Miss Montreal

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Chapter 19: Ms. 10 Year Gap

“Drink this,” she stared at the water her mother handed her. She remembered Lucas’s glass of water earlier, how could she be so stupid. She bet he didn’t even have his dinner and immediately drove off to see her. Thorin sobs again at the sight, she took the glass with shaking hands and placed it on the wooden table in front of them.

“I need a beer, mom,” she looks at her mother pleading. Through her peripheral vision she noticed Troy’s growing curiosity, he even drags Tyler with him and whispered something to each other.

“You haven’t had anything,” she tried her best to stop her tears from escaping since all of her family members are present in their family patio.

“I want a beer too, grandma!” Thorin’s niece raised her hands enthusiastically, her older brother perked in curiosity, raised his hand too. “Dad, I want a beer!”

Tyler choked up and spilled his drink at what he just heard from his children, “No, beer is bad for kids.”

Thorin watches the horror she caused, Troy’s three years old was also jumping for a beer, a bee he specifically said. “Aunt Thorin is bad then?”

Troy laughed at his nephew’s question, “How about this? Let Aunt Thorin guess your name, and I give you a beer.”

Troy’s wife punched him in his abdomen, and acted all innocently, “You are not helping Troy! Kids let’s play in--” Before Laurice could control the three children, they run and stand in front of Thorin who was not pleased with the situation.

Troy and Tyler took the empty wood bench across her as they watch their kids interact with Thorin.

“Game?” Troy hollered.

“Game!” The kids shouted simultaneously much to Thorin’s dismay. She placed her index fingers beside her ears. Thorin whimpered again at the situation she was in, her mother taps her back lightly. It made her produce more tears than prevent it. She pulls out a bunch of tissue and blows her clogged nose on it in front of them. Her niece and nephews scram immediately away from her.

Her sister in laws kept the kids away from the patio and gave the immediate family some privacy. Thorin never actually experienced this situation before, let alone her breakdown in front of her parents and brothers. She never cries if she did she would do it privately, not out in the public like this.

“Dad? Are putting too much pressure on Thorin these days?” Tyler innocently asked her father who was shocked by the sudden conclusion of their older brother. Her father, Jeff furrowed his brows on his eldest son, “I couldn’t quite remember.”

“Jeff, we talked about this,” her mom sighs as she faces, their father gave him a disapproving look. “She grows the company, I know she’s been good at it for some time now, what’s the sudden fuzz about this time.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t. Even if I did, I’m sure she wouldn’t cry like that. Did you know that, right Thorin? She’s stronger than any pressure I --”

“Aha! So you did put another pressure on her! Some dad you are,” Troy tries to butt in a joke in the conversation, but was repulsed by Tyler’s hand, as he grasped Troy’s mouth firmly and let go.

“Shut it, Troy,” their mother gave him a firm look. Thorin did not care what her family is talking about, she leaned and rest her back on the reclining bench she currently in.

“Why should we ask Thorin, what was wrong?” Her dad sardonically asks as he glared at her brothers. Four pairs of eyes landed on her direction, looking for answers. Thorin shook her head, dismissing the topic, she noticed her mother’s knowing looks so she looks away from it. She heard her mother’s sigh and rose up from her seat. “Let her process this through guys. She needs space,” Elle pulled Jeff’s arm from his seat, “Come with me, Jeff.”

“She’s my daughter, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her Elle!” Their father reasoned out as he let their mother drag him away from her and her brothers.

Once out of their earshot, Troy immediately transfer and sat beside Thorin. Troy whistles at Tyler gesturing him to come closer, “Come here stupid ass.”

Tyler rolled his eyes at Troy but decided to come closer and take the empty seat on Thorin’s left. Troy tilted his head and stretched out his arms up the air readying for something, Thorin couldn’t help but frown at him, he turned towards Tyler, “Are you feeling better?”

“I feel awful,” Thorin whined as she closes her eyes. She heard Troy’s manly and exaggerated gasps, “Wow, you’re actually opening up. Awful about what exactly?”

Tyler’s statement made her rethink what she just said. She flutters her eyes open and looks away from Tyler’s gaze. She straightened her spine and focus her gaze at the view of their undisputed ninety-four-acre land area.

“Did Lucas do something to you, that you didn’t like? Last time I check you two were okay, Thor,” Troy inquires, using his serious tone when he meant business.

“Am I missing something?” Tyler prompted not really getting the memo between his younger siblings. “Who’s this Lucas? Did he hurt you, Thorin?!” Tyler’s voice rises higher than usual.

