When The Snow Falls

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Chapter 3

Once night had fallen and everyone had left the party John and Estelle walked to the back gate, held each other then kissed and parted ways until the next time they should meet. Estelle wondered back into the house trying to hide the girlish grin that lay upon her face, but the way she felt made it difficult as for the first time she had fallen in love and felt it's heavenly touch.

" Estelle," Charmaine called. Still thinking about what happened she did not hear her sister calling. " Estelle!" Charmaine's voice was louder this time. Jumping at the sound Estelle gathered her thoughts and ran to where her sister was waiting. " So where have you been all this time?" Charmaine question with a suspicious tone. " Oh, nowhere," she answered as she looked out a nearby window. " By the way you could have asked John to come over and join the party." Charmaine said with a smile. " What makes you think I was with John." " I have eyes Estelle, I too wasn't paying much attention to the party, I saw the way he looked at you at the lake," she said placing an arm around her sister's shoulders. Estelle retired to bed that night dreaming of things to come, her heart was filled with love and joy and butterflies of excitement.

She woke the next morning with a smile spread across her face. " Estelle honey, breakfast is almost ready," her mother called from the bottom of the staircase. " I'll be down in a few minutes," Estelle answered as she brushed her hair. " Hello Mrs Cavanah," she addressed herself as she looked into the mirror already making up her mind to marry John. She the placed the brush on the Tallboy and hurried herself down to the kitchen.

" Good morning father dear," she said as she sat down at the kitchen table. " I know why she's so happy," said her younger brother. " You hush up!" snapped Estelle. " Estelle that's enough," her mother said in an ordering tone. " Well, doesn't anyone want to know why Estelle is so happy?" Jack asked. " Nobody wants to know," Estelle said standing up with fists on the table. " I do Jack," his father said, " Sit down Estelle." " It's about John to," Jack said with a smile looking over to Estelle, " John and Estelle were sitting together under a tree they were holding hands and kissing."

Estelle stood up from the table and ran out of the room to the front verandah where she sat herself on the porch swing trying to keep back any tears the filled her eyes. `She looked down to the track that lead to the main road, feeling the need to run as far as she could but kept her seat as where would she go, then with a glimpse her eye caught the sight of someone walking down the track, at first it was hard to see who it was but as the figure came closer it became clear to see, it was John.

Estelle's face lit up with joy, she jumped out of the swing and shot down the front steps. John began running toward Estelle both holding out their arms to each other, they embrace a short way down the track and then gently kissed. " I missed you," John said with a gently voice. " Oh I missed you too," Estelle replied as she looked up into his eyes. " Let's walk a while," John said taking her by the hand. They both walked to the stream that ran through the back of the property where nothing but the sound of running water and birds could be heard.

" It's so beautiful this time of year, I wish it could last forever," Estelle said as she picked the wild daisies that grew along side the stream. John walked over to Estelle and gave her his hand to help her up from the streams edge, as she rose a light breeze teased the hem of her dress. " John," she said as she leaned her head into his chest. " Yes Estelle," he answered as he stroked her hair. " Promise me you'll never leave me." " I could never leave you Estelle for I will always be with you no matter what may come." John answered as he wrapped his arms around her.

They both followed the stream till the midday sun filled the sky with the warmth of its rays. They stopped to rest in the shade of an old oak tree, with branches that spread across the stream and vines of tiny white blossoms hanging from each branch. " It's true garden of eden," Estelle said as the spring air filled her lungs. " Remember when we played here as children, we used to get into so much trouble and have so much fun," John said as he looked across the running water. Still holding the flowers in her hand Estelle approached the stream. " Where are you going?" he asked. " Nowhere, just seeing if the stepping stones are still here." Estelle leaned over stream's edge into the water. " They've probably washed away after all these years," John saying as he leaned back against the tree. " I don't believe it, they are still here," she shouted as she began walking across them. " Estelle, you better be careful you might slip," he cautioned her as he stood. " Don't worry I'll be fine," she announced as she reached the middle of the stream. Remembering there was a deep hole in the middle she pretended to lose her balance. " John!" she cried, " Hurry." John jumped to his feet and ran to the edge of the stream and then onto the stepping stones. " I'm coming Estelle," he yelled as he came closer. She was trying so hard not to laugh while at the same time trying to make it look real. As John reached out for Estelle's hand to stop her from falling, with both hands latched onto him she pulled him into the water.

As they sank beneath the waters surface Estelle wasn't sure if he was going to laugh or explode with anger, so she quickly calmed her laughter by dropping her mouth below the water so only her eyes could be seen. His waterlogged body slowly raised out of the water and began to drift towards the bank. Unsure of what he was thinking, Estelle slowly approach him. " John," she quietly called. John with his back turned smiled and continued to ignore her knowing that she hated it. Trying to play it back Estelle stormed out of the stream and back toward home.

She began counting the seconds before John would come running after her. " Estelle," he yelled, " Estelle come on, I'm sorry." Hearing him call she continued walking knowing he would come after her. She bent to pick some flowers to make a halo, and as she bent John ran up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and causing them to both fall to the ground. " I guess I deserve that," Estelle said as she rolled onto her back to face him. " You bet you did." He said as he lay beside her. " We better dry out before we head back for home," she suggested looking over to John. " Do you think the stream will be here in ten years," she questioned. " Sure it will be, who would want to destroy something this beautiful." " You're right, it is beautiful, you'd have to be mad to take away something like this," she said sitting up looking around at the surroundings.

As the warm mid afternoon breeze began to blow their sun dried clothes Estelle rose to her feet then pulling John to his. " We had better get going, it's getting late," she said looking into his eyes. " Well we better make a start you never know what may happen to a beautiful young woman such as yourself, so I shall be your escort," John said holding out his arm. The two young lovers reached the start of the dirt driveway that lead to Estelle's house, so the two parted with a kiss and went on their way.

" You're just in time dear," Estelle's mother said then smiling, " I'm about to set out supper, go wash your hands." Estelle returned the smile and said, " I love you mama." Then ran out to the back porch to wash. " Jack! come inside I won't call you again."

A few moments later everyone was seated at the table. " Heny would you please say grace," aske his wife. Estelle, Jack and their mother bowed their heads and closed their eyes and their father began. " Dear lord, we are thankful for the day we have been given, and for the food that has been placed upon our table, we pray that it will be blessed to strengthen our bodies. Oh and we are also thankful for young John for bringing Estelle home safely, amen. Estelle's father looked up and gave her a wink.

There was total silence at the table, not even Jack would speak as he was still a bit sore from his punishment that morning, then the silence was broken. " Father," Estelle whispered, " I wish to apologize for running out this morning." Estelle stopped and looked over to her mother, her mother nodded, so she continued to eat. " It was unforgivable your temper, but because you had a good reason for it you are forgiven." Her father said then continued to eat. Estelle helped her mother with the dishes and the cleaning of the kitchen so that desert may be prepared. " Here, take this in to your father I'll be in soon." Her mother handed her a piece of chocolate cake. " Thank you mum," Estelle said with a smile, " Thank you for everytjing."

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