Defining Us (Book 2 of Discovering Me Series)

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Chapter 56: Isabel - The Wombats


“I finally have you to myself.” I laid back in Izzie’s arms. We were both seated on her bed. Her back was rested on the wall. I was seated between her legs.

“Elle is back on her feet. She’s starting to look like her old self.” She hugged me from behind.

“I heard it’s because she’s hooking up with him again.”

“Shhh. Shut your pretty face.” She kissed the side of my face.

“So that means I’m right. You always say that when I am and you don’t want to admit it.”

“We’re not going to discuss it. It is between her, him, and me, not super prince charming men that stumble across snippets of information.”

“I’ll just revel in that fact that I get to spend time with you and you don’t have your laptop open.”

“I’m trying to be a good girlfriend for once.”


“Elle’s Camp Artsy strategy is brutal. I want you to still love me once it’s over.” She started to play with my hair.

“I’ll always love you, even though you wouldn’t even let me see you on Valentine’s Day.” I changed the television channel. “Is this comfortable for you? Am I too heavy?”

“I’m fine. I knew you were still bitter about the V-day thing.”

I further relaxed. “It was my first one with a girlfriend. I wanted to do something special for you.”

“You always make me feel special, Honey. You don’t need to try harder than you already do.”

“They say I do.” I nodded to the magazine on her nightstand.

“Everything in that magazine is ludicrous. I bought it to laugh.”

“Not everything. They call you beautiful. ”

“You already do that far too much as it is.”

I put my hands on her legs. “Well, that is neither here nor there.”

“I think the whole Valentine’s Day thing is overrated. We have our day -- March 23rd. We’ll be together the whole time. I promise.”

“I will hold you to your word.”

We watched television in a comfortable silence. Touching her with non-sensual intentions was relaxing. Doing nothing was fun, exhilarating even.

“I love you.” She said as if reading my mind, resting her chin on my shoulder.

“I love you too, Beautiful.”

“And I missed you.”

I cracked a smile. “I missed you too.”

“But she needed me. I sorta took advantage of the fact that I know you’ll always be there.”

“You used that knowledge the way you’re supposed to. You’re trusting me completely. That is all that I have ever asked of you.” I turned my head and pressed my lips to hers.

She was nibbling on her bottom lip when I opened my eyes. I was unable to resist kissing her on the cheek. She held me closer when I laid back down.

Some time passed and my phone started ringing. I recognized the ringtone as Will’s and I quickly fished it out of my pocket because he hadn’t called to check on me in a while.


Izzie muted the television.

“Your father would like to see you virtually. It is rather urgent.”

“What – what is this about?” I sat up immediately.

“He and your stepmother want to answer all questions.”

“Uh – yeah, I will be right there.”

“May I borrow your laptop?” I turned my head to look at Iz.

“Yeah, is everything alright?”

“I don’t know.” I hopped off of her bed and went to her desk.

I was too frazzled to set up the webchat by myself. She quickly caught on and set it up for me. She sat on the floor and picked up my hand; enabling me to hold it without my father seeing her.

Jacqueline and my father were waiting for me when I signed into my account.

He looked like he was in a severe state of shock as she glowed with great intensity.

“Hi, Milo. How are you?” She waved with vibrant smile.

“Fine. Uh – Will’s tone was very serious. Is everything okay?” I tightened my hold on Iz’s hand.

“Three – there are three.” He stared ahead in a trance like state.

“What is he –“ I looked at her.

“I’m pregnant. We had two fertilized eggs implanted to increase the odds of one actually forming into an embryo. It turns out that both did and one of them split, creating a set of identical twins.” She explained, still over the moon.

“Three – there are three.” He repeated.

“I’m getting two very different reactions here. I don’t know how I should react because of it. My instinct is to be happy. Everything you tried worked, maybe even a little too well.”

“He’s responding like this because the doctor explained the risk of complications is very high because of the number and my age.” She looked over at him.

“Three heartbeats. I heard them and saw them and they said I could lose four.” He took a deep breath. “But there is elation beneath all this worry.”

“Three – there are three.” I repeated his words with a smile. “When did you find out?”

“We found out an hour ago. The pregnancy was discovered about two months ago, back in January. We wanted to know it would stick before getting everyone’s hopes up. There were irregularities noticed at my last check up. They quickly did a follow up and here we are.”

“Do you know what they are yet?”

“No. It is too soon. I am only eleven weeks even though I look more than that.” She stood up to give me a peak at her belly.

It was already protruding enough to notice it beneath her clothes. He helped her sit back down.

“We wanted to tell you as soon as possible because the pregnancy announcement will be made soon.”

“My morning sickness has been excessive. I was taken to the hospital and put on an IV several days ago. We managed to do all of this privately by some miracle. Now that we know I will be too big to hide soon, we have decided to come forth.”

“They are already proving to be harmful to your body. You were extremely dehydrated. We should limit --”

“They’re ours. I am not giving any of them up, Vin, I can’t.” She teared up.

He nodded in understanding and picked up her hand to kiss it.

“I believe she can do it.” I placed my free hand on my chest. “She’s been enduring so much prodding to get to this point. Might as well see it through.”

