Miss Montreal

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Chapter 20: Mr. Concession

“Fly to Florence for summer to study? Your childhood was horrible, my lord.” Thorin said laughing as she tightened her arms around his waist and presses her chest on his broad back, her chin on his shoulder while look at the wall with his family photos. His clean and crisp masculine musk tingles through her nose and lulled her in comfort.

“Stop mocking me.” Lucas wailed which Thorin ignored with more giggles. “How do you say Earl in Italian?”

“Earl or Count translates to Conte. These titles don’t matter for the majority since the dissolution but in aristocracy circle it really does.”

This was their last stop after Lucas toured her around their 4,370 square foot abode. Funny thing and at the same time annoyed Thorin was he tried to avoid the area by tugging her away as fast as he could but she couldn’t ignore the area that was somehow dedicated to their family history. His mother’s side was all doctors and his father’s side was in an Italian aristocracy. Talk about some mysterious and killer family background that he wouldn’t reveal and tried so hard to hide.

“It was actually a refreshing change since we finally settled here and the divorce was finalized,” he added as he sighed and stared at the photo frames.

Thorin a sudden tugging pull in her chest, hearing him say that. She was happy to know that the pressure was lifted but at the same time distraught at the taught that Lucas grew up without his father. She wanted to know more about this particular topic, trying to defuse the growing burden she chooses to be silent.

Yet she can’t since she found large memorabilia on her left side. Two large frames where two sports jerseys are preserved and hanged, both are white and royal, their school color. She unhooked her arms around him and trudge towards the frames.

Veserati 10 and Veserati 1, both jersey looks different from each other, thus different sports from the two siblings. Thorin somewhat familiarized what a soccer jersey looks like.

She couldn’t help but smile at number ten. “Commemorating our supposedly ten-year romance,” she said pointing at it as she felt Lucas presence.

“If only I had the courage to ask the girl out, but I really did try, it's just my timing is always off,” Lucas said in a gruff. She felt his fingers in between her fingers, filling them with warmth. “Why though?” She couldn’t help asking in slivery.

“I was contented watching you from afar,” his orotund voice made her gaze at him. Rolling her eyes at him as she smiles at him, Lucas just snickered at her gesture.

Tugging her hands away from the frames, she let him lead her to the staircase indicating that the house tour will end. She halted realizing that this wasn’t her plan, her plan is making things right, makeup and hit the sack with him. Maybe, the latter part is impossible knowing his saintly discipline but at least she wants to visit his teenage bedroom!

“Where’s your room?” Thorin meekly said, trying to play it cooly. Not wanting to expose her hidden desires for her nerdy ass half Italian boyfriend.

“Are you sleepy?” He said alarmingly, raising his left brow as he scrutinizes her being. Shaking her head, scoffing “No. I just want to see it.”

Thorin wanted to point out how Lucas thoughts are too pure and innocent for his age. She’ll change that later once she gets what she wants. Excitement runs through her spine as she gave him a once over, glasses that cover those tantalizing orbs, plain white shirt, dark jeans, and toned arm muscles-- that screamed dessert for her.

“Last door, west wing. It’s the only door that isn’t locked. Go ahead, I’ll be in the kitchen.” Lucas stated innocently, oblivious to her suppose plan to lure and seduce him. “Anything you want to eat?”

“You, hopefully,” she said in a low voice kind of hoping she would hear her plea. Brows furrowed Lucas cranes his head lower, “I couldn’t hear you, love.”

“Cake, bring it in your room. Also, that shoebox, I left in the living room bring it with you okay? Five minutes tops!” She said in one blow as she steps away and lurches to the direction of his room with one thing in mind.

Gray and white theme, a shelf packed with books, clean and crisp. Clearly, it’s Lucas style. No superheroes, rock band nor soccer player posters. He cleaned up really well, she hated the fact that she couldn’t dig any dirt to tease him for it. There must be some remains from his teenage years in this room.

She carefully pads towards his old study table by the large windows that would lead to his personal balcony. She comfortably sits on his swivel chair, scrutinizing the pile of black journals and his open laptop with an open window. His laptop suddenly chimed for notification and automatically opening it without any command.

“Not my fault that I could read anything that appears in front of my face,” giggling to herself as she unconscious read the whole content of the notification.

“Berkshire Hathaway - Class fucking A?!” She shrieked as she read the email content.

