When The Snow Falls

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Chapter 5

" Mum." Estelle could hear her daughter's voice echoing in her head. She slowly opened her eyes too see her daughter Suzan sitting on the bed beside her. " Hello dear, you're early today," Estelle said thinking of visiting hours and the crappy nurse that works the morning shift. " Mum, did you forget you're leaving today." " Where am I going ?" she questioned with a puzzled voice. " Home mum, to Summerfield Valley." A smile crept across Estelle's face, " Are we really going?" "Yes mum. Doctor Hardings said it would be ok and I thought we could go now so you could see your field of flowers before it was time for the first snowfall. " Thank you Suzan, thank you so much," Estelle said as she began to tear.

Suzan and an orderly escorted Estelle to the car and awaiting children. " Grandma isn't it exciting," Jenny hollered as she hung out of the car window. Billy quickly opened the car door to allow his grandmother to sit in the front. With the help of the orderly Estelle carefully climbed into the car at the same time saying, " Hell, life's a bitch when you're old and sick." The two children giggled at the sound of a curse word. " Mum! please not in front of the kids." " Oh it's not you've never said a bad word." Estelle said glancing up from her seat belt. Suzan pulled out of the hospital parking bay and started their search for Summerfield Valley.

" How long do you think it will take to get there," Estelle asked as she wiped some sweat from her forehead. " Well. We've only been on the road for a few hours mum, so we are looking at at least another ten to twelve hours drive, so maybe everyone should get some sleep for now." Suzan explained. " Mum I'm hungry," Jenny said leaning forward over the front seat. " We'll get something as soon as we reach the next service station." Estelle fell into a deep sleep and drifted off to her memories.

" Happy Anniversary!" John said as he leaning over to kiss Estelle goodmorning. " Hi there, Mr Cavanah." She said as she gazed into John's eyes. " Do you realise Mrs Cavanah that we have now been married for three years." John said stroking her hair. " Wait there." John got off the bed and walked over to his coat that hung on the coat rack and returned with his hand closed. " Now close your eyes and don't open them till i say. One, two, three, now open." A silver locket sat in his hand glistening in the morning sun as it came through the bedroom window. " Oh John, it's beautiful." Estelle opened the locket and inside there was a picture of John and an inscription that read... " To my dearest love forever in my heart you'll be, John." " I too have something for you, something I know you'll love. So, are you ready for it?" she said taking a deep breath. " John, I'm pregnant, we are going to have a baby."

There was a short silence in the room and then John let out a yell. " Woo hoo! wait, are you sure? how long? when did you find out? John asked as he sat back onto the bed. " Two months, I didn't want to tell you before I wanted to keep it a surprise for now, and let me tell you it wasn't easy." " Well my lovely, it was a surprise worth waiting for." John said with the biggest grin then hugging her.

" Ok John you can stop hugging me now, I'm beginning to lose circulation in my legs." " Oh sorry. Are you ok? How do you feel?" " John I'm fine, really, I can still do everything like I did before." She said laying her hand upon the side of his face. John never looked so happy before, besides the day they married, and the radiance from the good news just shone from the young couple. As the months slowly drifted by John and Estelle were counting the months, the weeks and the days that were left till the birth of their first child.

Spring had finally arrived and it wasn't long till it was time. Estelle was prepared for her time in hospital. " John, do you have to go? there's only a week till the baby comes." " Angel I'm sorry, I did everything I could to get out of it, but the boss wouldn't hear about it, I'm pretty sure i'll be back in time to be with you. I'll call you as soon as I arrive. Ok ?" " Well, ok but as soon as you arrive and not a minute after. I need to know everything went ok." She said as she took hold of her husband's hand. Standing on the front porch they gazed deeply into each others eyes as though it was the last time they would see one another. John leaned into Estelle and kissed her gently then placing his arms around her. " I love you Estelle, more than anything in this world, and I promise I will be back in time to be with you." He kissed her once again and climbed into the waiting taxi. The two waved to each other as the car drove out of sight, a tear rolled down Estelle's cheek and the only sound she could hear was the sound of her heart beat growing lowder. For the first time she felt alone.

