Miss Montreal

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Chapter 1: Mr. Sullivan

Lucas was beyond clueless when he applied for a position in Montréal Inc. His former boss recommended the said position, all he was thinking that the company pays a hefty amount to its employees, an amount good enough for his monthly living expenses, and his mother’s hospital bills.

Not to mention, his brother Levi is still in college. If not because of his student loan, then Levi wouldn’t even step foot in a university. Indeed Lucas has his plate full from the time their father left them seventeen years ago.

Clueless or not, with at least five years of experience from two former employers, Lucas knows he got the skill and knowledge about the position. Although he never had a lady boss, there’s always a first in everything. But all thoughts of reassurance had flushed down the drain when he entered the CEO’s office.

Lucas was thankful above when he mustered to control his mouth from voicing out a few explicit.

Montréal Inc.

Montréal! How could he miss that obvious detail? Then again, she’s not the only Montréal in this city. He felt so stupid for not thinking of the possibility. He’s not a smiler, but he did his best to cover his hate? No hate is a strong word. Just indifference towards the woman.

For starters, they both went to the same high school. She was anything far from being nice, she used individuals for her needs in terms of projects, homework and maybe a few only-physical relationships. Then again, it was the stereotypical high school clichés, maybe true or farce. Lucas never knew her from a deeper level and he wasn’t going to.

Who would’ve thought that ten years later, she’s going to be his boss? Lucas then reminded himself, that he needed a job and money. If Lucas’ former company didn’t file for bankruptcy, he wouldn’t even be this desperate.

“Mr. Sullivan, this is your iPad mini. Ms. Montréal’s schedule calendar is already in there..” Dione discussed as she hands down the iPad to Lucas. Lucas listened intently, for one; the job is to have more need than the common assisting job. For crying out loud, this job required time than the normal eight hours. It required planning for her casual dates and night outs. “Oh please Ms. Lopez, just call me Lucas.”

Dione gleamed at him and nodded. “Any more questions Lucas?” He wanted to ask more about the part where he needed to get up at least four in the morning but he decided against it. “Uh. About that, what about this whole date planning thing.”

The woman snickered and wave a hand. “Her casual dates just consist of dinner in her favorite fancy restaurants. She’ll just tell you where and when, so you’ll just book a reservation under her name.”

“Under her name? Not under her date’s name?” Who does that? Lucas wanted to ask more. “Let’s just say, she wanted to be in control. Don’t worry Lucas, I will still be here for the remaining two weeks.”

Lucas never understood why Dione will resign. She could be married and do the job at the same time. Maybe Montréal is a handful one, that her former assistant can’t juggle up her personal life and her job.

He will be at his new job on Monday, he would not think about it until then. He hailed a taxi and sent a text to his mother that he is on his way to the hospital. Lucas waited for a reply but he received none, thinking that his mother must be asleep as he jumps out from the taxi and entered the hospital.

Lucas entered the oncology department of the hospital, had a few greetings from the nurses that he come acquainted with for almost half of the year. The assigned nurse in his mother’s ward smiled at him as he steps closer to the nurse.

“Hello, Lucas.” Greeted Tina, the mid- 30′s nurse. Lucas nodded and grinned at her. “Your mother was tired from her chemo, she’ll be up by tomorrow. You know how it is.”

“Thanks. I’ll just check on her.” Lucas entered the room, the smell of drugs and antiseptic welcomed him. He’s now accustomed to such since her mother started chemotherapy. Looking at her mother’s once healthy body, now pale and frail. Her hair starts to fall, and the bald patches in her scalp are very much visible now that she first started her sessions. His mother Lelani was diagnosed with a terminal stage of NHL lymphoma, to say that the diagnosis was devastating was an understatement. But Lucas and Levi need to be strong beside their mother, after all, she only had them and they only got her.

Lucas stepped closer to the hospital bed, not to close and not too far from his mother’s side. “Hey Mom, cycle three is off the to-do list. Way to go, mom.” Lucas said in a hushed tone, not wanting his sleeping mother to be disturbed.

“Why do you hate the woman?” Fray, Lucas’ college buddy asked as he dribbles the soccer ball on his feet. Fray then passed the ball to Lucas and dribbled it.

“Hate is a strong word.” Lucas then passed the ball to his younger brother, Levi. “Isn’t she the ideal girl way back?” Levi teased as he passed the ball back to Fray.

Fray stopped dribbling and got the ball in his hands. “Seriously?”

Lucas couldn’t help but roll his eyes as take a seat on the grass. “It’s not like that! Come on!”

It’s Saturday day morning, it’s a weekly activity that Lucas will always look forward to. The rented apartment where Lucas lived was a couple of blocks away from the field. His mother would often come to the city to stay with him since she started her chemotherapy. Fray is not from the area and comes around during weekends if he’s not busy with his work and his own family. Levi on the other hand often stays overnight to take care of their mother or got time off from his part-time job.

Lucas played soccer during high school but wasn’t good enough to get a full scholarship for college. They play soccer or hoops in the nearby field around their neighborhood. The field consists of the soccer field and basketball courts, enough to entertain the minority of sporty individuals around the block. “I never harbor such ill grudge about the lady, just to be clear. I’m lucky enough she gave me a job.”