She had to give it to Lucas for keeping it low key and private, until someone like her who was willing to find out everything. She knew he wanted to keep his life private but this was beyond outrageous. Thorin knows that she shouldn’t be angry about this after all this was his but she couldn’t help but disappointed about this tiny detail about him.

He was earning more than her but he works like he’s feeding a family of ten. The man is truly commendable. His work ethic and intelligence are beyond his years.

She sat on his bed and wondered as she waits for him. “Geez, Lucas your secrets has been revealing itself,” she said flatly as he enters his room and closes the door with his foot.

Balancing a tray with food and her shoebox. Upon hearing this, he halted and gaze at his table. He immediately dashes to place down the tray and shoebox on a clutter-free table. Lucas sprints to his table and picked up the pile of journals.

His sudden behavior confuses Thorin but she kept quiet as she observes his every move. He said, hugging the black journals, “I’m not your stalker okay? I was the campus photographer. Just happened that I have taken many photos of you.”

She was taken aback, his defensiveness made Thorin cackled. She couldn’t hold back her soundless laugh as she clutches her stomach, punching the bed at the same time. Mentally begging herself to stop laughing.

“Wha-What?” Her wheezy voice coming through. “Stop laughing or you’re going to faint!” Lucas mocked as he tried to hide his smiles. Once Thorin settled down, she was massaging her cheeks as she gazes at Lucas who was seated on his swivel chair in front of her.

“First, why are you still holding that journal as your life depends on it?” Snickering as she tried to pull it out from his grip. He puffs out air and fixed his glasses, “Okay, here. It’s yours anyway.”

He held it in front of her and she took it but his grip was too tight. “What’s in that box, then?” Thorin picked up the shoe box and gestured for a simultaneous exchange. “Your letters, a decade ago, my lord.”

Dios mio,” she heard him say, another snicker appeared in her lips. She opened the black journal, the first page was a vague photo of a girl in a yellow dress with the exact date. She remembered him talking about this hours ago. Thorin gaze at him, she caught him looking at her too. She couldn’t help but tear up, he urges her to continue and she did.

It was like seeing her teenage self in a stop motion movie. She felt narcissistic though, adding the adjective to the list of emotion she experienced today. It was his fault for making her feel so many emotions a human could take one day.

Thorin felt him sat beside her, not looking at her but he was staring into the window where she catches the stunning view of the twilight of dusk. “Sorry, I’m actually speechless right now. You actually got my letters. Some unread but still, it blows my mind.”

Thorin stood up in front of him and block the view from the window, “And you compiled this. You’re such a fanboy!” She reaches down and stole a quick kiss. Lucas cringes and grunts at her non-stop teasing.

“On to the second question, B.H. Lucas? And you're in Class A.” A roller coaster of emotion, she must be crazy now but she’s not really that crazy it just so happens that she was showered with multiple emotions in one day.

“Oh that, just some investment after I saved enough to buy one.” unperturbed by her findings. He shrugged nonchalantly, “It was not a secret. Well, if you’d ask anything I would try my best to tell you or do it.”

“Dry run then?” Thorin shoved him on his bed, the contact made an audible thud. She didn’t let him say another word as she secured herself astride him and kissed him like she never kissed him before.

Feeling her strong hands around her hips, he kisses her back with more intensity. Tongues collided and curving around each other with fervor. A soft squeeze on her thighs ignited and assured her at the same time. Thorin deepened the kiss to let him know what wants. His hands then traveled to her bottom and before she knew it her back was on the bed, his weight coming on top of her.

Both gasping for air, his dilated pupils bore into her soul. The heat slowly dissipating, “Had to do this right since it’s my first.”

Thorin unapologetically gapes at him, as she froze to analyze what he just said. He must be jesting right now she thought. He’s a virgin, who would have thought? “You’re a virgin?”

“The right word for it is celibate, or virgin for five years?” He sexy pre-sex husky laugh did things to her. He reaches down and kisses her with hunger. Thorin’s hands found its way to pull out his eyeglasses and throw it somewhere.

“You can see me right?” Thorin asked in between kisses, she felt him smirk on her lips. She played with his soft locks as she writhes on the bed as he lowered his lips and peppered kisses on her neck.

