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Chapter 6: Ms. Get The Memo



“Why are you staring at me?”

“I wasn’t staring at you,” Thorin said cheekily. “Why are you looking at me like that?” again Lucas whisper. “Ugh! I have eyes, I used them rather well.”

“I have them too but I’m not staring at people. It’s rude,” Lucas continued to listen and transcribe what he heard in the meeting they were in. Thorin openly ogles at her assistant as he continued what he was doing, not minding the people around the room.

“Four-eyed Lucas,” Thorin continued to tease, but Lucas paid no attention to her. It was supposedly her initiative to take down notes as her finance team report and present the monthly status of the company, but she decided to be lazy and dragged Lucas inside the conference room.

She noticed that she’s been dragging Lucas everywhere she went since Monday started. She can’t help it, his presence made her relax and elated. She still can’t get over last Sunday afternoon up until Sunday night, they were just talking about random things and it was the best Sunday known to her.

However, it was cut short by none other than Lucas. She was about to ask him to dinner, he must have sensed that she will do such so she cut off their ice cream date. That’s a date for Thorin, the first date on an ice cream bar. It was only her, who thought of that as a date, Lucas seemed to think of it as a meet up for work. What’s up with him? Does he think of Thorin as work, whenever she sees her? Mayhap, she was paying him after all.

God, that man is difficult to crack open!

She needs to work on her A-game and plan if she wanted to date Lucas. Yes, she said it. She wanted to date Lucas! She can’t help but squirm in giddiness as she thought of multiple scenarios in her pretty head. Lucas Sullivan has proven himself to be a challenge. And Thorin Montréal loves a challenge and will never back down.

As if the teen in her had awakened, she took off Lucas’s eyeglasses. “Real mature Ms. Montréal,” said Lucas as he stopped writing. Poor guy! Thorin couldn’t care less as she chortles softly, trying her best to be discreet but reach to no avail.

A loud clearing of the throat interrupted her little happy place, she could mentally see her face form a frown. “Any comments Miss Montréal?” The finance executive assistant asked sternly, she could feel her eyebrows rose as she stared down her employee. “None.”

“You won’t be saying that if you listened intently.” Mr. Finance executive fired. She could feel immense bad vibes radiating from the guy.

“Are we playing that card against me now?” Thorin rose from her swivel chair, hands on her hips. She breathes in and smolders on the people in the podium, “The first slide, wrongly labeled. Proofreading will do. Slide thirty-five, lacking categorization. Very disorganized. Fiftieth, missing graph. Sixty-six wrongly labeled again and there was a minute typo. Forgotten the spreadsheet! Keep it up to people and surely you will find new employment with your incapability. Understand?” The finance department didn’t answer, bending their heads and refuse to meet her gaze, “Understand?!” she growled, loud enough to reach every corner of the room.

“Yes, ma’am!”

It wasn’t her fault that she got distracted, it was Lucas’s! Technically, it was her fault. He dragged Lucas in. She was still irked about what happened hours ago in the conference room. She felt attacked by the finance department, conspiring against her! Her happiness! Can she just work and play at the same time? Well, as a businesswoman herself that’s a risk. She can’t possibly juggle the two at the same time, she needs to set aside her personal and professional life.

“Ms. Montréal?” Lucas peeked his head on her office door, he opened it wide and let himself in. He trudged towards her desk, Thorin stared at him as he does so, “Here, to cool off.”

Lucas gave Thorin a grin that could melt any female species. Without another word, he placed the ice cream sandwich in her desk and dash off away from her office. Thorin picked up the ice cream, grinning from ear to ear. A blue sticky note was posted on the wrapper.

It was Lucas’s hand-written note, very neat. ‘In case of emergency unwrap me, to cool off.’

Thorin could just unwrap Lucas himself! Now, how could she separate personal and professional life?! She ate and finished her ice cream sandwich with gusto, then continued on her daily workload. “I invited myself in.”

Thorin immediately looks upon the person that came in without knocking, “Troy?!”

The man gleamed at her, “How about lunch?”

Thankfully, Lucas got it covered and pushed all the meetups and meetings of Thorin. Troy and Thorin headed to one of their favorite restaurants. They were greeted by the maître d’hôtel of the restaurant. It was buzzing with corporate people and alike, they had their booth by the window just like they want. They ordered the usual, once the waiter Thorin opened the conversation. “When did you come back? How’s your indefinite leave? What message you intend to deliver from the underworld?”

Troy took off his suit jacket and laid it on a space beside his chaise. “Yesterday. It was fun, clearly exhausting as you can see. But it was an experience that was always worth it.” he answered as he smiled, showing his left dimple.

Troy had, always the rugged look, looking formal yet the playful aura exudes noticeably unlike her older brother Tyler which had the stern and strict aura. Troy, the middle child is four years older than Thorin. He has been married for five years to Laurice, both have a three-year-old son and recently his wife brought a healthy baby girl to the world hence the leave. Troy has been her COO, their father insisted to place him on the company -- very doubtful of her reign. “Thought you didn’t answer my last question. Assuming you brought some message, after all that’s your job.”

