Miss Montreal

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Chapter 16: Mr. Yellow Folder

“Tell me, are they planning about my assassination?” She asked as they exited the board room from a heated monthly board meeting. Strides firm and precise, heels clicking against the white marble floor. ” ’Cause you know, I’ve been a thorn in their bed full of roses.”

“No. Not yet, I think,” Troy chuckles as they turned a corner, roaming his eyes around the vicinity where members paused and regroup for a chat. “They’re too cooped up with kissing gossip within the company. Headlines say, Employee, harassed by the CEO.”

“There are no rules about dating between colleagues, Troy. You know that. You dated one after all.”

“What about PDA then? Maybe you should review that?” Troy pressed on as they turned left to wait for the elevator, pressing the executive floor button. “I’m married already, move on, Thor. ”

“I’m just making a point here,” Thorin stated nonchalantly.

“Yeah, sure. Anyway, the wife said she wants to interview for their next mag issue.”

Thorin stopped on her tracks and raised her perfect brows, “Again? What is it this time?”

“Leading Women, something like that. You’re not that interesting. I wondered what Lucas sees in you. You’re not that great.”

She could feel her cheeks heated up, “You’re not that great either. I wonder what your wife sees in you.”

“My personality, obviously,” Troy sounding defensive, the metallic doors opened revealing a few employees since it’s lunch break has almost ended.

Upon seeing Thorin’s presence, like how Moses parted the Red Seas, the employees scooted to give her the necessary space. Some even tried to scram from the elevator but Thorin stopped them just in time, “No, it’s cool.”

She smiles politely as she stepped inside the elevator. Troy followed silently trying to stop his jaws from hanging. As the elevator doors open for the last two employees to exit.

“Who are you?! Are you even my sister?!” Troy shouted causing her to step a few because of her shock. Her palms pressed against her ears as she stared at her brother dreadfully, “What the hell is wrong with you!”

“You were nice. Woah, is this a prank Thorin?!” Troy prompt absent-mindedly as he looks up and checks the ceiling of the elevator. He stared at the CCTV and wave at it. “Jokes on me then. Hah!”

“Calm the fuck down! What’s up with you?!” Thorin hisses, forehead creases as he stared at his mentally decapitated brother at the moment.

“You were nice and considerate,!” Troy edge closer as he pointed his sister.

“What about it?” Thorin raised her brows. Troy places his hands on her shoulder, and shakes her, “All of it. You were nice.”

She plucked out his hands away from her shoulder, “Weren’t you’re supposed to be at your office this time?”

“Yes. You were nice,” Troy beamed at her like he’s the proudest brother in the world. “And considerate.”

“I’ve been nice my whole life, stupid!” His smile immediately turned upside down as he heard the last word. It was her nickname to him when they were younger. The word annoyed her brother so much back then, Troy could only be silent and hold his anger and annoyance for his bratty little sister. He’s been doing it since her existence.

“And it was short-lived,” He cringed at her, stepping back as he quietly waits. Thorin stepped in beside him and looks up to him. The metallic doors open and both stepped outside, Thorin was uneasy as she gazes his brother again.

Internally groaning, Thorin matches his speed, “I’m sorry.”

Troy abruptly stopped, jaw slack as he stared at his sister. Gripping his chest area, he clenched his tie and undershirt, “I think I’m having a heart attack.”

Thorin sighs as she roams her eyes around the floor, some employees took notice of the current situation, “Call 911!”

She turns her stilettos and proceeded to the direction of her office without looking back at Troy. It reminds her of Levi, she couldn’t help but laugh at her thoughts. They were very much alike, she bet they would get along really well.

Spotting Lucas in his baby blue shirt, lost in his work. His eyes were barely visible due to the computer monitor’s brightness, making lenses glow. She watches Lucas paused, this causes her to smirk. He probably felt that someone is staring at him, once he glances up, immediately finding her. Lucas beamed at her, as he pulled down his glasses just above his nose and wink at her.