“Her current boyfriend,” Troy pointed out casually, the word itself made her sob. The thought of Lucas not being there scared her, “He said he loves me.”

“Okay? And what’s the problem with that, he said he loves you. Does he take care of you and respects you?” Thorin nodded at every question Tyler has thrown at her. “Why do you look so forlorn then?”

“Because, unfortunately, our dearest older brother, Tyler. Our sister here dumped him. Am I right or am I right, Thorin?” Troy rose up from his seat as he smiled at them because he knew for sure that he got it right this time. Thorin lifted her right foot and kick him but he dodges it immediately.

Troy clapped his hands and laughs, he turns to face Tyler with a stupid smile on his face, “Ty, remember about that guy I told you about? The boy who left a pot of sunflower, of the main doors up front?”

Thorin actually remembered those pots of sunflower, that she randomly receives. “What do you mean? Those sunflower pots? I thought they were from my ex when I was in high school?!” Troy shrugs at his sister as he waits for his older brother to fish out some memory.

Tyler raises his brows at Troy, Tyler nod curtly still processing the memory, “The one whom you can’t catch, since you’re stupid?”

Thorin clenched her jaw at her stupid brothers who act like she didn’t exist in this conversation.

“He’s in soccer, I’m mundane,” Troy defended himself from scrutiny. “Anyway, he’s Lucas, Thorin’s boy-- pardon me her ex. Her executive assistant.”

“Seriously? Now, that I pondered over this issue. I guess he deserves better, Thorin’s just not... it.”

“Now that you dump him, can I have him in my department? His MBA would go to waste when he’s with yo--”

Thorin immediately on her feet, faces Troy as she screams in his face. “I never knew he had one! And you knew, why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I’ve been bugging him to apply for the position I gave him, but he wouldn’t budge!” Troy took a step back away from her, “Now that you two are over, it’s safe to say I could pluck him out from you.”

“Please act your age,” Tyler stood up and stretched his upper limbs. “Thorin you found a man, not a boy. Woman up, don’t be a bitch. If you want to end it peacefully, do it with decency and closure,” Tyler ruffles Thorin’s hair like he always did back then and patted her back.

Tyler then walks towards Troy and patted his cheek. Thorin wished her older brother slapped Troy right then and there. “Troy, please stop adding fuel to the fire. Or I’ll add the fuel myself on your mouth.”

Tyler exited the patio and gone back inside the house, Troy look at her and exaggeratedly rolls his eyes out like Thorin does when she’s frustrated over something, “I know his address. I’ll drive you down when you’re ready?”

“You keep spacing out,” Troy pointed out as he keeps bouncing his daughter on his knees. Thorin had just woken up from her slumber and immediately run down to their entertainment room to distract herself. It was a bummer that her niece and nephews occupied the room before she has. Good thing her brothers were on nanny duty.

Tyler, on the other hand, was keeping tabs in the corner, “I’m very aware of my surroundings. I’m just not communicating at the moment,” she retorted rolling her eyes. Tyler’s daughter giggles erupted which causes him to laugh too, “Aww, you’re impressed with your aunt? Don’t be like her when you grow up sweetie. I’m begging you.”

“What’s wrong with me?” Thorin straightened in her seat as she gasps at her brother, she tenderly pokes her niece’s left arm and grinned, “I’m a role model! I’ll teach you things, tiny human.”

“I told you, her name is Reese,” Troy shake his head. Thorin shrugged and nodded, “Okay, Rice.”

Tyler groaned as he puffs out air, “Reese and my son, Caleb. Tyler’s children are, Phoenix and Audrey. We’ve gone over this Thorin.”

“I should care, cause? And who would name their child Phoenix?”

“Apparently, Tyler does. They probably conceive him in Phoenix,” The jest made the two laugh.

“I could hear you!” Tyler growled from the corner, hands on his hips as he shakes his head on his younger two siblings.

“I pity Lucas for having you as his prospect,” the comment Troy spilled made her daughter cackled louder that made Thorin glare at her niece. “What are we waiting for T? I’m not getting any younger,” Troy prompt as he wiggles his eyebrows at his younger sister.

Thorin sighs and rests her back again on the cream colored sofa she’s currently sitting. She doesn’t know, she wanted to run and apologize yet the act of doing it is the hardest for her. What would she do? Appear in front of him, kiss him and apologize? Easier said than done! Especially she has the pride to protect.

