The Unknown Truth

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“Màri! You aren’t seriously considering releasing a prisoner are you?!” Jannine asked. “I am. I promised him I would!” Màri said. Màri takes a field trip to a prison and meets a young boy who is being held there. Feeling sympathy for the boy, she chooses to work to pay his bail, unaware of how dangerous such a child could be.

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The Only Chapter

They brought him into the prison that day. He kicked and screamed, trying his best to escape their grasp. He did not want to be locked away, but of course, nobody would. They got him down the stairs into the deep dark basement of the prison. That is where they kept the worst prisoners, as that was the most secure area.

“LET ME GOOOOO!” the boy cried out.

They did let him go, but into a cell and they locked it after him. They struck him with a whip multiple times through the bars before turning to leave. He was left alone in a cold dark cell.

On the same day, a group of kids were to go on a field trip. The group met in a small house where they learned things together similar to a school. In Mycono Kingdom, where this story takes place, there are no official schools. Two kids in the group were best friends named Màri and Jannine.

“Alright, now, children! It is time for the field trip! We are going to visit a real live prison!” the adult of the group said.

“Oh dear... This doesn’t sound too safe...” Jannine whispered to Màri.

“I think it sounds interesting,” Màri said.

Before Jannine could reply, the leader was already out the door with kids following him eagerly. The group walked to the next town over, Town of Seconds from the Mycono Farm Lands. It didn’t take long for them to reach this place even though they had to pass the Southern Spring due to an underground mineral called the Temporal Geode. The Temporal Geode is still well known today as the cause of time warps and inconsistencies in Mycono History.

“Now kids, do not touch the prisoners. Do not make fun of them either. These people are dangerous and are in prison for a reason!” the leader said.

A prison guard was happy and willing to show the group around in the prison. Upon reaching the lower floor, he lit a few lanterns and passed them out to the kids so they could see in the dark. It was at that point that Màri snuck off. She wandered into a different area with her lantern and came across a young boy. It was the same young boy who came in that morning.

She stared at him, seeing his wounds and how frail he looked. His skin was very pale, but stained with blood. His hair was light blonde, also stained with blood. Even his eyes looked like blood. Upon his head, he wore a strange little yellow cap. The little boy stared the little girl right in the eyes, quivering a little. Before Màri could say anything to the child, Jannine called her back to the group.

“I’m sorry... I... I have to go now...” Màri said to the boy.

A tear fell from his blood-red eyes as he watched her leave. Little did he know, Màri wasn’t going to leave him in there to die.

“Where were you, Màri?!” Jannine asked.

“Nowhere...” Màri lied.

Jannine knew her friend wasn’t telling the truth, but decided to keep silent anyways. Before long, the field trip was over and the group had to pass by the boy’s cell to exit.

Màri glanced at him again and whispered, “I will return...”

The boy cried harder as Màri left and darkness again overcame the dungeon.

When Màri returned home with a book in hand, her mother stopped her.

“Màri? Where have you been?” her mother asked.

“Learning with my friend Jannine...” Màri said.

It wasn’t exactly a lie, she was learning and she was with Jannine, but she didn’t tell the whole story. At least, not yet...

The whole dinner time, Màri didn’t speak and that made her mother worried.

“Màri, please tell me what is on your mind! You are worrying me!” her mother said.

Finally, Màri decided to admit her situation.

“Mom... When Jannine and I went on a field trip to the prison... I saw a young boy there... Why would a child be imprisoned?” Màri asked.

“Oh, honey... Don’t worry about it... If he was in prison, he probably did something to deserve being there... If you behave you’ll never have to end up like that,” her mother replied.

Màri couldn’t help seeing those pleading eyes in her head again.

“Is there any way to get a person out of prison?” Màri asked.

“There is an option to bail people out, but it’s not a very good idea. Most of those people should not be allowed back into our world,” her mother answered.

Màri went to her room to think about this. She was determined to help that boy, even if nobody else wanted her to. She just couldn’t leave him!