Two days had passed and there had been no word from John and slight panic had begun to fill Estelle's head. A third day went by and still no word. She knew something was wrong, she could feel it deep within her soul. With a loud ringing of the doorbell Estelle woke with a fright, once again the doorbell rang. She slowly lifted her weary body from the armchair and made her way to the door, recalling her loved ones absence she took a deep breath and opened it. " Mamma, it's you, please come in." " Oh honey are you ok?" asked her mother. " Yeah I'm holding out, only a few more days to go." " Where's John honey, is he at the market ? " " No, he's overseas on a business trip in New York, he said he'll be back in time for the birth but I'm starting to get a bit worried, I haven't heard from him in three days and just have the sickest feeling that something has gone wrong." " Estelle, maybe he's just forgotten to call, or he just hasn't had a moment to spare to get to a phone yet," her mother trying to comfort her. " Come, I'll make us some tea, you really need to try not stress at this stage." " Mum he said he would call as soon as he arrived, he promised."

Estelle and her mother were interrupted by a loud knock on the door. " Just a minute," Estelle called. Estelle and her mother approached the front door. " Good afternoon ma'am, are you Mrs John Cavanah ?" " I am Mrs Cavanah." Estelle said opening the door wider. " I am Detective Harris, and this is my partner Detective Kelly." Announced the police detective as he displayed his badge. Estelle's face filled with fear and tears began to stream down her face, she let out a scream as she fell to her knees and she could feel her heart die for she knew the reason why the two detectives had come to see her.

" Ma'am," Detective Harris said as he knelt to help her. Detective Kelly stepped forward to speak to Mrs Banks. " Ma'am, the plane Mr Cavanah was on to New York went down three hundred miles before it reached the States, no survivors have been found. Please accept our condolences." " Mrs Cavanah, if there's anything we can do for you or help you with please let us know and we will do what we can." " I'm sure we can manage. Thank you, thank you both." Estelles mother said as she showed the detectives the door.

" MOTHER!" Estelle screamed. A pool of blood could be seen where Estelle lay, she screamed again, her mother turned. " Oh god, not this, not now. Detectives wait! it's my daughter, I think she's gone into early labour." Her mother and bothe Detectives gently placed Estelle into the back of the police car. " Please hurry, she's lost a lot of blood." Estelle's mother said as she held her close. Some moments later they arrived at the hospital, Detective Kelly ran into emergency to get assistance. " Hurry there's an emergency. A woman had come into early labour and looks like she's lots a lot of blood." Hollered Detective Kelly as he reached the front desk. Estelle's screams could be heard through the E.R. doors, tears flooded down her face. Her mother and Detective tried their best to comfort her. " Estelle baby it won't be much longer, help is coming." Her mother said as she held her close to her chest.

Detective Harris lifted her from the car and began to carry Estelle into the hospital, A Doctor and several nurses met the Detective, Mrs Banks and estelle at the glass doors that divided the outside world to that of the sanctuary of the hospital. With speed and agility Estelle's weak body was carefully placed upon the awaiting bed. " Nurse Thomas, prepare the I.C.U. and the O.R. " the doctor turned and said, " Ma'am, Sir, you'll have to wait here." " How long before we know anything ?" Estelle's mother trembled. " I'm not too sure as yet, we have to see what damage has been done, we'll let you know as soon as soon as we know something, so please take a seat it's now a waiting game, we will do everything we can for your daughter." The doctor turned and ran to the Operating Room.

" Ma'am, come sit down I'm sure the staff here are doing all they can for her." Detective Harris and Kelly waited with Mrs Banks to try bring her comfort. Estelle's pain could be heard in the waiting room, Mrs Banks lost her breath at the fear for her daughter's moment of trial. " Detective Harris, what could be taking them so long. They've been in there for two hours, what if something's wrong?" " Ma'am, please stay calm and think positive, I'm sure both your daughter and her baby will be fine, this is the finest hospital in the county. Would you like some coffee or maybe some tea?" Det. Harris offered. " Ah, yes, please. Tea would be nice." " I'll get it," Det. Kelly said, " I'll get us all one." " Detective Harris.." " Ma'am, please call me Marc." " Very well. Marc, I am very thankful for all the help you have given me and my daughter..." " Pardon me ma'am." The doctor said as he entered the room. " Your daughter is doing fine, and you have a very beautiful granddaughter. They are both in recovery." " Can I see her now?" Mrs Banks asked sighing with some relief. " Certainly, if you'd like to come with me I'll take you to her." " I'll wait here." Det. Harris said as he took a seat. " Oh please come, I'm sure she'll be most happy to see you." Estelle's mother and Detective Harris entered the quiet hospital room where the exhausted young woman lay resting. " Estelle honey, it's me, your mother." Her mother stroked her hair as she looked down upon her tired face. " Mamma. Where am I ? " You're in hospital. You just had your baby." " I did? What did I have?" Estelle softly spoke. " You had a very beautiful and healthy girl." A small tear made its way down Estelle's cheek and moistened her pillow.