Her body felt like it was on fire, her dress suddenly feeling tight. She could feel the wetness and throbbing plea for him in between her thighs. Lucas nibbled back on her bottom lip again before pulling away from her. Thorin protested, needing his lips back on her own.

He chuckled, “Permission to undress you, mia signora.” The crisp huskiness of his voice made her bit his lower lip. She can’t help but mentally sigh at his perfect Italian accent.

“Permission granted,” she breathed as she felt his hands slowly and skilfully unbuttoned her dress.

Lucas stood on his knees, taking a few moments to stare at her figure clad in a pair of black lacy material underwear. Thorin let him, she felt comfortable with her body in front of him. She wanted the look that Lucas is currently giving him at this moment. The tenderness, desire, longing, and love is bursting with freedom through his orbs.

She was impatient though, she pulled him in for another heated kiss. Thorin could feel his smile against her lips.

His trail kisses lowered, as it finds its way to the exposed area of her breast, cupping it lightly. Thorin curving her back to give him more access. He took it as an opportunity to snapped open her brassiere, freeing full breasts from confinement. Lucas played hear teats with his tongue and teeth, this made Thorin moaned loudly. It was slow torture since he took his time exploring her breasts.

Lucas halted again, it irked her him doing that and he knew that fact judging by her furrowed brows. He chuckled at her act as he took off his plain white shirt revealing his toned chest and torso. Revealing yet again, another secret. This time, Thorin finally caught the words that encrypted on his left rib, few inches below his axilla. It would be totally covered if he would not spread out his arm. She extended her arms to trace every letter in courier font, in all caps, “Made for Alea.”

Lucas huffed, “This is embarrassing,” trying to look away and cover it up.

“Why are you always using my second name?” Her breaths labored as she focused his eyes on him. “No one used it to call you. And I happen to love the sound of it,” his amber eyes full of sincerity and innocence as he professed his truth to her.

Thorin grasps out for it sensually grazing her lips over his tattoo. She gazes at him, “Marked. You’re mine. Got it?”

Kissing him back on his lips hungrily as he places her back on his bed. He grabbed her thigh, giving it a small squeeze so she could wrap her legs around his waist. Lucas did not waste any more minute, she felt his hand sneak its way down to her feminine area. Finding her clitoris and flicking it making her come undone.

Her spine arches, breasts pressing against his toned chest. “Oh God,” her voice wheezing as she delves in pleasure.

Lucas continued to skillfully move his fingers in a circular motion around her clitoris, never once touching the one where she needed him the most.

A sharp gasp escaped from her mouth as he entered his two fingers in her core, as he changes flicks and moves in circles around her clitoris with his thumb. Biting her lips, digging her nails on his back to suppress her voice but she barely did. Unapologetically rocking her pelvis to match the rhythm of his hands. She felt another gush of her juice made its way out.

Lucas kissed her forehead as she pulled away from her, shifting his position, ripping off her lacy black underwear, spreading her thighs wide open for him. He kissed her inner thighs, butterfly kisses trailing it as his lips traveled to her core. She was clutching his locks, guiding him to where she wanted it. Blowing on her vulva, flicking his tongue over her clitoris, biting lightly her labia, sucking, licking and tasting every inch of her womanhood. Her cries of pleasure echoed through his bedroom walls.

“Lucas!” She whimpered with a plea. As though her pleas have been heard, Lucas rose up and unbuckled his belt and strip off any remaining clothing articles. The heat she felt within double up, she needed him now and she needed him fast. All in his naked glory, his large erection stood proudly, he was about to climb back into the bed with her. When he stopped dead in his tracks, staring at her apprehension, “I don’t have any condoms!”

“Oh fuck, Lucas!” She shouted breathlessly. She was so ready and open for him. Nonetheless, Lucas climb back up and positioned in between her thighs, raising a brow, “Are you fertile now?”

“How am I supposed to think about that in my situation?!” Lucas could only shake his head and smirk at her. “Please, I need you.”

He bent down to place soft kisses on her forehead, nose and finally her soft inflamed lips. Once she relaxes, he intertwined their hands together as he slowly slid right into her wet passage.

She gasps upon the sudden contact, feeling him completely for the first time. It was her first without any barrier, flesh against flesh it was intoxicating. Her pelvic muscles spasm around his member as he took his time going in. Lucas stayed still, letting her adjust to his size. Grazing light kisses on her clavicle, he breathlessly whispered, “This is actually my first time doing this without protection. Don’t worry, I got you, love.”

