The Kiss of Love [Spirit & Love #1]

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Part VIII: Green Revolution

It had been nearly two months since Michael Hudson reacquainted himself with Laura Watson.

Without their realising, they had grown closer than they ever thought would be possible. They each enjoyed one-another’s company and, to their immense surprise, Robert and Jonathan would sometimes slip away with some really lame excuses, leaving the two alone!

It was a warm Sunday evening and the four friends were hanging about Laura’s garden. Mrs and Mr Watson had been introduced to their daughter’s new friends. Although the former was rather chirpy about it all, the latter could not help warning Michael – in a rather lawyerly voice – to refrain from harming Laura, his daughter. Michael promised rather profusely, which made Laura laugh her head off at him.

“You told them about me, didn’t you?” Michael asked her, his voice soft and not at all accusing.

She stopped laughing as her parents went back inside.

“Yes,” she replied, a tight smile on her face. “I had to…”

Michael put up a hand to stop her. “None of that, please! You know…I’d have done the same if I were you.”

She looked up at him and saw a kind smile on his face, which brightened up his features tenfold…something she had never seen before! She was so captivated by it that she did not realise she was in fact staring at him!

As he stared back at her, Michael’s hard shell began to melt, rendering him near to vulnerability. She was growing more and more beautiful by every passing week. He had been wishing to hold her in his arms and sweep her away and perhaps…a kiss…?

He shook such thoughts out of his head just as he heard Jonathan’s voice distantly in the background, which made no sense to him. He only wanted to keep looking at the girl beside him who managed to melt his ice heart.

He wondered if she felt the same towards him. He hoped she did.

“Hey, you guys!” Jonathan’s voice sounded nearer and Michael forced himself to turn away from Laura. Jonathan paused in his tracks as he approached them and took in the scene. “I just came to tell you that Bobby and I are going exploring! So, see ya!”

And, just like that, Jonathan turned around and raced away!

Silence descended upon the remaining kids in the deserted garden.

“Exploring?” asked Laura at last, breaking the silence. “What does he mean by that?”

Michael shrugged. “God only knows,” he responded. Then, his eyebrows widened. “I say, why don’t we talk a walk as well? The weather’s pleasant enough! What do you think? Do you trust me enough?”

Laura let out a sudden giggle. “You mustn’t be worried about me accepting as much as you should be about Papa,” she told him. “All right, I’ll go in and tell them!”

“I’ll come with you,” he said, “so I can convince them personally that I’d take a good care of you.”

As he followed her inside, Michael could not help thinking about how far he had come in his life: from being a Good Boy to being a Bad Boy to going back to being a Good Boy again. It was a revolutionary process, which even his parents were delighted about!

And it was all because of a certain little red head that had entered his life…

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