A few hours passed and a particularly bright star was shining into Màri’s window. It was a very far away star, but it was so bright it nearly looked like it was in the area. Màri’s mother was fast asleep and so were the cattle, but the young girl just could not sleep thinking about the boy in the prison cell.

As quickly and quietly as she could, Màri got out of bed and snuck out of the house. She headed across Mycono Field and reached Town of Seconds with plenty of night leftover. There was a security guard at the front desk watching the door when Màri showed up.

“Excuse me, what are you doing here this late?” The security guard asked.

“I’m here to visit a friend of mine...” Màri lied.

“You have a friend in prison? Okay, but don’t do anything stupid,” the security guard said.

Màri took a lit lantern and entered the high-security sector of the prison. Quite a few guards were wandering through the hallways checking on each prisoner and making sure none would escape. Màri snuck over to the boy’s cell and shine her light in.

The young boy woke up right away and came to the cell bars to see what was going on.

“So you returned...” the boy said, “Why?”

“I felt sorry for you... Say, what is your name?” Màri asked.

“Scotty. Scotty Hepburn,” the boy answered.

“My name is Màri,” Màri said.

“I know that,” Scotty said.

“How?” Màri asked.

Scotty grinned.

“They don’t treat you well here, do they?” Màri asked.

“No... They keep whipping me and the food is gross...” Scotty said.

“Listen, I know a way to get you out of here. It might take awhile, but I promise I will come visit each night until I can get you out,” Màri said.

“You’ll help me...?” Scotty asked, looking about to cry. This time, tears of happiness.

“Yes. I promise. I will help you and protect you as much as I can,” Màri said.

Little did she know, that was a huge promise that would come back to haunt her later... Anyways, a security guard found Màri and escorted her out.

“Bye, Scotty...” Màri called out.

“Bye...” Scotty said.

Back in the main office, Màri decided to ask the main guard a question.

“About how many bucks would it cost to bail someone out?” Màri asked.

“Why are you asking about bailing? You are merely a child!” the security guard said.

“I’m curious...” Màri said.

“Okay, you deserve to know... 10,000,000 bucks and you can free a prisoner!” the security guard said.

“10,000,000?!” Màri asked.

“That’s right! Bucks are easy to acquire so we made it difficult to free prisoners!” the security guard said.

Màri returned home with an hour to spare. Though that meant she would only get one hour of sleep. During her one hour of sleep, Màri dreamt about the boy. It would take forever to get enough bucks to rescue him! He might not even live that long in such horrible conditions.

The next morning, Màri went to the schoolhouse and was still sleepy as she didn’t sleep enough. There were dark circles under her eyes and she slouched horribly. Jannine noticed right away.

“Oh dear! Where have you been, Màri?!” Jannine asked.

“Nowhere...” Màri replied, groaning.

The teacher was going over a lesson based on the field trip the kids had yesterday. He explained the importance of following rules and laws though most of the kids who attended the lessons knew better. Màri fidgeted with a daisy that appeared to be sprouting out of her head. Nobody could figure out why she was obsessed with daisies or why they appeared to grow from her head.

While Màri and Jannine were learning in their group, Scotty was having a pretty miserable day. The food they served him for each meal was trash. For breakfast, he had stale bread crusts with a few bits of cheese stuck to them and a glass of cloudy water.

During daylight hours, Scotty and the other inmates were allowed into the prison yard on leashes as though they were dogs. It didn’t matter to the guards that Scotty was merely a child; they forced him to work with the others building a new section on the prison out of bricks. Any time the inmates slowed, they were struck with heavy whips. Scotty was whipped more than the others as he slowed more often. They made him bleed and hurt.

Scotty had just returned to his cell and was taken off his leash when Màri showed up to see him.

“Scotty, I have returned as I promised!” Màri said.

Scotty didn’t say anything at first, too sore to speak. Màri noticed and was concerned.

“Did they hurt you again?!” Màri asked.

Scotty nodded his head.

“That’s how it’s going to be from now on...” Scotty said.

Màri handed a bundle to Scotty.

