To Fly with Dragons: the Echo of a Memory (Book 2)

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Jenabel dreams of a dragon the color of the setting sun. But dragons are myths, and yet she can't shake the intense need to find him. Anhanan, a dragon shape shifter, has claimed Jenabel for his own. It isn’t that dragons don’t exist, they do. Black as the night without a light. One for each region of Pachemus. So where is the truth in the ones Deagon and Jenabel seek? When Deagon Maddock inherits a crumbling fortress, he discovers treasure alluding to a past he had heard as a myth so many times. Dragons, not like the ones he knows, but ones who were once protectors of the land. Did they really exist? A ghost, a crystal ball, and a book with an attitude, seem to all be telling him it is so. And when he sees the girl in the crystal ball, he is honestly more interested in her. Jenabel Sander’s brothers would worry for her, even think she was crazy, if she told them about the dragon in her dreams, or the evil man. Either one would give her brothers cause to question her sanity. She questioned her sanity. Red dragons, breathing fire, were myths made to entertain, not believe in. So how did she explain the need to find him? Anhanan can’t believe the dragon shape shifters have been wiped from the land. Nothing is left of his people but stories. It is Jenabel who keeps his mind strong and focused in the aftermath of his return and he knows there must be a battle to end the reign of th

Romance / Fantasy
B.F. Scott
5.0 1 review
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Dragon's Song

Dragon’s Song

There was a time when dragons roamed over land and water, protecting man and king. Until one so greedy asked for more, removing the balance of his land. Now the guardians are gone, replaced by an evil ever seeking power and immortality. But good can never be truly vanquished. Love will call for their return and a battle will rage for all that is wrong. The land will recognize once more, the dragons’ voice. The protector.

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