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Chapter 7: Mr. Mezzo Italiano

She was seated comfortably, angling her body towards him. For a minute Thorin berated herself on what was she supposed to do as she stared at Lucas. He was trembling, his forehead was damp from sweat. “Baby steps, baby steps,” she mumbled to herself.

Her mother’s opinions could go to hell! She’s a woman, independent and aged ready for marriage.


She was thinking of marriage for the first time in her mind.
She reached for her D&G bag, fishing out her white handkerchief. Slowly she leaned in, and dab the handkerchief on his forehead. Upon realizing, Lucas grabs her hand and pulled his eye mask, as well as his headphones. Thorin could feel his calloused hands yet sweaty hands on her wrist. Nonetheless, she paid no attention, she stared at his amber orbs and lost herself in it. “Miss Mont--”

“Hush!” Lucas immediately released her wrist, realizing that her date is drilling holes on his head. He straightened his sitting position, rubbing his hands on his black trousers.
“Do you need anything Ms. Montréal?” Trying not to croak, because of his anxiety and fear. He could still hear the deafening beating of his heart. Thorin surprisingly notices his apprehension, before she could answer him the cabin crew approaches them. “What can I get you Ms. Montréal?”

Without facing the cabin crew, “A little peace. Can you please pull the curtains?” she said curtly, not breaking the staring game she started with Lucas. The crew pulls down the curtain that separated the seat from the main aisle of the plane. Secluding them from Edward’s prying and annoying face.

A pregnant silence loomed over them, her emerald against his amber. It was crazy to think that Thorin could feel her heart beating like crazy against her ribs. Lucas could feel himself worsen, but he wasn’t scared. The loud beating was calming him even. It was odd, he thought.

Thorin smiled thoughtfully at him, “What?” Lucas furrowed his brows together puzzled at his lady boss’s sudden change. Was this an illusion?

“W-What.” He closed his eyes, pivoted his head away from his boss. Did he stutter? He just cannot believe he stuttered in front of her. Thorin noticed his unreadable face, her lips curved up into a sly smile with a plan in mind as she moved closer to him.

She looked down at denim skirt to her bare legs, she raised her right leg and placed it on Lucas’s left thigh. She then lifts her left leg placed it on his left thigh. She could feel Lucas’s straightened and stiffened, she hid her grin. His body heat emitted through her legs, he swallowed an imaginary lump. He’s a man, after all, he had control over this or not. Her legs were long and smooth. A total killer, but he should remember that this is his boss.

“Your legs are lovely and all but this is inappropriate Ms. Montréal,” he wanted to touch her legs and shoved it away from his thigh but he can’t touch his boss can he now? Thorin inwardly groans at what he said, but he did say she has lovely legs. She swings her legs shamelessly, making his thigh move too. She swears she could hear him groan, but she’ll think of it as a moan.

Thorin placed her head on his left shoulder, she took in his cologne that could make herself frenzy. She reached out for Lucas’s left hand and laced it with her right hand. It was like her hands were made for him. His hands still sweaty but she didn’t care, this was perfect for her.

Surprisingly, Lucas let her. He knew she was distracting him from his phobia.

Distracted alright, he could feel his blood rushed down towards his groin. Relax. Lucas thought of bitter things to distract himself from this sinful situation he caught himself in.

Lucas inwardly berating himself for letting her do things she shouldn’t do to him. He felt her slim hands around his, it felt right but wrong at the same time. As he breathed her lavender scent, he felt the nostalgia and very familiar swirling emotions buried deep within him. He was scared of the peeling layer of the emotions that he buried years ago. He would be screwed again he will let it unravel. He could feel his heavy eyelids as he drifted away to sleep.