“It’s a gift, I thought you might like it,” Màri said.

Scotty unwound the bundle in the lantern light. Inside, he found a cookie and a few art supplies. He smiled gratefully.

“Thanks, Màri!” Scotty said.

He began eating his cookie right away as he was feeling very hungry.

“I need to get 10,000,000 bucks to free you...” Màri whispered.

“That’s an awful lot... Will you still have time to see me?” Scotty asked.

“I will, I’ll work this out somehow...” Màri said.

She stuck a hand through the bars and touched Scotty. Right at that moment, a security guard found her.

“HEY! NO TOUCHING THE INMATES! GET OUT OF HERE!” the security guard yelled.

Màri retracted her hand quickly and stood up. She left in a hurry, casting a sorry glance at Scotty. Scotty whimpered.

Well, Màri returned home pretty late and her mother was angry.

“Màri! Where have you been?!” her mother asked.

“Nowhere, mom...” Màri said.

“You better not have been going out with a boyfriend!” her mother said.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, mom...” Màri said.

She went to her room and fell asleep right away as she hadn’t slept enough yesterday night.

The next day was Saturday and so Màri knew the schoolhouse was closed. So, after eating breakfast, the young girl left her house to seek jobs so she could pay the bail for Scotty. She began the day by heading to one of the nearby farms to find work. The farm belonged to Mr. Grier and Màri knew one of the little boys who was named Gregor.

“Excuse me, Mr. Grier...” Màri called when she saw the man.

He grinned and approached her.

“Hey, Màri! What brings you way out here?!” Mr. Grier asked.

“I’m seeking work so that I may earn bucks. Do you have any jobs for me?” Màri asked.

“There are always jobs on the farm! Come work for the day and I will grant you 500 bucks plus any that may pop out of the ground while you work,” Mr. Grier said.

It is a well-known fact that bucks grow from the ground in Mycono Kingdom. The island soil is full of surprises! Màri got to work mucking the stables out, adding fresh straw, and grooming the horses. Also, she got to milk the cows and feed the chickens. When she finished working at nightfall, she gained 505 bucks because she found five near the dung pile. She sighed, still 9,999,495 bucks left to earn. At this rate, it would take years to earn enough.

Even though the young girl was exhausted, she grabbed a few biscuits from the farmhouse and went to Town of Seconds to visit Scotty in the prison. Scotty was awaiting her arrival eagerly, yet more new cuts on him.

“Hey, Màri... I had a brilliant idea while I was working,” Scotty said.

“That’s great! Here, have some biscuits, then you can tell me all about it!” Màri said.

She stuck the biscuits through the bars and into Scotty’s hands.

“Thanks!” Scotty said.

He ate up his biscuits quickly so that he’d be able to talk to Màri before the guards circled around again.

“When you get me out of here in the future, I’m going to become stronger. Nobody will try to hurt me ever again... You see, I have this cap I wear all the time and it is filled with magic! Yes, it powers me! I will construct a massive tower to the heavens and I shall rule over the people!” Scotty said, grabbing the pair of scissors he was gifted.

Màri smiled, unsure of how to respond. Scotty began chipping away at the wall with his scissors, engraving an image.

“Isn’t that going to damage the wall?” Màri asked.

“So? Do you think I care?” Scotty asked, still chipping away.

Màri watched silently until a guard spotted her.

“YOU AGAIN?! GET OUT!” the guard cried out.

“Bye, Scotty!” Màri said before the guard forced her to leave again.

Scotty stopped chiseling the wall as the lantern was taken from him. Màri was sent home and her mother was waiting angrily.

“Màri! You are late again!” her mother yelled.

“Sorry, mom... I was helping at Mr. Grier’s farm and lost track of the time...” Màri said.

“Be more careful, Màri... It’s not safe outside after dark! There are hungry wolves that would gobble up a small child like you!” her mother said.

Màri hadn’t been thinking about the wolves... The only thing on her mind was Scotty.

