Miss Montreal

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Chapter 2: Miss Distracted

“At 9:00 AM, meeting with Mr. Pierre for further discussion. 11:00 AM, the scheduled monthly board meeting will be held at Bay Conference room. I reserved lunch for ten people at the nearby .. ” Lucas elaborated beside Thorin, as they wait for the elevator.

Through her Prada sunnies, Thorin spied at Lucas. Black shoes, black slacks, black tie, and a simple white button-up that hugged his upper body. A brown satchel bag lazily hanged on his right shoulder. She knew that his ensembles are not from the hard to pronounce the brand. But the man, made it look that it’s worth thousands.

Thorin could smell his masculine musk, she could compare his scent from other men but there’s just something about his smell that intoxicates her rational senses and tingly sensation. Dione noticed Thorin’s actions, she couldn’t help but silently snicker at her boss’s subtle gestures.

The man had wits and skills. Dione couldn’t ask for more, Lucas learns fast. He asks questions, jotted notes, manages and organized files neatly, summarizes meeting minutes, he could even do charts and trends in accounting stuff. Sometimes Dione wandered, why Lucas settled for an assisting instead of a corporate position that could catapult Lucas into higher positions.

Dione made a mental reminder, that she would ask Lucas later.
Thorin leading the two, arrives on their floor. Thorin could sense all the females gawking at their direction. Following every step as they walk through the aisle. Lucas started four days ago, and every time they arrive on the floor the same situation always happens.

“Your fan population is blooming Lucas,” Thorin heard Dione joked. Lucas let out a few chuckles. “Might have a fan signing event here, any time now,” Dione added.

The three arrived at the front door of Thorin’s office, “Anything you need Miss Montréal?” Lucas asked before she could open the door.

Thorin faced Lucas, “Forward the soft copy of minutes from yesterday’s meeting.” Lucas nodded and proceeded to his desks. He placed his satchel under his table and opened his computer and got the file. Thorin watches his assistant bend, every flex of his muscle stirs her being.

Fake coughing awakens Thorin from her reverie. “Dione come,” They both entered the office and closed the door.

“Yes, Thorin?” Dione asked. Dione observed her lady boss, as she placed her DG bag on her mahogany desk. Thorin started to fidget, so she quickly picked up her stress ball and squeezed it. Thorin stayed quiet, she turned her back and faced the glass window that viewed the city’s skyline. “I don’t know. I can’t seem to calm down my nerves.”

“And Lucas has to do with this?” Thorin swiveled her chair and turn abruptly to face Dione. “Perhaps? Have you seen the man Dione? Uh, I mean -- I’m just getting used to his presence. Only one more week and you’re outta here.”

Dione tried her best to conceal her grin, “I can assure you. You don’t have to worry, Lucas will take care of you,” Thorin seemed to feel the unnecessary tingle in her gut.
Dione had constructed a risky idea, she had doubts but brushed it off, “Since it’s Friday, why don’t you take Lucas out on a dinner?”

Thorin is flustered at her soon to be resigning assistants’ suggestion. Employers and employees should have a definite work barrier, anything beyond that would be against her principle. “Icebreaker? Come on, Lucas will be your slave here in the company and in your personal life.”

Thorin shrugged and did not bother to reply. She entertained Dione’s suggestion, but she’s reluctant. She had scheduled her Friday night as her party night. It’s either night out or stay in and sleep.

Thorin received an e-mail, attached to the document she needed; with that, she started to read and work.

The nine a.m. appointment did not go well, Mr. Pierre scheduled another meeting. He clearly wasted Thorin’s time, not to mention. Mr. Pierre was not fond of seeing Lucas beside Thorin being her assistant.

Lucas knew what Mr. Pierre was doing. He was never interested in business deals. He clearly just wants to gawk at his lady boss killer looks and body. The man didn’t even have the decency and respect to the woman as he literally stalling Miss Montréal. If all XY chromosomes species, are like him, then Lucas would go on a killing spree. “Miss Montréal can I say something?” Lucas asked sometimes as the struggled towards their next schedule.

“Go on..” Thorin raised her eyebrows as she encouraged Lucas to speak out his mind. Even she doubted herself for entertaining Lucas’s idea. For one, she hardly even listens to other people’s predicaments. “Mr. Pierre is clearly not interested, he just wants to waste your precious time.”

The same point taken, Thorin thought. “In addition to this, since his company is still a start-up company. His future investments in this company wouldn’t make an impact.”

Thorin stayed at the front doors of the Bay Conference and turned to Lucas. She smiled at him. “That’s true Mr. Sullivan. Block his calls and schedule for the meantime..” Lucas looked down at his iPad and canceled the scheduled.

She shivered at a passing thought before Thorin could control her mouth from spilling the thoughts. “That man is a pervert, did you saw the way he looked at me? It’s like he’s undressing me. Ugh!”

Lucas stopped and looked at his boss and let out a hearty laugh. Thorin openly ogles at Lucas, she couldn’t help but listen to his manly laugh. It’s literally music to her ears, right then and there Thorin knew she wanted to hear more.
She’ll be damned for sure.

As Thorin and Lucas entered the conference hall, all eyes on the new employee. Thorin couldn’t care less, instead, she noticed a few board members’ daughters were on the premises. A bunch of clueless heiresses, they weren’t interested in the business; they are only after the prestige and money that their fathers have. Sit still, look pretty? They are the epitome. How pitiful.