She stopped abruptly, shock at what she just saw yet she couldn’t help but smile at him. Conscious of their little exchange, she roams her curious around, checking if they’ve gathered an audience. It’s not like they are trying to hide their blooming relationship, knowing that almost all five hundred employees probably knew because of work gossips. But as much as possible they try to be private and keep it professional within their workplace. Lucas suggested it, however, sometimes Thorin can’t help but complain about it.

Knowing that it was safe, “Flirt,” she mouthed teasingly. Lucas shrugged nonchalantly and places back his eyeglasses into the right spot. Transforming back into his serious and placid mode he uses when he’s working.

Once Thorin took her final steps in front of his desk, Lucas stood up and handed her a yellow folder. She took it, thinking about another day worth of work. “How was meeting, Ms. Montréal?”

She tried to hide her cringe upon hearing her surname once again. Rolling her eyes, “Same old, same old. Lunch?”

“I ordered your favorites, placed it in your table.”
She understood that he can’t just be informal in front of her just because they’re dating. He knew very well his boundaries when they’re within the workplace, she’s his boss. And Thorin respected that, he has his own principles when it comes to being professional.

“Not having lunch with me, again hmm?” Thorin curtly added as she maintains eye contact. She guessed that he was maintaining those professional boundaries to remind them that they are working together, to not get tangled in between the lines. After all, she’s still is his boss and he’s her assistant.

“I’m not hungry and I still have work to do, Ms. Montréal.” Lucas sighs but still managed to give her a smile. She nodded in understanding.

The end of each day always excites her though, it means that Lucas would cross the boundaries. She would not be his boss, and he would not be his assistant. They would just be themselves, unguarded and real.

“I’ll intentionally break this lovey-dovey situation though. Please, excuse us Thorin?” The euphoric aura within the two instantly drops as Troy interrupted them unapologetically.

“Excuse yourself,” Thorin look at his brother distastefully. Clearly unhappy by his presence.

“Why are you even here?” She added, cynical about his purpose.

She held eye contact, reading his face for signs but to no avail. Troy just smile at her cheekily, causing her suspicions to hiking up. “I came here for Lucas, not you. Not everything is about you princess.”

“Don’t call me princess you, twad. And since when are you close with Lucas?!”

Troy rolls his eyes dramatically, crossing his arms, “Since when you can’t remember.” Troy flips his hands, gesturing for her to get inside her office.

“Say hi to mom for me and I’ll be there by the weekend.” Thorin could only frown at his brother and stepped back.

She glances at Lucas once more when he smirks at her saying, “Enjoy your lunch, Ms. Montréal.”

Once she closes the door, she sighs as she thinks about her another set of paper works. Placing down the yellow folder on the small table beside the sofa. She closes her eyes, straightened her spine and puffs out air.

Stretching her arms out above her head, twisting her head sideways and exhaled once more. As she opens her eyes, the lunch that Lucas order for her and a bouquet of sunflowers was placed atop her desk. Her favorite. Its vibrant color stands out from the piles and piles of white paper on her desk.

Feeling her stomach do summersaults, feeling all fuzzy and giddy at the same time. She stood there like an idiot.

“How did he know?” Whispering to herself as she stares at the bouquet. Her exes never knew her favorite flower, and she never told them when she receives roses of any other flowers.
She doesn’t mind and she never really cares.

Sure, the thought behind it was amenable but she never truly appreciated the gesture. Until now. It was different. Her eyes got clouded by unshed tears. “Fuck, what’s got into me? I was never this emotional.”

Credits go to Lucas for pulling out her emotions that was buried within her. Wiping her tears away from her eyes, she padded to her desk and sat at her swivel leather chair. Picking up the bouquet of her favorite flowers. It was fresh and lovely, it made her motivated to do her paper works even more.

Although far from her true nature, she loves sunflower. She loves the fact of how the flowers follow the sun for it to bloom. She found a card lying within the stems of the flowers and she smiled as she read his handwritten letter.

