Miss Montreal

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Chapter 21: Ms. Love

Thorin puffs out a lung full of air and inhaled the familiar sweet aroma of goodness. Cakes, or maybe a muffin or two and coffee, that should complete her day off. She listened to her friends’ banter as she waits patiently for her order, tapping her fingers against the rounded table. After yoga classes, they decided to have a cheat day, which they always do. Disappointing but not surprised, and they deserved it.

“Who impregnated you?” Wren inquired like an idiot probably still a hangover from a Saturday night out. Nila was shaking her head, pointing with her thumb at Wren and look at Thorin. Thorin shrugged at Nila, Wren’s kept on repeating.

“Unbelievable,” Nila sighed dramatically leaning backward to rest her back. “I don’t know Wren, probably my husband?”

“Wait,” Wren held her hands up in the air and point at Thorin with her index finger, “I thought I heard Thorin is pregnant.”

Indeed Wren still drunk not from last night. Thorin laughs at the what Wren spill, pulling out an aspirin container and shoved it in her hands. She just gained a little weight, she does not have unwanted flaps. Thorin chanted those lines in her head repeatedly.

“I gained a few pounds. That’s all,” she countered, clearing her throat. It’s not her fault that Lucas always cooks deliciously. It’s not her fault that she’s hungry when served some Italian dishes.

She doesn’t know what to feel, should she be happy that she gained a few pounds or she’s not pregnant. It’s not like they talk about having a child now, but yes, they have plans. She stops her contraceptives and he’s not too kin in using condoms too. They trust each other and if it turned into pregnancy, Lucas would delighted. However the question is, is she ready?

“Hey T, we haven’t heard from you?” Wren asks as later the waiter finally arrived and place their orders. Once the waiter leaves them and out of their earshot, she gazes at Wren and smiled, “Work and home. Why?”

She was guilty of it. Thorin never actually step foot on any clubs or bar since she and Lucas got together for months now. Lucas never forbids her to do so, since he too, goes out with his friends for game night or whatever they call it. They have a life outside their relationship, but since the relationship, Thorin never felt the need to go out and hang out with her friends. Truth to be told she barely has the time to go out or shop because of the crazy work schedules she has.

Plus she often forgot to attend yoga classes or a spa day with them. She made Sunday her bedtime. No hot nerd Italian boyfriend around, definitely no work allowed. Still depends on her mood, she kind of what Lucas to be her pillow. She has an official boyfriend now, might as well use him as a pillow too.

“You act like you’re a wifey. Am I missing something here?” Wren gasps incredulously. Thorin rolls her eyes, “I’m in a relationship, Wren. Just like Nila.”

“Bitch, how?” Wren froze, her eyes went back and forth between Nila and Thorin. “I thought you’re always on a business trip,” she added thoughtlessly, playing her food with her food. “You bitches left me single and alone.”

Thorin titled her head and fully facing Wren, then her eyes jump back to Nila who shrugged and proceeded to eat her Italian pasta. Speaking of the Italian who hasn’t texted nor called me yet. She fished out her phone and sent a quick Hi, to remind him that she’s alive and she will be there to annoy him. Oh right, she’s currently in a none speaking mode with him today. Thus, she deleted the message she composed.

Typically, Thorin would be in a bad mood or in one of her crazy girlfriend mood swings Lucas would just let her be for hours. Giving her peace and space to let herself calm down and be back to being neutral. He would just be in the corner reading his book of the month, or within the vicinity without her seeing him. Patiently waiting for her temper to die down, then later on bringing her marshmallows or strawberry ice cream. Some little things she appreciated by her boyfriend.

Thorin would thank him whenever she has a chance, how Lucas threats her every day and how happy she is that he existed. She mentally sighs, she misses him.

“Want me to set you up?” Nila suggested. Wren distorted face looks at Nila, hissing, “No! I don’t want any of your cousins!”

Wren places her elbow on the table, and rests her chin on her right hand, “Damn it! You got my ideal guy. I’ll be single then until a carbon copy of him appears.”

“Yeah, right?” Thorin scoffed raising an eyebrow at her friend’s confession. She heard what Wren said, but she just wanted for her to change her statement. She doesn’t want any fight with another female who wants to have her man but she can’t just be sitting here and let her man be clawed by Wren’s charm.

She knows she doesn’t have to worry about these things because Lucas affirmed her now and then that he always has just two ladies in his life. Her and his mother of course. Regardless, Thorin shouldn’t underestimate the power of other females lurking and waiting for the kill.

Also, Wren is blonde, all of Lucas’s exes are blondes. Furthermore, Wren wants others to believe she wanted a beau but her emotions are in a contradictory manner. She says she wants one but deep inside she doesn’t. She’s a bird, free as she can be.

Thorin mentally constructed her real rational argument over this matter and was about to spill it on Wren when Nila waved her hands between them, “Lucas has a brother, right? T, maybe you could introduce our Wren here?”