Thorin started the meeting, Lucas was seated in the far back corner of the room as he jotted down the minutes of the meeting.

She was controlling her temper, it has been thirty minutes since she started the meeting but she couldn’t thoroughly concentrate because of a bunch of bratty witches that had been giggling in the far corner. Thorin glanced up at the bratty bunch and noticed that they’ve been eyeing their prey. Her assistant, Lucas Sullivan.

It’s either she’ll drag the bratty bunch or drag Lucas out. Drag the bratty bunch by their hair and hair extensions should be fun, right? Either of the options is probable but she decided against. Don’t want to have more drama, she tired her best to focus.

Lucas stretched out his appendages as he’s finally done his work in the morning. The lady boss is out and now it’s lunchtime. He was tempted to sleep but his good side got the best of him. He pulled out his packed sandwiches from his satchel when Dione called him, “Lunch with me, bring your sandwich. I’ll buy you a drink.”

He wanted to decline the offer but he needed to mingle, basically survival one o one in the corporate world. The cafeteria was two floors below so they rode the elevator.

They entered the cafeteria, “Pick a table, I’ll go get your Pepsi.” Lucas couldn’t miss the prying eyes of the employees, the basically watched his every step. It made him uncomfortable, so he adjusted his eyeglasses and bow down his head as he picked a table beside the glass window. He placed his packed sandwich, minutes later Dione arrived with his drink and her tray of food.

Lucas ate quietly, careful not to bother his mentor as she devoured his food. “You’re too quiet Lucas.”

“Because I have nothing to say,” he replied plainly.
“Right. How was the first week?” Lucas hasn’t got a clue when were this conversation will lead to. “Fine, I guess. Thank you for all the help, Ms. Lopez.”

“As I said, call me Dione,” Dione waved a hand, Lucas noticed that it must be her habit. “Next week is my last week. You’ll be all on your own, dry run and all that. I know you’ll do great.”

“Thanks,” he noticed a few female employees eyeing him, some batting an eye. Lucas couldn’t help but cringe at their action towards him. “By the way Lucas, if you don’t mind. Why would you settle in an assisting or secretarial job? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t but you have a degree in business and you have great skills it could catapult you in higher places.”

Lucas thought that too, a million times. He had a job in business firms until he stumbled on executive assisting and learned first hand and he seemed to enjoy it. He never wanted to excel and be known, he can’t.. maybe or can’t yet, “It’s better to work behind the scene. I guess?”

A blonde bombshell ruined the talk. “I’m Lily from the Advertising Department by the way. You’re the new guy right. Lucas was it? I’m having a party tonight at this club. I’m here to personally invite you. ”

Lucas forced a smile not really want to be judged as a snob, partying was never his scene. Too loud, too wild was never his thing. He will consider it if it is more laid back, formal and relaxing-- his kind of party.

He wanted to turn the invitation down right now. Lucas carefully constructed his sentence but Dione got to reply on behalf of him, “He can’t tonight. Miss Montréal has a schedule, she needed Lucas.”

The blonde bombshell left with so much dismay. “Wait, she does? I haven’t received a call.”

“Chill! I saved you from that druggie bimbo,” Dione guffawed at her jest. “I forgot to tell you that during Saturday mornings is part of your job to go to Ms. Montréal’s penthouse.”

Lucas mentally cringed at the idea, “To clean up her puke?” Dione finished her food and looked at Lucas. “Something like that. Caramel macchiato and muffin to go, Advil..”

Dione continued to expound. Lucas reluctantly listened, he signed up for the job he better shut his mouth, “I’ll text you the address and passcode.”

It’s past seven, the employees in their floor evacuated two hours ago. Dione excused herself an hour ago, Lucas’ stomach couldn’t stop grumbling. He wanted to go home and leave his lady boss, but his conscience will eat him if he did. Besides, she’s still a lady he can’t stomach the thought of leaving her vulnerable in this floor. You never know what danger awaits you.

He texted and checked up his mother, telling her that he got held up by his boss. Instead of being antsy for the waiting game, he busied himself by finishing up a few pending files that will be needed on Monday.

Around eight p.m the door swing opened. Finally! Lucas thought, he rose up from his sit --“Oh my! I forgot,” Thorin gasped as she looked at him, clutching her leather bag and briefcase on her chest.

“Should I call your driver Miss Montreal?” Lucas said, as he got his satchel and hanged it on his right shoulder. He stepped closer to his boss, she shook her head indicating that he doesn’t need to. “I should probably, hold this one, Ms. Montreal.”

Without much ado, Thorin gave the briefcase to her assistant and they silently entered the elevator. She was hungry, she forgot to check the time and by the time she looked at the clock, it was almost 8! Thorin remembered what Dione suggested, she wanted to tell the man. He’s obviously hungry, and she felt sorry for him but she wasn’t going to apologize.

Nope. A treat to dinner would suffice.

As they exited the building, a man in a tux is leaning against his black Bugatti. This clingy bastard again, why can’t he stick to a given schedule like a civilized man! Thorin thought with distaste. The presence of the man totally ruined Thorin’s plan. I guess there’s always the next time.

“Mr. Sullivan you just probably could call my driver and send this to my penthouse. He could take you home too,” Lucas nodded and will do what he is told to do except the last one.

“Good night Mr. Sullivan,” Thorin gleamed at Lucas, but the man didn’t have any reaction. At least a curt reply would suffice, the lady boss bitterly thought.

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