Bucking her legs around his waist, pulling him for more contact smiling as she breathes, “If pregnancy occurs, I know I’m good as long as you’re with me.”

She couldn’t help but giggle and tear up at the same time. She felt so free, delicate, treasured and pampered. He was always paying attention to every part of her. He kissed her tears away, concern laced down on his face, “Am I hurting you?”

Thorin immediately shook her head indicating a no to his question. Her heart full and mind is content at the view of his man on top of her. His sweaty forehead screamed sexy and sex.

Lucas winked at her as he kisses him with intense passion, pouring every emotion he felt at this moment with her like his life actually depends on it. Once she got used to him, Lucas quickly found a rhythm that helps him hit every pleasurable spot that made her whimpered with bliss.

“Open your eyes, amore.” Thorin did what he said and found him staring at her. Wild amber orbs, his primitive grunts was music to her ears.

She was so transfixed at the moment that they were sharing; so intimate and precious as if their soul finally found each other.

“I love you,” his brittle voice loud and clear against her ears.

She wasn’t sure how it happened, or when it all even started. All she knew as she gazes into his enthralling amber pools, right then, right here and right now at this moment she knew.

“What do I know about dresses Thorin?!” Troy runs away from her and out of her room, which she actually tidied up upon arriving from Lucas’s home this morning. She actually sneaked in this morning, afraid to be caught and interrogated by her family. A major throwback and Deja Vu at the same time, during high school years. She was thankful that it was chaotic and busy when she arrived.

Thorin couldn’t wipe off the smile on her face and it was hurting her cheek muscles at the moment. It felt like she lost her virginity to a man who was worthy for it. She felt renewed and empowered. Anyone would see her, would definitely conclude she won the lottery.

She could still feel him in her. Every touch and kisses encrypted on her body. She felt her nipples perks up upon the thought of him. Thorin tightens her robe around her bound, she had enough cold showers for today. Her long locks still wet and dripping. Calming her senses and channeling pure thoughts if she had one in the first place.

Glancing at her table clock, two hours before she could see him again. Puffing out air through her nose, she looks down on her current problem as she scrutinizes a bunch of dresses on her bed. She doesn’t have anything to wear! She should’ve packed her whole closet from the city.

A knock on her door awakens her from a reverie, trudging towards it to check. Opening it a confused look as she fixes her eyes between her sister in laws that were quite unsure about their presence in front of her.

“Can I help you?” She beamed at them, the two ladies shared a look. Laurice, Troy’s wife then clear her throat, “Uh, Troy said you needed us?”

Her hand tightens around the doorknob. Thorin wanted to decline since they weren’t close in the first place and it would be awkward to be in the same place. Regardless, she widens the entry and let them in.

The three ladies stared at the pile of dresses on her bed. “No offense meant T, but it’s just a simple dinner party for your mom,” Bea, Tyler’s wife said.

Thorin wasn’t sure if her name was Bea but she was right. Just a few family friends coming over but he would be her. Thorin would official and formally introduce the man in her life to her whole family. Laurice gasps and steps closer to Thorin’s side, “You’ll finally introduce him to your parents?”

Thorin rolled her eyes realizing that Troy obviously knew what she’s going to do tonight. He just couldn’t keep his mouth shut from spreading confidential information from his wife.

“Yes. Do you think it’s too early for him to meet my family?” She inquired trying to sound nonchalant. “There’s no right or perfect time, T. I’m excited for you!” Laurice squealed as she extends for Thorin’s hand and gently squeezing it.

“Goodluck to him then. He has to pass through two men in your life. I must say Troy was the easiest way to get through,” Bea guffaw as she lifted a few dresses and inspect it. “Right! Shall we start? ”

Lucas was never late. Not once. Thorin checked her Baume & Mercier wraparound orange wristwatch. Exactly fifteen minutes late, she didn’t want to be the girlfriend who checks every minute and she doesn’t want that ever. Until now. The last call they had was an hour ago, reminding him about the time and telling him to wear the button up shirt she choose this morning for him.

Standing up from her lounge chair in their front patio, she dials his number and was immediately sent to voice-mail on the first ring. Thorin looks away from her phone and into their circular driveway that is currently full when a black Tucson entered and pulls up looking for a parking space. A familiar tall figure steps out from the car, the man she has been waiting for.

