. The smell of washing drying on the line, on a summer’s day – clean and crisp, evade her nose. It awoke her from her sleepiness.

“Lucas?!” Her orotund voice echoed once again within the walls. Throwing her duvet away from her, as she rose from her bed. On her barefoot, she yawned and stretches her limbs. Spotting her pouch, she marches towards when she notices a neon sticky note atop it.

‘In your bathroom first’

She unconsciously traces the familiar handwritten note. It was Lucas. A lopsided smile immediately formed as she follows what the note said. Once in the bathroom, she found her reflection. Another note was pasted against the mirror. She prances towards it as she plucks it out.

‘Freshen up. Proceed to the kitchen’

She stared at her reflection, she was smiling like an idiot. Scrutinizing herself, every inch, from her clean face. How could she forget? Lucas cleaned her face for her. Her lips were swollen. The realization hit her, what did they do? With furrowed brows, she thought of last night. Glimpsing her reflection, she spotted a bruise-like mark on her neck. Hands-on the sink, she leans into the mirror to inspect the right side of her neck.

She stripped off her tee-shirt to inspect her body once more. Thorin doesn’t know if she’ll be mad or happy about this. Mad would be the least she was feeling at this moment. However, has Lucas taken advantage of her when she was drunk?

Her set black lacey brassiere and underwear was very much intact and attached to her body. No hickey. None at all.

“Should I disappointed?” Muttering to herself as she picks out her tee-shirt and put it back on. “Maybe. Maybe not. You were drunk,” a few explicit were thrown as she exited her bathroom and bedroom with haste.

Spotting another note on her marble countertop as she barges towards her kitchen. She made herself comfortable on the high stool and look down on the sticky notes and read it one by one, from her left to right.

‘Eat and take those Advils’, an arrow was pointed to the right, so she read another note.

‘Please eat. Okay?’

‘Btw, your friend got home safely’

‘I decided to take over your minute work for this day. Don’t worry. I got you.’

‘Eat. Rest. See you on Monday.’

Grinning like a lunatic. She did what she was told. She kept on glancing at Lucas’s notes. It was one of the simplest things on Earth but it was now the rarest thing to do for someone. Then what now? Asking herself, should they start dating? They should. And if she will invite him again, she would then again rejected. Wait, does Lucas even like her? Does he even felt attracted to her? How would she approach this situation?

Grunting at her train of thoughts, she lifted her plate to clean up when she found a hidden note.

‘We kissed. I’m not sorry.’


Lucas gazes ahead. The golden hour on a Sunday afternoon eases him. His forehead was dripping wet, his toned upper body was bare as he exhales. Glancing at the guy, his current teammate who hollered. He passed the ball, and run forward.

Never losing sight of the ball. Knowing there are no opposing defenders around him. His teammate signaled as he kicked, using the long pass, towards Lucas. Lucas received and dribbled it forward. He saw an opening on the goal and kicked it right in.

“Boom! 3-1,” the referee shouted. Waving three fingers on his right and one finger on his left.

His teammates of the day approach him. Lucas glances up at the clear skies, hands on his hips he puffs out air.

“Dude, I told you! We should’ve bet!” Nudging him as they start walking towards the bleachers. There was a decent amount of crowd present on a laid-back afternoon. Lucas knew of his few teammates, his neighbors from his apartment building. Some were from around the block of this neighborhood.

“That’d be illegal,” Lucas replied curtly as he reaches the bleachers and picked up his tumbler and took a swig on it. He splashes the remaining water on his body to cool himself up. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard squeals. Cringing he took a seat, his teammates then pat his back.

“Guess Lucas doesn’t want the attention of his fans,” others laugh out loud at the statement. Lucas just shakes his head as he dismissed it. He straightened his legs, hike up his black jersey short and checked his now dirty Nike cleats. “Hell! My crush is even giggling and staring at Lucas like a naive schoolgirl

“Crush?! What are you elementary?” The group snickered at the other’s retort. Lucas couldn’t help but listen and join in the laughing session.

“Just kiss the girl for crying out loud! Ask her out!” The other suggested. Lucas freezes at the suggestion. Kiss. He kissed her twice, he did not even clarify his feelings for her. Thorin might portray him as a jerk, who kisses someone and left them hanging in the air.

He even left notes yesterday morning after he cooked her brunch. Knowing she would be up by noon.

Bloody tarnation! He even slept in her apartment. Not with her. No. No, he would not dare to touch her when she’s in that helpless state. Yes, he dared to kiss her back. However, the saint in him took over, he reluctantly pulled himself out and sated her to sleep.

Lucas mentally hit himself, what is he going to do now? Plain and simple. Let down the barriers, be straightforward and honest about this whole thing. That would be the best thing to do now.

A low degrading cat call pulled Lucas from reverie. He looked up at his current group with a frown, “Can you please stop the catcalls? It’s disrespecting.” He said as he clenched his jaw.

He heard them muttering apologies, he rose from his seat. “Victoria Beckham must be lost, looking for her David huh?”

“Heels on a soccer field is a no-no.” The statement perked up Lucas's curiosity. He leers at them and traces their eyes towards the target of his curiosity. If he was wearing his eyeglasses, he would hold it closer to fully view something. To his convenience when he plays soccer, he wore his contacts. His eyes locked on the lady.

Judging by the way his breath hitched. By the way, his heartbeat rallied against its cage. Bloody tarnation!

Clad in her slim-fit black dress that stopped mid-thigh, black stilettos, and her rich black hair. Her skin shimmery because of the afternoon light that hits it. She had her arms spread out as she tried to pull her left leg out from the ground. Her grace and poise were still evident as she helps herself out.