“Read the yellow folder if you have time. Or maybe later? Love, your enthusiastic devotee.”

She then remembers the peculiar folder that was handed by him. File folders were usually labeled white or blue, and he obviously knew that. He subtlety and intentionally handed her the yellow folder that matches!

Thorin decided to read it later today, Lucas would totally understand if she did.

She needed to focus on her work and she needed to fill her stomach for her brain to fully recharge. Glancing on the food Lucas ordered, she beams as she spotted a strawberry ice cream for dessert.

Gazing at the tinted glass walls of her office, she couldn’t find Lucas. Shrugging she composed an instant email and addressed it to his line. “You made my day. Thank you.”

They were standing by the sidewalk as they currently wait for Thorin’s car on a chilly night of six in the evening. She was still admiring her sunflower bouquet when Lucas snaked his right arm around her waist, tugging her closer. He placed kisses on her left temple and then forehead. She then placed her head on his chest.

“Thank you,” Thorin gazed upon him. Lucas just smirked and give her a chaste kiss on her forehead again. Once they saw the familiar car stops in front of them, he released her. She faces Lucas, held his right hand as she says, “We’ll drop you off.”

He shakes his head, “I got something to do, love. Have a safe trip.” He opened the door for her and she got in. Putting down her bouquet beside her.

Thorin could only roll her eyes heavenwards, he always refuses the offer. Yes, his place is far from her but it can be handled since they are in her car.

“Night, love.”

“Night,” once she replied back her driver immediately started the engine and head down to the main street of the city. She leaned in and checked his form walking in the opposite direction through the side mirror.

Earphones plugged in, music on, Lucas placed his hands on his black trench coat pocket. The city had gotten chilly since holidays are just around the corner, he couldn’t help but smile at the thought that he could be spending it with Thorin. Could be spending, however, there would be a big possibility that she would not be with him during that time.

The weeks went well since his confession and it’s been a while since they started dating. He still can’t get hold of himself for being nervous during their dates, both planned and unplanned. He just can’t believe he’s dating her. Thorin, a.k.a his dream girl. He felt like he’s the luckiest man alive, having her by his side.

Lucas scoffs at his thought, he sounded sappy and if she would know about this she would definitely cringe. And she would be still adorable. He sighs as he thinks of her, he has done well giving her flowers. Of course, he knew her favorite. Years ago, it took him months to know. Her sunflower printed notebook and stickers were the key.

Although, Thorin has not read the yellow folder. He was kind of anticipating for her response but it can wait. He can wait.

He looks up ahead, adjusting his satchel in his left shoulder. He abruptly stop walking, he felt an atypical feeling that he’s being followed. He roams his eyes around and takes a quick glance at the passers-by. No one was familiar. He turned back to where he came from and saw a lady. He puffs out air, letting go of all the inhibitions he got and smirks. Pulling his earphones, her mere presence did wonder to his soul. Like he would be awakened from a deep slumber.

He stood there watching her desperately trying to hide behind a trash bin. He trudges towards the direction and tried to be oblivious as he passes her hiding from. Once he knew she’s following behind him, he stops and turned his back to face her. Shrieking from the shock she got from him, Lucas couldn’t help but laugh at her.

“Well, you scared me!” He said teasingly as Thorin recovered from her shock, gaping at him, “You! Scared me!” Hitting his chest as she said so. Laughing, Lucas caught her wrist and stops her.

Once he knew she recovered from the shock. He intertwined his right hands with her left and placed it inside his coat’s pocket. Leading the way back to where he was supposed to go. “Were you really following me?” He asked.

Thorin halted, “Uh-hmm. I -- was in the area?”

“Why are you questioning me?” Lucas chortled as he tightened his hands around her. Raising his brows as he gazes down on her, Thorin sighs, “Okay fine. I was. I haven’t thought this through.”