Fray tapped his shoulder as he sat opposed Lucas. “Dude, you gotta admit that the woman is hot.”

“Fray you’re married you shouldn’t say things like that,” Levi said. Fray put his hands above for surrender.

Lucas did not reply but couldn’t deny that fact, Thorin Montréal was beyond the term hot. She’s gorgeous with that piercing green eyes, silky smooth hair, model-like body, curves in the right places, evenly enhanced as the years passed by. Gone was the beautiful, tall and skinny Thorin in high school. Back then, she was the ideal girl of testosterone-filled high school boys; excluding Lucas though. Lucas never paid attention to anyone, anti-social? Not really, he doesn’t have the time to mingle or be at a party with a bunch of snotty and immature kids. He never did even had a friend way back, acquaintance maybe such as his former soccer teammates.

“She’s one of GQ’s Top Bachelorette.” Levi intervened as he read and scrolled down something on his phone. “Stop googling her.” Lucas tried to snatch his brother’s phone but failed.

“We, You need to know her.,” Levi replied as he scrolled down. “Or you can ask her yourself.” Again, his teasing brother said as he guffawed.

“She has a vast collection of men.” Lucas cringed as Levi read out loud the details. Lucas has a low tolerance when it comes to gossiping and rumors but something is telling him to listen. “Movie stars, actors, businessmen..”

Fray snickered. “That boss of yours is notorious! Careful Lucas.”

“Well for starters, Lucas is neither one of those.” Lucas thought so too and he couldn’t agree more to his younger brother.

Lucas and Levi headed towards the oncology department, oncology assigned nurses greeted them as they passed by. Who wouldn’t notice the two fine species of a male specimen? Their 6 foot plus built towering almost all the bystanders. Their soft olive skin, glistening. A pair of manly eyebrows and an amber pair of orbs that would take you to an abysmal rendezvous when you stare at them.

Others even mistook them as twins, Lucas and Levi’s differences, is that Lucas has perfectly formed a chiseled face with his eyeglasses that made him more stern and serious looking. Levi has a softer version that makes him appear more friendly and jolly.

These genetic features were passed down by their Italian father who left them to marry another woman and start a new. His father left and cut all his ties with them, never looking back. Lucas despises the man so much so that he hated himself for having the exact copy of his genes encrypted on his physical features.

Levi opened the door first and Lucas entered after. “Hello mother, how are you feeling today?”


Lucas took a seat beside the hospital bed. Glancing at his mother’s frail figure, Lelani beamed a smile at his two sons. “Heard you were here yesterday Lucas.”

Lucas nodded, “I got the job.”

“I knew you would. How was the interview?” His mother croaked. Lucas observed Levi as he paced back and forth collecting their mother’s belonging.

“Fine.” He sighed. His mother seemed unconvinced at his reply but decided not to dig deeper. “Do you hate the job?”

Lucas was about to open his mouth and reply when Levi cut him off. “How could he mom? His lady boss was hot.”

“I do not like the adjective hot when it comes to woman Levi.” Their mother warned them as she slowly adjusted herself, Lucas stands up and helped his mother. “Sorry, mom.”

Tina, the assigned nurse came in a few moments later breaking the chatter among three. “How are you feeling Lelani?” Tina checked their mother’s vitals, prescription medicines. Discussed the doctor’s advisories and checkup schedules.

“Okay, you’re good to go.” Lucas and Levi were beside their mother, offering each arm as their mother clung too. They walk leisurely, careful not to overstrain their frail mother.

The three arrived in their apartment, their mother refuses to be in bed at this early hour proceeding directly in their mini living room. Levi, help his mother as she seated in the reclining chair placing a comforter on top of her.

Lucas trudged directly to the refrigerator for leftovers and ingredients for him to cook. But the refrigerator is almost empty, they forgot to restock the fridge. He made a mental note for grocery shopping tomorrow. “Pizza for dinner?”

“Pizza it is.” Levi immediately dialed the local pizza delivery service and stated their favorites. The three Sullivans waited quietly in their living room.

“Lucas, I’m worried about you my boy.” Lelani started the conversation. Lucas craned his neck, he wanted to ask his mom if she’s serious but decided against it. He takes off his red flannel long sleeve and seated himself on the sofa facing his mother. “Please don’t, mom. I have a job, and I have my savings. I can assure you I can take care of you and Levi.”

His mother smiled as she shakes her head. “Do you want me to set up a blind date for you dear?”

“No mother!” Levi guffawed at his outburst. There she goes again, why must all mother want to play matchmaker to their children? “Mom, I have a new job, in a new company. That’s my main focus for now and of course you.”

Levi whispered something to their mother, Lucas could see the glint in his mother’s eyes which caused him to doubt. Two against one huh? Lucas thought to himself. “I believe this would be your first time assisting a lady. Anyway, you must take care of your lady boss dear.”

“I intend to mother. That’s practically my job description.” Lucas replied sarcastically. “And keep your hands to yourself.” Levi chortled, Lucas, throw a pillow directly at his face.

No problem with that, Lucas thought.

And his body proved that. Man, he will have a hard time controlling his hunger when his body instinctively reacts when he sees his lady boss.

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