The Kiss of Love [Spirit & Love #1]

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Part I: Sibling Love

It was a cold winter’s day that Laura Watson entered the high school she attended…only to bump into a fleshy wall…

“Watch where you’re walking, Watson!” an all-too-familiar male voice sounded in her ears, something she had got used to by now.

She did not look up; instead, she simply changed her path slightly and walked away, without as much as a spoken word.

“How long will you keep ignoring me, Watson?” his voice boomed towards her ears; however, to her relief, it was slowly fading away…which meant that he had finally given up pursuing her.

In the past year, he almost never let her go, till her best friend and neighbour, Robert “Bob” Matthews, came to her rescue. She would be a little ashamed about herself for being so weak in front of the entire school. She knew she could be strong – and so did her parents – but, she simply could not find the strength to tick off the one person that always threatened her very existence.

But, to-day, by ignoring him, she proved to the world – and eventually herself – that she was capable of self-defence.

“Hey, Laura!” Bob’s cheerful voice floated towards her and she looked up, a bright smile on her face.

She stopped in her tracks. “Bobby!” she called; she preferred to call him that, especially since he made no objection. “What’s up?! Where did you run off to, all of a sudden?!”

Bob Matthews finally reached her side, panting. “You were super-awesome there, sis!”

It was a well-known fact that Laura and Robert (the said “Bobby”) considered themselves sister and brother, although they were not born to the same parents. In fact, Laura was an adopted child of Annalise and Gale Watson, a couple who had had issues having children of their own. So, when Laura had accidentally ended up practically at their feet, they had readily taken the chance given to them by the Divine powers in Heaven and adopted her. And Robert was the only child of the fcouple’s neighbour, Rachel Matthews, who had divorced his father just after he was born.

Laura flushed, as they began walking again. “Of course not, Bobby! It was that…I was tired of being your shadow – I mean, it is, after all, my problem, not yours!”

“Sure it is!” exclaimed Robert, rolling his eyes in mock frustration. “Though, that doesn’t stop me from protecting my sister!”

“It does!”






Realising his mistake, Robert held up his hands in surrender. “All right, you win. Now, run into your classroom, sissy!”

“Don’t speak to me as if I’m a child!” she cried.

“Well, sometimes I think that you are!” He stuck out a tongue at him and deftly escaped the blow he expected from her.


“Miss Watson, are you now in the mood to attend your History hour?” a new voice spoke – one that belonged to the Headmistress of the school, standing in front of her class!

Laura blinked nervously, muttered an apology, and scrambled into her classroom; Robert did the same and ran down the corridor to his.

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