The Kiss of Love [Spirit & Love #1]

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Part XVI: Forever After

Laura was lying on the bed in her room.

It had been about fifteen minutes since leaving her parents in the living-room. She was going over her decision again and again, making sure she had considered each and every possibility carefully and with caution.

When she was absolutely sure, she picked up the landline cordless phone beside her bed and dialled a certain number. When the ringing began, she put the cordless to her ear and waited with bated breath for somebody on the other side to pick up.

She heard the click of the phone on the other side.

“Hello?” a familiar voice answered.

“Hey, Micky!” she cried excitedly.

“Laura! What’s up!? Do you need something!?” He sounded so cheery even after her nervous reply, she giggled.

“No, Micky! I just…can we meet at the park about ten minutes from now? I have something to tell you.”

“Sure!” Michael answered, sounding rather excited himself. “I’ll be there!”

“All right, thanks! See you there!” With that, Laura cut the call, her heart racing nineteen to the dozen. She was just as thrilled with her decision as she was anxious.

Nevertheless, a little more than ten minutes later, Laura walked into the park, dusk already giving way to the Moon to occupy its designated position. She looked around, hoping to see Michael.

He had come, had he not?

He had decided to keep his word, had he not!?

Apprehension began building up and weighing heavily in her chest as she looked around to see very few people…but no Michael…

Just then, two arms wound around her waist and she let out a gasp. She turned around to see the familiar ice-blue eyes belonging to –

“Micky! You came!” cried Laura, hugging her boyfriend tightly, with an idea that letting him go would cause her to be left alone!

“Of course I did! Did you think I wouldn’t?!”

Laura stepped back, her face going scarlet in embarrassment.

“I’ll save you the awkwardness and say that you had!” He laughed at how red her face went at this comment! Then, lowering his voice to a murmur, he added in a gentler voice, “Now, what did you want to tell me, dearest?”

Laura’s heart raced once more at his nickname for him. “Well,” she began, “I…I wanted tell you…” her voice trailed away. Then, looking up, she saw the gentle and patient expression Michael had had on his face, boosting her confidence. She took a deep breath, cleared her throat, and resumed, “Michael Luis Hudson, I have fully considered your offer of marriage and I am proud to tell you that, after receiving my parents’ blessings, I am willing and ready to marry you!”

At first, Michael just stared at her, his jaw practically on the ground! Obviously he was not expecting her to say anything of this!

Then, when he saw her beaming smile, he recovered and said, “Wow…you’ve made the best use of your Literature course!” he remarked.

She scowled at him in mock-annoyance. “Well, is that all you’ve got to say, Mister!?” she exclaimed.

Michael guffawed. “No, dearest. In fact, I was a little shocked at all those words, but… you don’t know how happy that makes me…that you make me!”

It was then both of them made a resolution—that they would never let go of one-another and would always have the other’s back, no matter the circumstance.

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