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The prequel to Entwined Sophia never saw herself falling in love and she certainly didn't see herself falling in love with the golden boy at her high school. But it happened and before she knew it, she was pulled into his world. She thought everything was going great, till he dumped her, on her birthday- in front of all her family and friends and on top of that was cheating on her with her best friend Kayla. He didn't just break her heart, he smashed it to pieces. A month after Kyle breaks her heart, she is forced to start a new year without her boyfriend or best friend. How could her life get any worse? Well cue her parents sudden departure and where does Soph have to stay while they are away? At Kyles. She is forced to stay with him and his family. And she soon finds the man that keeps her sane, isn't the golden boy, Kyle any more, it's his older bad boy brother, who just got out of prison.

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Chapter 1


It was fair to state, I did not get my fairy tale ending. If a fairy tale ending involved him breaking my heart, then yeah- I got the perfect fairy tale ending. He also slept with my best friend which he kept from me, for three solid months. How do I know it was for three months? Well he told me that.

His relationship with Kayla just ‘happened’. How the hell do you just stop loving one person, who you had spent three solid years with and suddenly out of nowhere, start to fall in love with my best friend!

Of all the girls in our year and below years, he picked Kayla! WHY! Just to hurt me more? Because not only did he break my heart, he also took the one person I was meant to turn to, away from me.

I should have known something was wrong when Kayla got cagy about who she was seeing.

It was normal for Kayla to go through men. So I thought that was what was wrong with her. She had fallen for an older guy again. And again was going to be heart broken when he uses her just for sex, and breaks it off when she gets clingy.

How I was so wrong.

Well she had fallen for a guy- my guy. Who is really good at lying. REALLY GOOD! They got away with it for three months! I should have picked up on the small things. Like the way, he started to carry her books as well as mine. The way he always made a point to sit in between Kayla and I.

The little things should have lead me to discover their secret. Instead I was a dumb blonde for three months not seeing that my guy, the guy I loved for three years, the guy that chased me down- well he was in love with someone else, and I didn’t even see it.

I didn’t see him falling in love with her. Didn’t notice her red lipstick on his school uniform. I didn’t even pick up on the fact he would pick her up before me!

I thought it was normal for the guy you are with to care for your best friend. Because they are your best friend and you want the guy you love to love them like you do.

So I thought it was normal.

Till last month. When he thought it was a brilliant idea to break up with me, tell me the truth, on my birthday. At my birthday party, publicly. Kayla stood beside him, with this evil little smirk on her face as he told me. Then linked hands with him! IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! IN FRONT OF MY FAMILY! OUR FRIENDS! EVERYONE!

I swear I had never been so humiliated.

How did I react?

Well when the tears started falling, from shock, from my heart being squeezed tight. He always said he loved me. I knew it was hard to believe that a guy like him, would ever take an interest in me.

I was an outcast. Publicly. At school. In life. Outcast- that was me.

I was the girl you didn’t notice. And I wished it had stayed that way. I wished he never took an interest in me. Curse that art partnership that put us together. He was charming, he had to be, he was that good looking any girl would fall for his charm.

I put up a fight. I didn’t just drool over his every word, when he took an interest in me. I didn’t give him my number when he asked. Because somewhere, deep down, I knew he was trouble.

But in the end I was stupid and followed my heart, and my brain was left behind. The fact he was bad news, meant nothing to me. If anything it lured me in more.

I loved the fact he had an edge to him. I loved that there was more than just charm in his voice. It was like chocolate, sweet, so very seductive. That was the power his voice had over me.

My own personal chocolate. And as soon as I got a taste, I was addicted.

Had to get more. Needed more. Couldn’t get enough. And before I knew it, we were having sex and I suddenly had a claim over a guy, that shouldn’t have even noticed the invisible girl. I was brought into the spotlight being his girlfriend.

His friends took me in.

And they quickly became my friends.

His kisses were always sweet. His smirk always wiped away any of my concerns. His touch, I melted at his touch. Loved the fact his large hand took mine. Loved it more when those hands were exploring my body.

Like I said I was addicted. Completely and utterly addicted. That’s how it was.

I was his.

I stopped fighting the need to keep distance between him and I. I fell in love with the golden boy at school and the devil in the bedroom.

You know what hurts the most? I think what hurts the most is I don’t think he ever truly loved me. Cause if he did, he wouldn’t have done this to me. He wouldn’t have slept with my best friend and then have a relationship with her! He wouldn’t do that if he loved me.

He didn’t love me.

A solid few weeks of feeling sorry for myself and crying every time I had a memory of him- it took me a solid few weeks to realise he didn’t love me.

He didn’t love me.

That fact ran through my head again.

All those kisses, all those memories, all the time he wasted chasing me, well it was all for nothing. Not one of those memories were real. Not one, meant enough for him to not do what he did to me.

And now?

What do I have to face now?

School. First day back.

I saw his car in the car park. I became a mute and a social outcast again as soon as he broke up with me.