“I met him, Nila. I don’t do younger dudes,” Wren sighs defeatedly and silently eat her food. Nila and Thorin shrug at each other and proceeded to eat and finish their food quietly.

The trio chatted anything under the sun in a restaurant buzzing with people like them, catching up with friends on a chill and laid back Sunday mid-morning. Wren keeps on babbling nonsensical anyway and later on excused herself to vomit in the restroom.

God, she missed him. Thorin thought of what Lucas is probably doing now, clean his apartment, do his laundry and in the afternoon playing soccer. She pulled out her phone again, hoping for a message or two but got disappointed. So, Lucas would stand by his choice to resign

“Something wrong? Wren was just joking,” Nila furrowed her brows, looking at her for answers. Thorin shakes her head sighing, “Of course!”

Besides, Thorin knows how resistant Lucas is to female seduction. She could attest to that. “He’s planning to resign.”

“Why?” Nila takes a sip of her water, way too slowly and look at her through her eyelids. Thorin popped her shoulders, “I don’t know, I haven’t heard his reason.”

She places back her glass and pops an eyebrow at Thorin. Thorin couldn’t help but mimics the unwanted movement she got from her friend. “Does it even bothers you that your boyfriend is paid less compared to you? He’s on his way to unemployment, hello?”

“No. He’s not going there until I say so,” Thorin mentally snickers at the thought, he’s maybe richer than she is. He could live like a king if he wants to but he’ll be back in Italy if he does that. Other than that, he has his investments and is a top-notch shareholder. It doesn’t bother Thorin much since he could do well himself.

Thorin wondered what would it be if he’s just a normal employee at a company with the same setup. She can’t quite picture it out, yet she knows she would be with Lucas in the longer run. She then remembers during her mother’s birthday, she was sure that Lucas would introduce himself as her assistant nothing more, nothing less. What was her father’s reaction? She never really tried to pry about that.

“Quit swooning over him, Thorin! With a lifestyle like yours, he couldn’t adjust nor afford it. Come on, get real!” Nila mocks.

Thorin shakes her head with a smile on her face. Lucas may not look like he’s loaded and powerful and he made sure of that, she wanted to say that but Thorin had this urge to listen more. Nila took the bait, Thorin almost did anyway. She thought she was judgemental but she thought wrong. Thorin never did belittle someone because of their standing in societal class. She did somehow belittle her employees for working poorly not by being poor.

“You’re saying that?” Thorin acting like she’s interested in Nila’s poor judgment and comments.

“Come on, we both know your relationship would be temporary,” Nila cringed at what she spilled but still apathetic about it. Thorin narrowed her eyes and focus on a female that would like to strangle out here in the public. No kidding, she thought at first that this would be temporary and yet again, her negative thoughts were replaced by excitement knowing that he is hers and she wanted to keep him until he suffocated by her face.

“You’re like Jasmine and he’s Aladdin. That being said since you’re obviously out of his league. Did you even think, that he would just be stuck with you for you and not with your money? Thus, the proposed resignation? Wake up, Thorin. He’s stealing from you and was about to get away from it.”

“And?” she sighs pretending she’s interested in every word Nila said.

“He’s just blinding you for his looks and, or maybe how well he does in bed. Did it ever cross you that he’s a stripper? He is for sure, just by looking.”

She called her boyfriend a stripper. Oh My God. Thorin could hear her blood boiling, her vessels popping inside her. Her ears heated up and she could hear her heart drummed against her chest. Mentally saying her mantra multiple times, do not choke anyone today.

Thorin tried so hard to remain quiet to give her the satisfaction that what she said was right. She isn’t. Thorin took this moment to slap, punch, pull out her hair extensions in her mind. She underestimated Nila, whom she thought was sweet and an angel. She made a mistake. She got the devil’s friend.

Mentally noting, a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Wren would be the sheep in a wolf’s clothing then.

Wren came back, fresh and full makeup on. Eyes darted between Nila and Thorin, and the atmosphere they’re giving their table. Wren seated, obviously to what just happened. She has the inkling that there was a heated conversation between the two, so she remained silent.

Thorin gave Nila a cold and hardened face, “Feeling better now, Wren?”

“Uh, yes?” Wren answered immediately. Thorin gives Nila a slight tight-lipped smile, the supposed for an answer. “Good. You better listen to this, bitch.” The latter was a subtle aim for the enemy.

Thorin sighs as she lifted the glass of water and took a sip from it without breaking the eye contact with Nila. “Nila did it ever occur to you that maybe-- I don’t know. I’m Cinderella?”

Thorin thought about it, she could be the Cinderella in the story. She’s not in distress though, but she has her prince. “No. You’re not.”

“Correct.” Thorin smiled and lifted her dainty index finger at Nila. “You are Cinderella.”

“I’m Mushu! Got the joke, stop now!” Wren hissed, looking around the restaurant if they had onlookers.