She spilled fatal words and that caused serious harm in their relationship. She messed up, big time. Now that she thought of it, it was always one-sided, it was always him who’d comprise with her schedule, her mood swings, her wants, and needs.

Though he may be the calmest person she knew, inside has actually a lot on his plate right now. His mother has been sick for quite long and his brother relied on him. He’s basically holding his family together and her selfishness and inconsideration obviously doubled the burden with him.

She’s a monster. Truth to be told, she’s honestly don’t know what to say if he’d be here. She’d be too embarrassed to admit that she was at fault.

“He hasn’t called me,” she said the lamest excuse she could come up with.

“Call him then?” Thorin cringed at his suggestion. “Some kind of girlfriend you are huh?”

“I’m thinking, okay?” She hissed at his brother. Her brother stood up, baby in his arms and gaze at his daughter lovingly. With a somber smile at his sister, “Thorin, your love life is in jeopardy it needs saving. Why not write a letter since your pride is in the way.”

“Letter?” Letters. Handwritten letters! Thorin tried to remember all those years ago, she frequently received random letters from someone anonymous. She wasn’t that sentimental or into romance stuff but she kept those years back.

Thorin hastily stood up and dashes off to find her mother in the kitchen. She runs through the hallway that directed her to the kitchen where she finds her mother and sister in laws. She paces through the center island and placed her hands on the top to brace herself. Composing herself after a run, panting, “Mom! Where-- where are my high school stuff?”

Her mother tilted her head to the side and look at her daughter’s distraught look, “Either in the attic, basement or thrift shop.”

Thorin whined like she never did before, the attic is too dusty and the basement is too scary. Exiting the kitchen with a mental plan, she decided to hunt that yellow box in her room specifically her old walk-in closet. Taking two stair steps at a time, she dashes off to her room heading directly her closet.

She shoves some of her hanging old clothes away from her sight. She scanned the hidden shelf with few piled clothing when she found what she was looking for. Ecstatic by the fact she reached out for it, shaking it as she exited her closet and dump the box on her bed. Pulling her YSL bag from her bedside table, she fished out her wallet and pulled out some stick it notes that she saved and written by him.

Opening the stick it notes with shaking hands she studied the cursive handwriting. It’s decent. It’s medium and legible, and she can’t miss the fact that his writing was disciplined.

Thorin sat on her bed and open the shoebox with her free hand, fishing out a random envelope. She hadn’t even read the letter that she pulled out, it was still sealed. Dropping the sticky note on her bed, she carefully tore the side of the envelope.

With a sweaty hand, she carefully pulled out unfolded the paper, her breathing labored as she gaped at the letter. A letter was written exactly ten years ago.

Dear Alea,

As I write this last letter, I know it will never be read. But assuming you will read this, know that my heart is breaking.

I hope Mr. NFL is taking care of you? He’s the luckiest guy to have you, I bet my estranged father’s car for it. I wonder how it feels to be by your side.

Anyway, we’re graduating and not too soon off to college with different path and opportunities. Looking back for the past years, all I could think of is regret. Regret for not taking chances, for being a coward, for being insecure, for hiding behind walls when I secretly slip letters to your locker, for hiding behind shrubs when delivering the sunflowers I’ve painstakingly grown.

Now that I think and write this I felt somehow a cheater for thinking of you and doing these things behind my ex’s back when we were dating for a month. I did not regret sneaking, obviously.

What I regretted the most was, for holding back my deepest and real emotions for you. But time must come to leave it all behind, to move and let go. Including you, an addiction I can’t seem to let go.

I’ll wake up now from my dreams and face reality. A reality where you and I don’t exist. That reality that ached every inch of my body whenever I see you far; 1 table, 4 benches & 3 bookshelves apart. It felt miles, that fact was an everyday misery. A fact that proves that over fate was never meant to cross. Just like the parallel lines -- they were never meant to meet. But how I hope we could be tangent lines who had one chance to meet and then parted forever.

How I prayed I could go back in time and fix myself. How I wished I was braver and aggressive like all the male protagonists in romance novels. Guess, I’m too late for that.

Maybe, in a parallel universe, we were able to cross each other’s paths. Maybe, in my next life, I’ll be by your side. Maybe, just maybe we will meet again. I just let the universe do its trick.

Till we meet again, Alea.

Your enthusiastic devotee,

Amber eyes

The paper was filled with teardrops as it sipped through the thick material. Her whimpers echoed through the walls of her bedroom. Her bedroom door squeaked open and shut, revealing Troy, “Hey mom asked-- why are you crying again?!”

