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Rebel Wilson reformed bad girl was determined to turn her cards around and change her bad ways. Everything seems to be going well for her. A new place and new friends. She even got herself a job at a well known nightclub. Only problem with the picture was her sexy and knee buckling boss--Lucifer. And Lucifer was anything but good. Dark. Dangerous. Sinfully bad. Everything about him told her she needed to stay away but she soons find out that things aren't what they seem to be and willfully she found herself under his thumb. Literally...

Romance / Erotica
Leila Vy
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Chapter 1

“I bet you fifty that he will take her home tonight.” Helen said confidently.

She pointed to a couple that was practically groping each other in front of everyone. Their mouths were like sucking leeches as they kissed. I can tell they were seriously drunk.

“Nice try, Hell. I am not going to fall for that one.” I muttered. “This bet will have me losing fifty like water running through my fingers.”

She giggled and slapped the table joyfully. “Oh c’mon. Bet with me.”

“You and I both know that they will end up in bed together.” I scolded as I washed a glass cup under soapy water.

Just then the air in the room changed. Thick and mind numbing. Sexual. My eyes roamed around the room to find the source of it. My eyes landed on Lucifer who was talking to two other men. They were all wearing expensive business suits. The two men were as tall as Lucifer. Together they had an air of arrogance and confidence that commanded obedience. Some women in the room stopped to ogle the three men standing in the middle of the room. Their eyes filled with lust and want as they watched the three men. Oblivious to the women around them, their heads sort of leaned in as they talked amongst each other as they began walking again. They disappeared into the forbidden white door that no staffs were allowed in.

“I wonder what is behind that door.” Helen murmured thoughtfully.

I wasn’t going to pretend I didn’t wonder too. Ever since the day I was hired, I was told whatever was behind that door was off limits to staffs and it only piqued my curiosity more.

Helen whistled then. “I have to say though, those men were major hotties. I want me some nice expensive suit meat.”

I chuckled and shook my head. “Seriously, Helen?”

“Oh don’t pretend you haven’t checked out our boss.” Helen purred. “He’s the epitome of sex. Everything about him is so fucking sexy.”

I gnawed at my bottom lips. She was so right. I did find Lucifer extremely attractive. Everything about him pulled me in. He never glances my way but that doesn’t stop me from staring when he was in the room.

Soon the night came to the end, Lucifer and his friends didn’t step out of the white room at all during the night.

I was just wiping down the tables as my shift was close to finishing. Tonight was a long night. Fridays were usually busy but tonight the whole club was packed. The place was so cramped; even I was surprised at how well the air conditioning was working with this many bodies in the club.

Soft slow music hummed lowly in the background as I picked up my cleaning tub and was about to head back towards the bar. Helen waved goodbye to me as she hoisted her purse over her shoulder.

“See you tomorrow, Rebel.” Helen said.

I waved and mumbled a goodbye before placing the tub behind the bar counter. I then patted my thighs as I looked around to see if I had forgotten anything. When I was done checking off my list of work duties in my head she went into the staff room to grab my purse and jacket.

I closed the staff door behind me quietly and when I heard another door being opened my eyes flitted across the room to the white door that the staffs were forbidden to enter. Lucifer stepped out buckling his black belt as he came out. I couldn’t help but lick my lips. He was a gorgeous man. Eye candy. Something I wanted so badly and seeing him buckling his belt like that made me think of many dirty things.

Rebel, turn away. I thought silently as I turned and practically sped walked to the exit.

“Have a good night, Rebel.” His sensual husky voice purred in the air. I clenched my thighs together as I stopped and turned to look at him one last time. His intense and bright azure colored eyes watching me under a calculated gaze as if he was trying to figure me out. I fought the urge to squirm under his gaze.

“Good night.” I whispered in a breathy tone. He knows my name. This was the first time he ever said anything to me. My heart was beating erratically in my chest as I quickly exit the entrance.

I didn’t live far from the nightclub. In fact, I lived only a block away. The place was situated deep in the city where it seems no one ever sleeps. Even two in the morning and people were still walking around.

Where I live, it was an old ratty apartment but it was also safe and secure. I threw my keys on the counter and my purse fell to the ground. A soft sigh escaped my lips as I quickly moved to lift up my t-shirt and pulling down my pants. In just in a bra and underwear I padded my way toward my bathroom where I turned on the water and placed the bathtub plug in as I waited for the water to fill up.

Unclasping my bra and slipping down my panty, I worked on removing my makeup and untying my ponytail.

Once the tub was filled, I slipped in and closed my eyes as the warm hot water washed over my muscles. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back.

A flash of blue eyes appeared and a soft gasp left my lips as I knew who it was. Another image of him looking at me with those eyes had me moaning. My hands slipped under the water to cup myself. Slipping a finger inside of me, I moaned as I thought about him. I imagined it wasn’t my fingers but his that was touching me that way. The coil inside of me tightened even more. My other hand slipped up to cup my breast as I pinched my nipple. I softly gasped as the sensation was bringing me to a higher wave.

I moaned and slightly writhed around the bathtub, eager to get the release I needed.

Distantly, I heard my phone ringing on the bathroom sink. I bit my lips. I was so close. I quickened the speed of my finger as I clenched my thighs. The ringing stopped but picked up again.

Damn it. Now, thoughts of who would be calling me this late and images of Helen needing help flooded my mind. I can feel the wave calming down again and I huffed as I pushed myself off from the bathtub and leaned over to reach for my phone.

Once I found it I answered without glancing to see who it was.


My body reacted immediately and the orgasm I didn’t have came roaring back. I moaned and clenched my thighs, squeezing my eyes tightly as the wave of orgasm hit me.

What the hell? How did that happen with him just purring my name?

I gulped and prayed he did not hear me.

“Lucifer?” I said hoarsely and weakly.

“Meet me at the nightclub in fifteen minutes.” He growled into the phone before he hung up.

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