10 years ago

“What the hell man! Why couldn’t you just approach her and asked her out? Live for once!” Mitchell his teammate shoved him hard, Lucas punched him on his stomach back as he adjusted his gym bag. “You liked her since Sophomore year until now! Is that even considered like? That’s love right?” Mitchell mumbled more to himself than Lucas. Lucas let out a sigh and shook his head. Lucas trudged directly to the door hoping for peace from his talkative friend.
“Sophomore year, you crashed her party--” Lucas stopped and faced his face sternly, “You dragged me into it.”

“Oh yeah. You managed to take a photo of her! She almost punched you, but you ran fast.” Lucas dreaded the memory of him running away from her. It was a Polaroid photo of her, he took it candidly. He had been into a polaroid photo since his father gave him his first-ever vintage camera. “Junior year, you delivered the flower you grew on her house. You can again cause her brother caught you red-handed. Epic!”

Mitchell halted and laughed at him for what he has done for the same girl for almost three years now. “Shut up Anderson!” he hissed at him trying not to get attention from other students.
His friend straightened his back and catches up to Lucas. Mitchell placed his arms around Lucas’s shoulders, “There were plenty of stories to tell behind the scenes of how you tried to get her attention but to no avail. Does she even know you exist my man?”
Lucas thought of what his friend was saying. It was true, he tried. He had a few classes with her but she and he were never really good timing. There was never a good timing, Lucas thought as he shrugged off his crushed feelings. “I had no expectations about reciprocity from her okay?”
“Stand in front of her and confess, Lucas! We’re graduating soon and you wouldn’t be able to see her again. It would be good if you knew her side,” Lucas wouldn’t do it, he knew he wouldn’t do such. Lucas would just be contented to stare at her from afar and be proud of her in her achievements. Stalker-ish and creepy but hell, he was happy seeing her happy.

“But dude that chick was too scary and evil. You’re like a saint and she’s like the devil. Nevertheless, you like her for too long! Voice it out! You’re frustrating me!”

A soft hands caressing Lucas’ cheeks, he felt homey all of a sudden. He fluttered open his eyes and welcomed by a set of emerald orbs with mirth in them, “Morning honey!” Lucas adjusted his eyes, surveying his surroundings. On a plane, Thorin hovering above him, his boss. His boss! Automatically Lucas rose to his feet, forgotten about his lady boss hovers above him.

Luckily, Lucas was fast he was able to catch Thorin by her waist and pulled her. He exhales a lung full of air he didn’t know he was holding back, “I’m so sorry Ms. Montréal. It’s just that you startled me.”

Thorin grinned wider at Lucas. His arms around her waist, she didn’t stop nor notify him. She loved being engulfed by his arms, warm and comfortable. Thorin reached for his cheeks one more time, she would kiss him. She should, but her plan was interrupted by a character from Twilight, “You’re her assistant, right? Carry her belongings.”

Lucas noticed their inappropriate position, he immediately released her from his grip. Feeling like a fish out of water. He masked his conflicted emotions and stared back at his boss’s annoying plus one. How could he forget the fact? Lucas welcomed the irritation that he felt when he met the guy hours ago. He nodded curtly at the guy, Lucas got his hand carry bag and exited the cabin without glancing at his boss.

“You’re Jacob, right? Carry my belongings. Can you carry yourself and throw it on a trash bin? Thank you,” Thorin said to Jacobson as Lucas walked out from the cabin. She couldn’t quite put a finger on what she was feeling right now, she just wants to slit this guy’s neck for ruining her momentum with Lucas.

“It’s Edward! I’m making a point here, I’m your date, not your assistant,” Thorin tune him out as she followed Lucas and stepped out from her plane. Once she reached the last step of the stare, a black SUV parked a few meters away. She could feel the sun’s heat on her skin.

Good thing that the driver had brought umbrellas. Holding the yellow umbrella up Lucas coldly approached his boss after finished loading her luggage and meeting her in the half. He made sure that his boss was under the shade of the umbrella against the heat of Rome’s sun. Lucas got her handbag, which she handed out freely.

