Miss Montreal

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Chapter 3: Miss Saturdays

To say that Lucas is pissed will probably be the understatement of his executive assistant career ish. One, who would wake up early in an ungodly hour on a weekend. Two, it’s weekend and its Lucas's favorite day of the week. Okay, probably was his favorite day.

In his old Vans, rugged jeans, an old flannel shirt and a tee-shirt underneath. Lucas was running late, and he didn’t mean too. His body clock wasn’t informed enough that he needs to get up early on a non-working day. Lucas was sweating profusely as he ordered one Caramel macchiato, one black coffee, and muffins inside the bustling Starbucks.

Miss Montréal, Bugatti guy labeled on the coffee. Very creative if he does say so himself.

Coffees and muffins in both hands, he hastily walked on the pedestrian lane. Running, walking was both used just to arrive at the building where his boss lived. Grateful that Dione informed the reception that he will replace her, he sprinted inside the elevator without a problem.

For some odd reason, Lucas began to feel nervous in front of his lady boss’s home. He began to entertain thoughts such as his assumptions and questioned himself.
What if the place is trashed? Then he would clean the place.

Unfortunate soul.

What if he walked in and his boss was in a tonsil battle with her Bugatti man? Bloody tarnation, he would be psychologically scarred.

It was a mistake that Lucas didn’t ask nor pry Dione about this Saturday and the coming more Saturdays after this. Is this work-related? Or is this one of that personal life management that Miss Montréal needed? This isn’t one of that shopping, Lucas appalled.

He was about to enter the passcode when the door opened. His breath was snatched out from his lungs. It wasn’t just plain green orbs, it was a glinting emerald gemstone that surprised him.

One that you wanted to treasure forever, rare and authentic. Bare of any kind of facial enhancements, baby hair all over her forehead, her pale face, slim nose, and natural pink lips- it was beyond perfection.

Gone was the neutral and business mood of his boss. No Miss Thorn that would prick your sensitive ass. Maybe this was one of the personalities that she used on her collection of men. But he never really know what everyone is around him that much.

“Good morning Mr. Sullivan!” Thorin beamed at him. Lucas’ heart started to hammer against his chest. He swallowed hard, he needed to get a grip. Guard up!

She briskly opened the door, the stupefied Lucas entered. “Five minutes late.”

“I-I’m sorry Ms. Montréal.” Lucas mentally cursed himself because of his stuttering. He followed Thorin down to a white-coated hallway that brought them to her kitchen. A typical kitchen, that you would see in home magazines.

“I was kidding!” She chortled as they trudged through, Lucas can’t help but check out his lady boss, clad in her cotton shorts, old navy shirt, and messy bun--- It was sexy. He could not believe that he was ‘checking out’ his freaking boss for crying out loud! That’s forbidden fruit, it feels like he licked the fruit and burnt himself upon realization. He ought to punish himself for thinking inappropriately.

He placed the coffees and muffins on the marble countertop. Thorin snatched away from her Caramel Macchiato, “Is this yours..”

“It’s for your boyfriend Ms. Montréal.”Thorin twisted the coffee’s body and read what was written, “Bugatti Man?!” Her waves of laughter echoed around the house, it was contagious but Lucas hid his grin.

He was screwed, Fray was right; she was notorious. And to think she wasn’t doing anything, just seating opposed him and laughing her ass off! Guess he needed his guard upon his lady boss.

“Well Mr. Sullivan, you should drink this coffee. Because Bugatti man isn’t here.” Thorin finds it funny. How didn’t she think of that name first? She observed how Lucas swallowed hard and disgruntled his black locks as he--she stopped that thought.

It is refreshing for Thorin to see a man in typical casual attire, especially on Lucas. He could wear an old sack and still look like an Olympian God.

Lucas peered through his glasses frame, amber orbs on her. “I don’t drink coffee Ms. Montréal.” He took his time to get his laptop and placed it on the marble countertop. Thorin got her iPad and took her liberty to act busy. Put on her serious face and scroll through her Instagram.

She’s painfully nervous in front of her assistant. Why would she? Thorin never had an assistant that have XY chromosomes and hot. Yes, hot! She dared say it.

She tried to remember what was supposed to do on a Saturday morning with Dione, her soon to be a former assistant. Besides the occasional clean up aftermath whenever her flings went here, her laundry to be delivered to the laundry shop. Thinking about it, the former makes her stomach churn. She can’t possibly look at Lucas straight in his face if he caught her in a bloody awkward situation where her fling is here and Lucas would go after their clothing on the floor. She’d be embarrassed for life, why would she though? Does his judgment and opinion about her being, bothered her? Yes, it does, quite shocked upon her newfound realization.

