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Chapter 5: Mr. Motorbike

Sunday, just the usual lazy day for Thorin. She would go to Yoga classes when she feels like it, either spa day or shopping with her circle of friends. However, today, unlike any other Sunday, Thorin didn’t have the same enthusiasm. Together with Nila, unfortunately, Nila’s cousin tagged along-- are in this famous ice cream bar in the city to cool off her head in this lazy afternoon. She was still dreading upon the failed dinner invitation to Lucas. To say that her ego that was quickly stomped by Lucas was deflated, was the understatement of the weekend.

She was rejected! Thorin Montréal? Come on! Then again, she had a scheduled dinner that Friday and she forgot. Lucas would know what are her scheduled dinner because every appointment will go through him before he notifies her. She ought to stop this, dinner dates with random guys which annoyingly Lucas thought that they are her boyfriend.

What did Lucas think of her when she invited him? He knows I go out and dinned with multiple guys. Does he think of me as a cheater? Probably, but most probably he does. Shit, that’s the last thing she would want.

“Yes, you’re a cheater.” Thorin snapped from her train of dreadful thoughts, wide eyes she stared at Nila. She then peered at Nila’s cousin, Roxy redoing her make up. Can she just excuse herself? There’s a fucking comfort room for that.

“I am not.” She huffed as she took a mouthful of strawberries. “You dated at least three guys in a week.”

Thorin noticed that Nila’s cousin was gawking at her. Her eyebrows rose, Roxy noticed it and quickly swiped it from her face. “Woah! Woah! That’s already a warning sign for a notorious cheater in the making.”

“Nobody asked for your opinion.” Thorin snapped, who is she? She doesn’t even know Thorin. Yes, she dinned and date but she was never committed and don’t want to further pursue a relationship. She had at two least semi-serious relationship, being in a relationship is too demanding for her. They don’t understand the value of her work and vision, you gave them time but they end up cheating on you. “Chill okay? Geez.”

“Why did you even invite him in the first place?” Thorin dwelled in Nila’s question. “Nila, you encouraged me to screw my assistant. Remember?” She hissed quietly, and notice her friend scribbling something on her small notebook. “Are you kidding me?! I am not your client, I’m your friend.”

Nila chortled as she continued to scribble. “Shut up. Yes, sorta encouraged you! I used the wrong word though. Again, why did you invite him?” She did not know. She was caught in a moment? Thorin was elated during that lunch break. He was such a good company, straightforward and caring. Or just plainly, it was just Lucas -- doing his job as her assistant.

“He’s hot?” Nila slumped at her seat upon hearing Thorin’s unsure answer. Thorin rolled her eyes at her friend for being dramatic. “That’s always it. Look, I haven’t met Lucas but I heard of him from you and I think he’s a good guy. Just-- just don’t screw this up. He’s your assistant and you might lose him because of your heartbreaker tendencies. He might report you to the HR and---”

“Or he’s not just into you. Get over yourself, your highness.” Roxy roared with laughter. Nila slapped Roxy’s arm.

Thorin could hear her vessels snapped. It was just hard for her to grasp the idea of Lucas not interested in her. She’s gorgeous, has the career that many would die for, has everything, has the attitude and pleasing personal -- well not really, but she could adjust. Wait, and why would she even adjust just to fill in the gap? She doesn’t need to change herself just to fit into the qualifications of a man.

Sudden gasps from a few female customers snapped Thorin from her little mental monologue. Nila and Roxy are already gaping at the sight through a slightly tainted window where they are sitting. Thorin followed their gazes.

A slick black motorbike was parked, a towering man in his black helmet, black leather jacket and jeans stood amongst the buzzing crowd of the city. Thorin traveled her eyes inside the ice cream bar, females still glued on the man. She revered her eyes to the man’s direction. He took off his helmet. Thorin could see the world around her slow motion, it was like a spectacle that has been unfolded.

The familiar six three built, black-haired, olive skin and his disheveled black locks made her stomach flip. How could a disheveled hair look so perfect? He’s not even wearing his eyeglasses today! The glasses were a good barrier yesterday that kept her hands against him. He was that mystery, that she wanted to explore and solve. Thorin could feel her female part squirm. Damn!