Still in a daze from the past events, Estelle glanced around the semi dark room, the detective Marc Harris was standing in the shadows at the end of her bed, his face could not be seen. " Oh John, I knew you'd make it, I just knew... " " Ah, honey , this is Detective Harris. You remember him don't you?" said Mrs Banks as she stepped forward and taking her daughter's hand. " Oh yes; I remember now." Estelle recalling everything as she looked away. " Maybe I should give you both some time alone," Detective Harris said as he walked to the door. " No, please stay, after all if it wasn't for you and your partner I probably wouldn't be here."

Time past on for Estelle and her daughter, and the horrifying news of John's death was now just a memory, but the memory of her first love and beloved husband was still very strong and filled her heart every day. There were times where Estelle would just sit and lose herself in her memories of the day of John's proposal and when they would sit under the large tree out back and talk of things to come and how their future would be as Mr. and Mrs. Cavanah.

Sixteen years had passed, Estelle, her mother and the rest of her family were preparing for Suzan's sixteenth birthday celebration. Grandmother Banks was in the kitchen cooking up a storm, Estelle's brother Jack was clearing the back garden to set out the table, father Banks was getting the wood together for the open fire pit and Estelle and suzan were hanging streamers and paper lanterns from tree to tree across the garden. Once the working bee had stopped they all stood back and took it all in.

" It's wonderful. Thank you so much." Suzan hugged her mother with such gratitude Estelle's eyes began to tear up. " Anything for you my angel," and she kissed her daughter on the forehead. " I'm sure father would have thought so to. Do you think he is here today?" Suzan asking holding her mother's hands. " Angel he wouldn't miss it for the world." " I understand today must be hard for you mum, being it was to this day dad, well.." Suzan paused before saying more. " Suzan, yes it is, but it's ok, I'm ok. You see, I have you a wonderful image of your father every time I look at you. He's in your smile, your eyes and sometimes in your laughter, but most of all in our hearts where he will always live on."

In the distance cars could be heard as they drove down the track that lead to the house, and so the family quickly finished doing their few chores in time for the guests. Estelle stood inside the living room watching through the window as Suzan ran out to the front gate to start greeting her friends, her mind wondered a little and a smile came to her eyes. " She's beautiful, you have done well." A voice gently spoke to her ear and a warm breath could be felt. " Yes she is. We had made a beautiful young woman, and she is just like you my love, in so many ways. Oh John I miss you so much." Estelle said as she placed her hand over her heart. " I am always here my love, you will never be alone for with every beat you feel within I will sweeten with my touch, and if you want to see me just close your eyes and I will be here." A light warm breeze brushed her cheek and she could smell John's scent and in that instance he was gone. Estelle smiled a little more as she touch her cheek and a small tear settled on the tip of her finger. " I love you." She whispered.

" Mother; are you ok?" Suzan asked as she took her mother's hand. " Yes, of course. I'm just marveling at how lovely you have grown." Suzan embraced her mother, and at the same time Estelle could feel John with them. " Ok, now let's get out back and get things going." Estelle and Suzan wiped away any tears and both headed to the back garden to the festivities. Streamers and party whistles were being set off. The table was set with sandwiches, slices, cupcakes, and a large punch bowl in the middle. Mr. Banks had started the fire pit and collected long sticks so the guests could roast marshmallows over the fire, while Mrs. Banks brought out the roast meats and vegetables. The radio played in the background for entertainment and the lanterns were lit, the site was splendid and laughter could be heard all around. Estelle watched the festivities from the back verandah with a smile and the comfort of the feeling from John by her side. Then she noticed a young man making eyes at Suzan. " I remember that look, it was the one I gave to you at your sister's wedding." A whisper touched her ear. Estelle had a giggle. " Oh I remember, and it was that moment I knew." She stood watching her daughter and this young man as they talked, and just like herself and John they wandered off to sit under that same tree where she and John dreamed of their future.