The night went away and day returned. Màri ate her breakfast and went out to find work. She found a job that would pay well. Walking dogs for 100 bucks and anything the dog digs up. She took three dogs to walk at once, ensuring she’d earn at least 300 bucks.

While walking the dogs, however, she found herself walking towards the prison in Town of Seconds. The dogs stopped to relieve themselves and Màri glanced between the fence railings. The prisoners were working hard and on leashes like the dogs Màri had.

This horrified Màri, but she felt even sicker to her stomach when she heard a heavy whip strike someone and they cried out in pain.

“Work faster!” a watchman yelled to the inmates.

Màri quickly took the dogs away from there to search for bucks in the ground. She came across a really good spot and got 700 bucks between all the dogs digging.

“Thanks, doggies... These bucks will go to great use!” Màri told the dogs.

9,998,495 bucks left to earn... Màri returned the dogs to their owner. After that, she went and cut people’s lawns for bucks. 75 bucks a lawn plus any bucks she uncovered. She got 1,750 bucks from that as there were tons of bucks hiding in people’s lawns. 9,996,745 bucks left to earn.

That afternoon, Màri went home so that her mother wouldn’t yell at her for being late again. However, after her mother fell asleep, Màri left yet again to see Scotty. She had promised she’d visit him every night and she didn’t want to break the promise.

This time, Scotty had a complete drawing in the back of his cell. A small bloody handprint was left on the wall as well.

“Màri, look! My drawing has been completed!” Scotty said.

“You did all that with scissors?” Màri asked.

Scotty held up the now bent up scissors for the girl to see.

“Oh my!” Màri said.

“I used my own blood as well...” Scotty said.

“I’ve been working really hard to get you out, but I have barely made a dent in the cost...” Màri said.

Scotty frowned.

“I wish there was a quicker way...” Màri said with a sigh.

“I’ve tried using magic to escape, but I haven’t entirely figured out how to work my magic...” Scotty said, adjusting his golden cap.

“Why were you put here in the first place?” Màri asked.

Scotty stared at Màri, mouth open a little. Scotty had a little pair of fangs, but Màri took no notice of this.

“Why?” Màri asked again.

Scotty removed his cap, staring at Màri with big watery eyes.

“Do you trust me...?” Scotty asked.

“I do. Of course, I do!” Màri said.

Again, a guard came and escorted her away.

“Bye, Scotty!” Màri cried out.

The next few weeks went over about the same. Màri worked hard and went to the learning group and also visited Scotty every night. She was making the money, but it still wasn’t coming fast enough. On one Friday night, Màri was sneaking back home when a voice called out to her.

“Màri! What are you doing out here?!” the voice called.

It was Jannine, of course. Sticking her nose where it does not belong.

“I couldn’t sleep...” Màri lied.

“Where have you been?” Jannine asked.

“Nowhere...” Màri lied again.

A snarl and a growl sounded from nearby and before either girl could say anything more, a large wolf leaped from the shadows and grabbed Jannine.

“JANNINE!” Màri cries out.

She chased after the wolf that was dragging her best friend away. Jannine was much too shocked to scream. Màri kept on running and eventually caught up to the wolf that was probably just about to kill and eat Jannine. She kicked it as hard as she could and it let go of Jannine, whirling around to attack Màri.

Jannine pulled herself off the ground just in time to see Màri change from a solid form into a shadowy form. The wolf sailed right on through and tumbled. It got up and shook its head, confused as to how it went through its prey.

“Wow! I didn’t know you could do that, Màri!” Jannine called.

Màri fought the confused wolf until it gave up and ran off. Màri changed back into her normal form and turned to face Jannine.

“I didn’t know I could do that either,” Màri said.

Because Jannine was thankful that Màri saved her life, she promised not to tell on her for sneaking out at night. Màri ran home and fell asleep in her bed. After all that excitement, Màri needed rest.

The next Saturday morning, there was a knock on Màri’s front door and her mother answered it. It was Jannine.

“Hey, can Màri come out to play?” Jannine asked.

“I think she is still asleep...” Màri’s mom replied, “I could go wake her.”

“Okay, thanks,” Jannine said.

