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Chapter 4: Ms. Thorin Alea

Wake up at four a.m tops, commuting that includes running and walking, buying Caramel macchiato and muffins on the go, arriving on 6 a.m in his lady boss’s house, practically the human mirror of his boss, answering Miss Montréal’s questions such as “Does this look good on me?“, “Dress or skirt?” or “Black? Gray or White? ” are just some questions that slightly lose his ‘dude’ side-- are a part of his daily work and routine for a roughly four-month now since Dione resigned. It was tough, sometimes Lucas question his sanity and is in constant sanity check when he had time to ′breathe.′

In addition to this, the woman he was slaving for-- he dared to say it, has been spitting fire to her employees now and then. At first, it bothered Lucas, the woman was indeed feisty and fierce but as the time passed by he just shrugged it off. It did not bother him anymore, Thorin has the right to do so and Lucas has been the shock absorbent from all of the roasted and burned human species in Montréal Inc.

“There was a tiny typography error in my report. She threw it out in the window from the twentieth floor! ” A lady from the marketing department, sobbing as she closed the CEO’s office door. She looked at Lucas, he glanced back at the now leaking mascara lady-- Lucas throws her an apologetic smile.

“Miss Montréal means no harm. She was pointing your lapses, for your betterment,” Lucas stated, trying his best to sympathize. The same line was lamely used for quite some time now, it was getting old.

“Easy for you to say!” The lady walked out hastily. Easy? Lucas had his fair share of Thorin’s unpredictable and unpleasant outburst, she has the right to point out things and Lucas tends to pretend it was constructive criticism rather than not.

God that woman had worst tantrums than a three-year-old kid. Guess he had the cut-out patience and respect for his boss or more likely, he has to protect himself and his job.

Lucas continued to work on his computer, sending, typing, organizing and filing documents and receiving calls for the next hours, only to be interrupted by a tap on his shoulder “Hey man.”

Lucas looked up and nod his head upon recognition. Ryle from the marketing department, they met two months ago in the cafeteria. He was the friendly co-worker that befriends everyone. He was annoying but Lucas tolerated his behavior because he needs at least another soul as a company while eating lunch. Ryle, holding some paper reports trudged towards Thorin’s office.

Moments later, Ryle exited the office looking flushed. Lucas couldn’t help but grin at his predicament, Ryle noticed Lucas reaction. “That woman is a monster Lucas,” Ryle approach Lucas’s desk and sat slightly on it.

“She isn’t that bad.” Lucas snickered, Ryle looked at him like he grew another head. “Are you serious man?! She burned my reports because of a missing graph! Which in my defense, isn’t necessary.”

Lucas shrugged and continued typing. “It’s either you’re insensitive or had acquired the immunization vaccine from His Royal Highness Thorin of Thorns.”

“Both,” Lucas replied as the messaging icon of the company plopped, caught his attention. He opened the message from Miss Montréal.

‘Hey’ Lucas checked the sender’s name again, just to make sure he isn’t having a nightmare or a daydream, or both.

“Really? Or you got the hots for Montréal. In which case is pretty obvious to me.” Ryle enunciated, that caused Lucas to stop and gape at Ryle. It was like a nuclear bomb drop on him in his stomach from nowhere.

Lucas quickly covered any emotions that might be flashed through from his face. Clearing his throat and thoughts, “Stop with the assumption Adams.”

“Whatever man. You got a weird taste in women. ” Ryle chortled, which made Lucas think of an impossible feat.

Thorin had been in a constant battle between her thoughts of irrationality and rationality. It has been four months, she had been taking feeling- control- pills -- if there was one, which in reality there was none. A whole lot of self-control and discipline to keep herself and her hands off from Lucas, her executive assistant.

Her executive assistant! Personal assistant!

Whatever she was thinking four months ago, about distraction was indeed a distraction. Distraction from her sanity and reality! Dated and dined( except without sleeping with them) a bunch of shallow dudes who thinks highly of themselves was a waste of time. They even thought of themselves as the lucky ones to have a chance to date with Thorin. She knew they think of her as a trophy date-- trophy wife in the making which irritates Thorin more.

Surely, she had been doing such for a long time but only now she had awakened from a horrible dream.

Thorin remembered her sober and impromptu frustrations that had spill because of her friend, Nila. Nila that have been bugging Thorin because of “her mysterious Instagram post,” Nila’s exact words. Thorin posted at least four photos, feigning accidentally with Lucas being the photo bomber. It was quite a social media stir for

A. She posted it after five years.
B. She got a hefty amount of followers around 1 M.
C. She never posted a photo with a guy.
D. Guess it was one of the social media trends.

And since her friends have the obsession to dissect every information she got and had the talent of intense persuasion; Thorin gave in.

“He’s my assistant, so there’s no way that will happen.”

“Yes. I’m like a hundred percent sure that he’s thinking the very same thing. And societal norms and shit can go to hell. Go screw your assistant Thorin!”

Maybe, maybe not. But Thorin could try, right? Test the waters, typing a lame ′Hey′ on her computer sending it to Lucas. Why does it have to take months before she could send such a message?

Of course, he’s her assistant and her employee. And Thorin Montréal lost her guts to approach or even flirt with the man-- outside this building. She could do it, right? Why is she even scared in the first place? What has been keeping her away from him?

Thorin waited, the budding impatience and irritation in her blood was not a good mix. She glanced at the tinted glass, where Lucas’s desk outside is located. The man barely touched his keyboard --

′Yes, Miss Montréal? Anything you need?′

She let out a groan, and wince upon the realization that her assistant can barely utter her name! Barely? Or he doesn’t want to? The later made her massage her temples. What do I have to do? Her assistant is hard to read and unpredictably charming. They should be friends by now, surely. Yes, they are friends - Thorin convinced herself.