Thorin drops herself freely on her bed and raises the letter for Troy to see. She stares at it straight. She cannot express nor define what her current feelings is. Affection was the strongest one, that for sure was overpowering and overwhelming. The paper snatched out from her hands, “I didn’t know you keep love letters from your exes. Great time to call them in, since your single for at least twelve hours now.”

She throws the box’s cover at him but he dodges it effortlessly. Troy coughs as he skims through the paper, “Oh not your ex. A secret admirer? How naive of me to think that during your time, handwritten letter was not a thing.”

She got up with a bounce on her bed, not giving care to what she looked like at the moment. Clearing her throat, “It wasn’t. He was the only one who randomly sent me letters.”

Troy took a sit on her bed and picked up a couple of letters out of the envelope. “Did you got the chance to know him then? His letters and genuine. The last one was too painful.”

She picked up the latest sticky note she got from and handed it to her brother. “Do they have the same handwriting?” Troy’s meticulously studied two different paper material. His eyes switch from one to the other.

“Yeah,” answered consciously tilting his head as he studied the material again. “Those two are from Lucas,” she proudly concluded wiping her tears away from her eyes. Pulling a tissue from the bedside drawer and blow of nose on it.

“No fucking way,” Troy animatedly gasp. Thorin raised her eyebrows at her brother, “Fuck, no!” Troy’s tone gives it away like he pretends he is oblivious to all these things.

“You knew again didn’t you?!” It was her turn to gasps and point a finger on her brother. Her brother shrugged and crack a laugh, “It was no brainer Thorin!”

“If things were different, I could have been married,” said as she rose and hastily hopped inside her closet with a specific dress in mind.

Tyler stood up, grinning to himself, “Did you hear what you’ve just said?!”

“Oh, how it sucks to be your designated driver!” Tyler glowered at his steering wheel. They have been parking outside in a circular driveway for a good fifteen minutes in front of a neighborless and quiet white house. The homestead stood proudly against the lush perennial gardens and fruit trees that surrounded it.

The drive itself was a good thirty minute away from the Montreal household, making Thorin more anxious as she tried to remember the streets and corner that leads to him. She was never been to this part of this town, now she wished she had.

As she glances at the white homestead again, she sure knew that the house has its iconic history. Built in circa 1890 and was settled by one of the founding families of this town. The bucolic country settings take her back into nostalgic scenes in the gold old days.

Thorin landed her gaze back on his brother, she sighs, “I like their house.”

Her brother snorted and rolls his eyes, “Live with him then. Can you now get out now?” Thorin raised her brows at her brother, shaking her head while she did so. The car engine ignited into life and move forward which cause her alarm, she reaches for the old shoe box, “Stop! I’m getting out!”

Tyler menacingly chuckled at his sister’s distress. Groaning as she unlocked the car door and mentally preparing herself before her feet could fully touch the ground, “How do I look?”

Tyler cringe as he heard the question, she couldn’t but notice so she hides her grin. Jumping out of the car, she waits for his answer. She checks out herself in the side mirror, despite being doubtful she can’t deny that her pale yellow button-front fit and flare dress that stopped in her mid-thigh looks good on her.

“Okay. You should’ve covered up, it’s chilly. The buttons thingy is risque unless--,” Tyler looks at his sister as he realized something. He gave her the most horrendous expression there is, “Thorin!”

She secured the box between her right arm and ribs and banged shut the car door. Hearing the car passes and moves further away from her, she trudged towards the front door. Calming her nerves as she transfers the box in front holding it against her chest.

Aiming for the doorbell, she stopped midway as the door flung open. Thorin immediately steps aside for the man in blue shrubs and trousers step out.

A doctor, around the age of forty-ish. She doesn’t know which one from the two that she heard. Her rationality overpowered by her senses as she panicking brain as she blurts out, “Did something happened to Leilani? Is Lucas here?”

The man in question gaped at her and furrowed his brows. Recovering from the shock, he placed his right hand on his chest, “God, I hope no!”

She sighs calmly, tightening the box around her arms. “May I know who are you? Since the patient isn’t allowed to have a guest at the moment.”

“Thorin Montréal,” she said as she extends her right hand towards the doctor. The doctor smiled as he took her hand for a firm handshake.

“Ah! The Montréals.” The way the doctor said their surname as he knew of something. He smiles at her, he looks down at his wristwatch and whistles, “If you’re looking for Lucas, he’s on his way back to Italy.”