Màri’s mom went to her daughter’s room and gently woke her daughter up.

“Urgh... Morning already?” Màri asked.

“Your friend Jannine is here,” her mom said.

“Oh!” Màri said, rolling out of bed suddenly.

She ran down the stairs after getting dressed and greeted her friend.

“I found a cool place to hang out if you’re interested,” Jannine said.

“Of course!” Màri said, glancing at her mother.

“Go on... Have fun!” her mother said, encouraging her.

Màri and Jannine took off running north to the field beyond the castle. They crossed Mycono Field, passed one of the rivers coming from Lake Mycono, and up around the Castle Market that surrounds the castle itself. The grass here is a different color than anywhere else in Mycono.

“Isn’t this pretty, Màri?!” Jannine asked.

“Yeah...” Màri said.

Màri was only half focusing, her mind was elsewhere.

“Màri? Why were you out so late anyways?” Jannine asked, “The other night when I found you.”

“I could quite easily ask you the same thing, Jannine...” Màri said.

“I was stargazing,” Jannine said.

“With that big bright star out? You’ll burn your eyes! It’s almost like looking at the sun!” Màri said.

“So why were you out?” Jannine asked.

“Well... ever since we went on that field trip... I haven’t been the same. I saw something...someone...” Màri admits.

“Huh? I don’t get it... Are you trying to tell me you go to prison every night?” Jannine asked.

“That’s exactly what I am saying...” Màri said with a sigh.

“Why would you want to go there?! It stinks!” Jannine said.

“There is a kid in there. He gets treated just as bad if not worse than the adults. He’s really kind...” Màri said.

“No! Prisoners are not kind! Are you out of your mind?!” Jannine asked.

“Promise me you won’t tell?” Màri asked.

Màri extended a hand to Jannine to shake in agreement. Jannine hesitated, but shook anyways.

“Deal...” Jannine said.

“Good. Can you help me with something more?” Màri asked.

Jannine stared at the daisy on Màri’s head for a moment.

“With what?” Jannine asked.

“I need over 9,000,000 more bucks... For something important,” Màri said.

Jannine fell over in the soft grass. She was stunned and didn’t know how to respond. Part of her wanted to run home and abandon Màri, but part of her was curious as to what that money was needed for. Though, an idea was forming in her mind as she began to realize everything that happened in the past few weeks.

“Màri! You aren’t seriously considering releasing a prisoner are you?!” Jannine asked.

“I am. I promised him I would!” Màri said.

“You’re going to die, Màri... But you are my best friend so at least I could help you achieve your dreams...” Jannine said.

She looked like she was going to cry so Màri hugged her.

“I am not going to die... Scotty is a good boy...” Màri said.

“What’s that?” Jannine asked, pointing off in the distance.

Màri looked where Jannine was pointing and smiled.

“That looks like a whole cave of bucks!” Màri said, “Let’s go collect some!”

Màri and Jannine spend hours grabbing as many bucks as they can. They go for the most valuable ones they could find first, the ones worth 1,000. When their pockets are full, they leave the cave with over 20,000 bucks! Even still, Màri was going to need a lot lot more.

“Come to my house for dinner, Jannine. Then I can tell my mother you are sleeping over. We shall sneak out after she is asleep and I will show you Scotty,” Màri said.

Jannine wasn’t so sure she wanted to meet Scotty, nor was she sure she wanted to go back to the prison at all. She followed Màri home, pockets full of bucks.

Upon reaching the Mycono Farmlands and Màri’s house, her mother was instantly curious as to why the girls had so much money.

“Girls! Where ever did you find all those bucks?!” Màri’s mother cried out.

“We did not steal them, mother. Jannine and I stumbled across a fertile piece of ground that grew thousands of bucks,” Màri said, only telling part of the truth.

“Màri said I could sleepover tonight, is that okay with you?” Jannine asked.

“Oh! Sure! Just don’t keep my daughter up all night giggling,” Màri’s mother said, smiling.