The latter job can be done, but he is a man! He can’t just bring her laundry, but it was part of his job. Why is she even thinking of such things? Maybe she ought to start with the first Saturday to-do list, coffee before her breakfast preparation--

“Did you have your breakfast before coming here in haste Mr. Sullivan?” Thorin inquired, she knew he didn’t. She was sure of it, a hundred percent. Lucas confirmed it by shaking his head left to right without glancing her.

He seemed busy on his phone, she wondered who could it be? Is he single? Thorin snapped back into reality, calming her senses. She was about to call for a delivery in the nearby restaurant when Lucas interrupted her. “I could cook for you, Miss Montréal.”

Thorin was shocked, the man can cook! For the love of God, he found a man that can cook and will cook for her! Not just some guy who would boast of his five-star chefs. She never really experienced this, her exes and flings never did such! She never experienced such, for a simple and small gesture like this-this is big for her. Lucas notices the glint in her globes, he dismisses the thought for his sanity and reality.

Lucas began to work his magic in Thorin’s spotless kitchen, she took some photos of him secretly. She was gawking at him, observing his every move, he looked good in her black apron. Thorin never knew an apron could be such a hot outfit for someone.

He looked like he owned the place, cooking a common meal that he found on her pantry. Thorin can’t dismiss that her thorny heart slightly swelled with joy.

“Sorry I crashed your kitchen Miss Montréal,” said Lucas as he placed a plate with pancakes, and bacon in front of his lady boss. Her mouth watered and her stomach growled in hunger.
“Shut up and let’s just eat Mr. Sullivan,” she regretted her reply. It should have been a thank you but then she wasn’t in the mood. The woman is hungry!

“You can call me by my name, Miss Montréal. My surname is a bit mouthful.” After they finished their breakfast, both talked about work. It was the only common thing they have and the only thing they will ever be. Reviewing the e-mails sent, proposals and schedule for the coming days. Lucas calling all potential investors that sent business proposals, confirming and scheduling a meet up with the CEO. It was a boring cycle but Lucas knew the drill from his former employment.

“Okay, Lucas. Did they confirm?” Moments later both decided to take a respite an hour before lunchtime. Lucas stretched out his hands away from his body and massage his aching neck. Then, he tore his eyes away from his laptop screen, took off his glasses off and placed it away to relax his aching eye.
Lucas tried to find something green for his eyes to refresh around the house but failed, he turned to his left and placed his chin above his right hand, elbow on the countertop. Lucas liked the whole view of the city in the midday, but he liked it more than the vast greenery in the middle of the city is clear from his point. Staring on green plants relaxes him especially his strained eyes.

Thorin looked at Lucas’ peacefulness, his face is too handsome. He even took off his eyeglasses, he looked like a model posing for a photoshoot. She took another photo of him, she turned around clicked the front camera figure, stretched out her right hand holding her phone away from her face making sure Lucas was an intentional photo bomber. She smiled at her phone and took a photo quickly. It was a good thing that Lucas is clueless upon her lowkey attempts.

She felt like a fangirl or even a high school girl, trying too hard just to take a picture with her crush. She can’t help it since they’ve known each other for a week. She can’t just ask the man to take pictures with her right? What the hell, why would she act such?! Is this Thorin Alea Montréal cowardly act?
She is known for having such a collection of men, why can’t she simply ask the man out on dinner as she did amongst others. She is known to take the first move, not the other way around. Branded as the Taylor Swift of the business world, she ought to have men at her feet and her disposal. That’s how she plays, few dinner, casual sex if she needs and bam end of a story, next chapter, next guy.

But at the back of her head, Thorin knew that it can’t happen. For one, she can’t afford to lose an amazingly - hot- Adonis of an assistant that is great at everything, perhaps on the bed-- she dared not to finish the thought. Second, he is her assistant; it’s against her principle to have an employee-employer relationship, not implying anything that she wants to have a relationship because in the first place she can’t fully commit.

Third, the man is one of a kind-- Thorin could see it, he is the commitment type. The way he opens the door for her, pull a chair for her, check on her to make sure she is all right and eating, not tiring herself, advised her to take a breathe, worked hard and focus on work says so, he’s the man that good woman marries not just some passing fling. She could not afford to hurt a man that is genuine like Lucas.

Her train of thoughts made her frustrated and blue, she was about to question herself why again but decided against it. It would lead to a more complicated matter that includes mental and emotional capabilities that she thinks, she’s lacking in -- especially the latter.

With a sigh, Thorin looked at the photo she had taken. She debated with herself once more if she will do it or not, but her irrationality won. Calming herself once more, typing in a caption, she uploaded the photo on her Instagram.

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