She steps down from the front porch and trudges towards him. Lucas bending down and busy getting something in his back seat, she stood beside him. “Babe, you’re late!”

She saw him being startled and heard his loud grunt. Lucas pulls out from the back seat and straightened his spine, he was looking down at her whilst holding his head. Thorin cringed at the sight and reach for it, “Hi! I’m so sorry!”

Lucas leaned in and gave her a peck on her right cheek, “Thank you for waiting for me.”

However, she couldn’t help but notice how effortlessly dashing he looked under a six p.m. skylight. Gone was the barrier of his pheromones, his glasses because apparently, she broke it by throwing it somewhere while doing it. No choice but to use his extra contact lenses. Not to mention the gingham blue with mandarin collared dress shirt she chooses for him was casual and laid-back that suited him perfectly under a black jacket, she matched it with dark blue slim-fit casual chinos in brushed stretch cotton and a pair of white Nike sneakers. She was proud of what she chose for him.

“You looked lovely tonight,” she fixes her eyes down on her clothing choice that was agreed by the council of the Montreal wives, botanical print Cameo winter wind dress that stops at her midthigh. Thorin paired it with a 10 cm. Carson Sandal by Steve Madden, ankle strap with buckle closure in blush leather color.

Lucas smirked at her as he gives a small bouquet of sunflowers, “Oh, thank you.” She accepts the flowers and gazes at it, lifting her head and she mouthed him thank you and tipped toe to taste his lips.

Thorin grazed her right hand around his arms and landing it to his left hand, intertwining their fingers together tugging him towards the main entrance of their house. He subtly tugged her causing her to stop dead in her tracks and look back at him. Lucas pulled another bouquet of flowers, this time it’s a variety of white and pink roses.

Thorin couldn’t help but smile, it was obviously for the birthday celebrant. She truly appreciates the sweet gestures from him to her and to others whom she cherishes. She waits for him patiently as he then finally closes and locked his car doors.

Hand in hand they slowly walk towards her house bouquet on their free hand. “Why were you, late babe? You didn’t answer my call,” she prompted.

“There was an emergency--.” Thorin’s ears rang upon hearing the word, she automatically saw the perceptions of his mother right now. She stopped and faces him, “Emergency? Is she okay now? You could’ve told me that you can’t make it.”

“I don’t want to worry you and she’s stabilized now, Uncle and her nurse are with her as we speak,” Lucas informed her completely, squeezing her hand affirming her that everything is good.

“Are you sure?” Lucas nodded at her to answer her question. She raised her perfect curved brows at him, he rolled his eyes out mimicking her, “Yes.”

Once they entered the house some guests were casually chatting on the side not minding them. Not far from where they stand Thorin saw her niece and nephews playing by the living room with their assigned nannies. Unimpressed by the sight Thorin escorts him to the left side towards the staircase.

“Uh, love where are we going?”

“Bedroom,” Thorin answered in a duh tone, trying to state the obvious.

“I was not informed that the party will be held in a bedroom,” Lucas replied tilting his head with furrowed eyebrows.

“Party for two, yes,” she winked as she took the first two steps up. However, Lucas stayed rooted and look at her as if she grew something on her head. Yeah sure, she grew some horns.

She finally gave up by taking the steps down silently as she drags him straight to the kitchen. Pulling her hand away from his, she gathered her hair at her nape, bending to open the cabinet where the vases are kept. Opens the faucet and fill the empty vase with a decent amount of water. Unwrapped the bouquet and quickly place the flowers on the vase. She could feel his hardened gaze on her every move.

“I’ll just pretend that I’m oblivious on what you’re about to do a minute ago,” Thorin shrugs still not facing Lucas. She felt sturdy hands around her waist and pulled her closer. Lucas plant a kiss on her shoulder, a shiver run down her spine as he whispers, “Bedroom is too mainstream, the kitchen then?”

She did not expect him to say such things, she was shocked. Thorin pivots her head and finally faces him with saucer eyes. Unable to form any rational thoughts to reply to him about that. Not to mention she could feel her woman parts getting aroused in an instant.

And there he was, face full of seriousness as he looks her with those dazzling ambers. Thorin was fully aware that the kitchen has glass doors and they can be fully seen by the guests by the back patio where the current party is held if they did dirty on her mother’s kitchen.