“Excuse you, bitch!” Nila spat loudly than Thorin had anticipated. Thorin rolled her eyes and faked laughed. “Here are the facts, Nila. Being with him for the past months, regardless of how well off or not, how luxurious his car or not, how grand or classy our date is, how expensive or how cheap the gift is -- from someone you truly value and appreciate, it doesn’t matter. Because to me, what matters is the person I am with, him being by my side when I needed him, him who wants to be with me despite my shitty attitude, him who takes care of me like I’m a gem. Can’t relate right?”

Nila gasps incredulously, stomping her hands on the table. “I’m just--”

“Exactly my thoughts,” Thorin got her wallet and pull out some cash for the meal and the tip. She stood up, hooking her small Nike gym bag to her right arm. Pulling down the hem of Lucas’s maroon Nike hoody, paired with her yoga leggings, she checks herself. Grinning at Wren who watches her friends fight, “I’ll call you. Take care.”

Before she could fully exit their table, Thorin glances at Nila, who did not show remorse whatsoever. Thorin calm, composed and beaming at her, “You know what Nila? I hope you met someone like Lucas earlier, your head is too clouded by money and fame. Oh, I hope your husband truly and loves you. Again, congratulations on the pregnancy. How awful to have a mother like you.”

Chin up, chest out and dignity intact, Thorin excused herself out. She heard Nila curse her and called her a bitch. She couldn’t help but agree. For the first time, the wolf got that right.

The second call was immediately redirected to his voicemail which is a rarity. She then waits for the beep and sighs, “Hey babe, I’m sane and sober now. Where are you?”

Thorin stared straight at the ceiling of her dimly lit bedroom, she listened to the deafening silence of her room and the whole apartment. Turning right side, she glances at the floor to the ceiling glass window that gave her one of the best views of the city. Regardless of how beautiful her apartment view is, she couldn’t appreciate it much whenever she’s alone.

Maybe, her apartment is too big, cold and empty. That or it’s just that he’s not with her, this is why she felt like this. She didn’t know, all she knows right now is the longing for him. This was always the case when he’ll go home. Which in his defense the proper way, it was the topic that ended up poorly. She drops some subtle hints about living with her or the other way around.

Able to catch it quickly, Lucas would smirk and shake his head or kiss her. Thorin ends up furious over it. He had somehow strong and solid arguments, which he calmly discussed with her. He won, concluding that living together would burn her out and that she needed space for herself. Still, he ended it saying that the proposed living situation is still open. Of course whenever she’s emotionally and mentally ready and mature to breathe the same air with him. His words, not her.

Throwing her comforter away, she rose up and sat down on her bed. The phone still on her hand, she dialed his number again, redirected to his voicemail, “Dude, I miss you!” she shouted at her phone.

She misses him. Her stomach is angrily growling and to top that she’s bored. Putting down her phone, her eyes probe back to the nine p.m. views of the city. Starless dark skies and stationary lights from the buildings. She puffs out air, lifting her phone back and unlocking it. A message from Wren, none from Nila. As she should, the nerve of that woman to insult her, Lucas and their relationship.

Sending a quick reply to Wren that she doesn’t need any “Sunday night drink”. Thorin stood up from her bed and marches out from her bedroom to find something to eat. A buzz cause her to stop midway to her kitchen. Turning one eighty degrees, facing the main doors of her apartment wondering who could it be. Right, Wren probably hasn’t read her reply.

Thorin trudges to the doors and unlocking it open. A piece of sunflower surprised her, automatically shoving it away to see him. She pulled him for a hug, encircling her arms around his neck and jumping into bucking her legs around his waist. Lucas was quick to his feet and hold her tightly around her waist.

Her senses clouded by his familiar scent, clean and crisp. Always smelt like summer. His hug tightens as his being depended in the embrace. A comfortable and pregnant silence engulf them as they stood in the doorway. She takes in and absorpt his body heat with her. Thorin could hear their heart murmurs loudly in synchronization.

He walks himself in, not bothering to put her on her feet and closes the door by swing it with his feet. Lucas buried the lower half of his face on the space between her right neck and shoulder. She shuddered at the contact, he was inhaling her lavender scent. Planting chaste kisses around the area, the innocent act made her toe curled and grunt.

The guttural sound she made, awaken Lucas from his little reverie and glaze down at her. His notorious amber eyes beamed at her, “Hi, dude.”

Thorin glowered at him once she hears the greetings. Lifting her right hand, clenching her fists and punched him on his pectorals. The act earned her his hearty laughter that made his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down and made her gut turn upside down.

“Shut up,” hissing as she rolls her eyes. Lucas mimics her infamous eye roll, “I miss you too.”

Thorin girl shrieks echo and she held tightly for the love for her life when Lucas abruptly dashes off for her bedroom. He manages to find the switch and illuminate the whole room. In a flash, he plopped down Thorin on her bed. Tasting her lips, shoving a tongue for her tongue in a duel. Lucas pulled out from her luscious lips and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Lucas stands gloriously with both hands on his hips, whilst Thorin sprawled flat on her bed. Panting and trying to retrieve for some air, his laser-focused eyes on her, “Are you sleepy?”