Thorin swears mentally. That quick? That easy? She questioned herself. She felt her shoulders sag as look at the closed white door. No of course, not. He’s still here, he wouldn’t leave his mother. She just knows he’s here. If he leaves then he must properly submit his resignation letter like the other employees. No special treatment whatsoever. For sure, he knows that, keep it professional like he always says.

“Delighted to meet you. But, I need to go for my patient’s appointments!” The doctor mumbles hastily as he runs down towards his parked car in the corner. Her phone buzzed inside the shoe box, slipping her right hand inside she picked it up and answers it.

“Where are you, Lucas?! Glad you remember me--” Thorin mentally groaned, a great way to start a mature and rational conversation.

“Love times up. Please listen to me first. Can we talk this out again? Please? I’m coming to you. Stay put, please.” Thorin listens to his voice full of urgency. Exhaling while she straightened her spine, she cuts the call and pressed the doorbell. She waits for seconds as the white wooden door swing open revealing Lucas in haste.

Thorin noticed how Lucas was gaping at her, as he stayed rooted in his place letting him survey her. He looked rugged in his messy locks and black shirt, his jacket hanging haphazardly on his left shoulder. Clearly, he was in a hurry to meet her.

Raising and shaking her phone in her right hand as she let out a few breaths. “Lucas,” she said curtly containing her overwhelming emotions.

Lucas immediately understood the atmosphere clouding her, he gave her a tight-lipped smile but nonetheless he bends down to place a chaste kiss on her left temple. Much to Thorin’s dismay, her supposedly rational thoughts were screaming to get out of her mind.

“Of course where are my manners, please come in,” he opened the door wider and stepped out from the doorway. Thorin let out another breath and step inside their home.

“Thought you flew for Italy. That’s what the doctor said. I’m guessing your uncle?” Glancing up at him, raising her perfect brows.

Lucas groaned and laugh meekly, “Ah, that’s always his answer when someone’s looking for me.”

She hiked her brows higher, “Assuming, the ladies are looking for you to father a child?”

He frowned at her and shake his head, “No.” Lucas sighs in a defeating manner. “Your assumptions are too much, Ms. Montréal.”

Thorin took in the light and comfortable ambiance of the home. White, nude and neutral colors were combined to complete and get that bucolic - countryside feeling. The living room was a large open area and outside loft space was separated by floor to ceiling glass windows. Cathedral ceilings and a grand white piano beside large wooden stairs were a stunner. Its minimalist and simple interior design awed her, she was never into such since she’s into a more lavish, glam and sparkly decoration that screams ‘I could afford things’ but today the thought could now put into the garbage.

His tastes in these things must have come from his mother. That she was sure of, she has the urge to redesign her condominium once she returns to the city.

She plopped down comfortably on the sofa of the living room where Lucas led her. Placing and securing the shoe box beside her. “Are you hungry? Cake? Muffin--”

“Sit down! I meant business,” she commanded with firmness. Lucas froze from where he was standing, without a word he took a seat on the one sitter sofa in front of her.

“As your boss, you lied about your qualifications in your resume,” Thorin started curtly, she could clearly hear him groan which excites her oddly.

Lucas raises his pointer finger in objection, ” I did not Ms. Montréal. I just didn’t want to include that trivial part.”

“Aware of a job mismatch?” She doesn’t really know what to question and which question she should ask. She just wished she rehearsed the question or maybe listed it.

“Yes,” Thorin saw how Lucas clenched his jaw which made his answer a little edgier. “Quick fact, I was sane when I applied for the position.”

“Lucky you, the company has an opening,” Thorin smiled wickedly as she rose up from her seat. She trudges slowly in front of him, “Congratulations you’re promoted!”

Lucas let out the most sardonic laugh she’s ever heard from him. Taken aback, she places her hands on her hips and stares at him, “Are you mocking me?!”

“No-no!” He rose up from his seat and step forward and glance down at Thorin. She felt shorter, this is why she does not want to wear any flats. Lucas places both hands on her shoulder, “Listen, I appreciate the offer but I would definitely decline.”

Thorin cleared her throat as she shrugged off his hands, “I’m your boss at the moment.”

Lucas smirked and pulled out his hands and rest it on his hips instead. “Why?” Thorin couldn’t help but inquire. With his qualifications and the potential, it’s just right that he would cut out for the job she offered.

His forehead formed creases which made him charming even more. “Because I don’t want the job.”

She hissed at his answer and roll her eyes, “You can’t be my assistant forever. I think we somehow both knew that.”

