The Kiss of Love [Spirit & Love #1]

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Part XII: Seventh Heaven

Gale’s heart began to beat faster as, standing at the gate, he realised that Annalise – his lovely young wife – was actually glad to see him.

She ran towards him and crushed him into a hug – which surprised him, because she was usually rather light and delicate, not very heavy.

“Gale!” she cried, tears flowing down her face for the second time that day. “I thought you left me for good!”

Gale gave his trademark chuckle. “Nope…never! And I promise I’ll never do that again! I was very foolish—I should’ve understood that you aren’t ready yet!”

Annalise pulled her head back abruptly, astonishment written all over her face. “My, didn’t you just pull my words right out of my mouth – even before I could utter them!”

Gale shrugged. “I think I deserve to have them.”

She laughed. “Oh, Gale!” she said. Then, her gaze wandered behind him; she inhaled sharply.

“Oh,” she breathed. “Your parents are here.”

Gale nodded his head, as he turned around, his hold still tightly around her. “I went to them after you left. I didn’t have any reason to stay behind in the place you called home.”

“Oh, aren’t you sweet,” she mumbled with sniff. “All right…I think we’re okay. Aren’t we?”

“That we are!” he grinned at her. He finally let go of her, but hastened to catch hold of her hand.

When they left their parents at Annalise’s house, the young couple went for a walk around the neighbourhood, before actually arriving at their little home, situated three streets away from their parents’ locality.

“Gale,” Annalise spoke up, as he turned in a key into the lock on the front door, “I’m very sorry… I hope you’ve really forgiven my outburst.”

Gale opened the door and stepped aside for her to pass. However, when he saw that she did not, he sighed and said, “Anna, you could never hurt me in any manner, no matter what I say in a state of extreme emotion. So, there is neither anything to apologise for nor anything to forgive.

“Now, please go in. It’s getting cold and I don’t want you sick. Not because it’ll be a problem, but because… Well, yea, a problem…that I cannot solve.”

There was a silence for a moment. It was broken when Annalise tipped her head back and laughed.

“Never taken care of the sick, huh?” she teased him, poking him in his chest. “Ooh, boy looks tough, but is sentimental about sick girls! Look at that!” She went inside the house and switched on the living-room light.

“Ah, so now you’re teasing me, eh?”

Upon hearing his voice, Annalise froze, her grin vanishing. She turned around and noticed the evil smirk that Gale gave her – something she had never seen before…

“Gale?” she asked, a little scared. “What’s the matter…what did I say now? Was it the teasing? If so, then I am so sorry…again… Please forgive me.”

Gale moved slowly towards her. “Oh, forget about our petty little quarrel,” he told her, voice several notches lower than usual. “I’m only focused on what you said now.”

Each step he took towards her, each step she took away from him. This went on till both of them reached their room.

“Well then,” said Annalise, “please forgive me, I beg you! I didn’t mean it!” Her heart began racing and all sorts of horrible thoughts began crossing her mind.

However, he did not respond, but just stepped towards her. Her legs finally stopped against the bedpost.

“Now!” Gale pounced on her. Annalise, confused, squealed, but he covered her mouth.

She tried to struggle against him, but found herself pinned onto the bed with him on top of her. As he removed his hand from her mouth, she suppressed a smile that was beginning to form on her face.

“How are you going to punish me, my lord?” she asked him, in a low, soft voice.

Gale pretended to think. “Let me see…” Then, he looked down at her. “How about a kiss?”

“Meh, that’s normal,” replied Annalise in a mock snort. “Something new, perhaps?”

He smirked at her. “Nay, I don’t think you’re ready, yet.”

“Oh? What makes –”

Gale cut her off by closing her lips with his.

It was like the young couple was in seventh Heaven, such delight as they had never known before. Everyday seemed like a new adventure – even if they involved minor bickering like this particular day.

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