He lends a hand for her to grab on, she took it and rose up to sit on the edge of her bed, groaning, “Hungry.”

She took this moment to shamelessly check out her boyfriend, new pair of classic horn rimmed half frame that features clear lenses for a sharp sophisticated look, a lightweight dark olive cardigan covers his black shirt, ripped jeans and a pair of white/black foundation Adidas trainers. Thorin whistled, “You’re hot.”

“I’m not a cup of coffee,” Lucas retorted curtly and retracted his steps and left her. Thorin satisfied by what she’d done, snickered. She surveyed the vicinity and found the door to her walk-in closet is lit. Shrugging, not caring what he’s doing, Thoring cleared her throat and sing start humming, ” ’Cause my boyfriend is kinda hot, even though he thinks he’s not.”

Lucas reappeared from her closet, he padded back holding her clothes; a pair of jeans and plain shirt, “I love your voice but I’m no fan of the song.”

" ’Cause my boyfriend’s kinda hot even though he thinks he’s not!” Thorin continued to sing louder and repeatedly the lyrics to her song, which made him stop and scrutinize her while cringing. He then hands the clothes to her, with furrowed brows she inspects the clothing article of his choice.

“Date me?” Upon hearing it, she peeks through her lashes and beamed. This would be one of the things that excite her. His impromptu date invite. “Yes. Babe, I can’t wear these!”

Lucas bent down and pecks her right cheek. “Why? Five minutes, then.” He sat and then lay down on her bed closing his eyes. Spreading out and stretching his arms while at it. Thorin noticed that he looked tired and somehow carry gloomy aura around him.

“Shirt makes my breasts non-existent,” she stood up and lifted the hem of her nightgown, exposing her ample breasts in front of him. Thorin testing the dangerous water throws her dress at his face causing him to open his eyes and look at her. He did gaze her nakedness, from her breasts down to her hips and stared still. Thorin couldn’t help but internally smile, she lifted herself and sit astride on Lucas’s lap.

“Don’t you like my breast?” Instinctively Lucas rose up and held her hips still. Thorin snakes her hands around his shoulders, aiming for a kiss. However, she was taken aback as he hugged her and buried his lower face on the space between her shoulders. His body was tense and rigid against her soft.

He was trembling, followed by a strangled sob. Droplets of tears slide down and tickled her neck. It doesn’t take a second to know his crying. Lucas is crying. Never in her life had she encounter a man who cried in front of her. She never imagined Lucas would cry in front of her. Her heart aches to hear and see him cry as if it doubled up the pain she’s feeling. This would be on the number one hate list, seeing Lucas cry.

“I’ll cancel our date,” she hushed. She waited for him to let it all out, so hugged him tightly. She buried her face in his neck, strokes his head gently and makes soothing noises.

No matter how transparent he is with her, she knew for a fact that he would hide his stress and problems. She was surprised by herself that she was capable of doing these things -- calming him and being so gentle. But what made him break down and cry like this? Panic starts budding around her chest. Was this her fault for being bitchy around him when her moods turn sour?

“Babe?” Thorin calls out softly. “Are we okay? Is this my fault?”

Her breath lodged in her throat. It can be. Lucas gently pulls out from the embrace, glasses smeared with his tears.

“Yes, we are. No, you don’t have an ounce of fault here,” his voice loud and clear trying to suppress any stuttering. Thorin meets his gaze and finds nothing but raw emotion and shining sincerity.

Thorin cups his face as she gave him kisses soft and sweet. He answers back with the same intensity but with more longing. Lucas groans in disappointment as when she leaves his mouth suddenly. She narrowed her emerald eyes on him, and he gazed back absent-mindedly.

“Lucas! Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to fish out information from you without being so pushy?” No matter how hot and bothered she is as she sat on him. Lucas tightens his embrace around her waist.

Waiting and trying for him to spill the tea that she needed for them to be at peace, especially for their core to be at peace. She thought that it would be impossible for him to be hard during this tense and depressing situation but his bulge thought the opposite. She could feel him since her lacy white underwear is so thin. Of course, knowing Lucas he would be on guard and control, pretending it doesn’t bother him.

He’s a saint like that.

She did try so hard to restrain herself from grinding her pelvis on him. Thorin prayed that he wouldn’t notice how hard her nipples are in front of him, or else she wouldn’t able to resist any further.

Lucas sighs defeated, “Mom’s back in the hospital.” With one swift moment, Thorin squealed like a child as Lucas brought her with him on the bed to lie down. He was holding her tightly as she stays stills atop him. She scrambled off away from him.

Snuggled close to his side as she drapes her leg over his thigh, and run down her dainty and delicate hands over his firm chest and buries her face in his neck, inhaling him. It was always the most comfortable position for her whenever they would cuddle per-intercourse and post-intercourse. Damn it, she used the word intercourse instead of sex. To which Lucas said, a more diplomatic word than sex.