When did he become so lascivious? What on earth did she do to this man to say such things? Where did her innocent and pure Lucas has gone to? Either way, she likes both sides of him that is gradually presenting itself due to unexpected situations. She’s open to the idea and so is her legs.

Gathering enough mental strength to hold her strong arousal at the moment, she raised her index fingers at him and winked, “Hold that thought, let’s get this over and done with. I got to introduce you now so we can--”

“Love, that’s the main agenda why I am here!” He snickers at her apprehensive state of haste and stole a quick kiss on her forehead. God, she has to get used to the sound of his laughs that gave her climaxes without sex.

Thorin hastily drags Lucas to the backyard patio where everyone should be at the moment. The catering service that her mother hired did a great job in transforming the backyard for the event. Cocktail tables, string lights wrapped around the trees that surrounding the backyard lawn and some globe string lights, elegant round bulbs that give off a warm glow from above.

As she drags him to where her parents are, she immediately shoves down the idea that he shouldn’t feel nervous and just be himself like he always does in front of her. She gave a once over to the man she’s with. He did not look good at all. Thorin stopped and gave him a questioning look.

Lucas licking his lips not in an anticipating for a kiss manner but rather in a nervous way. Thorin snickers at the gesture he’s trying so hard to hide, “I feel naked without my glasses.”

“You play soccer without one, what’s the difference?” She tipped toed and affectionately ruffles his soft locks with her hands. “That was a game and this is not. You’re making me feel worse,” Lucas said grumpily, she giggles as she tugs his hands to continue walking with her.

The long journey was over as they reached the buffet table where her parents are currently standing chatting with a guest. Once Thorin’s mother spotted and smiled at them. Thorin heard Lucas puffs out air as they came face to face with her parents and Lucas.

“T, I’ve been looking for you since this morning!” Thorin reach out to her mother and hug her as she whispers, “Happy birthday, mom! Be nice.”

“I am nice,” Elle, her mother whispered back. She let her go and transferred to her father to hug him too, which she doesn’t usually do until now, whispering, “Dad, be nice and don’t scare him. He’s stuck with me forever.”

She heard his hearty guttural laugh as she let go and stood beside Lucas. Lucas steps in and hands over the flowers to her mother saying a quick happy birthday to her. “Mom and Dad, this is Lucas, my boyfriend. Lucas, Elle and Jeffrey Montreal.”

Her father extends a hand and Lucas took it for a strong and firm handshake. “Lucas Sullivan, Sir. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said and did the same with Thorin’s mother.

Thorin examined every move and every reply that was given and taken from each side. She definitely saw a strong squeeze from her father during the handshake.

“Likewise, Lucas.” Elle showing her smile to both of them. Thorin couldn’t help but judge her own mother’s smile and her mother seems to notice Thorin too. Her mother just acted all innocent at her and focus her attention on Lucas, “Sullivan? How are you related to the Sullivan doctors here?”

“I’m Dr. Rob and Drew’s nephew, and Dr. Lei’s eldest son. Ma’am.”

Elle raised her brows and laughed at her daughter, “See? I told you so, T.” Thorin rolled her eyes and engulfed her arms around his hips. She felt his gaze on her, looking up to meet it she shrugs playfully.

“May we excuse --” she didn’t finish her sentence as her mother pulled her away from Lucas. “T, will you go with me your Aunt wants to see you and I got to transfer these lovely flowers. Thank you again, Lucas.”

All she could do is watch her father approach and tapped Lucas’s shoulder. She trudges across the place whilst her mother securely holding her arms. “Are you ganging up against us, Mom?!”

She could hear her mother’s laugh as they approach her mother’s group of friends. Everyone greeted Thorin and of course everyone has a side commentary about her life. To which Thorin could only reply with a curt nod. Their daughters, of course, is within the vicinity, she could spot on every female preying for her man.

Aside from the fact that it a necessity for him that has astigmatism, no wonder he felt naked when he doesn’t have his eyeglasses on. She wanted to claw out the eyes of those females for violating her man’s appearance with their imagination. Her mother left the group, for that she was thankful and drag her back to the kitchen where she got a vase and did what Thorin do quietly.

Pulling out a stool, placing it in a position where she could easily spot Lucas. Thorin spy for the two important men in her life as of the moment. “He’s not going anywhere,” she hears her mother said teasingly.