They walked side by side, hands intertwined, “I just want to know, what are you doing after working and whatnot.”

Lucas nodded in understanding and can’t wipe the smile off his face as he gazes at his muse.

“What’s so fun about grocery?” Thorin asked later as looking up the shelves of the pasta section in a department store downtown. Lucas was pushing the cart, with his food supply.

“Besides that, it’s a necessity, it’s kind of therapeutic,” Thorin couldn’t help but laugh at his answer. She gazes at him as she inches closer and clings her arms around his right arm. It’s actually been ages since she last stepped inside a grocery store, she usually ordered and wait for its delivery.

“You sounded like a mother!”

“Well isn’t that a compliment? Thank you.” Lucas laughs as he pushes the cart towards another shelve. “I guess. For me, it’s shopping.”

“Isn’t this the same?”

“Grocery shopping is stressful. Shopping for clothes is relaxing. That’s the difference,” she defended. Lucas laughs as he shrugged obviously against her explanation. “So, during Wednesdays, this is your routine?”

“Yes. Then hit the gym or run around the neighborhood,” Thorin halted as she absorbs the information. “No wonder your body’s amazing.”

He gazes down at her and groaned, shaking his head, “What? It’s true! Hey, I didn’t even mention hot. And you are!” Thorin pointed out, laughing.

Lucas gave her a tight-lipped smile, disapproves her retorts as he shakes his head left and right again. Dismissing the topic of his physical features, they quietly push the cart. Thinking he got what he needs, Thorin mentally checked the ingredients in what she’s about to cook tonight.

She hasn’t proposed the plan to him yet. She saw what is lacking, pulling her arms from him. Thorin edges closer to a shelf, picked it up what was lacking and drop it on the cart. Through her peripheral vision, she saw Lucas titled his head but didn’t point it out. She kept her smile as she picks other ingredients as they passed by the meat section for ground beef, mushrooms, and potatoes.

“I forgot something, wait here for me?” Lucas inquired, Thorin nodded but before he could take a step. She held Lucas’ wrist, he gave her an inquisitive look, “Can I spend the night with you?”

She saw how his mouth formed an o, but quickly covered it up with a sigh and held eye contact. “Of course, if you’re comfortable.”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Duh,” she said rolling her eyes. She was nervous, actually. She never spends the night in a guy’s apartment before, nor she initiated to cook and be wife-ish all of a sudden.

“I’ll cook for you,” Trying to straighten her voice to avoid stutter. She held her chin high, to act cool about her proposition. Lucas edges closer, she looks up and maintaining eye contact, “I’ll be honored to taste you.”

Thorin titled her head as she tries to control her giggles.

She knew Lucas unintentionally said that he would never. Maybe, in time as he gets comfortable. But knowing him in this situation, out on the public? Not really. But she can’t help to tease him about it. “Really, now?”

“Wait, wait!” he held his arms up in the air. Shaking his head as he closes his eyes, brows furrowed. “You, sure? No turning back, love.” Thorin presses teasingly.

Opening his eyes, “I said I’ll be honored to taste your cooking,” Lucas said it slowly and clearly. Conscious of the mistake he made a while ago. Fixing his glasses above his nose, “By the way, don’t even try to slip your card on the cashier. I’m paying, you’re cooking.”

“Tempting,” Thorin said smiling.

“I know you’re tired, and I could finish that for you.” Thorin raised her eyebrows on him and shakes her head as she waits for the potatoes to simmer down. Lucas sighs as he steps back and leaned on the wooden island of his kitchen. He rolled his sleeves up to his elbows, making his biceps bulging and visible. Much to her joy.

She could just jump on him, kiss him hard and wild, doing naughty things in this very kitchen. She felt her arousal heightened, biting her inner cheeks. Holding herself together, trying to constrain herself.

She distracted herself by roaming her eyes around his traditional Italian kitchen, just like in old manor houses she sees in magazines. With polished wooden cupboards and cabinets, with an infusion of technology and functionality at their best. She never took notice of this the last time she was here.