Time drifted on for Estelle and her family. The seasons changing and children growing up and Estelle could feel the touch of time as the years went by, but the one thing that never changed was her memories. The memories of her time as a girl and of the time most precious to her with her beloved John. She often sat listening to his whispers on the wind and the gentle touch of his hand to her cheek. In the distance of her mind she could hear the echo of a telephone bell ringing. She came back from her time in the past and looked around the room and then realised where she was, she slowly stood and walked over to the phone.

" Hello?" Estelle spoke into the handset. " Hello Mrs. Cavanah, this is Toby I'm calling to let you know that Suzan has gone into labour." It was her daughter's husband Toby, " I'm just settling Suzan in and I will be right out to pick you up, say twenty minutes." Estelle's eyes widened " Oh thank you Toby dear, I'll be ready in the shake of a lambs whats-it." She could feel her energy pick with the exciting news and went straight to a picture of John. " How exciting my love, there are going to be new children around us, oh you would be so proud of our little girl. Well no time to waste must get ready."

Estelle and Toby arrived at the hospital in record time, Estelle a little befuddled from the drive but in one piece. The two hurried into the birthing ward where Suzan was not too far off giving birth. " Mum." Suzan called. " I'm right here dear, you are doing so well and I am very proud of you and you can bet your father is too." Estelle took her daughter's hand and moved some hair from her face. " Where's Toby?" " I'm right here angel." he said as he walked to the other side of the bed. " Is there anything you need?" he asked. " Are you serious right now!" Suzan let out a scream as another contraction was hitting. Toby stepped back in fear and looked over at Estelle. She gave him a wink and said, " Don't worry dear women are usually like a possessing demon in these situations, it's nothing against you." " Nothing against him! he did this to me. It's all his fault, and if I wasn't lying here right now he'd be a feww body parts lighter." Suzan screamed again, the contractions were very close together now. Toby's eyes widened as Suzan glared at him as she screamed once again. " Toby dear, maybe you could go to the canteen and get me a tea please." Estelle asked as she could see he was about to lose it. " Tea, yes tea would be good." He said taking steps towards to door. " Good calming tea."

" Doctor, do you think it will be much longer?" Estelle questioned. " Well contractions are five minutes apart so hopefully any moment now." He explained. " Ok, I see the head. Now Suzan I'm going to need you to start pushing." With her face turning red and sweat pouring from her brow she screamed again as she pushed with everything she had. Estelle held her hand tight with one hand and whipped the sweat away with the other and at the moment Toby walked into the room. " No way." Toby then dropped the teas and hit the floor like a bag of bricks. As Suzan pushed and screamed she saw Toby on the floor, her eyes widened and at the same time yelled, " Are you friggin kidding me!" and then it happened a little girl was born.

Both Suzan and Estelle cried at the sight of the newborn and Toby finally came round. " We have a little girl Toby." Suzan spluttered out through the tears." Toby stood and stumbled over to the bed and kissed his wife on the head. " She's beautiful, but um why do you still look pregnant?" he asked. Suzan looked up at him through her brown and said, " Honey you carry one of these around for nine months and see if you fall back into shape." Ten minutes had passed and Suzan felt the sensation of pressure on her pelvis, and then let out a scream.

The Doctor came back into the room. " I was wondering when this was going to happen." " Happen? What do you mean, happen?" All three of them asked. " What; you didn't know. You're having twins." The doctor explained as he readied himself for the next delivery. " WHAT! ah no, I was told there was only one!" Suzan said as she began to breath heavy. " Ok Suzan you need to start pushing as this one is on its way." Toby took the first baby and sat in a chair off to the side and Estelle once again took her daughter's hand and started to comfort her as best she could. Then in no time she gave birth to the second baby and this time a boy. " Well congratulations you now have a baby boy." The attending nurse wrapped up the baby and handed him to Suzan.

Tears of joy and exhaustion rolled down her face, the room was full of so much love even the nurse shed a tear. " Well done my baby." Estelle said as she kissed Suzan in the head. The baby boy let out a cry that sounded like a squeaky toy and was followed by the other baby doing the same. " Oh Suzan I am so proud of you. As if I couldn't be any happier than I already am." With the other baby in arms Toby walked over to the bedside and sat in the chair next to Suzan so both babies could be together. A silence filled the room and all that could be heard was the soft sounds of the babies as they breathed.

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