The Kiss of Love [Spirit & Love #1]

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Part X: Life as a Couple

Their real troubles began shortly after their marriage.

Annalise and Gale were now back from their week’s honeymoon and into the new home that both their parents had bought and kept ready while they were gone. While Gale had been very thankful and appreciating, Annalise had tears in her eyes and unable to speak comprehensively. Later, when Gale had sat down to seriously enquire whether she liked the new home or not, she had vigorously nodded her head and stated that she loved it very much.

And now, a week later, the young newly-weds had settled down into a routine: every morning, he would go out for work and she would prepare breakfast and pack his lunch for him, see him off, and then settle down to minor cleaning and some sewing. Eventually, Gale decided that he would not let Annalise pack his lunch for him and instead, he would be return to have it.

Annalise was glad to know that she would be able to see her husband even in the middle of the day. Yes, she could get comfortable with that!

One Sunday morning after Breakfast, Annalise and Gale were seated at the table, doing their own thing.

“I say, Anna,” Gale spoke up, as he skimmed through the newspaper, “let’s go out for lunch to-day!”

Annalise’s eyebrows shot up in surprise; she looked up from her knitting. “Lunch outside!” she exclaimed. “But, what of the stock of food we’ve got still remaining?! They’d get spoilt!”

Gale chuckled, as he peered at her from the side of the newspaper. “Nah, I don’t think so…you can make the Supper tonight. In fact, I think we should go out for the rest of the day to-day, till nightfall!”

“But, Gale –”

“Hush now, no buts!” Gale stood up from his seat, gently plucked her knitting out of her fingers to set it aside, and pulled her out of her chair. “Come, let’s see what you can wear to-day!”

“Gale, no!” Annalise tried her best to protest, but to no avail. Finally, she gave up and let him lead her to the bedroom they shared.

He released her hand and went to their wardrobe. He opened it and looked through the various articles of clothing she had stocked. She walked to his side.

Gale picked up a half-sleeved pink t-shirt and a blue knee-length skirt that exactly matched his wife’s eyes. “Ah, this dress…brings back memories,” he whispered to her.

“Yes,” agreed Annalise, her voice just as soft. “That was the one I wore on our first date together.”

He tilted his head to peer at her. “Why don’t you wear this to-day…to commemorate our first date as a married couple?”

She grinned at him. “Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea!” She took the clothes from his hands and set them on their bed. “Now,” she said, eyes gleaming wickedly, “let’s choose what you’ll wear!”

“Same as you?” he asked her in the soft velvety voice that she loved so much.

She considered it. “Deal!” She knelt down to rummage through his pile of clothes and retrieved from a corner the same yellow shirt and pair of navy blue jeans that Gale had worn on their first date together.

Their life as a couple seemed to be rather promising and delightful. However, the Fates were yet to visit them…

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