Our ‘friends’ were really his friends. And my one best friend. Well I was watching her get out of his car. Of course they would be facing the new year together as a couple. I was an idiot to think they would keep it a secret or at least not shove it in my face.

But in order for that to happen. That meant one of them, had to care about me.

They didn’t.

So I shouldn’t be surprised or hurt when I watched them link hands and walk across the lot to the school.

They were facing a new year together. While I face a new year without my best friend and without my boyfriend.

Two facts broke what was left of my heart.

I got out of the car. Darn, my parents for being back from their cruise early. Otherwise I would be skipping the first day. At least they leave again tomorrow. I was going to take the opportunity to avoid school altogether.

At least that was the plan. I picked up my bag and noticed a dozen miss calls from mum and dad. How odd. They knew it was my first day back. Sure I hadn’t seen them yet, they got back late this morning. They were asleep when I left.

I dialled mum’s number. I’m sure whatever it was, wasn’t that important.

This just can’t be happening. Nope. It wasn’t happening. I couldn’t accept it. Wasn’t going to accept. I’d be over my dead body.

I was eighteen for god’s sake!

I opened my locker. I don’t think today could get any worse after the news mum had just told me. At first I wanted to kill her, and that feeling hadn’t gone away.

I glanced to my left and just as I thought my day couldn’t get any worse. It did. Kyle was heading directly to me.

Please don’t stop. Please don’t stop.

“Hey Sophia.”

Fuck my luck!

I turned with regret to face him. “Kyle.”

“Guess you’ve heard then?” He leant against the locker, standing way too close to me.

I pushed back against my locker door. He was in my personal space and he didn’t get a right to be in personal space anymore.

I kept my lips clamped shut. I was not talking to him. The last time I saw him, I threw my glass of wine at him and told him and my so called best friend to get the hell of my house.

“Look it doesn’t have to awkward. It will only be awkward if you make it awkward Soph.” His words were gentle and like always melted me. For a second I thought he cared about me again, that was quickly wiped away when I saw the mark on his neck.

Kayla always liked to mark her men.

“It’s Sophia.” I corrected him. Only friends called me Soph. He sure as hell wasn’t a friend.

He rolled his eyes. “So you want to be childish?”

I gritted my teeth. I wasn’t biting back at him. I wasn’t giving him the pleasure of a fight with me in this crowed hallway. My ‘friends’ already had a show starring him and I.

When he dumped me and admitted to being in a relationship with Kayla.

“Look it’s only for a couple of months. I’ll stay out of your way. You stay out of mine?” He was suggesting a plan that was impossible.

“So that’s your plan on me coming to live with you for two months?” I crossed my arms. “I hate you Kyle. Hear me when I say this. I HATE YOU!”

My parents had cut their cruise short because doctors were needed in Africa. And mum and dad always went when needed. Though this time because they had watched me withdraw from my life, and stopped caring about anything or everything. Well they didn’t want me home alone.

Their solution?

Dump me at Kyles.

Our parents had got close over the three years Kyle and I had been together. Close enough that mum and dad didn’t see the problem in my moving in with them for two months. My parents didn’t even consult me on it! They just did it! They just decided that the best thing for me, was to dump me at Kyles. Because they ‘trusted’ his parents to look after me.

I don’t know what was worse, Kyle getting a real look at the mess I was, or the fact that I wouldn’t be able to stop him from seeing it.

“Like I said it’s only awkward if you let it be. Come on Soph.” He was calling me by my nick name again, like he had a right to!

“Sophia.” I corrected him again. “I want nothing to do with you.”

He sighed. “I knew you would act like this. I told mum and dad you wouldn’t agree to it.”

“Well you were right. Because I’m planning on never entering your house again.”

“Why aren’t your parents letting you stay home by yourself?”

Because of you. I clamped my mouth shut. I was never telling him how much he hurt me. To the point I didn’t see the point in life. I didn’t see the point in getting up of a morning. To face yet another day, with a broken heart and he betrayed my trust. I don’t think I could ever trust anyone again.

Look were trusting people got me. Sick, depressed and lonely.

Kyle was still looking at me expecting an answer. I turned back to look in my locker. Now I just had to get my books and leave him behind.

Hopefully we didn’t have any of the same classes.

“If it makes you better I won’t let Kayla come over.” He was being nice. I didn’t want him to be nice. I’d rather he was rude because then I could have another reason to hate him. Hating him now was becoming easier. But I realized there was nothing he could say, that would ever have me not hating him.

“Do what you want. I’m not planning on being there much.” I grabbed my books. I am going to be spending a hell of a lot of time at a café or library. Somewhere. Anywhere but his place.

“I should warn you Joshua is home too.”

My head snapped to look back at him. He had to be joking? Joshua had been in prison for a two year. His sentences was for four. “How?”

“Made an appeal and he won. He is on parole.” Kyle took a step closer to me. “Just come and stay with us. I promise to behave.”