“I’m impressed with your kitchen.”

“Thanks, it’s a little piece of Italy. Just a mini version of nonna’s kitchen back there, my interior designer’s exact words.” Lucas stated as he searches something in the grocery bag on the polished oak central island. Curious, Thorin steps closer. He pulled out a pair of white comfy slip-on, with a large sunflower on top.

Lucas gave it to her, “For me? Why?” Her eyes like saucers as she stared at the slip-on. “Yes. Because I know how a pair of heels hurt your feet.”

Lucas kneels down and untangles her ankle strapped Tom Ford nude heels, tossed it to the side and exchanged it for a much better and comfy slip-on. Once he straightened his spine, fixing his eyeglasses on his nose, he studied her feet.

She slips it on and wiggles her feet in comfort, smiling at her feet were finally free from hell called heels. She gazes at him and pulled him for a chaste kiss on his lips, “Thank you.”

Lucas was about to reply when his laptop rang with a familiar tune.

He must have been waiting for someone’s call via Skype since he has been glancing down at it a while ago. She couldn’t help but be curious about who he might be waiting for. Shrugging, she checks her cooking and found it ready. All she needs is now a strainer.

Turning off the electric stove. Spotting the strainer above Lucas, hanging on the pot rack hovering on the center island of the kitchen. Guess she has to excuse herself to get her cooking done. She padded closer to him, as he sits on the stool looking gorgeously serious, staring back at the screen of his laptop.

“I’m doing good. Have you taken up your medicine?” Thorin heard as stood beside him, careful not to disturb the conversation with her presence. She tiptoed trying to reach the strainer when he rose up from his seat and get it for her and handed it to her. She was about to step out when he pulled her by her waist.

“And Thorin is here, mom,” Thorin smiled at the woman on the screen. She meekly waves at Leilani. Exchanging how are you and whatnot later on. She wanted to excuse herself and tried to move but Lucas tightly held her and pulled her down to sit on his lap.

Leilani doesn’t seem to mind. Thorin doesn’t mind at all, though in an inappropriate situation in front of his mother. Her carnal desire for Lucas level up, she mentally counted to counter her hungry desire.

Looking at Leilani on the screen instead with her with a satin bandana. She looked paler, and weaker today but her smile didn’t weaver. There was so much affection between the two, Thorin could only listen and laugh. They were actually anticipating Levi to join in the session, however, they concluded that he must be at work at this hour.

Leilani looks at her right side and did some sign language, Thorin was curious to whom she was talking to.

“Lucas dear, Amari is here she’s been telling me that she misses you,” Thorin gaze at Lucas who’s laugh turned her on big time. Thorin cursed herself for being this hungry. Maybe she was just hungry for food and not for sex. She could be hungry for both, after all, it is human’s basic needs. Needs.

Leilani shifted the screen to her right side. A cute curly haired girl appeared before the screen, waving at the camera. The girl noticed Thorin, halting her wave in the air. “Got to let you go since I need to talk to her,” Lucas whispered, kissing her nape as he releases Thorin.

Thorin watches Lucas communicate using his hands. He knows how to do sign language, she couldn’t help but amazed by her man. Every day, she learned a few things about him. Lucas probably notices her staring, smiling Lucas gestured her to come closer.

“Amari, this is Thorin. Thorin, this is Amari my cousin,” Lucas said simultaneously with sign language. Amari waved at her and replied which Lucas translated, “She said nice to meet you. How are you related to me?”

Thorin faced Lucas, she held eye contact. Dead air has definitely visited them, perfect aiming to think about their label. They’ve been dating, kissing a lot and spend time together. She enjoyed her time and talks when she’s with him, she hoped he did too. But they never mentioned their label. She knew Lucas was holding back the label topic since she’s a bit adamant about relationship and commitment issue.