Lucas nodded in agreement holding eye contact. She squinted her eyes to somehow lessen the effect, in the hopes to caged in her rationalized thought. Craning her head to the side, she gave him a tight smile, “Does it excite or even tempt you that we will be working in the same line?”

He pretends to think that somehow irked Thorin. She knows he has fixed his mind to not accept any of the offers from the day Troy offered the job up until now. Even if she’s the one offering it. She glowered at him as he shrugs, “Nah. We would be fighting during board meetings. You’d hate me more.”

As if all the self-inflicted, heavy and tense atmosphere she’s carrying has been washed out in a snap. She puffs out air and steps forward, looking into his ambers, “I don’t hate you.”

Clinging her arms around his neck, she pulled him closer and he let her, “Okay, I’m dropping the boss act. I’ll talk as your girlfriend.”

“Ex. You broke up with me,” Thorin instinctively punch his chest which made him stepped back to cough.

“What was that for?!” His laugh echoed in the room as he sits back and massages his chest. Thorin followed him and sat on his lap which he immediately welcomed by encircling his arms around her waist, “I miss you, love.”

Thorin tasted his lips like she never did before and he answered it with the same intensity. She wanted to do more with him but she needed to address a few things so broke off the heated kiss. Lucas with labored breathes kiss her forehead once again.

“Be honest with me, do you like your job?” Thorin inquired a few moments later as she transferred and seated beside him, laying her head on his right shoulder. She caught him frowning, lifeless and looking so bored while working multiple times. As an employer that is not a very nice thing to see and as his partner, she was worried.

“No,” he said with both uneasiness and firmness. ”Let just stop with that. One nice thing about it is I get to spend the work days with you.”

“Shut up,” She was feeling warm, comfortable and fuzzy all at the same time and could not form any reasonable reply.

She reached out for his face and squeeze it, “I’m not closing the offer. It’s for your personal growth, babe.”

Lucas showed his charming smile that made her world stop, “I know. I just don’t want someone to hand me a job.”

“I am not!” Thorin held her chin high and crosses her arms over her chest. He scoffs at her defensiveness all of a sudden, letting her guard down she puffs out air, “Well, kind of but I have your original qualifications.”

“Where’d you get it?” He jests as he nudges her shoulder. “Google?”

“No. Troy,” she shrugs as she rests her back comfortably against the sofa.

“Worse than Google,” Lucas said laughingly as he steadies their eye contact. “My point is, everything was handed for me with ease, I don’t want that. I know how to work for my own money and I don’t want to use any of my family nor your connections.”

Tilting her head Thorin finally got the connection she wanted to find out. No wonder he’s always been in the lie low, applying for the non-administrative position. He’s adamant about paying the hospital bills from his own pocket. She can’t help but be proud of him for being so genuine, humble, hardworking and talented man he had become. Yet she knows for sure that he could do better and greater things.

“Bet you could’ve been CEO since your father is the head of your family’s multinational company in Italy and you are the first born,” placing her delicate fingers below her chin. Smirking she added, “Could’ve had to sweep off Juliet huh?”

Lucas crinkles his nose, but he composed himself and fixed his eyeglasses. “Well, if this so-called Juliet is you. I’m down.”

Thorin could not help but let out a few giggles and leaned in to steal a chaste kiss. “Since we’re on this topic, Romeo,” she teasingly added the latter part as she rose up from her seat and walk a little to get the box full of letters.

“Are you really an earl or a duke?” she stated as she plopped down beside him again.

“This is absurd,” Lucas puffs out air as he stood up and took a step away from her when she caught her hand. She was slightly disappointed that he would dodge the topic again, “Excuse me, we’re having a conversation!”

Lucas faces her and pulls her by her hands to stand up, he looks at her orbs. Closing and opening his eyes looking straight and hard, “Does my title or my surname really that important?”

She was taken aback by the question. Thorin made a quick run through, yes it matters because it’s a part of who he is. Was it that important to her? No, because no matter who he is, his job, his title or wherein societal class he belongs to -- does not really define him as a person.

To her, he’s just Lucas, who happens to be with her and wanted to stick by her side no matter how bad or good things around them have become. He’s Lucas, her Lucas and that’s what matters the most.

“No. It doesn’t really matter to me,” she sighs reaching for a peck on his cheeks. “I just wanted to know after all I’m just your girlfriend,” adding a curt statement rolling her eyes at the same time.

Lucas guffaw on her sudden change of mood, as he finally resigns to answer her question, “Earl.”

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