Lucas snickered silently at the site, much to his dismay he wasn’t the only one enjoying the view. One of the guys stood up, Lucas hastily blocks the guy with his arms.

“Mine,” gaze hooded at the guy, amber orbs dilated as he emphasized the word venomously. The guy raised his arms in the air, with that Lucas left the bleachers and jog. He halted and turned back to face the group, their slack-jawed face made Lucas frown.

“What? Have you seen my shirt?” The bunch shakes their head sideways. Lucas turned his back, as he jogs to his boss. Half-naked, much to his dismay.

It was very inappropriate in every way. His self-esteem would lessen if he’s dress lesser in front of someone he knew.

“Way to go, Lucas,” he scolded himself. Meeting her half-way on the field, he took the final jog towards his boss who stumbled on her own feet. Quick on his feet, he catches her in his arm before she hits the ground.

“Careful, the ground would’ve liked it if you kiss it,” he jests to eases his dropping confidence in front of his boss.

She tried to think of a witty way to escape her embarrassing and unladylike demise she found herself in. Standing in front of his man, of Lucas, rather.

“Thank you,” standing up on her stilettos as it currently sinks into the ground. Again.

Lifting her chin, disregarding her shoe situation, she maintains eye contact with his amber eyes. Hell. He has his contacts instead of his usual eyeglasses. Lethal.

Trying to dismiss his well-toned body, four packs- she counted subtly. Say something polite, polite greetings she mentally chanted. Yet what came out was, “You look like someone I’d very much like to kiss.”

Lucas snickers at her, as he subtly raises his left arm and tried to cover himself up. She catches a glimpse of ink a few inches down his armpit. What does that tattoo say? She wondered.

Thorin once-over him. She did not know that jersey shorts could be this sexy on him until now. She was used to Lucas being covered up, always. She subtly touches her neck where the hickey is, she tried her best to cover it up with makeup. She felt like a pervert for thinking such desires.

“What are---” Lucas was about to ask when he was interrupted by a bunch of girls, screaming, “Hi Lucas!”

This ignites an immense and rare emotion within Thorin. She glances up the girls as she flickered her perfect brows up. Lucas grimaced at the attention. Sizing up the girls, the girls immediately took notice of her.

“Do I have to kiss him, in front of you to make a point ladies?” Sarcasm laced with every word she spat as the girls immediately scream out from her site. She was about to reach Lucas's hands when her stilettos sunk in comfortably on the ground.

“Take them off,” Lucas commanded as he kneeled in front of her. She takes them off reluctantly, her feet touched the moist ground making her toes curl, “My feet are going to be dirty!” Trying to straighten out her voice but to no avail.

She sulks at Lucas who plucked out her black stilettos from the ground. Stilettos on his left hand, “Are you making me walk? Barefooted?!” Thorin taunts as she glowered at him.

“I’ll clean you up,” Lucas sweeps her off from the ground. Thorin shrieked as she encircled her arms around Lucas’ neck, as she grips tightly on her white Prada purse.

Thorin kept her eyes on Lucas as he carries him out of the field and into the street. His brunette locks were wet from sweat, she wondered if he would look like just like that in bed with her. His scent was still clean and crisp despite the perspiration. “I did not know you played soccer, until a minute ago.”

Lucas gazes at her, unbothered by her weight on his arms, “Now you know. How did you even find me?”

“I called you..” five, maybe eight times, Thorin wanted to add up. “I wanted to -- uh -- see-- see you. I stood in front of your apartment and asked around. One of your neighbors said you were on the field so, I’m here.”

“Bummer did not have my phone with me.” His fruity voice sends pleasant shivers down her spine. Lucas beamed at her, she mimics the gesture as comfortable silence engulfed them.

“It’s quite far from my apartment though. You should’ve told me, how did you get by?”

Lucas shrugged, “Commute. Walk. Treated it as my daily exercise.” No wonder you looked so good to eat, Thorin ever so wanted to retort back.

“You should’ve complained it to me though,”

He stopped dead in his tracks as he furrowed his brows on her, “It’s part the job. Why would I complain about the job I applied for?”

Thorin’s thin patience grew thinner. She gritted her teeth, “Put me down.” Lucas’ amber orbs bug out as he gazes at her. She repeated each word with an edge.

Lucas did what Thorin said. The cold pavement touches her sole, gripping her fist tightly against the handle of her purse.

She gloomed at Lucas, “Oh so you’re saying that doing this is part of your job? Holding me like that is part of your job? Taking care of me when I’m drunk is part of your job? Kissing me is part of your job!?”

Lucas’ eye’s hooked on her, he kneels and places her shoes on the pavement which angered Thorin even more. He’s not even affected by her outburst. What kind of a man he is? Lucas stood up, still half-naked that distracted Thorin so much so that she wanted to strangle him.

“No.” He runs his knuckle down on Thorin’s cheek. “Well, not really. And I like taking care of you,” he said in huskily. Thorin freezes at his words and gestures. It eases her boiling blood. It’s like the demon within her muted out, by his words. It made her safe and comfortable.

“Put on your shoes. We’re almost there and I need clothing. I’m getting cold!” Lucas held out his right hand for Thorin. Thorin took it as she slips her feet on her stilettos.

Disregarding the dirty on her soles. Much to her surprise, Lucas held her left hand tightly as they walk hand in hand.

Lucas abruptly stopping in front of his apartment. Thorin glance at him as he gazed on a shiny silver Porsche, parking in front of his apartment. “Oh. She’s back early.”

“Who?” Thorin wondered.

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