Lucas gave her a tight-lipped smile and withdraw from the eye contact. “Don’t let her question get into your head, Thorin. She’s just eight,” said as he fixed his glasses.

Him being the rescuer of the moment, he talked back to Amari with only sign language. So, she didn’t get what Lucas’s reply was. He ended the call with a wave.

Thorin just stood stoic, still unable to think about the sudden shift of the situation. Lucas rose from his seat, glancing down at her, no signs of disappointment or dejection, “Shall we eat? I’m famished. I’m gonna go get wine.”

Thorin marches inside his bedroom, after their dinner. It was not awkward and Lucas has his ways to divert a topic automatically. They dined and wine, just talk about random things, their day in the office, her meeting with the board the morning before, her staff meeting for tomorrow in the lower state branch which she needed to attend without him. All was good, amidst her thoughts about their label at the back of her mind.

Shaking her head, exhaling to calm her senses. Taking stock on his rustic minimalist room. Gray brick walls, wooden headboard and bedside tables atop a vintage black lamp that illuminates his room. A wooden desk beside the bookshelf with a printer, two cameras, a pile of photos. The bookshelf, jammed pack with books lying haphazardly -- a shred of evidence to prove that he’s a bookworm.

She couldn’t help but smile at her new found discovery. He could be a librarian with those eyeglasses. A hot librarian.

His stripped navy bedsheets were neatly made, overall his room is clean and crisp as always. It smelled like him too. Seeing the toothbrush, towel, and robe he prepared, she padded to the bed and lay her bag. Towel and robe in hand, she walks to his desk out of curiosity.

Glancing down at his desk, she found the switch of the desk lamp and turned it on. She scrutinizes the cameras, a film camera, and a professional digital camera.

“Fuck. An efficient work partner, takes good care of me, knows sign language, a bookworm, and has a flair for photography. What can he not do?” Thorin sighs, proudness blooming in her chest as she observes further.

There are indeed random photos in black and white, shuffling the photos she found herself. On their dates, she knew he always takes a picture of her subtly.

Yet when she initiated to take a selfie with him, he would immediately decline.

She picked up by her right hand the photo of their first date. Their first date on the museum. It was a candid shot of her, she remembers every minute of that night. Smiling she scrutinize the photo and turned it around finding a handwritten note.

‘0724 Staring at the blessing I used to always dream about’

Her brows rose up at the latter words, “Always dream about?” She placed back the photo, dismissing the vagueness of the sentence. She proceeded to enter what seems to be the bathroom, passing through his door less walk-in closet with one thing in mind.

Robe tightly hugs around her body, she sits on his bed drying her hair with a towel. Wondering what Lucas is up to. He can’t be asleep at this hour, after all, she’s here and, “And what? I’m his what? Kissing buddy?”

Scolding herself for not finishing the sentences. Frustrated, she throws the moist towel beside on the bed. Pulling her Celine bag, unzipping it the folded yellow folder she haphazardly shoves inside hours ago.

Guess she could finally open the mystery folder of the day. She tried to iron out by hand the creases, flipping it open her jaw slacked. It took her seconds to register what is it for, she read it again and again to absorb that content. Boyfriend Application. A formal application letter was written for her, from him.

“Desire for a permanent position to be your official boyfriend..” she reads chuckling at the same time flabbergasted at what Lucas has written compellingly. “Would be there for you throughout your worst cases of mood shifts, even if all I wanted to do is run like some of them.”

Biting her lips, feeling her heart jumps in and out from its cage for joy, she flips to the second page. A literal curriculum vitae. She couldn’t help but laugh out loud, as her eyes swell with tears.

Skimming through the whole document, her eyes landed on the past relationship experience. “Unbelievable, he only dated three throughout?”

She reads thoroughly, the first girlfriend from Italy when he was thirteen, broke up after five months because they moved in America. Second, when he was sixteen, dated a month. Broke up because he has not moved on from this intense crush he has.