With a furrowed brow, she glances at her mother with apprehension, “I know but at the moment I’m not sure about that, Mom.” Elle was smiling as she arranges the flowers on the vase and looks at it with pride.

“He won’t,” her mother replied with one last look at her creation and padded towards her. Elle encircles her arms around her shoulder from the back and placed a kiss on her head. “I never really thought about this moment, T. My baby girl grew up to be a wonderful woman and brought a man back home.”

Thorin slack-jawed at her mother’s words. They never had this kind of mother and daughter bond that involved mushy stuff, this was a first. It’s not disgusting like she used to think off, not at all. It makes her feel so soft, fuzzy, comfortable and calm at the same time. She held her mother’s hand squeezing it.

“Mom, I’m not that wonderful. You know that many would frown at my personality,” she sighs and leaned to the right to rest her head on her mother’s embrace. “I bet Lucas never told you that.”

“Yes, he never did. He always thinks I’m the greatest or something,” Thorin giggles as she checks on him from afar. She has this sense of security around her when she thinks about him. “It takes a special person to know how wonderful you are, Thorin.”

He knew he would be in this situation right now, just like how he pictured it. He anticipated this of course but it was just too soon. At least nine hours of mental preparation wasn’t enough. Adding the fact that the emergency an hour ago had unexpectedly occurred. His mother had been vomiting, obvious signs that her health is failing. He was about to call Thorin to cancel but his mother wouldn’t let him. He was thankful that Uncle Rob was free at the moment.

Lucas could feel his beads of sweat falling down on his back. He felt cold and hot at the same time, but he just stands his ground. He sure knows how to control his own anxieties and to not get it under his skin.

Thorin asked him to be here during their breakfast and he couldn’t say no. He wouldn’t say no, of course. Lucas thought about this chance for years! He would dare to let this pass. Call him selfish but Thorin introducing him to her parents would finally mean that they’re legal, official and serious. Just how he wanted. So he can’t mess this up.

“I work at your company, Sir. As Thorin’s assistant.” He messed it up, big time. There’s no coming back, no erasing what he just said. How easy would it be to say;

I have a degree from UCLA and an MBA from NYU. I am a shareholder of B.H, Class A. I came from an old money family, a banking family in Florence, Italy. As a conte, I have an inherited estate in Tuscany, Florence, Puglia, and Sicily. I have been involved in philanthropic work with my grandmother in Italy. Combating against Global Warming, a funding research study for the cures for cancer where most of my assets go.

That could have been easy though. That sounded egotistical and narcissistic. It doesn’t sound like him. He wouldn't dare reveal that part of him. He obviously doesn’t want to be known for any of it. He doesn’t want everyone to know what could his assets nor net worth be. He refused to be defined by those things. And he never really even think about it until this time.

Lucas mentally sighs and prayed all of this would be over soon. Well, if her family doesn’t like him the way he is and think of him as a gold digger and truly an unworthy choice for their only daughter-- so be it. He can’t do anything to change that, he doesn’t have to please anyone and he doesn’t want to. All he can do is be by her side and do all things within his capabilities to make Thorin happy.

“Oh. Our company pays well to its employees, right?” Jeff gave him a tight-lipped smile as he sips from his wine glass. Lucas could definitely need some wine at the moment. He answered Jeff with a curt nod. “But of course, the higher-ups have it bigger,” Jeff added.

“Of course, Sir.” Lucas agreed immediately. “Say, Lucas, does it feel a little bit weird and awkward that you’re with my daughter who has it all and you, not reaching half of it? No offense meant, though.”

Lucas hid a smirk, he obviously meant to offend him.

Jeff sipped another wine from his glass, giving him a hardened gazed. Surveying Lucas, waiting for him to cower. Lucas didn’t give him the satisfaction, with his stern and orotund yet calm voice, “Sir, I earned my own money with clean and honest hard work. I don’t feel emasculated nor feel close to it. In fact, I am proud of her work, of what she had become and what she has achieved so far. I support her in whatever she does and tries my best to be with her when she needs me. She inspires me to be the best version of myself, Sir.”

Jeff raised his brows on him, taunting him even more. This doesn’t bother Lucas at all, as he continued, straightened out his spine, “Sir, I love your daughter. I may not have much but I wanted to take care and make her happy as much as I can.”