Thorin glanced up at Lucas’s serious face as they walk side by side towards the black SUV quietly. He was just so beautiful beguiling. Something in her wanted to talk to Lucas about what happened, she wanted to clear things up. She sighed as they got closer to the vehicle, Lucas opened and closes the door for her.

The driver smiled at Thorin, “Mi chiamo Rio, sarò il tuo autista. Benvenuto a Roma! Allacciati!” Thorin weirdly smiled at him not sure what was he saying. Thorin knew Roma in Rome, but that’s about it. Thorin was also sure he said his name, which word? That she didn’t know. She should’ve asked her college roommate for a crash course in Italian, she regretted it now.

Lucas opened the door to the shotgun seat, once he closed the door he was about to say something to the driver when a knock interrupted his plans. He reluctantly opened the window, facing sweating and panting Edward, “What the hell? Open up!” Lucas gave to look at him flatly.

Damn the plan backfired. The Italian driver glanced at Lucas for a signal, he reluctantly said to the driver, “Apri la porta per il pazzo.”

The driver snickered as he unlocked the door for Edward to get in. Once the driver pulled up the car to the main streets of Rome, he glanced at Lucas’s bored state. Lucas noticed this and glanced back at him as he shrugged. Thorin noticed the exchange between the Italian driver and Lucas, not minding Jacob-Edward. She leaned in between the space of the driver and Lucas, she turned to look at Lucas. He paid her no attention just bored staring at the old buildings that they passed by.

“I didn’t know you can speak Italian,” she heard him a minute ago. It was sexy, sadly she didn’t understand what he said to the driver. Maybe she could Google it, she tried to remember what he said. Pazzo? Porta? Dang it, she barely remembered the line! ”Sono mezzo Italiano Miss Montréal.”

Huh? Thorin felt stupid, Lucas said something in Italian once more to their driver. The driver nodded as he cleared his throat, “Going to La foresteria. I am Rio signorina Montréal.” The driver tried his best to speak English, but his thick Italian accent overpowered.

Thorin chooses to be silently throughput the car ride, the vehicle stopped in front of a luxurious hotel. She has been meticulous at her choices in accommodation but today she paid no attention to the hotel or anything at the moment. She was focused on someone, someone who named Lucas.

Lucas opened the door, Edward stepped out giving a glare at him. Lucas wants to snort at his childlike attack. Thorin then stepped out looking at him, he noticed it and looked away as he unloaded the baggage. Rio helped him in unloading, “Dovrei avvisarli al tuo arrivo, signore.”

Lucas stopped and faced Rio, he shakes his head as he retorted back, “No. Non lo fanno. Mi incontrerò con Rio.” He cannot let his Italian family side know that he's in Rome right now, except his trusted cousin.

Once Lucas settled the check-in for his boss and her plus one. He made sure that Edward would stay and sleep away from his lady boss. He knocked on the room where his boss was, Thorin opened it and let him in. Lucas had his iPad on his hand, without glancing at her, “Expected that you’ll be done by 3:00 PM, the car will arrive. 3:30, Santa Maria Chapel in Trivio.”

“Where will you be staying Lucas? I know you gave your room for Edwin--”

“Edward,” Lucas interjected nonchalantly. “I’ll be at my cousin’s loft within the area Ms. Montréal. Don’t worry about me.” Lucas managed to pull on some strings and sent a quick message to his cousin that lived around the vicinity. An impromptu reunion wouldn’t be so bad after all.

She wanted to invite him inside her suite but the man was quick to have his shield of repulsion. Did he, cousin? He had family here? Mezzo Italiano? That would be the term that her college roommate would say when she met some half-blooded Italian.

She remembered now! Wow, she’s too stupid today. Jacob Edwards's stupidity was rubbing on her. “Where are you going to change your clothes for the wedding then?”

That got Lucas thinking. Where would he change? Rio left hours ago to run some errands, “The suite is big Lucas. I’m not gonna bite you... yet.”

A sly smirk tugging on Thorin’s lips.

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