“I felt selfish and irresponsible,” he mumbled after he told me what’s going on with his family. Leilani requested that she would no longer take treatments. Which was confirmed by her oncologist that her medicine isn’t working anymore? Which by the way she kept from her sons for a month now.

Her mother requested a DNR clause, their family attorney on standby for her will and ordered her two sons to speak and call up their father. The latter was the hardest part for him to do so, so he let his younger sibling do the deed. Such a depressing conversation run over but she was glad that it made Lucas feel lighter. The last thing she could do.

“Sometimes selfish is a good thing. You did it because you love her and wanted her to be by your side longer,” she says reassuringly as she gave him a light kiss on his right cheek. “You’re one of the most responsible men, son and boyfriend anyone could ask for. End of discussion.”

Lucas kissed her hair and shifted his position, now lying on his right side to face her. A light smile tugs his handsome face. Thorin reached out for his glasses and lifted it away from him, “Love, have I ever told you that I appreciate your existence.”

“As you should. I’m amazing like that,” she gasps dramatically and rolls her eyes. Her expression turned softer as she finally accepted the fact that Lucas would no longer be around her and the office. He would resign and be back in Andes to personally take care of her mother.

She’s never been so dejected at the same time at peace thinking that Leilani will be in Lucas care. A gnawing fear leaks within her, thinking about being away from him. Sure, it’s just three hours drive away but knowing her schedule? That right there is a huge disadvantage, but she gotta hand the credit to Lucas. Reassuring her to visit and Skype whenever she’s free. Like the guaranteed to ‘squeeze’ himself in her schedule.

“It’s just sad that I would no longer see my hot, amiable, hot, congenial, hot, capable, hot, demi-god, half-Italian, hot, responsible executive assistant every day,” she stresses every adjective that comes to her mind at the moment. She finally heard his panty-melting laughter which brings her body alive.

Lucas crashes his lips with a smile, nibbling on her lower lip to open her mouth as he thrust his tongue in her mouth. Thorin took it eagerly as she finally let down her restraints. She pressed herself against him and grind her body. He took his time grazing kisses around her neck, then trail it lower as his mouth found its way to her right breast while his hands kneading the left. A shot of electricity travels to her spine down to her clitoris.

“Finally,” her voice came wheezy. She could hear his faint laugh. Lucas gazed down at her lovingly, “And to answer your question, I love your breasts but I love you more.”

“The nerve of that woman to call you a stripper!” She took a large bite at her pizza and chew it hastily as she remembers her day. He grins at her as he played with her hair settling on her bare chest. The act made her shiver in delight.

Thorin told him about the incident this morning. Lucas asked after they both sedated from two rounds of sex.

“Babe! I was insulted,” she hissed like a kid and punch his bare pectorals. Lucas held her hips to keep her steady on his abdomen. Thorin didn’t miss the slight groan, as he covers it by gulping. Unashamedly of her nudeness and hot pussy sitting on him.

“Alea,” Lucas’s smoky voice erupted, as he tried his best to stop Thorin from sensually rocking her pelvic floor around his abdomen. With a loud exhale, biting his lower lips so hard, “Stop doing that, love. I told you to give me an hour to recover.”

“What?” Thorin slides herself pressed herself on him, slowly and lower still holding the slice of pizza in her right hand. Lucas gasps, “Dios Mio.”

Thorin could help but laugh. He reached out for her hair and tuck it nicely on her ears. She continues to eat and finishes her pizza.

“Love?” Lucas called as she plucked another slice of pizza. She glances at him with her questioning eyebrows, “I’m not a community D. Okay?” he crowed with affirmation.

“Of course, I know that! Silly,” taking another mouthful of bite.

“Community Dick. Say it, babe,” she pointed the pizza on him. Lucas cringe at the word. He shook his head and fixes his glasses, “Community Penis.”

Thorin rolled her eyes at his PG words. Lucas pulled her right hand took a bite on her pizza, which she thought very sexual. He does everything with finesse and sexiness and he’s oblivious to all that.

“Say, Fuck,” Thorin challenges him.

“I don’t like the word,” he takes another bite at her pizza. That sounded dirty though.

“Just say it!” She said with conviction. Thorin gave him a sweet smile as she dramatically bats her lashes on him, “Remember, I have the say when you walk out of the company.”

“I can’t, I’ll just write it,” Lucas resigns. Thorin slumps against his hard chest and chuckled at his act. He’s just that saintly! He caresses her hair as she settles her head on his neck comfortably. Massaging her neck and shoulders as she let his hand run through her back. It made her more relaxed and calm, yet couldn’t control her mouth to let out a few moans.

A pregnant and comfortable silence surrounded them as he continues his strokes. “Aren’t you going back to the hospital tonight, babe?”