Thorin’s father pulled away from his wine glass and straightened out his spine. Gazing up to Lucas as Jeff snickers whilst patting his shoulder, “Good. As you should, Lucas.”

A soft low whistle breaks the two. Lucas and Jeff simultaneously looked to their right. Tyler and Troy with his daughter on his arm came trudging in. Tyler immediately offered Lucas a handshake and Lucas took it with a tight and firm grip.

“Lucas, right? Heard so much about you from this boy,” Tyler pointed at Troy laughingly. The three other men joined in laughing. The bunch chatted all things under the sun as if nothing happened a minute ago and treat each other like old pals. Their father excused himself out to catch up with an old friend.

“Guessed someone is having a crush, huh?” Lucas and Tyler stop talking abruptly as they give Troy an eye. “What? My daughter has been staring at Lucas, okay?” Troy said defensively, rocking his daughter, Reese left and right. He was trying to put her to sleep but he failed a hundred times.

“She’s just 7 months, stupid,” Tyler commented in a singsong voice. Troy lifted his head, probably shocked by his brother’s choice of words.

“Don’t say that word in front of my daughter, dumb ass!” Troy replied, hissing at Tyler. Lucas watches the two as their nonsensical bantering unfolds before his eyes. He somehow foresees how this ends, Reese crying of course. Troy immediately stopped and obviously panicking looking for his wife whilst rocking the baby. Reese cries became louder causing the guest to look at the trio.

“Fuu--help you, dimwits!” Troy scowled at his brother and Lucas. Tyler just guffawed at his brother’s state. Lucas stepped in and extend his hands for Reese, “She’s been sleepy Troy. No wonder she’s in a daze. Let me calm her.”

He gazed at Troy reassuring him. Troy transferred Reese on his arms slowly. Placing Reese head on Lucas’s chest securely. Lucas hushed and soothing her back, rocking her back and front as her cries ebbs away.

“Dude, how? I can’t obviously do that!” Troy prompted as he watches Lucas put his daughter at sleep.

“Oh, God. I could marry the man in a blink of an eye,” Laurice commentary perked up Thorin’s ears. She excused herself from her Aunts and head back to the al fresco where her sister in laws are currently seating. She was hungry for food and she still didn’t have an ounce of food in her stomach. Neither did Lucas, all this ganging up made her lost her appetite.

Once seated beside, Bea, Tyler’s wife. “What’s up with you two giggling about?”

“Find Lucas,” Bea shrugs as she nods to the direction where her husband is currently in. Lo and behold, Lucas holding a baby. She presumed it was her youngest niece on his arms sleeping. Thorin couldn’t help but find it amusing, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling. As if Lucas knew, she was looking for him she waved at him to come.

“I couldn’t wait to see your babies!” Laurice said squealing as she skips towards them and seat beside Bea. Thorin thought about what Laurice, she wasn’t too kin about the idea of marriage and children but since knowing him. All of those apprehensions about that stuff vanished into thin air. She could picture him changing diapers because in no way she would ever touch it.

Once Lucas and her brother’s steps foot in the patio. Laurice immediately stood up and take away Reese from him. They exchanged formalities as Troy introduced him to Laurice. Laurice and Troy finally excused themselves to tuck in her child to bed. Tyler introduced his wife, Bea to Lucas and excused themselves too to attend to their children’s needs. Which left them alone together.

“Hi,” Thorin pulled him for a soft kiss as he finally seated beside her. “Have you eaten?” She inquired pulling away. Lucas shook his head, “Let me breathe one sec,” pointing his index finger in the air.

He leaned in, placing his elbows on his knees, hands on his head ruffling his hair as he exhales air. Thorin places her left hand on his nape and massages it whilst playing with his locks too. After a while, she felt that his tensed muscles relax. Lucas straightened his spine and rest his back comfortably on the lounge chair. Thorin thoroughly watches him doing so, “That bad?”

Lucas crinkles his nose as he smiles at her and said, “No. Not at all.”

“You do realize that you’re truly and utterly stuck with me, right?” He reaches for her hands and take it, planted a chaste kiss and held eye contact, “From the moment I knew you. Yes.”

“As you should,” Thorin beamed. She rose up from her seat and tugged his hands, beaming with anticipation she decleared, “Now, let me feed my man!”

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