“I would love to ride both.” Thorin felt her blood boiling as she heard Roxy. She wanted to shout at Roxy, to stop thinking about doing wild things with the man. Nila noticed Thorin, she gave Thorin the look is-that-him-from-your-posts. Thorin meekly nodded, it was like she’s seeing him for the first time and she happens to meet the man yesterday and every day for months. Damn, why did she even controlled herself? Though the man has an unfazed and strong sense of repulsion. The tackled work after work throughout the day!

Lucas being himself, oblivious to the world of women spying his every step inside the bar. Women openly stared at him, as he carefully looked at the ice cream menu. Carrying his knapsack, helmet on his left hand, and pointing his order on the other. He looked really good in everything he wore, casual and dignified. Thorin could gush every day about him.

“If only I’m not married.” Nila chortled silently, but Thorin heard her well. Lucas roamed his eyes around the vicinity looking for an empty table. Thorin was hopeful, that Lucas would notice her. Sadly he did not, maybe he did? But he refused to acknowledge her? Maybe.

She spied him, like a lion hunting for its prey. Lucas trudged towards a vacant table placing his belongings on the chair, two tables away from where Thorin seated. Thorin could only see his back as he took off his jacket, living only a white tee and seated comfortably.

Roxy, on the other hand, fixed her newly Brazilian blow out hair. “Are you doing what I think you’re doing Rox?” Nila gasped, pressing a hand on her temple. Thorin could feel the crease in her forehead.

“W-What?” Thorin croaked, still clueless about the scenario that is unfolding in front of him. Nila was talking to Roxy to put some sense in her cousin. This must be a common phenomenon, whenever they are together. With one last flip of her hair, and push up her breast. Roxy stood up and start trudging to Lucas’s table. “She’s making a fool of herself. Pretend that she’s hurt, get the guys number. Poof!”

Thorin gaped at Nila’s revelation. What the hell? “Aren’t you going to do anything Thorin?” Nila asked, challenging her friend.

“Why would I? I doubt Lucas would fall for her tricks.” Nila laughed silently, “Well, it always worked."

A sudden commotion erupted, both heads turn towards Roxy. Roxy on the floor, faking an injury just a foot away from Lucas had seated. Lucas being an ever so dearly gentleman himself, stood up and help Roxy. Thorin stiffened upon the scene that had unfolded before her. She can’t deny the fact that deep down there is a fit of budding jealousy somewhere in there. She ought to do something!

“Damage control? I’m on it,” Nila snickered.

“Are you okay?” That’s not really what Lucas wanted to ask upon seeing the situation that happened. He wanted to ask, why in the world would a lady trip on her flat sandals? It’s either she’s stupid or plain stupid. Dismissing his mean thoughts, he stood up and held a hand to the lady. The lady took his hand, “Yes, I am such a klutz.”

Lucas nodded and pulled a chair for the lady to sit in. He secretly gazed his eyes on her foot, no sign of injury. No swelling, nothing. She wasn’t limping when she sat down. “Are you in pain?” He asked just to make sure.

The lady flashed a toothy grin and flipped her chestnut brown hair. She sat erect, revealing her cleavage and stared at him, Jesus Christ! Lucas wanted to cringe but mustered to control his expression.

“Slight pain in the ankle. Thanks for helping me. Roxy by the way,” Roxy extend her hand, Lucas accepted it with a grin, a little friendly gesture wouldn’t hurt. “Lucas. You sure you’re okay?”

“I’m okay. Now that I know your name,” Roxy winked at Lucas. Lucas can’t help but laugh at her. He didn’t saw that coming, first faking an injury now she’s flirting with him. What’s up with the women he encountered? First, Thorin and now Roxy. The former, always had a hidden agenda, always the businesswoman, feisty and straightforward. The latter, bad at acting and very much predictable except that pick up line she just pulled.

“Glad to know my name healed you,” Lucas said sarcastically, but Roxy didn’t seem to notice it. Instead, Roxy took it as a joke. She roared in laughter, causing the rest of the customer to turn at their table. Lucas noticed she loves attention, indeed she caught his attention too. Lucas mentally cursed himself because of her trap, he bet all his money that this Roxy girl will ask for his number.