She wanted to be his pillar of support during his trying times. The strong urge to be there with him whenever life gets you down. The one who would hold his hand and embrace him when he would cry and crumble. The need to protect him and his happiness. Such strong gnawing emotions wanted her to do that. As if another calling, and she desperately needs to respond and take.

Lucas gazed down at her and kisses her nose, “Yes. I’ll just wait until you fall asleep. You sleepy yet?”

“Take me with you then,” she said meekly. Lucas pulled out his head and raised his brows at her.

“Baby, it’s eleven. You have an early conference meeting. I reminded you of that. I promised to be on time tomorrow too,” placing a chaste kiss on her lips.

She pouted at his disapproval, “I can manage. You’ll have free time since I’ll immediately inform the HR.”

He sighs, “I don’t want to put stress on you, whatsoever.”

“Even if I say, please?”

Lucas held her hand as she landed both her feet on the ground safely. He stood beside her to help her take off the custom made helmet he brought her months ago. Etched with perfect calligraphy of her name, Alea.

Thorin couldn’t brush off the uncomfortable feeling between her legs. She’s always sore from the lovemaking with Lucas. Even though they’ve done it plenty of times, her pelvic floor muscles still couldn’t adapt to his size and the aftermath. It’s not like she’s complaining she loves every bit of it knowing that he was inside her. But she never tried being on his motorbike after the session. Lucas warned her before coming here about this but she won’t listen.

“Come on, baby” Lucas awaken her from her little reverie. Thorin exhaled and smile, as she walks slowly -- taking her time. He held a hand for her to hold and reach it. His other hand held her shell-pink Tory Burch fleming convertible shoulder bag.

His large, warm calloused hands against her slim, dainty fingers made her chest flutter with anticipation. Problem is, Lucas is tall and being tall means having long legs for walking.

“Please walk slower,” she tries to say firmly as they enter the white-painted hallways of the hospital. The lemony anti-septic scent engulfing her nose, making her fully aware of their surroundings.

Lucas listened, muttering a sorry and match her stride. He could feel his gaze on her as if he was saying ‘I told you so’. Knowing him, he would never say that words to her directly. Rather he would do so by saying it subtly but with more impact.

As they stand and wait for the elevator he glances down on her. Lucas biting his inner cheek as he tries to hide his embarrassment from her, “Should borrow a wheelchair?”

The question slash suggestion earned him a slap on his firm left bicep. “How dare you!”

Subtly with impact. Indeed.

Lucas shrugs as the elevator opens, the rode the elevator quietly. Since they’re alone inside, Thorin freed her hand from his and embrace him from the back. Her cheek pressed against his back as she inhaled his scent. An instinct she possessed since they’ve been together.

“I’ll just carry you then?” That earned Lucas a punch on his firm abdomen. She heard his slight groan, still unaffected --he snickers again. “I’m serious!”

If she’s not with him, where would she be at this time? She couldn’t imagine. Stuck with stressful meetings and papers? Definitely.

Sure, there’s still a ton of work having the highest position in a conglomerate company but having Lucas around, felt like a lot of burdens has been lifted off her shoulder.

Date and ditch? Maybe. She cringes as she remembers her past self. God knows how she appreciates this man in her life. She loves him, so much--.

“Are you sleeping?”

“No. I love you.”

She was in love.

That’s how all her overpowering emotions are. Which she never put nor accepted that name before but never refused to go through with it with him.

She never felt like this before, not even with her past exes. Obviously. It’s been rare and real so she can’t quite figure it out yet until now. These emotions she had finally has a name and had known each day from tiny ember into ragging flame.

She loves Lucas.

If this wasn’t it, she would have ended all of this in a snap. She would be out at the exit the minute she got annoyed, never looking back. Tiny mistakes would always put her on edge and annoy her but never with this man. She would always look out for the day to see him bicker and annoy each other. She loved those moments. Mistakes are done but they’re not perfect.

Thorin absolutely and completely him with every fiber of her being and that scared the hell out of her.

The elevator bell notified them that the arrived. Lucas freed himself from her embrace and carefully drag her in front of him as they exited the elevator once the doors opened.

It was weird for Thorin. She felt drunk without an ounce of alcohol in her system. But once a familiar hand touches her cheeks, lips pressed against hers, her body and mind roared to life. Her fluttering heart and other organs partied within her.

Lucas leaves her lips, his bright amber eyes flickered with happiness. Thorin still dazed as she let herself lost in those pools.

“Thank you, you’re so nice,” The words snapped up Thorin from her mini realm. Eyes grew like saucers, mouth agape at him. Did he just say that? That’s her line.

“You know I love you, right?” She snarled. Lucas shrugged nonchalantly, eyes hooded, “I’m sure you do.”

Thorin gasps incredulously, she growled, “Come on! Don’t --”

“And I love you, too.” Lucas reached for her left hand and held it. Thorin sighs with satisfaction, rolling her eyes, “As you should.”

“Sorry to burst this lovely bubble of romance going on,” Levi’s apprehensive voice made the pair turn heads.

