The Kiss of Love [Spirit & Love #1]

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Part XIII: School Dance

It was nearing the end of the year and there was going to be a school dance, just a week after the examinations, to celebrate the conclusion of yet another academic year.

It would be the last one for Michael, and Jonathan wanted to make it quite memorable to him. However, when he presented his plan before his friend, Michael vehemently denied it, albeit reluctantly.

Jonathan was aghast. “But, why ever not, Mickey!?” he enquired.

“Well,” replied Michael, “I already caused her too much trouble… She’s a very sweet girl and I intend to let her be that way.”

“Mickey, don’t you love her?”

“I do!” yelled Michael, before realising that his voice could perhaps be heard over miles away from the school corridor they were both standing on. He lowered his voice and added, “But, I don’t want to hurt her again!”

Jonathan shook his head. “I know you won’t – not now, after you know how good she is for you. Go, ask her.”

“No, I –”

“Will you ask her or shall I? After all, even I need a dance partner,” Jonathan told him slyly.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” hissed Michael – and then saw his friend’s pleasant deception. He shook his head. “Oh shucks, you just wanted me to give in, didn’t you?”

“The School Dance?” asked Laura, blinking innocently at the boy in front of her, indicating her confusion.

Michael chuckled. “Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of it,” he replied, quietly.

“I mean…yes, I have heard of it, but…”

“Didn’t know our school conducted it every year?”

She nodded her head.

“Oh well, I suppose that’s to be expected from a girl whose nose is eternally stuck inside a book! So, what—yes or no?”

“Of course I’d love to come! I’d love to dance with you – just once, though!”

“Ah, that’s for me to decide!” He winked at her, turning her face scarlet in pleasure. "All you have to do is come!"

“As you say, Your Majesty,” she curtsied gracefully.

He returned it with a bow and an “Aye”.

At the end of the corridor, unbeknownst to these two lovebirds, Robert and Jonathan witnessed their discussion and exchanged approving grins.

As she swayed lightly with her head resting on her partner’s shoulder and his arms wrapped around her, a feeling of comfort descended upon Laura, and a sigh of contentment escaped her lips.

“Feeling tired already, my Princess?” asked Michael with humour filled in his tone.

“Oh no, not at all, my Prince,” she responded. “I just feel at home, being like this.”

“I’m very glad you do. ’Cause, I do too.”

“Do you, now?”


A moment of silence filled between the two slow-dancers, as they speculated their individual futures.

“Micky?” she called.

“Yes, Laura?”

“What are you planning to do after you graduate from here?”

“Well, I do have some plans in my mind. My aunt is willing to help.”


Another silence ensued this.

“Laura?” he called.

“Yes, Micky?”

“What are you planning?”

“Ha, it’s two years early for that, don’t you think?”

“I mean…will you still want to be friends with me?”

At this, Laura instantly stopped dancing and whipped her head back, gaping at Michael. Recognising the shocked yet happy expression in her eyes, he smirked.

“You were thinking the same, weren’t you: whether I would still want to be with you or not?”

“Yes! And yes, I absolutely want to be around you!”

“So,” he pretended to be deep in thought, “if I ask you to meet me at the ‘Dolls Café’ at…say…around five tomorrow, would you come?”

He was staring absently at the ceiling waiting for her answer. When she did not say anything, he looked down at her, a little worried – only to see her shining ocean-green eyes staring right back at him!

“I would dearly love to!” she gasped. “Oh, yes, yes, I will! It’ll be a date!”

He gave her his most genuine smile. “Yes…just like your parents.”

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