Troy snorted, “Are you gonna ask about your nephew and new niece? Being a good aunt that you are that is supposedly your job?” He added the latter part with a tinge of sarcasm.

“Congratulations on making another human. Yada yada--” Troy was unimpressed by her little sister’s indifference towards his children. He knows that she doesn’t do well with kids, even their older brother’s kids that had to pass the stage of being an annoyance.

She is a bad aunt and she knew it. Thorin would bring them gifts, that at least could compensate her indifference towards her nephews and nieces. “Mom has been fuzzing about how on earth didn’t at least visit home. Or even called them to know you’re alive.”

“I’ve been busy,” she stated in a bored tone. Troy nodded knowingly, “So you know how she tried to catch up with the trend. Preferably Instagram.”

“Oh, I know where where this is going. She must’ve seen Lucas on my feed.” Thorin said to her brother but mostly concluding it to herself. What does her mother need now? She always knew she never really approved of her being a serial first dinner dater, but ironically it secured her that Thorin dates men within the elitist society. “Lucas? That’s his name? What does he do?”

Thorin rolled her eyes at him, “Yes. You didn’t saw him when you entered my office?” Troy shook his head, but he may have seen some guy in a cubicle in front of her office staring at his computer, working. Was that her assistant? Since when he wanted to ask. And to think his sister picked out a males species as her assistant to tend all her personal needs. “Are you kidding me right now?! You like him!”

“What now? He’s a gentleman, he takes care of me. He’s a good man, he's intelligent, he works efficiently and professionally,” she felt a sudden surge of protective instinct. What the hell is their problem? She knows his brothers never really paid attention to who she was dating or will be dating. Why bother now, Thorin wanted to ask when a sudden realization hit her, did she just admitted that she likes Lucas?

Troy sighed and didn’t press further. He was also surprised at what her sister said, she spoke of character instead of wealth, and inclination to who and whom. He was also worried and looking out for his sister and he has been supported to her in every way. Troy knows that her sister finally took an interest in a man that lasted for at least months- hopefully for a long haul. She usually took an interest on a fling for around one to two weeks, he felt responsible for Thorin’s actions. His curse must be contagious, being once a labeled playboy in his younger years, it did not go well. “She wanted to visit you this weekend or you could go home for the weekend.”

Troy decided to meet Lucas in any way possible. Thorin gasped, “I’ll be in Rome for Dione’s wedding! I’m her only Bridesmaid, was supposed to be her Maid of Honor but she knew I was busy so she downgraded me.”

His brother furrowed his brows together on her weekend plans, “Why didn’t I know about this? And why didn’t I get an invitation?”

Thorin snickered at her brother, “Clearly you didn’t get the memo! Exes are not allowed on their ex’s wedding!” It was Troy’s turn to roll his eyes at his sister’s jest. Thorin remembered the time when Dione and Troy dated when they were both twenty-one. Dione was in training for assisting a job under Troy. It did not end well, because for starters their mother greatly disapproved of their relationship and Dione.

“Did you get the memo on what I was trying to insinuate?” Troy said feeling sympathy for her, Thorin felt dejected on the realization and what she was supposed to do. As the food arrived and ate in comfortable silence, Troy then decided that he will be lending a hand to his little sister and her future feats.

Whatever it may be, to make her happy.

Lucas was pissed at his lady boss. She didn’t notify him ahead of that she will bring a plus one. He made a reservation ahead of time and last minute alterations did not go well. The hotel was fully booked and had been reserved so in the end, he will be lending his rented room for his boss’s date.

He didn’t know which part irked him, the fact that her boss had a date with this dude named after a character in Twilight, he didn’t have a room, or that he has fear of heights.

He decided to believe that this fear of heights was making him irritated. Lucas seated on the right side of the plane, across Thorin and her date seated. Once the pilot announced that the plane will be ready to take off. Lucas secured himself with the seat belt, cover his eyes with an eye mask and plugged in the available headphones to keep his mind distracted away from the thoughts of thousand feet above, very much closer to his death.

It was his routine whenever he needs to fly overseas or within states for work. He could hear the loud beating of his heart, his palms were sweating too much so he clenched it, shaking his right leg trying to calm himself.

Thorin felt guilty, she shouldn’t be guilty but she is! For bringing Edward, was it Jacob? On this trip, she was somewhat scared that her mother knew about Lucas. She knew shouldn’t, she will be in a different country but what made her do this? God, this should be a refresher for her and Lucas! Why didn’t she think of that in the first place? She doesn’t even like to be called stupid, but that was the right word to describe her now.

She was glancing at Lucas through peripheral vision. Although Lucas seemed to take the hassle very professionally, she wanted him to voice out his frustrations and what made him irritated. Did she make him jealous, or somewhere within the line of being jealous? She wants to know that, if he is then that would be a great feat in breaking a layer of his wall!

She looked at Lucas and notice something off. Once the plane was steadily flying, Thorin rose from her seat, “To get my parachute, Edwin.”

“I’m Edward! Parachute? Are we crashing down?!” Thorin frowned at him, is he a child? Or he’s just vapid. She was now truly and utterly disappointed with her choices! He continued blabbering but she paid him no attention as she stride towards Lucas.

That seemed to be the best choice for her.

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