Thorin thinks of a reply that isn’t shady and doubtful. ′Lunch @12′
Her anxiety kicked in, tapping her heels on the floor. ′Where? Choices?′
′My office. I already ordered.′
′Whom should I call? Ferrari Man? Bugatti Man? Porsche Man? Bentley Man? Tesla?′
Thorin gaped at Lucas’ reply, but later she snickered at it. But she quickly wiped off the joy in her face.

Ugh! Why must he even mention the men she disposed of? Thorin rose from her chaise, her Jimmy Choo heels echoed as she trudged towards the door and opened it with much force.

She stepped out, hands both on her hips, and turned left to face Lucas’ desk. Ryle paled as he noticed her, he hastily runs off like a fool and left Lucas. Lucas immediately stands up and met Thorin’s gaze. Thorin pointed her finger at him and mouthed ‘You’ at him.

She couldn’t contain her excitement, she often glanced at her large rustic wall clock. Lucas came in at exactly noon holding the food that she ordered. He placed it on the coffee table and stand straightened out in front of her mahogany desk.

Thorin could smell his masculine musk that awakened her senses, the rise and fall of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed. Though he doesn’t look like it, he seemed stress.

“You look like shit Lucas.” Not the exact words Thorin would say. She wanted to slap herself, she wanted to say comforting words to Lucas. Mayhap, she wants to add, nonetheless you’re still hot.

“Did I do you wrong Miss Montréal?” Lucas asked doubtfully, hands shove down on his trousers pocket. Thorin shaking her head indicating disagreement but giggled. She noticed Lucas’s relaxation. “Eat with me,” Thorin demanded. More like, eat me. That’s what she wanted to say.

Reluctant as to what to reply, Lucas excuse himself to get his lunch. Thorin took off her heels and walked barefoot towards the sofa and settled comfortably. Guess this is Lucas’ effects on her, he made her comfortable being her, bare of all the glamour, societal norms, expectations, and judgment. He made her feel secure and safe yet vulnerable being herself, not with the thorny persona that she created to somehow protect herself from others.

Being a young leading woman in a large business company that is majorly dominated by men, made her tougher because of the still present gender discrimination and patriarchal society. She always needed two steps ahead further to prove herself and others that she can be the CEO. Not just because she’s the daughter of the founder, but because of her capabilities to lead and be great. It was a great honor that her father bestowed the company to Thorin, being the youngest, only female among three siblings. Well, she fought hard for her dreams and it was worth it.

“Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche, Bentley huh?” Thorin snickered again as Lucas walked towards the sofa and seated. He was two feet away from Thorin, he made sure about that. Lucas prepared and opened the lunch delivery for Thorin, her utensils and beverage before opening his. “Miss Montréal’s boyfriend’s cars and all that jazz.”

Thorin laughed harder this time, Lucas grinned at her. Calming and wiping her tears away, Thorin took her chopsticks and started eating noticed Lucas’ packed lunch. “Tell me that’s not lasagna, Lucas.”

Thorin could hear her stomach calling for it, “It is. Why, Miss Montréal? Want it?” Lucas placed his right leg on the leather sofa and turned his body to face Thorin. She shyly nodded, it’s been a while since she ate heaven. “You can have it.”

Lucas smiled and held out the lasagna. He opened her another delivered and unopened lunch. “Are you sure?!” exclaimed Thorin a little too late before she could decline.

Thorin groaned as she took a mouthful of the heaven that Lucas cooked. “I could have this every day!” Lucas chortled as they continued to ravish their luncheon.

“By the way, I’m sure Dione notified you about her wedding. Next Saturday,” Thorin opened the topic after she chugged down her pineapple juice. “It will be in Rome, secluded a flight with the private jet. Transportation and accommodation, too.”
Lucas nodded and stopped eating, as he took out his phone since he didn’t buy the iPad that contains information and reminders of her tasks. “You should eat first before taking some notes, Lucas.”

He shrugged as he settled his phone on the coffee table, “I might forget it Miss Montréal.”

“How many times should I tell you. Call me Thorin, Lucas.”

“You’re my boss Miss Montréal.” Thorin wanted to pull out her hair from her perfectly tide low bun. “We should have been friends by now Lucas. And we’re having our lunch break.”

“Wait, we still aren’t friends?” Lucas let out a manly guffawed. Truly, he’s just joking. Thorin was annoyed, but more likely embarrassed. She spied how Lucas’ eyes crinkled, how his cheeks and lips are perfectly stretched out, showing his pearly white.
Truly, beguiling.

“Okay. Thorin Alea,” Lucas gleamed as he raised both hands to surrender of their supposed argument. Thorin felt that the walls between her and Lucas had vanished.

“Okay. Lucas Giovanni,” Lucas’ furrowed his brows together, mouth gaping slightly. It was cute yet sexy. Thorin felt she won at that moment, it was obvious that he hated his second given name. “That was dreadful jest Thorin,” she smiled and shrugged.

“Lucas, dinner with me tonight?” For Thorin’s defense, she’s drunk because of her pineapple juice. Or maybe she was just too elated at this moment. She could see Lucas’ dejected face, but he quickly covered it with an unreadable expression.

“You had an 8 pm reservation tonight with Mr. Schmidt the Bentley man, Miss Montréal.” She could feel arrows and daggers comically shot her body. Lucas continued to clean up the mess they made, not meeting her gaze.

“D- Did I confirm it?”

“You did yesterday Miss Montréal. Get your calendar to see it for yourself,” with that Lucas left. Thorin could feel the intensity and coldness of Lucas’ words that still ring loudly in her ears.

She could taste her bile, it seems like the wall that had vanished earlier reappear. Now colossal, multiplied in layers and harder to break.

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