He was saying that like he still cared about me. I had wasted two weeks crying over him. One week smashing everything in sight. And then another week realizing he didn’t love me. And now? And now I was back to crying. It was like I had done a full circle and was back at the start.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow?” Kyle said arching his eyebrows.

I didn’t want to go there. But mum and dad weren’t giving me a choice. “Yeah.” I finally said with regret. “But just because I’m agreeing to come, doesn’t mean I don’t hate you.”

A sad smiled crept across his face. “I really fucked up Soph.”

“I wouldn’t say that. You just didn’t love me anymore.” I closed my locker door. Ready to walk away from him.

An expression captured his face, I knew the look. It was regret. Well there was nothing for him to regret.

“How I ended us wasn’t acceptable.” He said, and started to walk beside.

I shrugged my shoulders. It hadn’t been acceptable. He did it in front of everyone. It was like he waited till it was my birthday to tell me. Like to make it hurt more. Because every birthday from now on, I was going to remember what he did.

I picked up my pace, hoping he would just stop following me.

I walked to the classroom door, and his hand wrapped around my upper arm and he dragged me back forcing me to not enter.

I was about to yell at him for touching me.

“Why do you think I did it?” He asked, his gripping my arm.

What do I think? Well this time I was going to tell the truth. “Because you wanted her over me. Simple really.”

His lips clamped shut. And it looked like he didn’t like my answer. Wasn’t that why he did it though? He loved her. Hell he had been sneaking around with her for three months and I hadn’t noticed.

“Can you let go of me now?” I asked, as his grip got tighter. Like he didn’t want to let me go.

A depressive smile crept across his face “One day you’ll know the truth and I hope that is one day soon.”

“Kyle I don’t want anything to do with you. I can promise you. I’m not waiting on ‘one day’ for your actions to make sense.”

I pulled my arm from his grasp.

“Soph. I’m really sorry.” It sounded like he meant it too.

I scoffed. “No you aren’t Kyle. Now go find that girlfriend of yours that you love so much.”

With that said I turned and walked into the classroom, just as the bell rang. But I had seen the anger on his face. I just didn’t understand while he was angry. But the anger on his face hadn’t be directed at me. It was like it was directed at someone else and I was just getting glimpse of it.

“Why can’t I stay with Nana?” I asked Mum as we pulled up at Kyle’s.

“Because you nana will let you do anything.” Mum put the car in park. “Now Soph we talked about this. I talked to his parents and they said he is rarely home at the moment.”

Yeah probably cause him and Kayla were on a sex bender.

With regret I got out of the car and moved the duffle bag on my shoulder. How awkward could this be?

Living with him, his parents and criminal brother- surely I could get through a couple of months.

That was the reasonable side of me coming out. The other side of me was screaming run far, far away from him and this house.

“Just behave Soph.” Mum said as we reached the front door and pushed the door bell.

This can’t be happening. This was like every girls worse nightmare, being made to move in with your ex boyfriend!

The door opened and my luck that much, Kyle answered. He greeted mum like they were long last friends. Chit chat turned into ten minutes. And then he finally acknowledged me, with the biggest smile on his face.

Was he bipolar? Why the hell was he smiling at me like that? Like I was his favourite person and he was seeing them for the first time in years.

It didn’t make sense so I just ignored it.

We walked in and his mum, Louise, showed me the guest room. It was right across from Joshua’s and next door to Kyle’s. How many hours, days, weeks, months, had I spent in that room with him?

Again, it had all be a waste of time.

Kyle’s dad was running for Mayor, like my parents, they earnt good money so the house looked similar to mine. Big rooms, decorated expensively- yep our parents were the same. Apart from Louise, she was an artist. How a hippy artist ended up with Jed, Kyle’s dad. I don’t know.

But Jed loved Louise’s quirky ways. Like the way she always had at least ten bracelets on and always had paint or clay on her.

I never saw my mum becoming friends with her. They were opposites. But they did. They went for morning walks, Louise was always getting mum on some herbal tablets.

Louise was lovely.

And I was happy she was here. Just because I had wiped Kyle out of my life, didn’t mean I had no time for his parents. They had always been kind to me.

My side was aching because mum had been rushing me and I fell down the stairs and hit my side on the rail. Darn it hurt! And still hurt.

Kyle for some reason was hanging around while Louise and mum talked in my new room. I didn’t understand why he was hovering.

I said good bye to mum and she gave me a final hug before leaving and Louise was showing her out.

Which left I and Kyle in my new room, why was he still here?

He learn against the door frame and looked fucking delighted that I was here.

“Why the hell are you looking at me like that?” I snapped at him as he kept grinning at me. Did he forget the part where we broke up and he broke my heart? Had that skipped his mind! Cause he was looking at me like I was his favourite person. Hell he was giving me that look he used to give me before he told me how much he loved me.

Well every time he had said he would love me forever well that was a lie.

“My luck is turning around.” He said still grinning at me.

What the hell was he on about? His luck turning around? How was me moving in making his luck better?

Why the hell did he look so happy?


This story is now published on Amazon. Under Tangled by Simone Elise

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