“And I need your digits. In case if I need your healing,” And she did ask. Marvelous! Lucas wanted to applaud himself for foreseeing such. She gave Lucas a sultry smile, Lucas replayed what Roxy said in his head. That must have been a dirty deed or double meaning. Tempting, it’s been a while since he dated.

Five years in celibacy, solitude, and singleness, it’s not that bad though. For the past five years, his life revolves around his family and work, it’s kind of routine. It was safe, but he can’t help but feel alone sometimes.

Thorin’s smiling face quickly flash in his head. What the hell?

Roxy gave her phone to Lucas, absent-minded type in the digits and gave it back to Roxy who now wore a triumphant smile. Did she just win? Lucas wanted to ask. A sudden shadow appears, pulled Roxy by her arms and dashed out. He heard Roxy muttered an apology and a quick goodbye.

Lucas was weirded out since he got in this ice cream bar. He was tired, Saturdays were always stressful.

He got in his apartment last night and pulled out his motorbike which he seldom uses, drives for three hours heading to his old town where he grew up. Visit his mother and check on her, good thing he hired a private nurse to take care of his mother whenever she got back from the city to rest and ready for another week of work. By noon, he drove back again for three hours back to the city. He was a deadbeat, he needs chill and by chill, he needed ice cream.

Lucas took a mouthful of his favorite plain vanilla ice cream. “Fancy seeing you here, Lucas.” His mood suddenly lightens due to familiarity.

Lucas stood up, upon instinct and pull a chair for her. Thorin took the chair beside him and settled herself comfortably, Lucas can’t help but gaze upon his boss’s effortless beauty. “I’m sorry but I’m Luca,” Her smile immediately falls, Lucas tried his best to pull off a straight face.

Thorin studied Lucas, she leaned in way too much, fanning Lucas's face with her breath. “No way. He never told me about having a twin.” Saying as if trying to convince herself rather than Lucas.

Lucas can’t help but smile at Thorin, “He never told you anything.” Referring to himself in the third person, weird but he’s keeping his pretenses.

“True that. Odd, but you both have the same mole beside your left eyebrow.” Thorin twisted her head, studying every inch of Lucas’ face. Touching his mole. He could feel the loud thump of his heart, wanting to escape from his rib cage. “Yes, he never told me anything about him. He even rejected my dinner invitation.”

Lucas was taken aback. She figured it out didn’t she? Who wouldn’t? That was a pretty lame joke. “Oh okay. You’re using that card against me now?” Lucas cracked up, contented Thorin reluctantly averts her head away from Lucas.

Thorin wanted to kiss the man senseless! She doesn’t care if they are in a public place. She wanted Lucas, and that’s that. Hell, she would even want to pull Roxy’s hair! But she doesn’t want to stoop that low. What’s stopping her. Dismissing the dismay she felt, “Yes, and will occasionally use it.”

“Please accept my apology Thorin.” He called her name with her telling him! Oh joy, she could dance and do a cartwheel right there and then. “Maybe I misunderstood the invitation. Anyway, I’m sorry.”

Thorin could feel her stomach tied in knots. She could feel her cheeks burn. “No, no, no! You don’t have to.”

Lucas reaches out for her hands and squeezes it. The tingling sensation is yet again present causing chaos in her heart and stomach. “Still. I may have sounded mean and I don’t want to hurt you, in any way possible.”

This is by far most intimate gesture a man did to her. Only a touch of his hand on her hands and all her senses came alive. No kisses, no hugs and not even sex can beat this intimacy. She felt connected and something between them clicked and unspoken but spoke volumes.

Lucas felt it too but whatever that was, he needed to keep his walls and guard up. He released Thorin’s hand from his grip. Thorin couldn’t even form a reply to Lucas. She needed to calm her senses first. “Can I get you anything, Miss Montréal?”
Thorin groaned and immediately punch Lucas on his arm, “What was that for?” Bemused as he rubbed his arm to ease the pain.

Frowning at Lucas, Thorin growled, “You called me by my name a minute ago and then back to Miss Montréal. I’m starting to think that you’re mocking my name!”