“You are both right. I am panicking more than I should.”

“I will count this as an apology. I –“ She stopped talking when her phone rang. “Excuse me. This is my mother. I will see you later, Sweetheart.” She waved goodbye to me.

“Hi, mom. –“ She answered as he helped her out of her seat.

He sat back down once she was gone.

“I don’t think you need to do all that just yet.”

“She asked me to. She has a fear of falling again.”

“Right.” I looked down.

Iz put her other hand on top of mine to comfort me.

“Her happiness depends on her pregnancy going to term and producing not one child, but three. I just got her back. I cannot handle losing her again.”

“I know.” I returned my eyes to his. “I’m sure you have doctors at the palace and are taking many other precautions. Sometimes you just have to believe things will happen as they should.”

He took a deep breath and nodded. “Are you doing well?”

“Yes, I am fine - grades good, friends fun, and my girlfriend’s finally returned to me.”

She pushed my leg.

“Returned?” He chuckled.

“She had best friend duties to fulfill; she invited me over after dinner to watch television with her.”

“Then I shall not keep you.”

“I’m already here. You can keep talking.”

“Where is she?”

She crawled to the door, stood up and opened and shut it. “Whatcha doing?” She remained off screen.

“Talking to my dad. You can say hello if you’d like.”

She walked into the frame of the camera. “Hi, King Vincent. How are you?”

“Well. I just received some interesting news.”


“Milo will have three siblings in a few months.”

“That’s amazing! I’m sure your wife is very happy.”

“She is. We both are, but it is a lot to take in. Are you doing well?”

“Yep. All’s great on the home front and my website’s booming; I couldn’t be happier.”

“I am pleased to hear that. I will leave you two alone. I presume my mother-in-law will want to speak to me soon.”

“Bye, Dad.”

“Ciao, Milo. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Thank you for taking him back, Izzie. I am sure he was saddened by your absence.”

“I missed him a little too if I’m being honest.” She draped her arm across my shoulders.

Our web conference was discontinued after a few more pleasantries were exchanged and I shut her laptop. She sat down on my lap after the fact.

“You’re going to be a big brother.”

“I am.” I put my arms around her waist.

“I think you’ll like it. You’re sweet with Soph.”

“I know three is a big number when it comes to babies, but I love the idea of having more than one sibling.”

“Fan of big families?”

“I wouldn’t say that. I used to view family as a swarm of moths that eat at the fabric of your being until there is nothing left, but I think this one will be different.”

“I think so too.” She pushed back my hair. “What about us?”

“What about us?”

“Way down the line – do you want kids or is having one of them something you’ll do because you have to?”

“The child count question?” I widened my eyes.

She blushed and looked down. “I’m sorry. That’s way too far. Forget I said anything.”

“Hey, no, look at me.” I coaxed softly.

She reluctantly did so with a frown. “I was too weird.”

“I was surprised. That’s all.”

She shook her head.

“I have been thinking of our future for a while now. You couldn’t tell me you loved me a year ago. I’m surprised that this doesn’t scare you.”

“I faced all my fears.”

“I want to be a father one day, but definitely not anytime soon. Two or three would be ideal, but I am not opposed to more.”

“Same.” She smiled and pecked me on the lips. “After we get married and my stage career ends, of course.”

“Of course.” I smiled as I looked into her eyes.

By some miracle, I wasn’t scared. I was comforted. She was the one aspect of my future that I was sure about.

We returned to her bed and unmuted the television. We laid in each other’s arms as we watched a movie. I rubbed her back as her head rested on my chest. She tilted her head up to look at me once the film concluded.

I smiled at the sight of the freckles that dusted the bridge of her button nose and her cheeks. Her full red lips formed a relaxed smile. Her curly hair was tussled in a wind-blown manner.

“What?” She struggled not to smile as her doe eyes scanned my face for an answer.


“Nothing?” She raised an eyebrow.

“You’ll get mad at me if I say what I want to say.”

“I knew I should’ve covered my freckles.” She pursed her lips.

“No, I love them.” I caressed her cheek. “You’re the one that doesn’t like them.”

“Then what?”

“I was thinking about how beautiful you are.” I admitted.

She shook her head with a smile and kissed me.

“I mean it.”

“I know. I saw. That’s why I’m kissed you.”

I smiled. She kissed me on the cheek.

“How old do you want to be when we get married?”

“You really have been thinking about us.”

“Too weird?”

“A little, but that’s how we like it. I’m not sure about an age, but I want it to be after you finish college. It’ll be the mark of our next chapter.”

“What chapter does our engagement lie within?”

“Surprise me. But knowing you, you’ll get too hung up on finding a ring and it won’t happen for at least a decade.”

“You think I have difficulties shopping?” I raised an eyebrow with a smirk of amusement.

“When it comes to gifts for me? Yes. You put too much thought into it. It can’t simply be beautiful. It has to mean something. That’s your rule.”

“You have no proof of that.”

She lifted her arm and twisted her wrist once to make her charms jingle. “I don’t want to imagine the thought you’d pour into ring shopping. Better yet: don’t do it. You’d hurt yourself.”

I kissed her to end the conversation. I’d learned all that I needed to and I just wanted her.

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