“Hi, sis,” Levi stepped in and reached down to kiss her left cheek and gave her a side hug. A weird greeting gesture from the Sullivan- Veserati sibling she learned to acquired since.

“How are you?” She mumbled during the hug. “I hope, I’m fine,” Levi answered back with a sigh but grinned at her nonetheless.

Levi stepped back and glance back at Lucas. Thorin watched the brother’s interaction, it was the usual but tonight have been a roller coaster of emotions with Lucas. An obvious heaviness swarmed around them, she understood it. These two have one of the closest bonds there is and they only have each other now -- support and strength to keep on for their mother.

Thorin surveyed the lobby of the oncology department. The open, wide and sitting area then some corner is filled with weird men- almost looks the same. Nurses and staff gave them a weird glance over as they pass by each. Some of them, gave the brothers the smile and a friendly wave-- a little too friendly, of course, Levi being himself greeted them back. She couldn’t help but frown, those women gave her man the longest stare she recorded in history.

An old petite lady emerged from one of the hallways. A staff on her left hand to keep her place and her bag on her right arm, she walks slow and sure, emitting seriousness, power and authority. Giving off the Queen Elizabeth vibe, Thorin couldn’t help commend the lady that can draw in attention. Who wouldn’t she has an attendant beside her, and two bodyguards tailing her. At this hour, she should be in bed though.

She heard Levi mumbled a few more expletives words, “Fuck! I never knew that they would fly in automatically! I called you a thousand times -- okay, maybe just five because I got tired. Do you have any idea how I constantly pee for hours now?”

Thorin’s eyes traveled back to the lady, who she felt like spotted them. Like she was aiming for this crowd. “What did you say to him?”

She averted her eyes from the lady and focused her attention on the two. “During the call or seeing him?” Levi innocently questions his brother, Lucas groaned at the question.

Thorin observes the conversation, Lucas was now massaging his neck. Levi, on the other hand, could not stop mumbling, “During the call, I said -- Sir, my mother requested your presence and I was ordered to do this task to inform you that mother has terminal cancer. I swear I did not stutter, nor I say you should fly in now. Like you said, simple and formal. Avoid any emotion--”

“Gianni,” firm and strident voice halted Levi. “Grace under pressure, you ought to know that no?” The strong Italian accent sips through every word she uttered. Levi pushed himself aside and shrugs, revealing the lady that Thorin has been eyeing.

"Nonna,” Lucas kissed her cheeks. God, Thorin hoped that there’s no lipstick smudge on his mouth from her. Or worse, she has lipstick smudges around her face!

His nonna surveyed Lucas, gave a hard stare at her bag on Lucas’s body.

That’s a foul.

Nonna. Grandmother in Italian. He taught her this.

Thorin pulled together edges of her black leather jacket to cover her plain shirt, a desperate attempt of at least covering her braless breast. She blamed Lucas for all of this. She’s fashionably unprepared! Hell, she’s nervous. It’s been a while since she’s nervous. Nervous is a good thing they say.

"Nonna, I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Thorin Montréal, love, Aurora my grandmother,” Lucas turns sideways to unblock his nonna’s view. His nonna is rocking the silver is the new blonde updo, plus a matte grey coat and a white shirt, paired with a grey midi skirt and nude heels. She could be one of those model grandmothers in the city.

Wait, what should she do? Does she have to do the curtsy? She wasn’t brief for this meeting. Does she just offer her hand for a handshake? Kiss her cheeks as they do? But she’s not a family member yet.

Yet? She sounds hopeful.

“Pleasure to meet you, Ma’am,” Thorin brought out her best professional smile, but she received a curt nod and a slight grin from the matriarch of the family. Cause in point: She doesn’t like her.

Nonna Aurora landed her gaze on the two with firmed expression, “Era arrabbiato con me,” He was angry with me.

“Voi due. Parla con tuo padre.” You two. Talk to your father. “Now,” she demanded with conviction.

Lucas sigh defeated, placing a quick kiss on Thorin’s head, giving her bag back to her, “Talk to later, love you.”

“Love you too,” she stated as Lucas together with his brother leaves her with his nonna.

As they leave out of their earshot, Lucas’s nonna gaze landed back on her. An imaginary lump stuck in her throat, as she heard the words, “A word, bellissima?"

" Oh, capisco! Mi dispiace, your family name sounded so French,” Nonna Aurora subtly slapped her thighs and gracefully covering her mouth as she laughs.

She sure is praying that her smile would not weaver or her appears to be cringing. Thorin heard the misconception oftentimes. Unfortunately, she’s not French nor her family is of a Frenchy royal descent. Regardless, she studied and can speak conversational French, that ought to mean something right?

Nonna Aurora, somewhat murdered her name due to her thick Italian accent but the way she said Thorin’s name makes her want to accept it and be done with it. The way she said Tu-rin (yes, like the Italian city which Aurora informed her awhile ago), it’s aristocratic and classy.