“Your knuckles must be made from Thor’s hammer huh?” Lucas guffawed as he stood up trudging towards the menu counter and order for Thorin. Thorin still baffled at what he said, hammer? Thor?

The realization hit her, she doesn’t know if she wanted to laugh along or punch the man who is mocking her name. A grinning Lucas came back with a strawberry ice cream, along with a freshly chopped strawberry on top. “How did you--”

“Lucky guess?” Thorin slit her eyes as she glanced at Lucas as he finishes his vanilla ice cream. How did he even know her favorite? She never told him, hell her parents did not even know. Shrugging, she started eating her second serving. Guess a little bit more sugar won’t be bad.

They finished their serving, Thorin silently glancing at Lucas. She wanted to ask a plethora of questions, but she’s reluctant.
She could feel her anxiety kicked in, stomping her foot, and nibbling her lower lips. But why should she? They’re not in the confinement of an office, and not on their work hours. “Just ask.”

Lucas knew very well how she wanted to ask something. He knew her habits once her anxiety kicks in, he becomes accustomed to it. It happened most of the time when in a meeting or conference. Thorin sigh, “Do you often ride it?”

How did she even know? “Saw you the moment you arrived,” Thorin giggled at his baffled face.

Mayhap Lucas mistakenly encouraged Thorin into asking him for questions. It might be personal, he wanted to keep things to himself and be private. He prayed Thorin wouldn’t dig much. “No. I just ride it out of the town purposes when I’m on a tight schedule.”

“Seemed dangerous though. You should be careful.” Lucas nodded and tapped his helmet, “Ride or Die they say.”

Thorin placed her left arm atop the table and chin on her hand, angled her body facing Lucas for a better view. “Did you give your number to that lady an hour ago?”

Lucas gaped at his boss. How long has she been watching him? He felt honored to be noticed by a woman like her but that’s kind of, creepy. “Yes --why?”

Thorin jumped out hearing her ringtone, she pulled out her phone from her Channel handbag and point out a finger to Lucas. It was an unregistered number, nonetheless, Thorin answered it. “Hello? Tho--”

“Lucas? Is this Lucas?” A sudden realization hit Thorin, she stared at Lucas. Bulging her eyes on his, Lucas also almost copied her exact reaction. Thorin could hear the ruckus from the other side of the line saying that Lucas has a girlfriend and in between, Thorin couldn’t control her Cheshire grin and looked at Lucas again.

“What do you need from my boyfriend?” A quick sorry was said and Roxy cut the line. Thorin could taste success! Take that Roxy! “Lucas, you gave my number to the wrong person!” Instead of spitting fire at him, Thorin laughed hard enough that her stomach hurts.

Tears were sprawled from her eyes.

“I did? Wait to whom? To that Roxy? No way!” Lucas chortled too. How can he be stupid? Out of all the numbers he knew, he scribbled the wrong one! And it was Thorin’s digits! Good thing it was a lady. He didn’t even save the digits on his phone, but he did memorize it. They both guffawed hard, not caring about the people around them.

As they settled and calm themselves after a few minutes of laughing their ass out. “You looked different today Lucas,” she said with a smile, more like adoring the Adonis in front of her.
Lucas furrowed his brows and shrugged, “Maybe my motorbike and the jacket gives you the illusion.”

“Maybe,” Thorin playful shrugged. “And you look lovely as always,” Lucas stated softly. Thorin immediately thought of her outfit today, it was the simplest white Sunday dress and a pair of nude wedges. She didn’t even pull on a full makeup look, just some lipstick. She was lazy to do the usual OOTD today, she felt mundane an hour ago but couldn’t care less. Now that Lucas took notice, she felt somewhat gorgeous at her simplest and mundane form. It was elevating and she could feel all the swirlies in her stomach.

It was the first compliment she got from Lucas. She was always complimented but it wasn’t as sincere and spontaneous as Lucas. Today has its many firsts, first two serving of ice cream, the first tear eyed laughing, and first time alone with Lucas. She needed this, Thorin can’t wait for more firsts with him.

“Thank you,” her first-ever sincerest thank you.

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