The mother went to cook dinner without another questioning glance. Màri showed Jannine to her room where she was hiding all the bucks she had collected.

“Wow! So pretty!” Jannine said.

“I wonder what the prison would do with all these bucks once I bail Scotty out...” Màri said.

Dinner time came and the girls enjoyed a nice meal before going to Màri’s room to pretend to sleep. As soon as Màri’s mom started to snore in the next room, the two girls snuck out of the house and headed to Town of Seconds.

Scotty was half asleep, gripping the cell bars when the girls showed up.

“Scotty... Scotty... I’m here...” Màri whispered.

Scotty lifted his sleepy head to see Màri. When he saw Jannine was there as well he gasped.

“Why is this other girl with you, Màri?” Scotty asked.

“She’s my best friend, Jannine,” Màri said.

“I know that...” Scotty said, rolling his eyes.

“How?” Jannine and Màri both asked at once.

Again, rather than answering the question, Scotty grinned.

“There is so much you don’t tell me...” Màri whined.

“And so much I won’t say... It is best if you do not know the unknown truth,” Scotty said.

“Màri is completed obsessed with you. I don’t even see why. You’re just a scrawny little prison boy,” Jannine said.

Scotty glared at Jannine, snarling a little.

“I could be so much more!” Scotty yelled.

Suddenly, Jannine was knocked off her feet and landed roughly on the ground.

“Ouch!” Jannine cried out.

“Scotty! Did you do that?!” Màri asked.

“I did. Of course, I did. I had to,” Scotty said.

Jannine got off the ground, but remained silent, not wanting to get hurt again.

“Màri, I wish that you had come alone... Your beauty is all I need right now...” Scotty said.

“Aw... I just thought that maybe you’d like to meet someone new...” Màri said.

Scotty tried his best to look innocent.

“Please... Màri...” Scotty said.

“I found a good place to get bucks from... I’ll have you out soon, don’t worry...” Màri said.

A guard came and escorted the girls out.

“You really need to stop sneaking in here! A prison is no place for children to play!” the guard said.

Màri never brought Jannine back to the prison again. Not that Jannine wanted to go back in the first place. In fact, Jannine was so upset that she refused to help gather bucks for Scotty’s bail. Màri had to gather bucks all on her own which took longer. Màri’s mother was stupid and didn’t notice how rich her daughter was becoming until one day she entered her daughter’s bedroom and found 5,000,000 bucks.

“Màri! What on earth do you need 5,000,000 bucks for?!” her mother called.

Màri wasn’t sure what to say at first. After some thought, she spoke.

“I am 16 years old now. I thought I should save up for a place of my own. Also, so I can afford all the nice things that the other kids get. Isn’t it good to have a bit extra cash around?” Màri asked.

“5,000,000 bucks, though! I never could have guessed you had this much!” her mother said.

Màri was ashamed; she didn’t want to tell her mother what she really was saving for. She knew her mother would attempt to talk her out of it. Jannine has tried. Jannine went on and on about how much of a jerk Scotty was and how he deserved to be in prison. Màri wasn’t willing to listen. She wanted to free Scotty, that’s all she wanted. What was so wrong with that?

There came a day when Màri nearly had enough money to pay the bail. By then, both kids were nearly adults. Somehow, Scotty managed to survive severe beatings, poor food, and poor sanitation.

“Scotty... I promise you, I have nearly enough to free you!” Màri said.

“Màri, you’ve been so kind and helpful... I really appreciate it...” Scotty said.

“Are you going to tell me how you ended up in here now?” Màri asked.

“I will only reveal the truth to you if you promise you will keep getting money for me...” Scotty said.

“Yes, why shouldn’t I?” Màri asked.

“With 10,000,000 bucks, you could live a real good life. It’d almost be like being royalty, but with fewer duties...” Scotty said.

“I know, but what would be the point in that if I can’t have you?” Màri asked.

“I murdered my parents,” Scotty said, “And my teacher because he stole my hat and refused to give it back...”

Màri was silent.