“Thorin Montréal. Bellissimma." She wanted so badly to get her phone and yell at Siri to find out what are those Italian words Nonna Aurora Fiore-Veserati spilled at her. Thorin nodded and all smiles, that’s her response as Nonna Aurora speak to her about Leilani, their father, and those siblings. Their Elitist upbringing back in Italy.

Thorin was intimidated by her stories. She too is born with a golden spoon and worked hard with blood and tears to get where she’s now. Sure, she got the total package -- looks, money, intelligence, came from an Ivy League school, MBA and a family influence. But, does Thorin Montréal meet the standard of The Veseratis?

Yes, she’s thinking ahead of all of this. Mentally shoving those negative thoughts all off her shoulder and bring back her focus on the Veserati matriarch.

“You a modella no?” The root word, model. Right! That’s right, that’s what she asked. Thorin kept her mind focused and calm, shaking her head lightly, “I am not, nonna --”

Nonna Aurora, frowned at Thorin as she scrutinized her whilst shaking her head. ”Mio, I cannot believe Giovanni would go for a modella. I believe he likes smart women.”

Truth to be told she felt insulted whenever people regard as a model. Not all pretty women work as a model! “I work as the chairman of Montréal Incorporated nonna,” Thorin cannot believe she introduced herself like this way. She sounded snobby and bitchy whenever she uses that words for introducing herself.

Nonna Aurora lifted her chin, she looked displeased by her. Chanting a little praying that the hickeys are not visible around her neck. Thorin’s mind was screaming for “runaway” as soon as possible but she can’t seem to absorb and accept the fact that again, case in point: Aurora Fiore-Veserati doesn’t like you.

“Oh. So, Giovanni is a stockholder in your company.” Thorin wanted to correct that, but there’s a little bit truth in that. She decided that she’ll leave the trouble and explanation to Lucas. Nonna Aurora surveys Thorin’s face again like she wanted to tell her something-- something more.

Thorin doesn’t want to press the buttons any longer. She doesn’t want to leave any bad impressions. ”Bellissimma, I believe it’s not my right place to tell you but-- I don’t know. I don’t like seeing anyone getting cheated on.”

What? Thorin seated stoically. Hell, no.

“He’s been telling me about this girlfriend of his. I’m so sure that, her name is Alea and not you. Giovanni has been telling me about this Alea since years ago when he’s quindici and they met again now. Perdonami.” Forgive me.

Well, that secret seems forgivable, does it? She’s got cheated on by Lucas with Alea. Thorin couldn’t help but burst out in laughter, unapologetic and free.

It is beyond words how Lucas is feeling right now. He could climb a mountain with these emotions running throughout his body. The woman he loves for years loved him back. She said it finally. Of course, he knew that she loves him for a while not but knowing Thorin? It must have scared her and she couldn’t put words into it all.

He said a little prayer from above to thank the heavens for the gift, that is his woman. The woman he loved.

In all honesty, Lucas was beyond shock and couldn’t get out and form a sentence as she said those words. It was unexpected to hear that from her lips. He was so sure, he would not hear it during his entire existence. The woman proves him wrong, again.

“I’m guessing you proposed to her already?”

That sounds lovely, proposing and getting married to his dream girl. Lucas wouldn’t think twice to give her the ring. However, the situation he and his family currently in - isn’t ideal.

“Not yet. The timing is not right.” Ergo, his mother is terminal sick and his father is back. He’d be lying if he would say he isn’t scared of the possibility that his mother would be gone soon. He won’t and can’t accept that fact.

“Time is a bitch. We make our own time right, not the time will make it for us. Wait, does my word sound right--”

“Stop cussing. ” Lucas reprimanded. His brother cleared her throat and continue to march forward.

“Oh, sorry. Well, do you think she’ll be ready before your deadline?” Levi asked thoughtlessly. Lucas’s train of thoughts abruptly stopped as he heard his brother. Pretending that he did not hear a thing, he held his chin up and aimed for the room number where their mother is. He did not want to think about that yet. Then again, he’s hopeful -- he cannot wait that long.

As two pairs of feet halted in front of Leilani’s room. Were both of their parents are currently in. Hearing those word felt odd since it been helluva long years since Lucas saw their parents together in one room. That’s some major nostalgia from the children of a broken family. “Levi, did you ever hate him?”

Levi shrugged as he stared at the white door. “I thought I did. But, no. I don’t feel any strong feelings against him. Neutrality, the best word to describe it. You seemed to hate him though?”

Lucas has the same sentiments as his brother. Indeed, neutrality but he’s happy for their mother to see and somehow full fill her dying wish. The thought brings a throbbing ache in his chest. Lucas answered back with, “Just hated the fact that we looked alike and I’m a walking reminder for mom, her words not mine.”

His brother slapped his back and drape his arms around Lucas’s shoulders, “Now, that that’s been cleared. We got to see the man who gave us these lethal genes.”

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