“Who’s this gal Lucas?” Asking as if he’s beside her. The last relationship was when he was in college, after dating for four years. Her ex cheated on him and was impregnated and was already engaged behind his back.

“What a biatch!” She frowned at the last part of the list. He was probably hurt, has he moved on? After all, it’s been five years since he had a relationship. She wondered, she would definitely inquire about it later.

Thorin rose up from the bed, stretching limbs, the folder in hands. She needs to make a decision. A knock interrupted her, “Babe! Why are you even knocking it’s your room!” Thorin shouted.

She welcomed Lucas with her right hands on her hips and folder on her right, waving it. His eyes immediately landed on the folder, he cringes as he stares at the folder. Much to her amusement, he walks towards her pulled the folder from her grip with finesse. He passes without glancing at her, into his closet.

Shocked, Thorin followed him inside. She stands there unable to comprehend the situation. He paid no attention to her instead, shuffling through his neatly organized closet, fishing out some sweaters. Plucking a black hoodie, he inched towards the lower drawer and picked something out.

Once finished, Lucas halted. Thorin was blocking the doorway, eyes determined. “Are you mad about something?”

Lucas handed the clothes to her and shakes his head. He runs his fingers on his already disheveled hair, narrowed his eyes. “No. It’s just that you shouldn’t have open that.”

Thorin tilted her head to the side, Lucas took it as an opportunity to get out from his closet and back to his bedroom proper. Thorin groaned and followed him back again, “But you gave it to me! Why?”

“Timing is bad,” Lucas sighs heavily. She tightened her grip on the clothes, just to constraint her boiling point.

Lucas glazes up on her, “And I don’t want to pressure you to be in an official and committed relationship with me.”

“You are not pressuring me,” Thorin said in a matter of fact.

“I might have. Maybe, I was?” She snorted ay what he just said. With a much calmer mind, Thorin shakes her head as she edges closer, in front of him. Throw the clothing on his bed. She lifts his chin, she bore her gaze on him, “Boyfriend applicant,” Thorin teased.

Lucas groaned and tore away from her intense gaze. She couldn’t help but find the situation funny, homey and calming.

Chuckling again, “That was cheesy, I got to admit that.” She pointed out, lifting his chin again. Ironing his creased forehead, she held his jaw, “You’re officially hired!”

“Are you sure?” Thorin gaped at him. Rolling her eyes, pulling her hands away from his face. Looking down on him, with her signature pose, arms crossed above her chest.

“Unbelievable!” Shaking her head, “I said, what I said, Lucas.” Emphasizing each word.

Lucas gazed up at her, stoic and placid, “Oh. Okay.”

“That’s it?!” She could feel her brooding temper heightened. Lucas nodded quietly.

“You wouldn’t even pull me to seal the deal? Oh God, must I do everything?!” She grabbed his shirt and pushed him on the soft, fluffy bed covers, sitting upon his thighs. He stared at her as with his dazzling smile, laying so casually on his bed.


Lucas shakes his head, feeling his hands around her waist, without breaking the eye contact. Elevating his upper body to even out their gap. Lucas studied her face, beaming, “Permission to kiss you, Ms. Montréal.”

Thorin laughs as Lucas crash his sweet tantalizing lips on her. She snaked her arms around his neck, pressing her chest on him. Her heart pounded with joy as he tightens his hands around her hips. She broke the kissed and forcefully shove Lucas flat on his bed.

She kissed him again, slipping her tongue bet his lips. Their tongue meets and danced in sync, Thorin pulled it and starts kissing his neck. His signature masculine musk engulfed her senses. He moaned, low and guttural. Excited her even more.

Feeling him tightened his hold on her waist in one fraction of a second, then flipped her over onto her back. Breaking the kiss. Breathing heavily, staring back at her, pupils dilated and desires aroused.

He held her close for a moment and then planted a kiss, “I don’t want to rush what I wanted forever.”

“Good night, love.” He planted a lingering kiss on her lips and drew back.

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