“All three were good people. Really. I don’t know what came over me... I just thought it was a great idea suddenly. It was easy. I was a kid then. I’m practically an adult now,” Scotty said.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t do anything like that again,” Màri said.

Scotty grinned.

“Would you?” Màri asked.

“What do you think, Màri...” Scotty asked.

Before Màri could reply, a guard came and took her out of there. Scotty sighed and shook his head.

“Poor girl...” Scotty said, “Would be a shame if someone was to murder her...”

At age 19, Màri came to the prison very slowly. Trailing behind her was a bunch of wagons filled to the brim with bucks. The handles of each were strapped together so they became a train. The main security guard came to the door of the prison quickly upon seeing her.

“Ma’am! What is this?!” the security guard asked.

“10,000,000 bucks! I am here to set Scotty free!” Màri said, a bit out of breath.

The security guard instantly knew who Màri was talking about and was greatly distressed.

“Scotty? But why?” the security guard asked.

“Do you want the money or no?” Màri asked.

Reluctantly, the security guard waved Màri inside to complete the transaction. As soon as all the bucks were stored in the back vault, the security guard took Màri down to the prison basement. Scotty came to the front of his cell as he saw them come to him.

“Is today the day?!” Scotty asked.

Màri nodded. The security guard took his key and unlocked the cell. Scotty walked out right away and hugged Màri tightly.

“Finally!” Scotty said.

The security guard watched as Màri led the young man out of the basement and to his freedom.

“I hope to never go back to that place!” Scotty said.

“I won’t let them take you, Scotty!” Màri said.

The story does not end here, however. Màri and Scotty got married first chance they got. Of course, there were bouquets of daisies as they were Màri’s favorite flower. Màri revealed to Scotty that she was half Shadow Person, but he didn’t mind. In fact, he loved that about her.

About nine months later, Màri gave birth to a son who had black hair and blue eyes. They named him Mungo and he was a Shadow Person. Quite a few things happened over the next few years of their lives and Scotty found himself addicted to an alcoholic beverage known as The Magic Drink.

The Magic Drink is quite potent, but sometimes it is advertised to unsupervised children. The effects of it can be quite horrifying. Insanity, intense mood swings, nausea and vomiting, and aggression are some of the possible effects.

When Mungo was ten years old, Scotty had consumed at least five Magic Drinks and was out of his mind.

“Scotty! Scotty! Where are you, Scotty?!” Màri called out.

She was searching the house for her husband after finding a few emptied bottles of Magic Drink. Mungo was following his mother around, disguised as a shadow so he wouldn’t get caught. Màri couldn’t find Scotty inside the house, so she took the stairs to the roof and there he was! Scotty was pacing around on the roof making horrible noises. His fingernails were sharp like claws.

“Scotty, I am really worried about you...” Màri said, approaching Scotty.

Mungo watched from the doorway, grinning happily. Scotty whirled around to see Màri, hissing and growling like an animal. Màri was frightened and backed up.


“But... Scotty...” Màri said.

Scotty grabbed a sword and stabbed Màri in the chest, severely wounding her.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Mungo cried out, making himself visible again.

Scotty removed the sword and Màri fell to the ground, shocked. Her husband assumed she was dead and went to deal with his nosy son.

“YOU KILLED MY MOM!” Mungo wailed.

“YEAH AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!” Scotty asked, dropping the sword.

Mungo was about to turn and run down the stairs, but Scotty ceased him and wouldn’t let him go.

“LET ME GOOOOO!” the boy cried out.

Scotty didn’t let go of his son. He brought him downstairs to his room. Màri, still having a slight bit of health left, transformed herself into a black dog with daisies. Her chest was still injured, but she managed to flee Scotty’s house...

Mungo had his memory wiped so that he would not remember what happened to his mother. After that, his cruel father cloned him a bunch of times.


The Mungo clones worked and begun the building of Scotty’s Tower which is still around today in Mycono Kingdom. Not all hope was lost, however... A hero would come to Mycono in the future and put an end to Scotty’s evil reign. The Unknown truth became known, but still so many more secrets lie ready to be found.

The End

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